Continually and Constantly

When I finished Marlowe’s baby blanket, and it was rather surprisingly the breadth of a queen sized bed (which is rather inappropriately larger than a baby) I was happy, but decided that next time I went down the baby blanket road, I might practice a little more restraint. 

This time I really thought I’d done that, but here I am days late on this blanket, wondering more than a little absently why it’s taking so long, and while I can’t say yet for sure,  I think this might be another overshoot- size wise. Oh sure,  I could spread it out a little and assess it, but I feel like there’s no point in knowing exactly how much there is left to do when I have to do it anyway.  It might be demoralizing.  It makes more sense to me to just keep knitting and let it be a surprise, even to me – which it totally will be, because I get up every day and think "This will absolutely be finished today" and then by the time bedtime rolls around I’m looking at it and thinking that it seems to have no end.  None.  It’s perpetual, and worse than that?  I don’t think I’m even making a dent in it.  That means one of three things. 
Either it’s a really big blanket, I’ve become a really slow knitter, or I’ve been so busy that I’m not really knitting that much on it, I just think I am.  
This blanket needs to end, if not because I think it’s just about got me ready to weep at the sight of it, but because Luis really needs it.  (Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  I think his actual position may be neutral.)  I’m going to bust a serious move in its direction today and tonight.  Surely I’m almost there.

PS: The fact that I bought lots of yarn for it and still ran out isn’t a good sign.

PPS: When I ran out I got four more balls and they’re almost gone too. That’s not good either. 

PPPS: Yesterday when I invited you to Sock Camp, I forgot to tell you one thing. There’s a contest.  Every year there’s a camp tee shirt, and this year we thought it would be fun to have a contest to design it.  The prize is a tee shirt, your design on all the camp shirts and $100 of yarn – and you don’t have to be going to camp to enter.  Anybody can.  Rules?  Not many.

1. It has to do with the theme.  The theme is pirates. It’s called Camp Cast Away.
2. It has to say "BMFA Sock Camp 2012" somewhere on it.
3. The design can go on the front or back.
4. Anyone can enter, even if they’re not a camper.

Besides those 4 rules, the shirt design can be anything you like. Just words, words and a picture, words and a drawing, just a drawing, whatever pleases you. Go nuts.

The winner gets glory (their design on all the camp shirts) a camp shirt (whether or not the winner is a camper) and a $100.00 gift certificate for Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Please email us your entry as a jpeg (You can send a low resolution version, we’ll ask finalists for the high resolution ones so we can see if they’re okay for printing) before March 10th.  You can send it to registrationATknothysteriaDOTcom (Replace the AT and DOT with @ and .) We’ll choose some finalists, put them up on The Blue Moon Blog, everyone will vote before March 12th, and then the winner will be announced on March 14th.

Go!  I’ll be here knitting a blanket.