Accomplished and Not

I have a thing about having my house in order on New Years Eve.  My sister does too, and for whatever reason we didn’t do it last year, and we’ve both had terrible years.  Whether or not that’s because we didn’t get it together last New Years or not- we’ve both decided not to risk it this year.  I’m rushing around doing all my laundry, cleaning everything in sight, trying to empty my desk – deal with paperwork and banking…  In short, ending as I mean to go on.  That means that this year I have a particular interest in wrapping up the knitting.  It’s not like I’m the sort of knitter who could possibly ever really finish a years knitting,  I have far too many things on the needles for that.. but I can wrap up everything I intended to have done this year. (I think.)

Ken’s socks for this year were actually wrapped and under the tree on Christmas morning – and not because I was up until 4am knitting either.  It’s a rare year, but there they were. 

Paul Atwell socks, in Zen Yarn Garden’s Serenity 20. Colour is Mocha Olive. 

Ken’s already pronounced them the most beautiful socks in the world, which is very much true, although I think the cashmere content of the yarn is going a long way to persuade him.  How could it not?  We both love everything about these.  The pattern was fun and looks great, the yarn was a pleasure to knit and a delight to wear.. and the colour is manly enough for Ken, but not so boring that it was taxing as the knitter. 

When this yarn becomes available again in January I’m going to be all over it like white on a polar bear.

When everyone was opening their socks Christmas morning (everyone except Joe, but more about that in a minute) Amanda had this fixed, false smile on her face as I passed her a package.  I smiled and wished her a Merry Christmas, and I watched her steel herself to thank me for lovely socks that she didn’t want.  Amanda doesn’t really care for knitted socks (I know.  I don’t understand it, but I do respect it) and so she was delighted to find this inside.

Lorna’s Laces Honour (silk/alpaca) Colourway:  Icehouse. Pattern: Forester (Ravelry link.) Added several repeats because this is Canada and a girl needs her ears covered.

Fun pattern, absolutely delicious yarn.  Crazy soft and lovely. Crazy.  Amanda loves hats almost as much as she loves not having to fake being thrilled about socks.  It was a win/win.

This next thing, a very Pretty Thing, didn’t quite make it.  I can’t say who it’s for yet, because it’s still at my house and not theirs, but as always with this pattern I’m tempted to keep it. 

I knit it out of beautiful Jade Sapphire 100% laceweight cashmere I got at Lettuce Knit, in this beautiful silver colour.

Fast to knit, beautiful result… and best of all one skein of the cashmere is enough to make two… maybe three of these. (Apparently my desire to knit this is unending, because that doesn’t even sound boring to me.)

Last up are the two things that didn’t make it, but will before the end of the year if it kills me.

Joe’s socks.  All that’s left is the toe, and these are also December’s Self-Imposed Sock-of-the-month-club socks, and they’re totally going to be done today- assuming that the wee bit of yarn you see left there is enough to do the toe, which I think is true… but I’m going to knit really fast to try and outrun it, just to be sure. .. Then there’s this.

It’s a wee baby sweater (it looks like a rash of babies is breaking out around here, very thrilling for this knitter.) I’d taken a run at this in plenty of time, but it didn’t work out, mostly because I don’t have a pattern – just an image.  I saw a sweater like this a long time ago, and am determined to make it real but the first try yielded something that wasn’t what I wanted, and I mean that in the broadest way possible.  It’s not like it wasn’t quite right – it wasn’t even a sweater.  Something about where I put the arms wasn’t quite where human DNA usually puts them, so I ripped back and am trying again. Aiming for an actual sweater by year end, which should be very reasonable, considering that it is a very tiny sweater for the smallest of people. 

If I can nail those two things, I’ll consider my knitting finished. Anything you’ve got left?

172 thoughts on “Accomplished and Not

  1. I’ve got a scarf that’s half done. I don’t think it’s looking good, but there’s always next year!

  2. Fingerless gloves, a fish hat and a cabled wrap are all waiting completion. I will count myself done if the gloves and hat are finished, but even that isn’t looking good. Perhaps I will settle for a house that is in order.

  3. I’ve got a pair of mittens (fingerless, woo) and a hat. After that it’s all birthdays in January and February. 🙂

  4. Everything looks great! I skipped the Christmas knitting this year, but after seeing a particularly frightening episode of Hoarders, I too am running around cleaning up!

  5. Nothing left. Can you believe it? A first for me. Think I’ll get a head start on the January installment of the self-imposed sock club. (Is that cheating?) Oh, who cares anyway…my club, my rules. I’m good with it.

  6. lol about knitting really fast to outrun the little bit of yarn! I’ve done it myself. It usually works.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. My Christmas knitting is done. One pair of socks for my favorite daycare lady. She’s a gem. Plus she’s wonderful to knit for. She gets so darn excited when she opens the package. Going to gift them to her tonight. Can’t wait to see her face.

  8. I amazingly finished everything this year, even the last-minute addition. And now I’ve had reports that the Korknisse Army battalions I sent out our starting to land at their destinations. I feel so accomplished!
    I also like to start the New Year with Things Finished and Stuff Cleaned. It feels right to start off on the best possible footing.

  9. I amazingly finished everything this year, even the last-minute addition. And now I’ve had reports that the Korknisse Army battalions I sent out are starting to land at their destinations. I feel so accomplished!
    I also like to start the New Year with Things Finished and Stuff Cleaned. It feels right to start off on the best possible footing.

  10. I finished birthday socks and Hanukkah knitting a long time ago. Started a boyfriend scarf and trying to finish a stole I started in March.
    Love the cleaning idea…!

  11. Your post rings so true for me, too! I have the crazed urge to get my house in order AND I’m finishing up my LAST project on the needles. Well, it’s not the last thing on my needles, that would be insane, but it’s the last thing on my active needles.
    Only my deadline is January 7, not December 31, so I’ll finish this pair of socks in time for belated holiday gifting.
    Happy New Year!

  12. Nothing left this year (can’t say that for last year, but there it is). It was a light Christmas, just exchanging gifts with my husband. He got one hat with yarn he purchased for me to make him a hat, so that was a success. Everything else is free reign!

  13. I have my husband’s cabled hat that was supposed to be finished by Christmas, but the doll house and block set we were building for the kids was a bigger priority. I also have an almost finished stockinette hat that was supposed to be for the hubs, before I decided he was going to get a cabled hat instead. It’s going to my youngest brother now. In between projects I’ve been trolling Ravelry trying to decide what to make with the yummy yarn my husband gave me for Christmas. Have a blessed New Year!!

  14. I completed all of Christmas knitting, although one was gifted on the needles and finished the next day. I was heading off to visit my mom in the hospital and found myself perplexed. I had nothing on the needles to take with me. It was a strange feeling.
    I do need to get 4 hats done for my boys. This was not a Christmas goal but just a winter goal. Maybe I should go and start one now.

  15. I just took time to have a cup of tea and read you. I’m doing the year end laundry too and straightening etc. I thought that I was the only one who enjoyed this feeling on New Year’s Day.
    Then on NYD we take down all of Christmas.

  16. I have a few non-gift knitting items to finish, but mostly I’m trying to finish a sweater I started in 2007. It was knit in 1 piece, and I just couldn’t stomach carrying the entire sweater around after a while. If I make one again, I think I’m going to try kitchenering the sleeve to the yoke just so I don’t have to carry the entire shebang!

  17. Very nice colorway on Joe’s socks, can he handle all that color!? haha
    I love your idea of getting the house in order before the new year. I think I’ll try it. Big things are happening this year and I want it all to go well.
    I am not even close to done with my Christmas knitting, let alone before Saturday. Unless I call in sick the rest of the week…

  18. Just finished a hat last night and that pleases me greatly. Now I just need to go out and get some baskets and other orgaizational things because I have vowed that my spinning and knitting supplies will be neat and tidy by the end of this weekend.

  19. “Anything you’ve got left?” Ha! That may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read on your blog. I have several things left, but the New Year creates a different emotion in me…starting things rather than finishing them. A group of my yarn shop employees are doing an Alice Starmore Aran knitalong starting on January 1 and it is all I can do to hold off on the Shetland Heather I just got from Simply Shetland. I swatched…lovely yarn for a St.Brigid.

  20. I actually finished all my holiday knitting, and with a few days to spare no less. The only mishaps that occurred were that I forgot to send one of the items home with a recipient and another recipient left his behind. It could’ve been worse I suppose…I could’ve finished nothing to forget! At any rate, I do have a few unfinished items but they’ve been in that state for so long they no longer count. Guess I’ll have to start cleaning…

  21. Me too, with the wrapping up of affairs and knitting! I have a red scarf for OFA and armwarmers for a preteen that WILL be done; manly fingerless mitts and a robin’s egg hat that would be swell to finish but…whatever happens happens. But what I would love more than anything else is to empty the surface of my desk. Good luck with that laundry!

  22. We had a cleaning spree on Sunday before the post-Christmas company came, so thankfully that’s mostly out of the way! I’ll try to tidy up my WIP Basket and what seems to have become the Office Supply/Emergency WIP Drawer, and make a dent in the singles which need to be wound into plying balls. (Turning the balls into plied yarn will, I’m telling myself, make me look very productive in the first few months of the new year.)
    There are a couple of Large-Scale Shawls (Evenstar, Queen Susan) which are not done and which will not be done soon, and which are very enjoyable knits which have thankfully no deadline whatsoever. This morning I made the decision to rip back a sock which I’ve not been enjoying at all, and that felt cathartic.
    After all of the Christmas knitting and preparing, it’s very nice to sit back and think “There is absolutely nothing which needs to be done right now.”

  23. Tonight I’m delivering my great-nephew’s blanket. He was born 11/12/10, but since I missed his birth date, I was hoping for Christmas (I bound off on 12/26). It’s the Estonian Lullaby in fingering weight, so it wasn’t exactly a fast knit. I’m just glad it’s done and looks even better now that it was blocked. Now I have time to cast on a new scarf/mittens for me.

  24. 1. I think you and your sister have a good plan. I want to impose that on myself. 2. Will you have a sock club again for 2011? 3. I have finally finished knitting my Advent calendar scarf, but still need to weave in the ends and block it.

  25. I share your sentiment entirely. And this year I got a head start. Our furnace had a very bad repair job which left the house filled with fumes. Part of the clean up including laundering all of our clothes/blankets/bedding/towels. It all just came back on Christmas eve in many, many plastic bags, forcing me to deal with clothes that are clean but don’t fit for one reason or another. I think this is the perfect time to make a sizable donation to our local goodwill. After reading your previous post on “enough” I find myself trying to be satisfied with much less.

  26. If you don’t count the UFOs that have been marinating for a very long time, my yearly knitting is almost done. The second Vancouver mitten (started for the Knitting Olympics) came off the needles on Boxing Day, during the third largest snow storm on record for the Tidewater (Virginia) region. And I’m almost finished with the second Cloning Anenome Rib sock, except a major rip back to the heel flap might mean those won’t be finished by the New Year.
    Plans for early New Year knitting include a hat for my husband and a pair of mittens for my niece (I’m thrilled that she asked me to knit her mittens!). And a sweater. I’m actually going to once again attempt to knit a sweater. We’ll see…the swatching isn’t going well at all.

  27. Too many things on the needles to even consider finishing by year end but I am absolutely inspired by the thought of having my house in order by New Year’s Eve. And considering that it looks like the bottom of Courtney Love’s makeup bag right now, that’s far more daunting than the UFO bag.
    Glad you had such a lovely Solstice and Christmas and wishing you nothing but happiness and pretty things (pun intended) for the new year.

  28. I still have an embarassing lot of knitting to finish, but I’m intrigued at the idea of having my house in order to ensure a good new year. The past two years have sucked eggs, so I’m trying to remember if my physical space was in particular disarray, and I think it was! I’m going to give it a try. I have nothing to lose but a little time and a big mess, right?

  29. I’m frantically trying to finish a pair of rustic gloves for my daughter by NYE. First one, the thumb was offset and wasn’t supposed to be. Ribbit. Secondly, trying to finish a neck down raglan for my big man, birthday 1/4. Sleeve and a half to go. Shaping wasn’t right on sleeve so….Ribbit. Glad I’m not the only one.

  30. I am absolutely, 100% determined, to finish this pair of plain old orange socks. They MUST BE DONE by the New Year.
    I also am holding out hope that my house will be clean and my finances in something resembling order, but a girl can only hope for so much. 🙂

  31. Way to many things to finish this year.
    So..instead (and inspired by you), I am starting a few more and going to have a self-imposed WIP club next year, allowing 2 months to finish, plus new projects I’ve committed to.
    I’ve got to be crazy.

  32. I actually let my brother pick out the yarn for his yearly birthday (12-27) socks yesterday at my LYS, my husband got me some yarn he liked for Christmas so I could make him a new pair, and my folks aren’t coming until the 9th because of my insane interviewing schedule in January (the first of which is next M-W)… so I am good to go! Enough to do on the next couple of plane rides. And I made 2 Encompass scarves on the last two plane trips – the receivers were thrilled. Happy New Year!

  33. I’ve got a shawl on the go and a pair of socks…. I’d like to have the shawl finished before going back to work next Tuesday. However deep down I know it’s just not going to happen.

  34. I’ve got lots of stuff unfinished, but I’m most anxious about the Encompass cowl I’d planned to have finished by Christmas. People keep insisting on talking to me while I’m knitting. I can’t knit and count and listen and respond at the same time.

  35. I’ve got a lot left. I have a little less than half a rug, half one pair of socks, half of another pair (these will probrobly get done soon, they are of a larger guage) a little bit left on a cowl. I don’t know which is sader,the fact that I have all this to do, or that I still think that I have a prayer of finishing it. not to mention that I have been having a lot of wrist problems, so it makes knitting harder, especially on finner guage things.

  36. Second Gaia shawl (wasn’t seeing the recipient until after Christmas) and a Moderne Log Cabin blanket for my son (who I won’t see until Jan 6th, so there’s still hope!) and then something for meeee (finally!)
    Gorgeous socks there!!

  37. I also had a self-imposed sock club, and added to it by deciding to knit my brother, his fiancée and my mother a pair of socks each for Christmas.
    I learnt magic loop and toe-up, I knitted while watching TV, I knitted waiting for meetings to begin, I knitted on the train to work in the morning, I knitted on the train home again in the evening, I got my train-mates to unravel the sock that weighed more than 50g while I started the second on smaller needles, I entered two pairs of socks in the local agricultural show, I finished my final sock this afternoon. My friends think I’m addicted. They may have a point.
    My son has asked for a blanket for his tedd, so I’ll do that tomorrow. Totally doable in one day because Teddikins is two inches tall. Then I’m done for the year.
    And next year I want to knit a pair of gloves.

  38. I’ve got one and a half pairs of socks to go! They’re not due until January 4th, though, so maybe I can do this?
    The Paul Atwell socks are beautiful, by the way. I want to knit a pair for the man in my life. 😉

  39. I’ve got a pair of socks left, my first try at two-at-a-time using Melissa Morgan-Oakes method. I was obliged to gift them, in their half-done state with yarn attached, to my SIL under the tree. She was almost more thrilled to get half-made socks with a ‘in about two weeks!’ note on them as she would be with the socks themselves. At least, that’s what I tell myself. But there’s a few long car rides for me between now and the New Year, so there’s hope!

  40. I finished my Christmas knitting in plenty of time: the puzzle-pillow blanket (Meg Swanson) for our grandson and the dachshund scarf ( for our daughter. Made a few changes for the doxie scarf though. Made it longer with dark brown ears, legs, and tail and a red collar. Then put a couple jingle bells on the collar.
    Making a pair of mittens for our grandson who is staying with us this week. Laugh if you want, I’m knitting a kitchen towel from left-over cotton yarn.
    Only have a Santa wall hanging to put away. Our house is relatively organized except for our gifts that are still on the dining room table.
    Every time I watch Hoarders (I don’t quite understand why I’m addicted to it), I want to get rid of a thing or ten. And our house is not messy or unorganized or filled to capacity.
    Maybe because we are, ahem, older, I want to thin out more and more, not counting books or yarn.
    But starting in January, I want to do some deep cleaning.
    Happy New Year, everyone.

  41. Nope everything done, BUT I did make one of those scrappy woven scarves for a present and now have begun a third. Just using all those tiny odd balls and watching the pattern develop tickles me to no end. Knitting potato chips, I can’t stop!

  42. I’ve got two pairs of gloves and one-third of a scarf left to go. But the Encompass cowl I gave my MIL was finished on time (and done in Quince’s Puffin in cottonwood) and was so, so lovely it almost makes up for not having everything else finished! Thanks for such a beautiful and quick pattern!

  43. I had a good year, only 2 UFOs. A sweater, and a stranded duffle bag – both for me. The duffle should make it by the end of the year, the sweater, not so much. It may actually get ripped out, since I’ve never been sure I got the size right. All my Christmas knitting was done on time and on budget this year – I’m working really hard to stick within a yarn budget, and to finish projects. I’m also trying, like you, to get stuff wrapped up and orderly by New Years. I’m going to be camped in front of the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, and have plans to frog several finished projects that I was never really happy with, and then take a stab at getting the year’s worth of downloaded patterns organized. We’ll see how that works out!

  44. There’s no way I could possibly finish all the unfinished knitting in this house, but I am all for an end-of-year housecleaning so I can end as I hope to begin. Thank you for the reminder.

  45. I am sooo proud to say that I finished ALL of the Christmas knitting this year!!! It was touch and go that last week, though, with weaving in the ends of my SIL’s shawl the day before. I also just taught myself how to use dpn’s this week so I’ve got a lot to be excited about this week, knitting-wise. 🙂
    As always, your patterns and work are gorgeous, Stephanie! Thank you for sharing.

  46. Sadly, I lost my knitting mojo for most of the year and didn’t get a lot knitted. Recently, though, it has returned and I’ve done several baby hats and some baby socks. I’ve also been working on a simple garter stitch shawl in a chunkier yarn. I’m not sure if I’ll get that done before the new year, but I hope so.
    I also started (the other day) a pair of thrummed mittens – from your pattern on your blog – but have only arrived at the thumb part of the first mitten. Again, not sure if those will get done before the new year or not. I’ll try, but no guarantees!

  47. Ooh, I LOVE Ken’s socks! Wonder if my husband would like them….
    I have a scarf to finish, but I haven’t even started on the housecleaning.

  48. Christmas knitting was done in time. My new challenge is to set up a Self Imposed Not-yet-knitted Objects club for 2011 – all those things I bought patterns and yarn for but never started.
    Except that I cast off my most recent sock two days ago and I’m twitching to start a new one!

  49. I remember reading in your blog last year about having your house in order by New Year’s Eve. Is that a tradition, superstition, etc? I think it’s a great idea and am taking off Thursday from work to do just that.

  50. I finished my mum’s Christmas present today and it’s currently blocking, I had warned her she might not get it but I’m so pleased it’s ready in time for us exchanging gifts tomorrow. I have some other projects that have been in progress for a whilse and that are unlikely to be finished before the 1st January 2011 but I’m totally OK with that as I finished both my big lace (not laceweight but lace patterns) projects before I exchanged gifts with the recipients and that’s enough to keep me happy.

  51. Ken’s socks are definitely divine! Ive got a pair of socks on the needles and I’d like to finish the cedar leaf shawlette on the needles. Here’s to hoping I can finish them before the new year!

  52. I have one felted clog to knit, and then to felt the pair. But today, I cast on for a little girl’s tank top (Picky Girl from Knitty) and she saw it and said “Oh yea! It will be done by summer.” I’m not that slow, it should be done in a week or two, but it’s just funny that she expects it to take that long.

  53. Anything you’ve got left? Where do I begin? Not only do I knit, I quilt, I do dress making. Oh my!

  54. Did a Swallowtail Lace shawl [which the reciever loves] and an Aram tam [which is almost being worn constantly]. Making some cabled wristwarmers as an emergancy gift – the reciever didn’t like what I got her. :\
    One day…one day I will find cashmere for your Pretty Thing and give it to ALL of my sisters! *evil laughter*

  55. Well Done! So many lovely things, and it looks like the self-imposed-sock-of-the-month worked well for you this year. All of that and a book too. YEAAAA!
    I’m left with 98% of a second Cookie A sock (Ornette) and there is no way that it will be finished by the 1st. I’m not that fast, even though it’s not complicated. ~~ sigh~~~
    BUT -on the other hand – that’s ALL that’s left – so, I feel pretty satisfied.

  56. I’ve got the anniversary mistery shawl that has taken an entire season to rip back one clue of- I may bite the bullet and pick up the last increase stitches- tinking back one by one is taking too long and I fear I lost my place in the pattern anyhow. Looking at ravelry, I’ve got a pair of mittens and some socks and a sweater that are practically vintage at this point and neither probably fit anymore anyhow. So, the usual.

  57. I barely did any holiday knitting this year. All that’s left for me is to finish a fairisle ball ornament, and possibly to make another one. Everything else can wait until 2011 to be finished.

  58. I plan on putting some semblance of order in the stash before the New Year and this is a real chore for me. Lovely knitting Stephanie and good luck with the rest getting done. ALL the VERY best for the new year to you and yours.

  59. Love Ken’s socks. I’ll have to knit those for my better half.
    Didn’t quite get my sons hoodie finished, but the pattern calls for 19″ sleeves and his long arms require 24″sleeves! I just hope he’s done growing or I’ll have to start the next Christmas sweater in June!!!

  60. Stephanie, I know how you feel about Pretty Thing, I’ve made six of them and only gave away one so far. Thinking about another, kind of miss the the almost instant gratification of the fun pattern and the lovely result. Thanks!

  61. I am determined to finish my Tangled Yoke Cardi by Friday. At least the knitting anyway (sewing buttons will be another story). Luckily I am a monogomous knitter, and I only have 1 other project on the needles (a second sock), and that definitely won’t get done, but it’s car knitting, so I really don’t count it. I have a crochet Pokemon that I need to finish (almost done) but it doesn’t need to be finished until little Christmas (Jan 6th, my daughter’s b’day). So hopefully all will go well with the button bands on my sweater tomorrow. Good Luck to you!

  62. That is a VERY pretty Pretty Thing. My goodness. If it were possible to double and triple queue something in Ravelry, I’d do it just for your Pretty Thing!
    I have the toe of a sock, some fingerless mitts, and (ahem) two (ahem) sweaters for me to finish. The sock might make it, but I just cast on for a cowl for a friend whose birthday is in Jan. Given that I also have a ravenous and snuggly three-week old baby, I’ll be very lucky if the sock and cowl get done at all. I tell myself that the knitting can wait, sweet babe will only be this little NOW:)

  63. Those look wonderful. I wish I was a faster knitter, but I just am not. I finished the mittens and hat for my sister, but am only just past the foot on spiral ribbed socks for my mother (I blame the fact that I’m creating the pattern as I go. Sounds plausible to me. 😉
    I also have a rectangular shawl, but the woman who was supposed to receive it actually died before I could finish it, so I don’t think she’ll notice if I am a bit later.
    Good luck with your baby sweater!

  64. So glad you’re almost finished w/December’s sock club socks!! I didn’t want to add stress, but was concerned they would be forgotten in the rush. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  65. Dude, a rash of babies is breaking out here, too! It’s an epidemic!!! And it seems like everyone decided to announce their pregnancies over Christmas!
    (I just probably sounded like a total moron using the word ‘dude’ in that. Or maybe I’m just that cool that I can pull it off? No? Damn.)

  66. No! I managed to get it all done: 2 pair of mitts, 4 scarves, one 6′ long shawl, one mobius, and a single pair of socks. Yay for me, and for the recipients!

  67. I knit a requested scarf for my 15-year-old, a black and multicolor Chevron Scarf. She’d forgotten about it, though, and I’ve been working on it not around her, so it was rather a surprise. I really don’t know why this project is in “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”…in fingering weight, unless your last minute is really long, it is NOT.
    Anyway, I knitted it until I thought it was ALMOST long enough then paused and wrapped it up still on the needles, in order to custom-fit the length to her preferences.
    She loves it and wants it, oh, about twice that long….
    Guess I’ll be working on that.

  68. Not to add to your to-do list, but I was wondering if we could see the year in review of your self-imposed sock club accomplishments? 🙂

  69. Getting all spiffed up and cleaned up for the New Year is a very Japanese thing to do. (We learned that from a Japanese exchange student who lived with us in 1988.)

  70. Only one thing, a sweater. For my grandmother. That I started on a whim 3 days before Christmas. It’s more of a January present (or so I consider it to be, and she does too).

  71. 3 sweaters, a shawl, a pair of mittens, and a scarf that all haven’t had the decency to knit themselves. I think my elves are on strike (or maybe it’s the rash of alpaca gloves that I’ve been working on instead!)

  72. Oh yes. It’s only one thing, but there’s about half of it left: an extended Swallowtail shawl for a very, very dear friend (I’ve just barely started the border, and it’s likely not going to be finished for quite some time, as the pregnancy was completed before the shawl.)
    Thankfully, I just finished a Cozy wrap (from Knitty) in Aslan Trends’ Invernal for my Mom’s Christmas gift . . . and I’m thrilled that it’s going to be blocked and ready to give to her before church next Sunday (which is where she needs it most).
    So, other than needing to knit faster than the baby grows (he’s in woolen pants over cloth diapers), I’m good for the year. ;o)

  73. P.S.) I second the request for a year-in-review of your self-imposed sock club. That would be really fun to see. :o)
    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  74. I still have a pair of mittens to make for my mother. The deadline is Jan. 1 and I can’t decide between the easier pattern or the prettier pattern (which requires reading a chart and keeping track of where I am with a 4 year old messing with my post-it note.) I’m also on the fence about a mitten liner, so that might be a separate, thinner mitten to be delivered later. Cleaning the house is not on my radar.

  75. Husband challenged me a few months ago to not only keep track of the number of projects I finish per year (I have a ticker on my blog), but also the number of projects I both start and finish in the same year. (What, WIP problem, me?). So I am attempting to, by January 1, finish all projects started in 2010 except a huge blanket. Right now that’s 16 projects, though nine of them just need ends woven in and a block, and five of those (plus another already-blocked bib) also need a single button. Totally do-able, and not even in the slightly warped knitter’s sense of time and optimism.

  76. The hat is simply beautiful – I love the pattern and the yarn (may have to add this one to my stash).
    I’m still knitting rectangles for an afghan, one of the world’s most boring rectangles. So I’ve taken a break to knit a dishcloth (quick gratification). Then maybe I’ll finish the rectangles afghan or the other two afghans on the needles. Not this year though, and that beautiful teal green yarn is calling my name. It wants to be knit into a sweater – for me.

  77. I finished my deadline knitting and presented them today. The rest is gravy! Good luck on tying up all your ends.

  78. Finish my knitting for the new year? Clean? You are a little crazy. I think I’m going to shoot for emptying my sock needles so I can do the Skacel KAL, then I will have a wicked pair of Tardis Socks.
    Happy Knitting

  79. I totally cracked up at the “knitting faster so I don’t run out of yarn” because I think exactly the same way!
    I guess logic has no place in the magic of knitting! We “magically” turn string into clothes, so it is not a stretch to believe by knitting faster we can outrun the yarn!
    Thank goodness it usually works!

  80. anything left? are you kidding?
    My daughter in Chile is too busy saving the world to send me any measurements so I’m knitting socks( she loses hats) based on her foot held up to the web cam.I put one in the mail today and have to wait 3 weeks to find out if it fits.
    does that count?

  81. I’ve got one sock & my Advent Lace scarf (3.5 charts left) to finish before the New Year. I’m pretty confident 🙂 My other 2 projects OTN
    are long-term affairs and I’m not counting them

  82. Well, just counting things that have really had some knitting done on them, I have almost a whole cardigan that ran out of yarn. Ooops! I was working on it as I travelled last summer, but was SURE there was another ball at home. There wasn’t. I can neatly make the borders and cuffs – really it’s that close to done! – with some black alpaca I have, but the shock of running out, really and in fact, has taken the entire joy out of the project. I will get over it…. I think…

  83. I like your idea about cleaning up, I am cleaning up my knitting. About 10 unfinished items, terribly overwhelming as some of them are large cardigans nearly there but colour, style problematic. SOOOO I had a brainwave. I am going to make this very large pillow out of this roll of denim I have and I am going to stuff all this unfinished knitting into it and ta-da brand new bed for my dog.
    I am so happy at the thought of not being haunted anymore.
    And I will finish all NEW current projects or die. Whichever comes first.

  84. I’m trying to finish MY Christmas sweater. I knit it with provisional cast ons because I didn’t know what I wanted for edging. (Turns out 2×2 rib was the answer.) I have the neck, the sleeves and the front edged. The back remains plus seaming. Totally doable before Friday.

  85. Sweater for 1 yr old grandson, 2/3 complete. Socks for son-in-law need 5 minutes to Kitchener the last toe together. I think I can do it.
    Cleaning…. never done because as soon as I finish someone makes a mess again.

  86. My main knitting giftee this year was my sister, who really appreciates hand knits. She got an earflap hat and flip-top mittens for Christmas, made of Manos Wool Classica in a gorgeous color called Bing Cherry. For her birthday (Jan 3), I’ve made a Tuesday Night Cowl in the same yarn. Only the grafting left to do! Oh, and I made a cotton baby kimono, a test knit for a pattern-writing friend- and my first sweater =) I gave my hubbie a skein of yarn for Christmas that will become flip-top mittens while we watch t.v. in the evenings, when his hands are available for measuring and fitting. I love your idea of cleaning for the new year! I’ve been inspired to do the deep cleaning lately- the kind where it always looks worse before it looks better. Still in the looking-worse bit.

  87. I need to rip out and reknit the button band on a cardigan for the third time. I started this sweater in 2009 and I’d like to not have it see a third calendar year on the needles.

  88. I’m knitting two scarves almost simultaneously that were supposed to go in my son’s box for him and his lovely girlfriend. They cheated by going to San Francisco for Christmas, so I couldn’t get them done on time. They’re now Valentine’s Day gifts. Rayon chenille from Webs’ closeout; bargains and beautiful.

  89. I did finish all my Christmas knitting, but I am still slogging through Father’s Day socks! I think the pattern has bad karma, and I may just frog them. I’m 3/4 done with the first sock, and my gauge seems off. I need to do some more accurate measuring before I rip, but I think it’s inevitable.

  90. Your knitting is lovely, as always.
    I’m doing a cabled sweater of my own design. It’s not the first cabled sweater I’ve done, but it’s the first in which the cables aren’t simple ropes. So far, I’m very pleased with it. I hope I have enough yarn to make it nice and long; I like longish sweaters.

  91. Man, you have no idea how good it is to hear you say that your year was terrible. I wish it hadn’t been, of course, but my year really sucked too and I feel like every time I say it I judge myself a little, like maybe it was really all my fault, maybe I should try to put a positive spin on things. But now I think I am just going to write it off as a shitty year full of tough learning and move on to the next one.
    That said, I am not going to clean my house in hopes of having a better next year because if it does turn out to be a good one, I will be superstitiously obligated to clean my house every New Years and I would like to avoid that, thanks.

  92. I have my christmas knitting done, but I have just two UFO’s that I hope to have done by the stroke of Midnight new years eve. I’m tired of looking at them.

  93. My mother was the same way about bringing in the new year with things finished. Even today, I find myself tying up loose ends everywhere. I’ve got a knitted Shaun the Sheep going but he’s not likely to see bind-off before Friday night…
    My personal superstition is that whatever you find yourself doing on New Year’s Eve day is what you’ll be doing all year long. If you spend it alone, you’ll spend the year alone. Spend it working, spend it playing, spend it worrying, you get the idea. So spend it with friends and family and spend it smiling and that’s what you’ll get.

  94. It’s funny what you say about having to have the house in order – my resolution for this year is to keep a tidier house and for some reason, I feel it has to start out tidy by the 1st or I am totally going to fail!
    Love all the knits but especially the “Pretty thing” I am definitely going to have to make it one of these days.

  95. Ha! I’ve got to get started!
    For winter fest. Everyone loves the fingerless mitts I made and are asking me to sell ’em at a table at winter fest. Ugh. I already made a bazillion pairs and I can’t summon up the gusto to do more…even for money which is weird.But I should.

  96. Still have a few knitting projects left: one pair of felted mittens (need cuffs & embroidery), another pair (2nd on needles, then felting & cuffs), and a 3rd pair (not even started, but at least they’re kids size). Possibility of finishing all 3 before New Year’s? Slim, but I’m not starting any new knitting until they’re done!
    I like to have the Christmas decorations put away by New Year’s Eve and the rest of the house reasonably tidy. OK on the house part, the put away part is partially done (gift wrap is sorted, packed & stashed).

  97. I’ve got a scarf left, and so far I’ve got 17.5 inches done. Other than that, I frogged a sweater which doesn’t count since I destashed the yarn for it to a lovely knitter who will actually use it and minus the scarf I’m done.

  98. After a year-plus of effort, my Dad’s socks are done and were under the tree on Christmas morning! (Just barely dry, but they were there and they fit!)
    Am now working furiously to finish a toddler sweater for our tiny neighbor. Ahhhh … I love vacation when I actually have time for concentrated knitting!!!

  99. All your gifts were so lovely and you’re doing a great job tidying up loose ends. Me, I’ve got a New Year’s resolution to eliminate all knitting deadlines for myself so although I have MANY wip’s still on the needles I shall just finish them when they are finished! So freeing!

  100. I’ve got a baby blanket on the hook that should’ve been finished for a shower three weeks ago. The baby’s due in 2.5 weeks, so hopefully I’ve got time.
    It would go a lot faster if I hadn’t made a run to the yarn shop when Mom was in town and the softest, most gorgeous cowl on the needles for myself…

  101. Ken’s socks are drop-dead gorgeous!!! (sorry, I know you don’t like !s, but they really are)
    After learning to knit socks everywhichway but on DPNs, I took the plunge….. love them. The heels seem to make more sense, if that’s possible.

  102. I love the “alternate” way of paying for the Paul Atwell pattern! Now I need to come up with a story to send. I actually have an awesome one, but I’m afraid it’s too long (and actually not entirely non-fiction), but it made my writing teacher cry.
    BTW, how did you pay for your pattern?

  103. Where is Joe’s gansey?
    I think it was a New Years resolution some years ago, but I finally finished knitting my Alice Starmore Fulmar pullover this year. Took almost 4 years to do it, but it’s done.
    Happy New Years!

  104. Stephanie – Ken’s socks are very many and gorgeous! Colorway is killer. WOuld you be willing to share the source for pattern for the Jade Sapphire neck warmer? It too looks lovely.
    THanks for a wonderful year keeping up with you, the blog, your knitting, your life. Looking forward to seeing you in NY and hopefully a return visit to Salt Lake City soon.
    connie ward

  105. Stephanie – Ken’s socks are very manly and gorgeous! Colorway is killer. WOuld you be willing to share the source for pattern for the Jade Sapphire neck warmer? It too looks lovely.
    THanks for a wonderful year keeping up with you, the blog, your knitting, your life. Looking forward to seeing you in NY and hopefully a return visit to Salt Lake City soon.
    connie ward

  106. Go Girl!!! I have finished a small, baby sweater for a charity group and a female child’s sweater that was originally for my grand-daughter, however, it will no longer fit her so it will go to a very good friend’s grand-daughter!!! I have 4-5 rows to finish a sweater for me and I made a doll sweater for my GD’s American Girl doll and now I have start-itis. My goal for the new year is to finish all unfinished projects!!!
    Steph—–I love working with wool, however, I have been told by many of my family that they will not wear it . They are spoiling my fun. Any suggestions??

  107. I share the same superstition — Irish in origin, from my grandmother: “the condition of your house on New Year’s Eve will reflect the condition of your life for the rest of the year.” So I like to make sure bills are paid, the house is as clean as I can get it without overextending myself, laundry done, pantry stocked, bookkeeping done, things put away where they belong, and yes, knitting meant to be done “currently” completed — not counting the UFOs meant to be finsished “whenever.” Just things with deadlines. I too am working on a baby sweater (on consignment) which shall be finished, steam-blocked and mailed tomorrow. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise, my all time favorite, in Knitivity ( sock yarn.
    When I am not at work this week I am decluttering and boxing up things to put in the storage unit for a garage sale planned in the spring. But I want it out of the house on New Year’s Eve.
    On years I have failed to do these things, life has been frantic and disorderly. I believe in this firmly.
    At midnight, there must also be a pot of beans on the stove, a loaf of bread and a butter dish on the table, a penny in everyone’s pocket, food in the pet bowls, a fire in in the hearth, and of course full glasses of adult beverages awaiting a proper toast at the stroke of midnight, when the old year is swept out the back door and the New year is invited in the front. I think it’s a lovely superstition and I believe in it too. If you’re not superstitious, at least you are starting the New Year with a clean, orderly house and bills paid!
    We also call friends and family to spread good wishes on New Year’s Eve.
    To finish on the needles at home: a pair of pink socks for my Mom which were only the instep and toe of one sock away from being ready for Xmas. Easy! At the shop: two sweaters being mended on consignment, and the above-mentioned adult baby sweater. I also plan to pay bills and balance my checkbook on New Year’s Eve, and send the January rent in early.

  108. Stephanie, how do you make sure your cashmere is ethically sourced? I hesitate ever to use it because of the overproduction in China and what it’s done to the population and environment in the surrounding areas. Do you have any ethically-sourced brands/yarns you’d recommend?

  109. Well, if the house doesn’t quite make it for January 1st, there’s always Chinese New year! That’s the one I’m aiming for, since there is no way on *Earth* my house will be clean in time.
    Have a fabulous New Year!

  110. Socks, Cabin Fever JJ Sweater, (former) boyfriend sweater (being a former boyfriend, there’s no pressure to have it done RIGHT NOW, and no worry that once it’s gifted, he’ll be gone). And a scarf I started yesterday, it wanted to be started – handpainted deep purple/black merino, who could resist. Chance of any being done by the end of the year? Absolutely none. But hopes of them being done before winter leaves the Toronto area in 2011? Very high. Happy New Year!!

  111. I have the final toe left on a pair of socks. Well, not even the whole toe, just the last 4 decrease rows and the grafting. I’ll finish them during coffee break, in an hour or so. They are merino/cashmere and I’ll be giving them to my daughter when I go to see her for her birthday next week.

  112. I have a few old beehive baby pattern books … for that baby sweater, you said you just have a picture. Perhaps if you post the picture, I can tell you if I have the pattern. 🙂
    LOVE those fingerless gloves you made – what a beautiful intricate pattern. I’m not sure my skills in knitting are up to speed yet, I just taught myself cables. LOL
    Happy New Year from a fellow Canadian

  113. I’m trying to finish my first pair of socks for me. The actual first pair were for my 3 yr. old. I thought it would be easier to start with a wee pair.
    I was inspired by the self-imposed sock club and I’m trying to figure it out how to actually make socks so that I can start next year running. My resolution: to make on pair of socks a month. They may be plain vanilla but will have groovy yarn.

  114. Gorgeous projects! I have half of a sleeve of a Leyfi pullover left. I wanted to wear it for Christmas, but it didn’t work out. It will be done before the end of the year!!! I hope. 😉

  115. I’m 15 rounds from finishing my first pi shawl. I hope to have it finished this weekend, but now that I’m home after a fabulous week away (where I managed to get a lot of knitting done), all the chores and responsibilities of being home (along with going to work) are crowding out my knitting time. But I will press on.

  116. I LOVE starting out the new year with a clean house and an empty in box. Luckily, I had this last Monday off, and cleaned then. Let’s see, my advent calendar scarf, not done, I ripped it out and found another pattern, have been faithfully printing them out each day, but the Vernal Equinox I am working on (only 22 more rows!!)has kept me fascinated all December. I love the socks, Stephanie, may have to get that pattern and start on socks, because, really, how many lacy shawls does one girl need? Well, I have given the three I’ve made so far, so I do need a few. I live in Vermont, after all. It was wonderful to follow your blog these last weeks, so glad the back is better and the Christmas magic happened for you and your family. Wishing you all a very safe, mellow and peaceful New Year!

  117. I finished knitting the Traveling Sweater on Boxing Day. Now I’m waiting for it to dry so I can put it together and finally hand over endless miles of 2×2 ribbing to my daughter in time for the New Year. I’d say, “No problem,” except I’m down with a massive cold. I’m not sure I’ll be able to puzzle out the construction directions.

  118. I have to agree about Ken’s socks. They’re gorgeous. Like your daughter, my daughter doesn’t like handknit socks; well, she likes them, just not on her feet. She says her feet just about melt in handknit socks. What do I have left to knit? A hat to go with her scarf. The scarf is finished and she’s been wearing it. The hat? It’s still two balls of yarn in a bag. I think it will be a January project.

  119. I’d like to finish a honey cowl and pair of thermal mittens before the year ends. The cowl is more pressing, though–the mittens are “just because” mittens, but the cowl is “this will be a 2nd Christmas gift for you because I bought too much of the colourway I needed for your actual present and don’t want to have the remaining yarn hanging around and taunting me.”

  120. I need to finish a baby vest intended originally for my boy who has long since outgrown it (it will go to my nephew) – designed by me, cute stripes, but the 2.00 mm needles were my downfall. If I don’t finish it soon it may not fit the nephew either, or else the weather will get too warm for the little guy to wear it.

  121. Perhaps you have some Scottish blood? Apparently having your house in order is a tradition before Hogmanay.
    I am not going to get everything finished before then, but I *am* resolving to do more finishing-before-starting. Wonder how I’ll do?

  122. I’m trying to finish two pair of socks before years end, one is at the halfway point of the second foot, the second pair is just past the cuff of the first sock…. should be exciting around here come New Years eve.

  123. “outrun the yarn” makes me giggle! Good luck, I hope you have enough to finish the toe! Too many unfinished projects to list here, plus my house is under renovation so dust and stuff everywhere. Anxiety level rising by the minute…nothing is where it’s supposed to be. LOL

  124. Finished up the knitting that I wanted done, and now my main focus is assembling/adjusting as necessary/filling-up the bookshelves my dad and I made for my library. Due to a variety of reasons, this has been a 6 month project. First shell (of 3) was assembled by DH last night and installed. Hopefully the other 3 shells will come home tonight for assembly, as I stay up all hours to trim the adjustable shelves (oops. Should have made them a bit shorter) re-stain and re-poly the edges. Having company planned for NYE is helping the push!!
    Happy New Year, (even if it’s after the real one — the Solstice), Yarn Harlot!

  125. Cleaning the house today and doing laundry. I, too, have one Christmas present that wasn’t finished. It was a throw for my Aunt. I am working hard to try and finish it but it looks like it might be Valentine’s Day before I get it done. Oy!
    Have a really happy and healthy New Year!

  126. I enjoyed seeing all the gifts you made. They are stunning, as always.
    Chestnuts: Aren’t they the best! They don’t taste a darn thing like nuts (more like chickpeas), but they sure are addictive.
    Left to knit, or actually, knit again: Two projects went down over the holidays, alas, both due to a puppy getting a hold of them. Grrrrrr.
    First down was a pair of mittens. No way to save these, alas.
    Next down was a burgundy cloche I made for my oldest daughter. Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful on her. I decided to try to felt it a little to lock the areas that couldn’t be repaired.
    It worked, but I felted it too long. It is now a fine (well, kinda) felted bowl!
    Continued best wishes for joyous holidays to you.

  127. I’m a pretty lucky duck, I actually did start my Christmas knitting early for once and was done in plenty of time to whip out a few last minute things, so all I’ve got on the needles is a lace shawl I started in November- but I’m determined to take my time with it as it’s my first successful lace knitting (so far).

  128. Actually, polar bears aren’t white. Their fur is hollow and reflects the light to make them appear white(sometimes the polar bears at San Diego Zoo are green due to algae growing in the hollow spaces of the fur). Their skin is black to keep the warmth in.
    But I know what you mean. The yarn is lovely!

  129. All lovely items you presented… and very tempting to add to the queue both the yarns and the patterns… such a long queue it is though.
    Holiday knitting concluded – Foxgloves fingerless mitts, Saroyan scarf, 3 pair of men-sized felted slippers. New Year knitting started – Trellis and Vine Pullover for me.
    Desk & knitting area in general is a total mess and will be cleaned, and ordered, before New Year. Yarn will be inventoried on a spreadsheet (updating last years will make that easier), and maybe, just maybe, I’ll update my Rav projects. Fingers crossed.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  130. Steph, Beautiful daughters, HUGS Just love young people, my grand kids are in that age.
    So happy you had a good Holidays,
    I don’t knit for Christmas I knit on request: My oldest grandson is my sweater guy, so when he emerged at Christmas gathering, he was wearing a
    sweater I had made for him 10 yrs ago, tattered neckline, sleeves ragged. I said”why didn’t you let me know I’d brought my yarn and needles to fix it?” No! No! was the answer. I want you to make me another one in Choc. Brown, Yellow, and on down the line. Rhe original is Rowan denim!!
    Ordered the Choc. Brown. So onward to next year. I just love it.

  131. There are two things (among many) I would like to finish. The first, though not yet started, is a headband. Takes about 2 hours and I have the yarn in hand, so it is totally possible. The other is a mobius cowl which is a little more than half-way finished. Possible? yes. Probable?? not sure. My new NookColor has me firmly in its grip. And I am still in a cooking-baking mood. I will be happy to finish the headband. A belated Merry Christmas, and blessings for the New Year.

  132. Of course I have unfinished WIPs: two sweaters and an afghan that’s been languishing forever. But that didn’t stop me from casting on a new cowl with Misti Alpaca hand paint super chunky that was a Christmas present from DH! Love knitting this yarn so much I bet it’ll be done by New Years!

  133. have several things where the seams need to be sewn, but we’re talking months ago that I finished them! Seriously considering hiring it done at the local shop – trying to justify it on the basis of philanthropy (someone who needs the job will love earning the money!) – am I allowed?

  134. Fingerless gloves made of lace weight yarn (at least its cashmere/wool so that its soft) and something for myself. I haven’t decided what to make myself.

  135. A poncho for my mother to wear in her wheelchair. As it is very difficult for her to lean forward, much, this poncho should have a very short back, sleeves, and a very long front. And it should be washable. In my brain this poncho is made of Lion Brand Thick’n’Quick because it will knit up fast, and then it will have a hood with an attached scarf and also deep ribbed cuffs. The hood, scarf and cuffs will be in an interesting contrasting colour of Marble Chunky because it is soft, the colours are amazing, and it is still machine washable.
    I have clearly designed it in my head.
    I have not cast in on yet.
    I hope to give it to her on Sunday.

  136. I’ve got a final shawl for the 10 in 2010 challenge (and it will get finished for photo’ing tomorrow!). I’ve also got two bags that are all knit, but just need finishing work (lining and handles and such), so I’m also going to push myself to get those done. Accomplishing this will make my end-of-year most excellent (to go along with the two recent paintings I completed).
    You aren’t of Scottish descent, are you? This cleaning-for-the-new-year business is all about Scotland. 🙂

  137. I have two hats left by year end, which is pretty amazing considering on Christmas Eve I had four hats and two scarves left! I think I finally figured out what is going here w/ your post, I checked it this morning,(Dec.29th) and…nothing. Then after lunch…there it was!!!Magic…but wait, it says Dec.28th…I’m in Kansas, what kind of time warp am I in????

  138. I have an afghan that I need to finish. Alas, I injured my hand on a wood floor sample yesterday, so progress is slow.
    By the way, I’ve been holding onto some buffalo yarn for a couple of years, searching for the perfect project for it. I think Pretty Thing might be the answer!

  139. Socks, several pair, A clapotis that I was not starting till next year, so does that mean I am ahead on that, and behind on socks.
    And cleaning, and dishes..But I have two days off from work.
    I can clean, do dishes and knit. Maybe the socks will be done.
    Anyway Happy New Year and thank you for the last years laughs and knits!

  140. In a complete departure from sanity, I joined Toni of the insane challenges in trying to complete 100 projects this year. Toni did fine with 115 and counting. I still need 5 more to finish. If I were smart I’d be knitting 5 wee pairs of mittens or booties. As it is, I’m trying to finish my husband’s Christmas socks, which would (probably) have been done if I hadn’t left them at work over the long weekend. That was the only thing I meant to finish for Christmas that didn’t make it. For the year…well. I’ve got two sweaters and a lace scarf OTN-I’ll know in three days if any of them made it for 2010!

  141. The knitting is done, the sewing is done, but I’ve haven’t blogged about a speck of it since the end of the Olympics (sad but true). That’s my goal for the next couple of days. (That, and work, and baking cookies and pies.)

  142. 2 scarfs, but don’t need to be done until next week and I’m making them out of bulky yarn. Good thing because work has picked up tremendously and I don’t have time to knit.

  143. Stephanie: Thank you for all your knitting inspiration and sharing with the world of kinitters. I saw around spring your idea of knitting one sock a month. I am one who has about 100 skeins of sock yarn and many patterns to try. I spent about 6 hours matching them up in baggies. Now at the end of the year I did not get 12 but have nine socks finished. I knit the second sock for 4 unfinished projects. Thank you for your suggestion and I hope I can get faster and actually get one pair of socks each month plus all the other projects that distract me from this goal. Happy New Year. Rosemary from Ventura, California

  144. Considering that I don’t *ever* finish anything (somewhere in a drawer, I have a tiny dinosaur sweater only needs a neckband, for a little boy who is 27 now). Considering that this year has been pretty good. Made two hats for my daughter, one for me, a beaded silk shawl. A pair of Musica mitts only needs the ribbing at the fingers and thumb. Even I should be able to do that.
    The house is about as clean as it ever gets, and that will have to do.

  145. Yikes! I have difficulty counting up to 10! – despite my five decades of practise. Am doing a four stitch pattern on socks which is coming along nicely so perhaps I am getting there, and the rest of the projects – too many to mention.
    I think the clean house for New Year is a Scottish thing. With summer in this part of the world, a total clean is more of a drifting deadline.

  146. Not a thing left on the needles-all Christmas knitting completed. Today, I leafed through patterns looking for a pattern to use with my STR lightweight Quinault Canopy. Came to a decision and cast on. Here we go again-Christmas 2011. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  147. No, everything was finished in time, though my hands almost fell off. So I decided to play it smart and get the knitted socks for my parents and hat for my son done in January 2011. I’ve already cast on. Hurrah!

  148. Last December I made no effort to have the house clean for New Year’s Eve. 2010 was a year full of death and disorder for our family. How funny it was to read your post- I’ve been scurrying all day trying to get the house ready for the new decade. Cheers to you, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

  149. I’ve got the same superstition – must have house clean on New Year’s Day! Perhaps it’s the Irish Grandmother thing?
    I’ve got Mr. Foster done but he’s totally nude and the recipient comes home on Friday. I think if I can get him in Pajamas it will be OK to knit his bathrobe in full view. Everything else is done and I am itching to start something new for myself.

  150. I, too, must have my home in order in time for the New Year! Sweep away last year’s dust and dirt! Vacuum, wash the windows, fresh sheets, gleaming counter tops, and a kitchen floor you can eat the dropped biscuit off of!!!

  151. You GO GIRL! I’m steadily working for a deadline at the end of January when I’ll meet up with family and 19 month old granddaughter… Oh, the plans, the projects… gotta run!

  152. Officially: half a fingerless glove…and ends.
    UNofficially: half a fingerless glove, half a hat…and ends.
    Not even on the radar: a lifetime of knitting for me and the next two generations. Sigh.
    By the way, Ken’s socks are booootiful!

  153. I just wanted to thank you for your blog and the good works that you promote and do. You are a special lady and I thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  154. I love the hat..and the Chicago connection. Lorna’s Laces is based in the Windy City!

  155. Well, since you’ve met so many other goals before Christmas with your crazy schedule, maybe you’ll get it done.
    Love Ken’s socks.

  156. I have many things on the needles to finish, however, like you, I’m trying to clean the office to make a fresh start – paper, how I loath you. So, I’m only trying to finish a simple lace scarf before the end of the year. I probably have less than 2 hours knitting left.
    Happy New Year!

  157. I finished all the gifts except for one – Daughter’s Texter Mitts, which are in the same category with your first baby sweater attempt. Mutated. But the seven pairs of mitts & four hats for the veterinarians who have taken care of our sheeple (all of handspun, from the beasties they cared for), and the five pairs of mitts for the folks that take loving care of our dog when we’re away, all are done. (Some of those were handspun which included fluffy dog undercoat.)
    Thanks for another year of laughs, Steph! You’re the best!

  158. Watching the Marx Bros movies and drinking sherry and red wine. It is quiet, peaceful and restful. Knitting the Summerflies shawl for myself. My knitting resolution for 2011 is, KNIT FOR MYSELF. I spend so much time making thing sor others I seldom do anything for me. I thougt about doing the sock a month club, but, I really want shawls.
    Church gets cold at time because the heat is turned down to save money. A shawl over my sholders is much needed. So, I plan 3 shawls, a pair of socks and a hat I can wear anywhere.
    What is your knitting resolution for 2011?

  159. Inspired by you, I have spent all day getting my house in order: clean clothes, bills paid, house cleaned, groceries in the cupboard, cards written, items in their proper place (Goodwill, the library, at home.). In addition, I managed finish a project and block it. Now we are watching battlestar galactica and anticipating the new year.
    Tomorrow is about fun! The tree comes down, the knitting projects get sorted, and the tshirt quilt gets worked on. Yippee!
    A good start to a New Year.

  160. I read this post two days ago and right after my friend told me that doing chores on New Year’s Day is bad luck. I took these as a sign. So I worked all day New Year’s Eve rather than putting some things off. It was so lovely to wake up this morning knowing that the house is clean, the laundry done. I have nothing to do but pick a pattern for some yarn I got as a present, drink tea, and have dinner.
    The new year is rather like a new skein of yarn, filled with promise and potential. It’s good to start clean. Thank you and may your new year be filled with fiber and joy.

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