Joe’s Christmas socks (which are also my December socks) are on his feet, and walked away this morning. 

Pattern: Basic sock from Knitting Rules with a cable Joe likes whacked into it. Yarn: Everlasting. Colour: Brownie.
Joe has big, wide, long feet, and likes his socks pretty tall, and so knitting socks for him is an undertaking. (It is, in fact, no small feat. Get it?) He’s usually the Christmas victim who gets his socks well into January, and so I’m really pleased that this year they landed right on his feet and straight into rotation in his sock drawer while it was still December. I wish I had better pictures, but he was a man on the move, and only so willing to co-operate with a sock picture in the cold.  I don’t think he would have done it at all, actually, were he not pretty freakin’ grateful someone knits socks for him, and concerned that the supply might dry up if he offended his knitter.

Remember how I was worried I would run out of yarn? 

That’s what was left.  Less than 2 metres.  It was a close one. 
This pair of socks brings the first year of the Self-Imposed-Sock-Club to a successful close.  Twelve months, twelve patterns, twelve yarns and twelve pairs of socks.  Six pairs went into my formerly meagre sock drawer, six pairs into the Christmas bin and I thought it was pretty awesome.  So awesome that I’m doing it again.  I’m giddy with the idea of choosing. Suggestions?

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  1. HOw about blindly matching pattern with yarn? Pick 12 yarns you like, and 12 patterns, then randomly assign them?

  2. Did you take any photos of the 12 pair of socks before distribution? Would be cool to see pic of them all together.

  3. Watching you do this over the last 12 months is inspiring me! I don’t think I can do 12, but maybe 6. Off to check out my stash!

  4. Wow – all socks done! Isn’t it a lovely feeling! Seriously – thank you for you blog – it really lifts my day – you make me smile. All good wishes for the next twelve months of knitting

  5. Thanks to your inspiration, I’m doing the same thing in 2011, but a couple of friends and I started the Year of Stash Socks on Ravelry – the mods pick 2 patterns each month for members to choose from. We’re excited that so many people have joined us, so thank you!

  6. I am a newer knitter and you are a great source of knitting inspiration and humor. Tackling socks is one of my goals for the new year. Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Blessed 2011!

  7. I am doing the same right now but seeking out the 12 skeins of sock yarn that have lived in the depths of my stash the longest. They deserve to see light and fulfil their destiny as foot warmers. Once I dig out those 12 skeins I will pull out my sock patterns and make matches. I am going to have to force myself to ignore all the lovely new sock yarns that have found their way into my home in the last few months. Then again, maybe some of the older yarns can spend a couple of hours on my Cricket and I can knit with the new yarns!
    No matter how I look at it, I see a lot of sock yarn in my future. That is why I am knitting a sweater at this very moment.
    I am incorrigible.

  8. I’m following your lead this year, and spent yesterday picking out patterns and yarn. I ended up choosing two patterns that are not for socks (but use sock yarn) for variety and because that yarn needs to get knitted up somehow! Thanks for setting an excellent example. 🙂

  9. Those socks look great! I’ve never been part of a sock club, but I am thinking about doing the self-imposed sock club. I usually stick the sock yarn as well as the planned pattern into a ziploc baggie like you do, so it would be a simple thing for me to get started. And thanks for your post about Christmas. I love reading your blog most during the holidays 🙂

  10. That sock club of yours really worked out! Joe’s sock look fabulous. You cut it really close on the yarn supply, though. Yikes! Do you have photos of all 12 pair? You could make a cool calendar – raise funds for Doctors without Borders! Good job, Steph!

  11. The D&D geek in me suggests 2 x 12 sided die. Assign sock patterns and yarn hanks numbers, roll the die and match accordingly. I’ve watched your self-imposed sock club with much excitement and am considering it for myself this coming year as well. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂
    Spiffy socks for Joe!

  12. I’m thrilled that it worked for you this year. My knitting group was so inspired that we are doing a knit along with the same rules this year. I can’t wait to see some of the ones that you work on this year. Some of the patterns that might make it into my kits are (all on Ravelry): Brigit, Osier, Esther, and Pointelle. Good luck selecting!

  13. Way to go! Twelve months, twelve pairs of socks! I wish I had your stick-to-it-tiveness! Very “sole”ful!”

  14. I really like the Bayerische pattern. I’ve started it but had to frog due to gauge issues. I wear a size 8. 😉

  15. I totally agree with JLMom and Anne…a collage of the pics of all 12 socks would be awesome! (and maybe a compiled list of the patterns/yarns you used?) Congrats on a pretty awesome accomplishment! I tried to use the idea of the SISC to manage my own stash and went through and attached a pattern to each yarn in the drawer. Lets see if it sticks:-)

  16. I liked your idea so I am implementing my own Self-Created Sock Club this year (SCSC2011). May I suggest two from my list?
    Clandestine http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall09/PATTclandestine.php
    And becuase I don’t remember seeing any colorwork socks from this year’s club, how about:
    (Named for the Finnish sea goddess!)
    Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for all the inspiration you give us, year after year.

  17. Hooray for finishing the self-imposed sock-of-the-month club! I’ve yet to try a pair of socks, but my husband just requested a pair of socks, immediately after I finished a cardigan for him. He’s 6’2 and wears size thirteen shoes. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to teach him to knit (again) and let him take care of his own damn socks.

  18. Terrific socks! It has been so fun seeing the patterns and yarns you used in the sock club getting shown off. What about a pair of Jaywalkers for next year?

  19. I like the suggestion of digging deep in the stash and getting some of the oldest yarn out and finding patterns for them.
    Tell Joe, “Thank-you!” for modeling his socks for us. Them’s some sexy looking ankles he’s got there! LOL

  20. Thanks for the inspiration! Like many others I am going to do the same, only I will be doing a combination of finishing a current knitting project, a pair of socks, or a bit of wool to be spun. I am in the process of getting my ‘club’ together.

  21. All this talk of socks is very alluring, but I (having returned to knitting this year after a 25-year layoff) have had to reluctantly admit that socks are not for me. I spent a long LONG afternoon trying multiple techniques, and at the end of the day I was almost ready to quit knitting altogether. Maybe the young folks are more adept and dextrous than us fifty-somethings. Kind of sad, but I still love reading the blog.

  22. Congratulations! This is quite an accomplishment (the sock club AND Joe’s socks) for someone with an outrageously busy schedule.
    Suggestions? Dude, have a beer and relax a bit already 😀
    Happy New Year!

  23. Those close ones are so stressful while you’re knitting them and then so very satisfying once they’re done. And so few people are impressed when you show them the tiny little bit of leftover yarn.
    This is a phenomena that needs a name.

  24. What a great idea that was, and how wonderful that you accomplished your goal! I’m inspired to do something similar – heck, I’d even be happy to just get all my UFOs finally finished… And those socks are gorgeous.

  25. Awesome socks. I loved watching as you successfully participated in your self-imposed sock club month after month, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. I’m not as much of a sock knitter, but I might have to use your idea and apply it to something broader, like ‘self imposed accessories club’
    A few recent Ravelry sock pattern favorites of mine include “Sunflower Socks”, “South Fork Socks”, “Beach Glass and Seaweed Socks”, “Selkie”, “Rite of Spring Socks”, and “Bling (Arkansas)”. 🙂

  26. Wow. Are those size 13 feet I see there?? You are amazing to take that on.
    No suggestions for the club, except perhaps doing a fiber sock club for some of them. Would love to see some hand spun becoming socks! And that’s my self-imposed sock club for the year.

  27. I love the Piton pattern from Twist Collective. I made sparkly socks in that pattern this summer, and I couldn’t have been more charmed.

  28. My only sock knitting experience is an Xmas ornament and some booties- but those went well so I am willing to try full size socks this year. My dau, who likes homemade socks, found that when she made the new baby an Xmas stocking she really…um lets just say, ‘dislikes’ knitting socks. So I will add in some socks for her this year (b-day coming up) along with knitting for the gorgeous new grandbaby she gave us shortly before Christmas. You give me strength to try real socks and expect to succeed with them too 🙂 Thanks you for being such a great inspiration for all things knitterly!!

  29. Hmmmm, Cascade yarns and Malabrigo have some awesome colors. Maybe some of those? Or you could pick patterns first and then dig through stash to find the appropriate yarn! If that fails it gives you a good excuse to hit up the LYS and buy new sock yarn!

  30. You have totally inspired me! I actually laid out yarn for 10 pairs on my desk just last night. I’m planning to match them up with patterns and mark them for my own sock of the month club, and I’ll hopefully be able to get a group going over at my LYS. Ooh, maybe we should all get a group going on Ravelry, too! The only thing putting a hitch in my plans right now is the fact that I absolutely HAVE to go buy sock yarn for two more socks. Oh, the agony.

  31. That was a close one . . .but you have good yarn karma and the socks came out beautifully!
    No suggestions, but I’m glad you are doing it again in 2011. You’ve inspired me and I plan to follow suit. Happy new year!

  32. I have already decided I would collect up my sock yarn and do the same thing. I am downloading patterns from Ravelry. I love knitting socks and this year I did not knit but 1 or 2 pairs. The only thing for me is the sock pattern has to be something I have never knitted which is easy as I have always knitted the same boring pattern for 15 years yikes!
    Self-imposed “new pattern” a month sock knitting here I come!

  33. I love the idea of a Self Imposed Sock Club calendar that has been suggested here. The yarn and pattern folks could pony up the production costs (they’ll certainly make it back in new sales!) and it would be a great way to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. When can we pre-order? hee hee hee hee….
    We’re doing a Christmas Club this year at my LYS. You commit to knitting one Christmas gift each month starting in January. If you don’t make it, you have to put $5 in the kitty and it goes towards a party in December.

  34. fantastic! you set a goal and achieved it! my own personal target is … “to finish stuff”! this involves every craft or creative endeavour that i currently have on the go! knitting, quilting, cross stitch, drawing… everything! but you’ll notice i didn’t set a deadline! 🙂

  35. I love the idea of a Self Imposed Sock Club calendar that has been suggested here. The yarn and pattern folks could pony up the production costs (they’ll certainly make it back in new sales!) and it would be a great way to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. When can we pre-order? hee hee hee hee….
    We’re doing a Christmas Club this year at my LYS. You commit to knitting one Christmas gift each month starting in January. If you don’t make it, you have to put 5 dollars in the kitty and it goes towards a party in December.

  36. I’d like to thank you for this brilliant idea. I’m a self-professed sock addict, but lace has crept into the mix. I made my list last January and was able to complete my 12 pairs — one each month. In 2011, my list has 6 socks and 6 larger shawls (all from stash), hopefully I will have the same success. Happy knitting and happy new year!

  37. You should be proud.
    Having no idea what’s in your stash, it’s hard to suggest something new. You could change it up to a sweater a season.
    Happy new year.

  38. I’ve really enjoyed watching your socks progress over the year, and you’ve actually inspired me to try for one sock a month in 2011. Thanks for the idea!

  39. It’s a good thing Joe only likes plain ole socks – any fancier than the side cables and you WOULD have run out of yarn. Seeing his feet is like seeing the feet of my best friend – a 15AAA. He’s only gotten socks once – he put them in the dryer and they are now owned by my neighbor girlfriend who wears a 6 1/2M. Mountain Colors no less. No more socks for him.

  40. I think I’m going to join you in your grand adventure (I almost put an e at the end of grand, but it was making me feel pretentious).
    The one difference between my self imposed sock club is that there will be 2 socks a month (umm, for as long as I can manage it). The first will be finishing a sock I have in the WIP/UFO pile. I don’t want to think about the number of partial socks I have there!

  41. It would be brilliant to have a Harlot Year of Socks KAL. How about it? I’m sure there’s a way we can get donations per pair completed (or not!) each month for KWB. My sock yarn stash is up for it!

  42. You give me hope that I can finish MY personal sock club starting January 2011 with a new sock every other month. Already picked out the yarn and patterns.

  43. I really like the aforementioned idea of a calendar of your sock photos, with info about which patterns and sock yarns you used would be a great way to make money for Doctors Without Borders.
    And I vote that you do season affiliated socks this year. Lovely pale icy colors for January and February, light green for March…etc. And you could match the sock patterns to the colors, with snowflake like lacy ones for January, leaves for April, sunflowers for August.

  44. Not to mention that you actually finished them and presented them *during* Christmas. Which isn’t over until January 6 or Epiphany.

  45. My knitting group started up a SISC where someone else in the group went through each participant’s stash (on Ravelry) and through her queue as well, and paired up yarns and patterns. Then the ‘chooser’ told the knitter which yarns to bring along to the next knit night, where each yarn was paired with its (unknown to the knitter) pattern and sealed in a big envelope. Each month, we’ll grab one of our envelopes and have at it. This lets us go through stash, and knit up patterns we love, and still have a bit of a surprise, in the traditional sock-club style. I’m looking forward to opening my first envelope in a few days and seeing what’s up first!

  46. No suggestions here, though I think it’s awesome that you started AND finished your sock of the month club! My new year’s resolution (I only make knitting ones) for 2011 was to learn how to use dpn’s. I got some square ones for Christmas and I started early! So maybe someday I can make socks, too. 🙂

  47. You inspired me to do my own sotmc which I started in September. I only got 2 pairs completed (September and December) and a sock a piece for October and November. I’m trying again in January – I bagged 12 skeins in brown lunch sacks and pick a bag each month. No patterns picked – I’ll let the yarn do the talking.
    A new group started on ravelry recently – inspired by you – called the “sock of the month club”. Many are doing what you did – matched a sock with a pattern placed in a bag to be picked at random. Some are trying for a pair a month, others are going for 6 pairs in a year.
    Thank you again for being an inspiration to us!

  48. I myself have big feet so i’m always worried about having enough sock yarn! I have the same goal of 12 pairs but I want them all for myself! I want to be able to wear nothing but handknit socks all winter next year ( a real treat for someone living in Maine!)

  49. I love Joe’s socks and I love the inspiration you’ve given us all year long to get those socks knitted.
    I’m thinking of starting a little bag club to help organize the 12 skeins and 12 patterns chosen by the ‘knit from your sock yarn stash’ knitters. Maybe it could be some kind of fundraiser too?
    I like the blind swap idea proposed by Kirstie too.

  50. I’m going with: Nutkin, Hedgerow, Kai-Mei, Eleanor, Pomatomus, Double Eyelet Rib, Herringbone Rib, Primavera as a starting point…..I know there’s 4 more months but I have a lot of UFO’s too and I’m hoping to work it all in somehow…..

  51. How about for every second month completing a UFO? These could be planned in advance or picked randomly. I think, however, that I’ll pass on that for now and just stick with the socks. Much more fun.

  52. Have 12 patterns out (that you haven’t done for the sock club) and use a number generator?
    I love Joe’s socks!! And wish you, an early happy new year!!

  53. Steph, you are 12 month sock club is so very GREAT way to go to get stash down. I knit socks all the time along with many other projects.
    I have promised my daughter I would knit most of my stash before I die! She isn’t a knitter. I’m “77′ now.

  54. Congrats! and thanks for the inspiration, I’ve got my 12 patterns chosen and am in the process of choosing the yarns. I went with patterns out of books I own already, so that I finally use some of them!

  55. I too did a self-imposed sock club in 2009 – all UFOs! In addition to finishing my 12 (!) unfinished pairs, I whacked out about 8 other new pairs and no new UFOs – success! Last night I saw the CSI sock club on Ravalry, 10 patterns for $20 and your own yarn. The patterns have been published since June 09, so I could see 7 and will have three surprises. Perfect for 2011, because my New Year’s resolution (for the 3rd year) is knit from the stash. The patterns are vastly different from one another and beautiful. Now to choose two more patterns from the queue, a challenge, but one I can handle 😉 Happy New Year!

  56. Well, IF I were speaking to you I’d recommend Cookie’s “Hedera” and Linda Welch’s “Spring Forward” as fitting my exacting standards of Pretty-socks-which-look-much-harder-than-they-are. (Lazy woman with a taste for compliments, c’est moi.) My default sock, as previously noted, is the feather and fan from Socks, Socks, Socks. And for a striping yarn I’m a voice in the wilderness protesting that Broadripple is soooo superior to Jaywalker (in that you can get your foot into it.)
    And am I knitting any of these? I am NOT knitting any of these — because SOMEONE posted about starting the New Year tidy, and it triggered some long-latent gene and I’m upstairs breathing dust and moving piles from one place to another, trying to unearth my compost heap of a bedroom, dammit.

  57. I know what you mean about knitting socks for very
    large feet! My husband wears size 14 shoes. So
    far, thanks to your inspiration, I’ve knitted him
    2 pairs and have sock #3 on the needles. He loves them ~ so it’s worth the great “feat” Happy New Year and thanks for the inspiration!

  58. I’d like to suggest Thelonius by Cookie A. I think you’d like it – interesting to knit, looks great when knitted up.
    I’m doing a modified version of your sock club this year. Most of the socks I knit are for me. 2011 will be the “man sock” year. I’ve chosen the yarn, plan to spend part of New Year weekend choosing the patterns to put with them. I can’t knit a pair a month like you can, but I’ll do my best. I have 6 skeins of yarn chosen and will be very pleased if I get them all knit up.

  59. Congrats on the SOTMC success! Gosh, I’m awfully glad my DH wears size 8 wides. I would really like to knit a bunch more socks, altho I’m so slow at it–maybe a “Sock A Quarter” club? My big idea for 2011 is to knit one or two items each month for a gift bin, so that I don’t get the crazies trying to knit a slew of gifts in November & December. Thanks for your inspration via the blog & books! Here’s hoping 2011 is just tremendous for you & yours.

  60. And it’s great to have people who appreciate those hand knit socks, #3 son Jake loves his, brags on them, shows them off and will stay on my ‘knit for’ list..love your blog..when is the next book out???

  61. Inspires me to start my own 2011 sock club!!
    Maybe I will do 1 pair every 2 months. (more my speed)

  62. Judy11, I was a “newborn sock only” knitter, too, until last year, when I took a deep breath, cast on my first full-size sock the beginning of August, and fell head over heels in love. Ending the year with 11 finished pairs on my 2010 FO list, and am twitching to cast on a new pair today.
    Plan to do a Knit a Project a Month Club this year, so I can actually knit some of the projects for which I already have patterns and yarn, but you can be sure there will also always be a sock OTN!

  63. I like the idea that someone had for random yarn matched with random pattern. 24 brown bags, 12 with yarn, 12 with patterns. You can’t peek until you actually sit down and get ready to cast on.

  64. Sock suggestion: My favorite socks to this day that I have ever knitted use a rare gem from Blue Moon that I got at Madrona, and the free on-line pattern Nutkin on Knitzi.com. Perfect fit, beautiful yarn, and the added bonus of looking way complicated to impress friends and passers-by while being fast and easy. Can’t be beat.

  65. Congrats, again on the successful sock club!! I am a very new sock knitter and am starting with your pattern until…but the ziplocs are full and labelled by month.

  66. I did a sock club for myself yesterday. It’s been awhile since I finished a pair of socks so I hope that the kits sitting there staring at me will be incentive enough!
    I got most of my patterns from Ravelry. I love Belltrix and Nagini.

  67. With all the wonderful sock patterns out there, there is no way I could choose. My plan is to put the names all into a hat and draw them randomly. Or a neat little random number generator in a spreadsheet would be really fun, but setting one up might take up valuable knitting time.

  68. Can I just say I love that you took a pic of the leftover yarn? I do that all the time. I consider myself the cheapest person on the planet (or fiscally responsible as my husband puts it), and most often do my socks toe up until I literally run out of yarn. I made socks for my sister and mailed them up to her along with the leftover yard or so of yarn, and no one at her job understood why I’d do that. She totally got it though, and was suitably impressed.

  69. Hmm, an instant gratification knit that looks great with handpainted yarn is Sunday Swing from Knitty. My warning is NOT to do more repeats on the leg as the bias tends to twist the socks (go ahead, ask me how I know). However, I knit the entire leg of a sock during two one hour bus trips. So, you could probably whack out a sock in a 1.5 days. Here is my blog entry about my pair.
    Oh, and I am uber impressed that you knit 12 pairs of socks. I managed two pairs this year! I’m going to try for 4 next year, I think.

  70. The books of socks that I keep returning to over and over again are by Nancy Bush. The socks that I have knitted of hers turn out wonderful every, every time.

  71. There are so many good patterns for socks I’m sure you will find a few. If I were doing it I’d make sure I did the hardest and biggest first. Congrats on reaching your goal

  72. I am still debating patterns for my 2011 Self-Imposed-Sock-Club. But I have the yarn all ready to go!
    However, I have decided to do a bi-monthly Lace/Shawl Induced club. Lace, in anything but socks terrifies me greatly and I need to get over this, put on some BGP, and get over it. This is what I have so far.
    I hope to start with Pretty Thing & 198 Yards of Heaven, just to get my feet wet. Then I will knit, Bakersfield, Simple Things, Gaenor, Traveling Woman, and Retina. I hope that these will ease me into liking lace and that it will not overwhelm too much.
    I can do this! (I hope so…. bites nails….EEK)

  73. Quite a feat indeed. My husbeast likes 10″ legs, and has size 13 feet. He won’t wear anything but hand knit socks, ’cause one size doesn’t fit all! I certainly empathise with you and your never ending man socks. On the positive side, my hubs will wear any colour at all, the wilder the better.
    We also have two sons with enormous feet. Be glad you have daughters. (esp. the one who prefers hats VBG)

  74. perhaps you could do some that are toe-up. that is general the kind I do,(because of my odd shaped feet). and I can always use a new place to mind good sock patterns.
    If only I had the time for so much knitting, I am sure every person who got socks was quite happy to get them. I love all my sock, even the ones with holes in them.
    R from petaluma

  75. I love the stash-diving sock club idea! I’m looking for 12 patterns right now! Having trouble finding more than one or two new-to-me patterns that I think my husband would wear, though, so there may be more plain vanilla and/or Earl Grey socks for him in there somewhere. 🙂

  76. My husband also has big feet, and likes tall socks. This year, after I had accidentally felted a pair of his alpaca socks (giving me a pair of splendid socks), I knit a pair of alpaca socks, oversized, so I could felt them on purpose to fit him. It took me a month of knitting, but he’s pleased with them.
    As for your choices, I’m sure you have all the same sock books I do, plus about a hundred others. You can pour over them with all the delight a gardener spends on her seed catalogs.

  77. Self-Imposed Sock Club is a great idea, I’ve enjoyed reading about it this year. Looking forward to your blog in 2011! Got my last pair on the needles now, but may not make the end of the year as just cast-on the second sock last night. Best to you and yours in the new year!

  78. Well Done! I’ve loved watching your sock collection grow this year – and have been inspired to do the same. No $$ right now to sign up for anyone else’s clubs – but between the books and the stash I think I can get through several months worth of socks. I love following your blog because I always go to the links which sometimes lead me to other designs and yarns. It’s just fun!
    Thanks – and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  79. You have inspired me. I am going to be doing the same this coming year – 12 pairs in 12 mos. If you can do this with all the other things demanding your attention – I can too!
    As for suggestions…. I am going to see how many sock pattern books I have, then divide the number by 12. (ex – 6 books = 2 designs from each book) I will then match the yarn to the patterns, as I have several fair isle pattern books.

  80. Ann Hanson of Knitspot has some wonderful sock patterns and they are great for the more subtle semi-solid and kettle-dyed yarns. Her Pine Cones pattern would be great for Ken for next Christmas!

  81. c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! ! !
    That’s just awesome. I feel SO inspired and am so addicted to sock knitting at the moment. But maybe I need an ‘every-second-month” sock club to deal with my slowness.

  82. Great socks – I like the color & the cable really dresses up a pair of-joe socks. I have no ideas for the upcoming year, other than to steal your own & have at my own SOTM club following your 2010 guidelines.

  83. I have really enjoyed and found myself looking forward to each monthly sock of your self imposed sock club. It is a grand idea. But, it would not work for me. Why? Please brace yourself. I have only enough sock yarn for 1 pair of socks. The last two years been really hard and there hasn’t been finances for extra yarn. So, due to necessity and thriftiness, knitting has come from stash. And, that’s okay. This year promises to be better! We have had plenty of food and shelter so really I am not complaining.

  84. Bravo on closing the year with 12 pair of socks. Joe’s socks are incredibly handsome. I remember those wild grapevine-themed socks you did a few years ago – those were WILD and beautiful.

  85. I’m totally in love with the Self-Imposed Sock Club. Alas, I have no sock yarn in my stash (well, almost none…I have the remnants of the pair of skeins I bought to make my husband’s socks, which also made my daughter’s socks, and my son’s socks, and two pairs of mittens for my preemie nephew…) I tried hinting that I wanted sock yarn for Christmas, but my daughter kept rolling her eyes and saying, “What else *besides* knitting stuff do you want?”
    Of course, now that it’s winter and my husband is actually wearing his socks, he’s worn through one. I found a great pattern for socks that he really likes…but I told him I can’t make them until I have sock yarn. 🙂 Let’s see if it works.
    Of course, I also have baby blankets to make for my sister-in-law and my soon-to-be littlest one…and my son saw a picture for a Spiderman blanket that he fell in love with so I am going to make for his 2nd birthday… Anyone know where I can get extra arms?

  86. You’ve inspired my regular knitting group!
    This week when we meet, each one of us will be armed with laptop, sock yarn stash and pattern books so that we can prepare our 2011 SISC.
    Thank you, Harlot!

  87. This has been another wonderful year of the Yarn Harlot Blog! I’m not totally convinced that I will stick to a self imposed sock club since I usually don’t even stick to the really exciting ones that come in the mail, but I’m thinking about it.
    As for a pattern idea, I am loving a new(ish) book “Knitting 24/7” and thinking that I need to knit the sock pattern “Lacy Cable Socks” by Veronik Avery from that title (the ones on the cover). Also, I really must make some of those yummy summer slippers in cotton, or maybe cotton/wool? This book is full of must knits. No, I am not the author.
    Other sock patterns I am hot to try:
    “Squid Socks” by Nikki Burns
    “Make-up Socks” by Kirsten Kapur
    “Chick Flick” by Melanie Gibbons
    I can’t wait to be inspired by your choices!!
    Happy New Year!

  88. I am just learning socks, I am on my second pair using the Knitting Rules! basic sock, so I don’t yet have enough confidence to try anything trickier. But I intend to knit as many socks in 2011 as I can and gather up some patterns so I can do my own sock club in 2012.

  89. You’ve inspired me so much that my goal is to knit 1 hat per month. Our knitting group donates hats and gloves/mittens to a school here in Chicago so I thought…What could be better? (I’ve been working on one sock for over a year) Socks seem beyond me, but I can do hats.
    Thank you for all your posts. You’ve been a bright spot through out the year.
    Happy New Year!!

  90. Me again! Just had to add one of my all time favorite sock knits:
    “Meida’s Socks” by Nancy Bush
    These are a wonderful knit- the pattern is impeccable. I would highly recommend these in a soft colorway, either very low color change or a light colored solid. I will knit them again someday.

  91. My husband has size 12 feet and wide ankles. For Christmas, I knit him socks from Woolarina’s Lux Sock, which is a gorgeously soft cashmere blend sport weight. It took two skeins and I had only about 10 yards left from each skein. Each of which cost $22.
    I knit my husband lovely cashmere socks not only because he loves them and I love him, but because he is our breadwinner and tends not to complain about the price of the yarn if I do. 🙂

  92. Loved my own s.o.t.m. plan. Until about mid July when my grandson needed a pair of (Socks for Soldiers) boot socks. Then cataract surgery. Then general mania of the year end. Howevah, I’m starting to gather patt. to match with sock yarns for the new year. Yep, the “old” unselected sets are still in the pillow case. More fun than playing in the mud! Blessings to you and yours in 2011. 🙂

  93. I was inspired by your self-imposed sock challenge and did the same thing. I made 2 pairs of socks for 4 of my grandkids, finished one pair from 2009 (hope that counts), made one pair for a Christmas present, and made 2 pairs for me 🙂

  94. No suggestions, though I tend to like your plain vanilla socks done in really nice handpaint yarn.
    Just wanted to let you know it’s been fun rooting you on all year and watching you meet your goals. Maybe I need to start being more specific about what I will accomplish in the new year (instead of just saying “I want to do that sometime”)!

  95. I laughed out loud when I scrolled down to the photo of the 2m remaining yarn. Thank you for that…..! And I’m so happy for you!

  96. I have no suggestions, but I just want to say that you’ve totally inspired me and I think I’m going to try the sock a month thing as well.

  97. I really like the color (they looked purple in the previous photo so I was a bit on the fence).
    Next year. Boy. Even with the random choosing of yarns with patterns, there may need to be some flexibility, don’t you think? Not all yarns will play to the best of every pattern and vice versa. I think it might be fun to lay out 12 randomly selected yarns, get 12 patterns and play matchmaker! I’m on the way to the stash as we speak…Happy New Year to everyone!

  98. Keep doing the socks. Maybe a pair of knee socks for larger calved legs to start the year? Cabled and in a nice deep turquoise tweedy color. (Just a thought.) Seriously: keep up the self-imposed sock club. I knit socks. Exclusively. Your sock output inspires me. Happy New Year!

  99. Would like to thank you for the idea of sock the month. Was way ahead on Christmas and birthday gifts for the sockworthy.As for suggestions? What could be better than socks? They are endlessly amusing.

  100. I love Kai-Mei by Cookie A. Sadly, I don’t have the book, but I think you should knit them! I’m not much of a sock knitter anymore, but I am planning to make Manolo by Yarnissima this year (minus the i-cord bow on the back). I’m excited to see your selections!

  101. You show us the yarn and we could suggest the patterns? Uses up stash and you’ll probably meet some patterns you wouldn’t have considered normally!

  102. Hey Steph Congratulations. I was following a knitting link yeterday on Youtube and you were in one of the videos on the side. I have never though to Youtube you. I was fascinated listening to you talk – I can’t believe I have never youtubed you before!. I have been following the blog basically from when you started it and have gone back and read it several times by the month. It is like a favourite book I always come back too – I realise I need to get a life but it is such an enjoyable read and you are such a talented knitter/person. I find your stories and family fascinating, it has also encouraged me to try things I would never have knitted. I spun and knit the February Lady Sweater because of you and it is my all-time favourite item – I very rarely knit for myself. Congratulations on keeping us all entertained and I hope the following year finds you are all well and happy. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to let us all in on a little bit of your life. We all appreciate it. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy and safe New Year. JO in OZ

  103. Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year! After reading this post I think I need to do a self-imposed sock yarn club this next year. You have inspired me. Thank you for sharing your family and stories with us. What a treat it is to read your entries and see that there is humor in the world still.

  104. Well done on finishing the self imposed sock club. It was a great idea and I wish I was disciplined enough to copy you.

  105. BREEZE – a Knitty.com pattern from Summer 07.
    This is an awesome pattern for lace, anklets with a CABLED heel! Lace, but not sissy-la-la. Sometimes, like in spring or summer, when you don’t want to have wool on your legs but you need that little something on your foot… a lace anklet is a terrific choice. Works really well with clogs (shows off the cabled heel) or with Mary Janes.

  106. I’m head over heels in love with Stephanie Van Der Linden’s Around the World in 26 Socks. I want to make just about every pair in the book. I’ve done two, and have two more on the needles…

  107. How wonderfully superb that the Self-imposed Sock Club came together! Maybe one day I can be as disciplined as you. As it stands, the only reason I can knit stockinette in perpetuity is because I can knit and read or watch the telly at the same time. Pure-Saving-Grace! Totally love the blog!

  108. How about knitting your way through a sock book you like? I was inspired by your self-imposed sock club, but decided to try knitting my way through Folk Socks 1 pair a month. 7 pairs in I am loving it.

  109. good job! I’m planning on trying a self-imposed sock club myself in 2011……I think you should try the absinthe pair on knitty.com

  110. Happy New Year, Stephanie & All!
    How ’bout taking us along for the ride in 2011 & sharing 12 patterns we can do along with you?
    Socks, mittens, whatever 2011 Yarn Harlot Knit-a-long you choose.
    That way I won’t be up until 4 AM trying to finish yet gift I started at the last minute.
    Please & thank you!

  111. Well done! You’ve inspired me to do my own stash-sock-club for 2011 (you know I have enough sock stash!). I’m picking out patterns today and tomorrow!
    Happy New Year Steph! 2011 has got to be great….sock camp and Sock Summit!

  112. Happy New Year! This is in reply to your earlier topic concerning flying with knitting needles. Do not attempt this while flying within or out of Chile. Just returned from family vacation and had the Chilean version of TSA open my carryon and pull a dpn from my in progress sweater. I screeched and managed to stop him from removing the other needles before I could feed some yarn in to hold the stitches. This was leaving Chile for the States. Prior to that I had a flight attendant ask me to stop knitting while already in the air on a flight within Chile. I’m getting quite a reputation with my family as I had a similar problem leaving the UK 6 years ago. Next time I’m flying to a new country I’m putting the live stitches on a holder first.

  113. an insouciant sock from Cat Bordi’s personal footprint book.my first was with malabrigo sock-archangel- i skein i made a pair of socks, a pair of fingerless gloves, 2 swatches and still had some left over.

  114. Looks like Joe and my husband could form a “no small feet” club. Mine wears a 15 and, unlike you, I have NEVER knit him socks–I probably never will either. That probably means I’m going to knitterly hell but I’ll take my chances.

  115. I was convinced you were going to do an end of year round up picture with the socks. Kind of like EZ’s almanac cover. Please don’t disappoint me!

  116. That looks like a seriously cool cable, what I can see of it. Yummy! I love cabled socks. Glad Joe has his socks on his feet. Very good job!
    You’ve inspired my friend Kristin and I to do a sort of self-imposed sock club of our own. Thanks! It’s been fun watching you go through your sock projects. I’m planning to have my list (we’re planning on 13 months) mostly set by tomorrow night.

  117. I’m at the halfway mark, six pair in six months. I’m finishing at my (and your) birthday, with any luck. 🙂 Joe’s socks are very spiffy! I hope you do carry on the self-imposed sock knitting. It inspires me, and I can now knit socks with no pattern at hand. A big “feet” for me!

  118. You have inspired me to do a version of the sock club for 2011. One knitting project and one sewing project per month and it should make December gift giving much more manageble. (My husband’s Christmas 2010 socks are not even half done!)

  119. I may try to knit six pair of socks next year; I should make two pair a month to use stash, but I’m not a fast knitter and I have so many items I want to knit — hats, sweaters, vests, mittens, dishcloths; I’m even knitting a kitchen towel to use some cotton yarn left from a little girl’s sweater. After completing a couple of complicated (for me at least) Christmas items, the garter stitch towel is great for total relaxation and to fill in a few minutes here and there.
    Also need to finish a pair of mittens this week for our grandson.
    Linda (2:11), I started knitting again 2-1/2 years ago after a 30-year hiatus. I so wanted to knit socks and made many attempts before I thought I bordered on success. Hang in there! Make socks with worsted weight for practice. That helped me a lot; I had a friend try worsted weight, and she, too, had success, although she’s 20 years younger than I am and doesn’t have arthritis in her hands.

  120. Stephanie,
    Before the year ends, I want to thank you for your blog, books (love ’em all), but most of all for your humor, witty writing, knitting tips, and attitudes.
    You inspire us knitters every day!
    I seem to be on the same page as you on social issues, politics (even though we are in different countries), religion.
    Thank you for being so open and available.

  121. Once again you’ve inspired!! I too am in dire need of handknit socks in my drawer. I have decided to create my own self-imposed sock club. I do know my limitations and am a brutally knitter with way too many wips so I will do one sock a month. I would be pleased beyond measure to find myself with 6 pair of new socks this time next year ~ Thank you Stephanie! and Happiest of 2011 to you and your family!

  122. I’m beginning a self-imposed GIFT of the month club. At the end of the year I should have more than 12 basic gifts….hats, scarfs, socks, slippers. I think I will let family members just choose the gift they want from the pile.

  123. Well done! I have my list ready for 2011, but I am so fickle it just might change a little before the end of the year. Thanks for the great inspiration throughout the year!

  124. I think I’m going to follow your lead and start a “shawl of the month club” to use up some of the lace weight that’s collecting dust around here.

  125. I like Turtlegirl76’s Breaking Hearts pattern–avail on Ravelry. It looks really nice with brightly color sock yard, which I know can be a problem.
    Congrats on making it through 12 pairs!!

  126. Lovely socks, I’m tempted to do a bi-monthly sock club myself. I’m so proud that you finished them all. Go Harlot!

  127. Thanks for showing all of the beautiful socks to us. I love the blog and your books and am waiting impatiently for the next book. I’ve been so inspired by you, and now am going to make my resolution to learn to knit socks!

  128. Maybe someone already suggested this (about 4608 comments back, perhaps) but how about choosing a sock book and knitting your way through (or part of the way through) it? I’d suggest one of Cookie A.’s books – they should keep you interested! 🙂

  129. Impressive but no suggestions, my self imposed club is actually finishing an adult pair in 2011. I am just finishing the Lorne hat that was (is) an xmas gift for last week. It was (is) a gentle knit and I used a superwash merino and it feels delicious. Cowls are next on my radar but I still dream of being a YH sock knitter wanna-be. Happy new year to you and your family.

  130. I started a blog back in January, then my computer broke, then my camera broke..both are fixed now but I’ve been too lazy to update it..my bad!..but, when I first created it I meticulously combed through all of my favorite sock patterns and put a list on there if you want to check it out..happy hunting 🙂 http://knittingsomestuff.blogspot.com/

  131. Haha, no small feat! Us word geeks all think the same way.
    I’m thinking of starting a self-imposed-sock-club myself in January — I love the idea! I’m working from Wendy Johnson’s socks from the toe up, even though I’m not loving the toe-up experience. I’m pretty good at grafting, okay, I’m really good, so doing these crazy cast-ons for the toe is really time consuming and rediculous. But I’m going to stick with it, for now, since I like the patterns and already own the book.
    Maybe find a book of sock patterns you like and try knitting the whole book? Or at least 12 patterns of it. I’d look to see how many patterns are in this book, but I have house guests sleeping in my living room and I don’t want to wake them up and have to explain tomorrow about why I needed the knitting book at this hour. They just won’t get it.
    Happy New Year, and I look forward to a new year of socks!!!

  132. Thanks for the inspiration. I knitted along with you and actually finished 9 pairs with one more pair to finish tomorrow. Only a toe left and i get of work in the afternoon. So I may have 10 pair! That is a better track record than I expected since I work retail and had a few personal disasters this year. But knitting the socks is what keeps me sane when everything else is going to you know where! Problem is i have replenished that yarn three fold! Did I say I work retail in a store that sells yarn? I swear it just jumps into my shopping cart! I will try to make it 12 in 2011. What will you cast on on 1-1-11?

  133. no suggestions-but a big thank you for getting me started on my own sock club. I have paired a pair already on the needles with a pair needing darning, then added in a few new skeins of yarn from stash to make up the 12 ‘kits.’ I’m hopeful to have some back in the rotation and also fill both the gift drawer and my own with some new ones.
    Thanks for all the pleasure I get from your blog, smiles, tears and belly laughs!
    Knit on!!

  134. You have inspired me! My twist: twelve months, twelve UFOs. No guilt. If I don’t finish a UFO by the end of the month (though I will be sincerely trying to finish), it gets bagged up and saved for a second rotation.
    Can’t wait to see your choices for next year!

  135. Your self-imposed sock club is inspiring me to do the same. It’s been fun reading of your progress.
    I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your blog over the years. Thanks for writing it! I hope 2011 is a better year for you all. Happy New Year!

  136. What about a pair of kilt hose? I have them on my list this year for my big brother. I made 12 pairs of socks this year too, finished in August (Woo hoo!) and gave them ALL to my beloved wee sister. Loved the secrecy and her reaction!

  137. I spent yesterday getting my sock yarn wound into center-pull balls. I think that I have enough for 24 pairs of socks! I am starting with some patterns from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting Vintage Socks”. I also have “Socks that Rock” to finish, and am considering making some from “Folk Socks” as well. They have a great pattern for Kilt Hose.
    Thanks for all you share. I look forward to all of your posts. They really make me smile and laugh!

  138. My daughters helped me match up twelve yarns with patterns a few days ago. I only over-ruled when it got beyond my desire for skill enhancement. Last year I managed six pairs of socks before it all fell apart. A kind friend pointed out that 6 pairs IS 12 socks, so she figures I made it.

  139. My family ended up getting me three awesome sock knitting books for Christmas (and bookmarked patterns out of one of them that they wished for me to make them)…but I’ve never even knit a pair of socks yet! I’m still a bit intimidated by the whole notion. However, I’m planning to do some sort of craft-a-week thing this year, so I may try to fit socks in on a monthly rotation or so.

  140. Dear Stephanie,
    I just bought Paul Atwell sock pattern.. and cast on last night. I knit the pretty thing cowl last month. I just want to thank you for inspiring me with such cool knitting projects. I would consider the self imposed sock of the month, but I have 2 really big projects that I really need to get done, I might join in June… after all a half dozen socks is better than none.
    (not sure if inspiring is the right word… perhaps enabling???)
    love, sheila

  141. Great socks. Could you tone down this over achieving thing. It’s making me tired listening to all you are accomplishing. For an hour or so I’m inspired, then I get distracted and my craft room is still shambles, the baby sweater is still on the needles, and I’ve got company coming for the weekend. What’s in your coffee???

  142. Thanks for another year of fun and inspiration.
    I’ve put 12 skeins and patterns in a basket, and just plan to alternate on a “one for him” and “one for me” basis. I picked patterns I wanted to knit and found (read: dredged out of the mountain of stash) yarns that I loved, too.
    I’m also planning a bunch of scarves from some more of that lurking sock yarn.

  143. You are my sock knitting model! I started a sock a month in 2008 – my first full year knitting – and I am currently working on October. Do you think adding spinning and weaving to my fiber obsession, not to mention other knitting projects, got in the way? LOL – at least I am persistent!

  144. I’m so glad to hear it was a successful sock knitting year for you! You’ve inspired me to do the same this year for me. I have set up 6 kits for myself. I figure a pair of socks every other month will be a good goal. Have fun picking out your next 12 kits. To pick my kits, I picked out yarn and patterns I have been wanting to try (but forget about when presented with the newest pattern/yarn on the block) and matched them up! I’m excited to pick my first kit tomorrow!

  145. How about posting 15 patterns and yarns and letting readers decide. Maybe with a KAL involved. There’s motivation! (Wonderful socks, btw.)

  146. Have you ever done the Cats Paw pattern found on knittinonthenet by Mary Anne Dinsmore….the best part about it is it is knit in a worsted weight so goes up uber fast, add in the cute little mock cable rib and some toasty warm dreamy alpaca..divine!

  147. Congratulations on your successful sock knitting. I took up the challenge in February and finished my December socks 2 days ago, I have one more pair on the needles that I’m trying to finish by years end! ha, ha. We’ll see how that goes. I already have 2011 set up and can’t wait to pick a new bag.

  148. congratulations!
    while only half as successful as you (6 pairs if i finish one tonight), i also intend to continue the sock club.
    at the rate i’m going, i probably have just enough sock yarn to knit socks at that rate until 2020.
    happy new year! (and i’m really going to miss the page-a-day calendar)

  149. I’m sorry to say I don’t have a sock-related New Year’s resolution. Yet. Should I?

  150. I have decided to follow your lead, but with mitts and mittens. Next years Christmas gifts for appreciative extended family and friends. This year they got hats.

  151. Congrats on making your deadline! I haven’t made mine … yet. Half a sock to go. I’m trying to finish before the New Year. Cross your fingers for me.
    On the next Sock-of-the-month: What if you pick 15 yarns and 15 patterns that are not matched up. Somebody(ies) (your knit night group, Natalie or you post a survey thing we vote on – several free sites for this). Natalie adds it all up and bags them with decided yarn & pattern. Socks with more difficulty/larger feet get sent to months where you have more time to deal with them. You chose yarns and patterns you like in the first place and still have an element of surprise.

  152. Umm…my goal would be a year of knitting socks without big gaping holes at the ankle!:) New Year Blessings to all!

  153. I like Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Or, for some fun randomness, use a Socks A La Carte book (there’s toe up & cuff down versions) and randomly flip the pages to choose a top, middle, and bottom for each sock. Or just pick 12 favorite sock patterns and roll a D12 to pick which one to do.

  154. Sorry part of that wasn’t clear.
    Who chooses is:
    1) knit night,
    2) Natalie, or
    3) everybody. You only need the survey thing if it’s everyone.

  155. Those are Earl Grey Socks, arn’t they? They look terrific. Merry Christmas, Joe.
    I am knitting out of Cookie A’s book, “Sock Innovation”. I did a 3″ ‘swatch’ of one pattern and am on the foot of another pattern. I really like knitting them and I like the designs. I enjoyed reading the front part, but I haven’t tried to put it into action yet ‘designing’ my own sock or resizing a complicated pattern. I suggest something you like from her book.
    I remember you starting Milk Maid socks from Cat’s book. Did you ever finish those? I do enjoy knitting from Cat’s first book. I have done several Coreolus socks, Rushing Rivulet socks, and Ocean Toes. Enjoyed them all. I enjoy the weird sock construction. I find it makes sense after a bit. I reccomend a return to Cat’s patterns.
    I like the idea of your sock club, but I am not experienced enough to just CHOOSE at the beginning of the year which yarn goes with which pattern, and much of the fun for me is figuring that out. I do have some plans though and I intend to place wool with pattern. Also, I have no confidence I can accomplish a pair of socks per month, so I will not be setting out a dozen. I am getting faster though; practice grants confidence.
    It has been fun watching the socks come off your needles. I eagerly await next years production. You have been an inspiration. Happy New Year.

  156. OK, I’m torn.
    I want to finish the little sock so I end the year with all UFOs finished. But I also want to go into the new year with a new sock started!
    What 2 do?

  157. I can appreciate the big sock thing. My sweet husband also has long, wide feet. He also works out in the cold and likes his songs to go up to mid-calf at least.
    The socks are quite lovely. Love the cable, and the color!
    Happy New Year!

  158. Yay! Doesn’t it feel great when you set a goal for yourself and it all works out in the end? Especially when that goal spans over a period of time instead of a task which gives you instant gratification. Go Stephanie!!! We’re all rooting for you for another successful knitting year in 2011. Cheers!

  159. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and was intrigued with your self-imposed sock club at the beginning of this (almost last) year.
    I too am following your idea for 2011. I will put more than 12 patterns/yarn combinations in because I’m adding using some patterns that aren’t socks which might take two months. I’m making these packets up today so that I ensure all yarns are taken from stash. Yes, I will be buying more yarn in 2011. After all, Sock Summit comes to a ‘venue’ across the river from me in July!

  160. I finished my 12th pair of the year on Dec 30th – with just one day to spare. I was pretty pleased with myself 🙂

  161. I’m so impressed with your works of art! Thanks for keeping us inspired and laughing. My own projects are still very amaturish (sp?). I’ve been using mainly donated yarn, and my one experiment with purchased yarn went very wrong, so my other new ball is sitting untouched until I can get a tutor/spotter to keep me on track with my next hat. My first one I compared to a toilet seat cover. In both size and aesthetic.
    Happy New Year!

  162. Thanks for the past year of wonderful posts and books. You are an inspiration for me to get a little more knitting finished, so I don’t just spin into eternity without using any of my yarns! I am going to try and finish a knitting project a month, but they will probably be small in scale, as I have to keep up with the day job and the sheep and goats to care for as well! All the best for your 2011! Looking forward to your new book :*)

  163. I’m about to start the first sock of the month on our LYS Sock Along. A challenge since I’ve knitted several singles but no successful pairs. My tension between the two socks in a pair is so far off they should belong to two different people.
    Wish me luck!

  164. holy crap! A couple of meters of yarn left after knitting 2 socks, he’s a serious work of sock art. Happy New Year to you and yours, thanks for hours of happy knitting love.

  165. Awesome socks and huge feet. No ideas for your challenge this year, but I’m going to do my own sock challenge this year. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m crazy excited about it!!!

  166. Thank you for a year of inspiration, laughter and (some) tears. I never would have knitted a sock, if it hadn’t have been for your posts, pictures and assurances that anybody can do it. I carry “Knitting Rules” in my knitting bag and refer to it often. Was reading your tweets about all the things you did for luck in the new year. One year we had the kind of year you had (deaths, illness, financial disaster)and stayed up past midnight to see the end of it. We still had each other and knew we were all the stronger for getting through the worst.

  167. Happy New Socks and Year! I knit my male person a pair of socks once out of wonderful Blue Moon STR.
    This was an act of love for sure( the dude has size 13 suckers!) Within a month he had worn holes in the ball of the foot section of (both) socks. I think I cried. How would one remedy a hole in the ball of the foot? I checked his feet for any odd bunion type things growing out of the bottom of his feet. Needless to say I have not knit him anymore socks but I have knit him scarfs(no holes yet!) Stephanie, I have been reading your blog for years now. Thank you so much for putting (you) out here! Cheers!

  168. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m organizing the stash today and perhaps I will start a hat club.

  169. Hi! Have a wonderful and knitterly new Year!
    Love the socks, love the yarn, and really love the shoes – Joe’s shoes remind me of a favorite pair I once had. I would buy the same kind again if I could find them and the brand still fit.
    I am thinking of the sisc (self-imposed sock club, of course!). I cold definitely use some inspiration to use up some of the colorful sock yarn I keep buying because it is pretty. I could imagine setting up a range of patterns so my skills would increase over the course of the year. Right now I am capable of almost any sock pattern, but most take too much concentration for the times and places I get to knit. If I could get the little grey cells to work more smoothly…
    Or I could stick to other uses of sock yarn, like shawls…
    Knit on!

  170. One more thought for the new year: it would be a great time to check through one’s computer and make sure that the addresses and such that fill in automatically are correct, that one’s blog is still alive, etc.
    I just tried to get in touch with another commenter (to offer encouragement and applaud her idea) and got connected to a search for adult sites instead of to her blog. Probably some sort of typo, but I was sad not to be able to cheer on another knitter.
    Just sayin…

  171. Maybe you could work your way through Cookie A’s new book for your self-imposed sock club. Lots to choose from and all look great.

  172. I have to thank you for the inspiration of doing a self imposed knitting club. So THANK YOU!!

  173. last year, i loved your sock club idea, but had zero time to jump in until well into january …this year with your blessing, i’m joining you and plan to be surrounded by socks by this time next year! thanks for inspiring us and giving us a giggle with our doses of harlotty wisdom! kath

  174. WOO-HIPPETY-HOO! It’s been so much fun watching you bust out a knitter’s dozen of socks. Can’t wait to see what grows on your needles this year, Madame Harlot.

  175. Just as I pulled up your blog, I was speaking with my sister-in-law about how to knit her first sock. So after reading your caption, I ran into my bedroom and got my copy of Knitting Rules for her to take home with her to complete her first pair of socks! Very fortuitous. I love your self-imposed sock club and may try a 6-month variation on that theme. Happy New Years!

  176. Wy didn’t you publish a calandar for 2011? I have been buying them every year. OUr local Borders Book Store always carried them but they are closing their doors.

  177. The UK Sock Knitters on Rav are doing an A-Z challenge. Start with A on the 1st and every two weeks move to the next letter. A as in pattern name btw.
    The only rules are you have to cast on during the two weeks assigned to the letter and all 26 pairs must be cast off by January 15 2012!

  178. Wonderful! I’m impressed you reserved the largest sock knitting club adventure for December…a month heavily laden with gift knitting…and completed the task.
    As someone else mentioned, you need a 4×3 or 3×4 photo retrospective of your 2010 sock club knitting.
    You inspired me to have a self-imposed sock club in 2011. I’ve already cast on my first sock.

  179. I just returned home from a week with my parents for the holidays. My mom wore a pair of socks I knit for her – Pattern = “Nutkin” made with Raspberry Beret alpaca sock yarn from DTCrafts. They fit her beautifully and the pattern is so simple but gorgeous.
    I admit that I am now terribly jealous of those socks and will be putting that pattern back into the rotation for some socks for me this year.

  180. Steph I am duly impressed with Joe’s socks. My husband has a size 13 foot & so I fully appreciate the work & time involved in wrapping them in wool. But my husband loves handknit socks too and wears them all year round, gotta love a man like that.

  181. I am amazed and utterly impressed that you completed this goal with your other self (or not) imposed demands. Dang it. I am going to do it too this year.

  182. I’m planning to sign up for the Socks That Rock club from Blue Moon, since I don’t have a big backlog of patterns. Lots of yarn though, so maybe I’ll knit one pattern from the STR skein and one pattern from the stash – the STR club sends two patterns each time. Including one from a certain Harlot, I hear. 🙂

  183. love the socks! i have been knitting for years,but never actually knit socks.I am more the hat type of person. One of my new years resolutions is to finally knit a sock. I think I’ll choose a pattern from two socks at a time. Second sock syndrom has always worried me. I hate making the same thing twice. I’m not the type of person who has patience.
    Check out my blog at blacksheepknits.wordpress.com

  184. My own pattern on Ravelry, called Silver Bells. It would be an honor for you to knit them! The pattern is free, and my “handle” is MsCreate. The pattern is also located on my blog.
    Awesome year, Stephanie! Not only 12 pairs of socks, but 12 pairs of patterned socks! A feet indeed. 😉

  185. Happy New Year! I suggest – although I assume maybe you have already tried this at least once – knitting Joe’s socks from the toe up. I just finished this for the first time using the toe-up two-at-a-time socks book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I was short on the yarn I used but I was able to make complete [short] socks without any guesswork (or any stress). Congrats on the twelve pairs of socks – I am proud to have accomplished just one this year, but love reading about your sock adventures :).

  186. Congratulations – I hope to do the same thing this year even though it’s already almost the 4th and I haven’t even picked patterns and yarn yet.
    In my dream life (the one where I’m not driving 90 minutes each way to work and spending at least 2 evenings exercising, leaving about 30 minutes a day to knit), my list includes French Quarter (Knitspot), Gschnitzal (Fiber Dreams), Stained Glass (Elise Duvekot), A Feat of Twist (Heartstrings), Jewel (Knitwhits), Red Rover (Figheadh), Tesserae (Knitspot), Parting Ways (Heartstrings), Fiesta Feet (Lucy Neatby), Circle of Friendship (Heartstrings), Hanna’s Lattice (Autumn House Farms) and Pink Ribbons (from the 2006 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar). I guess I have picked my patterns; just need to decide which yarns…

  187. My suggestion: ALPEN SOCKEN – Fall 2010 – Interweave Knits – it has interesting traveling stitches and it looks beautiful!! I think you would make a stunning sock with this!
    Thank you for your blog – it’s a bright spot in my day – and has INSPIRED me so much – my knitting has gone nuts since finding your blog.

  188. I suggest the Edelweiss sock from Vogue winter 2006, I think. I made a pair 2 years ago and they were the most satisfying socks ever.

  189. I suggest you knit *me* a pair, because I’m a wreck trying to attempt to begin to even think of knitting socks. Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeze??

  190. What about a printer-scanner? They’re about $200, you can scan things, save them to your computer (so your projects are digitized and with you all the time on your laptop or on an external or thumb drive) and then print what you need. I’m in the proceses of doing this for all patterns on my Ravelry queue and the end result made me dance around my living room with joy because I also spill and misplace patterns.

  191. How about some toe-up socks? I’m obsessed with Wendy Johnson’s patterns in Socks from the Toe Up. You know you won’t run out of yarn and there is no Kitchener stitch! You start with the amazing Magic Cast-on and the sky’s the limit.

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