Continually and Constantly

When I finished Marlowe’s baby blanket, and it was rather surprisingly the breadth of a queen sized bed (which is rather inappropriately larger than a baby) I was happy, but decided that next time I went down the baby blanket road, I might practice a little more restraint. 

This time I really thought I’d done that, but here I am days late on this blanket, wondering more than a little absently why it’s taking so long, and while I can’t say yet for sure,  I think this might be another overshoot- size wise. Oh sure,  I could spread it out a little and assess it, but I feel like there’s no point in knowing exactly how much there is left to do when I have to do it anyway.  It might be demoralizing.  It makes more sense to me to just keep knitting and let it be a surprise, even to me – which it totally will be, because I get up every day and think "This will absolutely be finished today" and then by the time bedtime rolls around I’m looking at it and thinking that it seems to have no end.  None.  It’s perpetual, and worse than that?  I don’t think I’m even making a dent in it.  That means one of three things. 
Either it’s a really big blanket, I’ve become a really slow knitter, or I’ve been so busy that I’m not really knitting that much on it, I just think I am.  
This blanket needs to end, if not because I think it’s just about got me ready to weep at the sight of it, but because Luis really needs it.  (Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  I think his actual position may be neutral.)  I’m going to bust a serious move in its direction today and tonight.  Surely I’m almost there.

PS: The fact that I bought lots of yarn for it and still ran out isn’t a good sign.

PPS: When I ran out I got four more balls and they’re almost gone too. That’s not good either. 

PPPS: Yesterday when I invited you to Sock Camp, I forgot to tell you one thing. There’s a contest.  Every year there’s a camp tee shirt, and this year we thought it would be fun to have a contest to design it.  The prize is a tee shirt, your design on all the camp shirts and $100 of yarn – and you don’t have to be going to camp to enter.  Anybody can.  Rules?  Not many.

1. It has to do with the theme.  The theme is pirates. It’s called Camp Cast Away.
2. It has to say "BMFA Sock Camp 2012" somewhere on it.
3. The design can go on the front or back.
4. Anyone can enter, even if they’re not a camper.

Besides those 4 rules, the shirt design can be anything you like. Just words, words and a picture, words and a drawing, just a drawing, whatever pleases you. Go nuts.

The winner gets glory (their design on all the camp shirts) a camp shirt (whether or not the winner is a camper) and a $100.00 gift certificate for Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Please email us your entry as a jpeg (You can send a low resolution version, we’ll ask finalists for the high resolution ones so we can see if they’re okay for printing) before March 10th.  You can send it to registrationATknothysteriaDOTcom (Replace the AT and DOT with @ and .) We’ll choose some finalists, put them up on The Blue Moon Blog, everyone will vote before March 12th, and then the winner will be announced on March 14th.

Go!  I’ll be here knitting a blanket.

57 thoughts on “Continually and Constantly

  1. Gorgeous blanket, gorgeous baby. I especially like the part about a kid being able to take this to his adult life someday. Having browsed as much as tendinitis will allow, I can’t find a mention what this yarn is. I’d like to know, pretty please, what yarn is this delicate and durable? And what pattern is it? Sorry that it’s probably repeat info.

  2. I’ve been smiling and picturing you, actually, not knitting on the baby blanket, but helping the new family get “on their feet”, slightly rested, and fairly well fed, even though eating one-handed while breastfeeding! This will all happen. The blanket will get completed. The family will actually sleep again, although differently! Blessings!

  3. Lol, oh my goodness. I think it is going to be another rather behemoth blankie. Anxious to see it, but you’ve been rather busy lately 🙂 He’s a beautiful baby, congratulations to everyone!

  4. I’m sure it will be a treasure as well. I love the bigger baby blankets – or as I call them, toddler blankets.
    And Luis is an adorable baby. He deserves a truly spectacular blankie.

  5. Can it have a design on the front AND back? (An image on the front, with a bit of text on the back)

  6. I remember that feeling putting the lacy edge on a Pi R Square shawl. Don’t give up hope! and maybe be with friends to share the final gild into your head that it was a good and wonderful thing, and not something that you never want to do again…like getting a sliver under your fingernail.

  7. And, (having just peeked at Marlowe’s baby blanket link) what was Marlowe? a baby hippo, or giraffe? Uff dah!

  8. I love the fact that there is some crazed knitter on the other side of the world feeling the same about her knitting as I do about mine. Will this ever end? and really does a baby really need a blanket?
    The answer of course to both is yes but I love that you sit in Canada and I sit in Australia and others who read your blog are in the states or the UK or other far reaching places and yet we are all doing and feeling so similar.

  9. The blanket is looking gorgeous! Luis will hopefully not express his opinion of your tardiness as he did in your last post. I’m sure his mom will love it.
    The thing I’m happy to see is an extended deadline on the t-shirt contest. I only got an idea yesterday.
    Oh and Happy Leap Day! Like the Winter or Summer Olympics it only comes once every four years. (Really wish they hadn’t changed the Winter Games to the off biannual.)

  10. Now, can I design it in time because I have, the PERFECT idea. But I have a baby that needs a sweater and a mom (mine, not the baby’s) that needs a birthday shawlette. And a knitter (me) that wants a knock around sweater. Hmmmm.

  11. Looks like a lot of garter stitch. Garter stitch does eat yarn at an alarming rate. Still lovely, though.

  12. Steph, I have a grandchild on the way and I really WOULD like to know what yarn you use for your blankets and if/when you are going to publish your pattern? Please??
    p.s. Just think how much more love Luis is getting in his blankie!

  13. Restraint? I didn’t realize that word is in your dictionary…at least related to yarn and needles. Plus, who can restrain themselves with such a cute little guy around? That Luis is adorable.

  14. Agree with Karen in Tasmania. Baby gorgeous, as is blankie. Hope you will publish details – and favorite yarn for baby blankets.

  15. I think this is going to be another big blanket. Not that that’s a bad thing, but with all those extra balls of yarn? Big. He’ll be able to cover his bed with it, even when he graduates to a big-boy bed.

  16. I’m knitting an afghan out of Shelter and feel the same way. The bad thing is that I timed it — 50 minutes per row now. That’s about two rows per movie; I’m ready to weep myself but I really want my afghan! Who knows how big it will be. I’m not calling for a third shipment of yarn. Last night my dog ruined one of the edging skeins and I nearly throttled her.
    Please let us know some of your favorite baby blanket yarns; I’d be interested in whether you use superwash or not. I hem and haw over yarn choice every time I need to make a baby blanket. Good luck tonight — you are almost there!!!!

  17. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He is beautiful! I am curious…are you a midwife, doula or neonatal nurse? Just wondering…

  18. WOW! Baby is so sweet! He has a good auntie!!!
    I have been looking for that mitten pattern you were working on——–has it been published yet? If so where do I find it??

  19. You know, knowing how many corners you’ve gone around with the border should give you an idea of what percent done you are in the border, if you remember when you stated the border…that could be good or bad….

  20. Remember how you got out of this pickle last time? You just gave up, gave in and suddenly it was done. Don’t fight, just give in!

  21. I’m sure the blanket will be amazing. But on another note, something just occurred to me–a few years late. In all the many years I’ve been reading this blog, I have never seen a sponsored giveaway, a sponsored post, a product review or an advertisement. And I know you must be offered all those things millions (maybe zillions?) of times a day. I’ve never even seen you use an “Amazon affiliate code.” I’ve also never had to read a post about your trip to Blogher, or some other free blogger junket you went on. What’s more, I’ve never seen you boast or brag about the fact that you don’t do that stuff. Maybe that’s why your blog still feels so genuine and enjoyable to read, and I never have to suspect your motives when I’m reading your words. You are a breath of fresh air in the blogging world, and a truly lovely soul.

  22. And just following up to say that I think you are a wonderful example of how bloggers/writers can make money from their talents without selling themselves to corporations.

  23. Remember the first ball of yarn was a bust and got scraped. So maybe this one will only fit on the top of a double not a queen size bed. Over achiever I guess. It looks truly lovely. Can’t wait to see the designer Steph personal details. (That’s what added to the border size.

  24. Your blanket looks just beautiful, as was the bedspread blanket you pointed us to.
    This blanket-size business worries me. I am embarking on a baby blanket that also begins in the center and works outward. Finished size according to the directions is 36×36 inches, which I think is quite big enough for a BABY blanket. I hope that it does not mysteriously begin to grow … maybe that’s an undocumented characteristic of center-start baby blankets.

  25. Just HOW big is this blanket? Do you plan these? The extra balls of yarn needed is puzzling to me. I’m pretty certain you knit to some sort of “good gage” so that is not the problem. It is beautiful!! But, what does a baby do with a queen sized blankie? Actually, I’m just green with envy because I just finished a small Harvest Moon baby blanket and it took me a good while. It sure is pretty, though. Glad it is finished. The thought of it being huge makes me want to weep. I’d be knitting till my granddaughter enters first grade. She was born on Monday!! We are blessed.

  26. Stephanie –
    Beautiful! I’ve searched for a link to the pattern.
    Do you have a name/source/link?

  27. Every baby blanket I’ve every knit turned out to be bigger than the pattern size. Now, to be sure, I’m not religious about swatching baby blankets, because how close does it really have to be? The biggest one was one I made for my boss’s new son and it, too, fit on a full size bed, plus. It was HUGE. Nonetheless, his parents told me later that he loved it and dragged it around for years. Yay!
    Now for the Boo! I was amped at the possibility of going to Sock Camp this year: I had the money, and the time, since I’m retired, and checked out the details and – Argh! – it’s right before my daughter’s wedding. Can’t do it. I can’t abandon her when the stress starts getting to the breaking point. So, I hope there will be a sock camp next year? You did say Sock Summit in 2014, but maybe a wee camp again in ’13? Have fun!

  28. I was not sure where to post this. I have someone interested in a scarf you had posted on blog in 2006. Do you allow others to utilize the patterns you have provided. Getting more into knitting and more requests. Want to make sure i am doing it the legal and respectful way. Any thoughts or answers would be very much appreciated.

  29. That blanket is going to be large but it will last little Luis for years. What a wonderful gift for him to have!

  30. Beautiful baby, beautiful blanket. My very early baby is now nearly forty (help!) and still has and treasures the christening shawl my very elderly great-aunt made for her. A baby born in 1970 has a gift from a lady born in 1880 – I wonder if our knitting will last as long? Makes me think.

  31. Lovely blanket as usual! although I am glad Luis has his priorities straight & prefers to eat right now.
    Re: Sock Camp — Penzance pirates are definitely more my type; February 29th always reminds me of poor Frederic (who only THOUGHT he was 21 & free of the pirates).

  32. That’s exactly why I don’t make blankets. They are almost like scarves – neverending projects!!

  33. That blanket sounds like the pullover I just finshed for my husband…endless. I started to think I was knitting for a giant; it just would never stop. But, hey, here’s the good news: finished, blocked, ready to wear. Baby Luis will have that lovely blankie all his life. A couple more days won’t matter.

  34. Love that blanket! Gorgeous work.
    I used to knit that style of blanket for years and years. Many babies have been gifted that baby blanket.
    Just 4 years ago I went to a party and gave one as a gift. The mom was not thrilled. I could see it in her face. She likes the ‘modern’ style of baby goods–pinks and browns and bold colors. I doubt that blanket ever made it out of the box. She lives nearby and I never did see her use it. Oh well, I hope she at least gave it to someone that could use it.

  35. All the time and yarn…It will be great for his wedding! LOL! My guess is closer to KING size! 😉

  36. I love your blankets…and how big they are. I think I would be disappointed if they weren’t huge…I also would like your thoughts on baby blanket yarn. Can you talk a little about your process when designing a blanket? middle, border, outer border???

  37. seriously? Pirates! Geez. I’d come to sock camp if it was about Pirates. And if you know, it were to be on the east coast. Congrats on your delish nephew, and love the blanket.

  38. Bigger is better! I always make big baby afghans. One Mom friend told me that she cuddles under it with her baby when she breast feeds and they snuggle up together under it for naps. The other Mom friend has used the blankie on “baby’s” bed till “baby” went off to college! Yep, bigger is better.

  39. Oh dear, the yarn usage is a bit of a giveaway. Still, it can be folded to wrap him now and it will can be used as a bedspread when he’s grown-up. 🙂

  40. I did a baby blanket last year that ended up being quite a bit larger than intended. Sucked up half the yarn in the world. Now I’m finishing the second blanket for a new granddaughter who arrived Wednesday. I’m doing the Big, Bad, Baby blanket from Stitch and Bitch out of a fluffy chenille that the mom likes. Normally a 30″x30″ square blanket. This one? 60″ across. Thank goodness it’s for the crib! I’m running the width as the length, so the middle will be rectangles instead of squares, but it’s still miles of knitting! Finished a crocheted afghan for her a week or two ago that I started two days after having a severed tendon in my thumb repaired. Started that one while holding the yarn in my teeth while in a plastic splint. Took me 6 weeks to do 10″. It’ also crib size.
    It’ll end eventually.

  41. Hi-I realize this is not the same item that I have a question on but I am desperate. I can’t get my one row scarf to look like yours. Mine is like a rib look. What am I doing wrong?!!!!! Help!Really want to do this and I just happened on your site. Thanks!

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