If you will excuse me

I’m home. Made it back last night, a little late to greet my new nephew in person, but here finally. 

He’s beautiful, and his blanket’s not finished, but frankly, neither was he. Forces conspired against him, and he was born a little earlier than planned, and clearly (if you go by how annoyed he seems to be about it) more than a little against his will.  His name is Luis, and he’s a wee speck of a thing – but beautiful beyond all reason – and far better looking than this crappy iphone picture makes him out to be.

I’ll be spending a few days helping him and his parents settle in to being a family, and I hope you’ll forgive my absence (if there is one, we’ll see how much time I have) as I’ve decided to put him and his parents squarely first until they’re well sorted.  He’s the first baby ever born in this family before their blanket was finished, but I’m no match for the circumstances that dictated the timing of his birth – so I don’t feel bad about that. I’m knitting like the wind now, because there’s no doubt that a wee one born in Canada in February could use a blanket, and I want him to know how much I love him already.  As always, I know no way to say that without wool.

Isn’t he perfect? Congratulations to Katie and Carlos.  They’ve made something awfully nice.  This auntie is very proud of them.