Karmic Balancing, The First

Hi Guys, happy Monday.  I’m trapped here on sleeve island with my Afterlight.
One sleeve down, one sleeve to go, and being sleeves, they’re as indeterminable as ever. I’m going to distract you with the first giveaway of Karmic Balancing gifts.  You guys gave to the Rally, and now gifts get given to you.

The first group comes to you by way of Dorothea, who was the recipient of one of my first spinning efforts for this cause, and she’s paying it forward in a big way.
First, this beautiful ball of Handmaiden Silk Rumple –

will be making it’s way to live with Shannon S.

This combo of Kidsilk Haze and Trendsetter Dune (enough to make a curlicue scarf)

will be going onto the needles of Laura B.

Six balls of Trendsetter Tonalita (enough for a summer sweater)

Goes to Anne B.

This ball of Handmaiden Sea Silk (enough for a Seas Silk Wrap- pattern included)  is travelling to Christina D.

and three balls of Noro Chirimen (Yum) is headed for its destiny with Cori.

Next up, thanks to the remarkable Cat Bordhi, Nina N. is the lucky recipient of just about her entire collection of digital ebooks. That’s a copy each of Socks Soar on Two Circular needles, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks, A Treasury of Magical Knitting, and A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.  Enjoy, Nina! I own and love them all.

Stephanie, at Dirty Water Dyeworks (love them) is graciously donating a Brooklet Scarf Kit, in the colour combination of Colleen H’s choice.

It looks like a wonderful knit. Laura at Knitifacts is giving away not one, not two but THREE gifts.  Each of Helen R,  Barbara S and Diana Z will receive a package of Knitfacts ringlets, (in the colour of their choice)

and two patterns from Laura’s shop, their choice.  I like Coral Bells:

but they’ll choose what they like.

Whew! If you think you’re the knitter mentioned above, check your email.  Back to sleeve island for me. See you tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who’s donated, and thanks to everyone who’s paying forward a great gift.  If you’re wondering how to get a chance, anyone who donates to anyone on our little team of knitters:


in any amount (we know everyone gives what they are able. We don’t judge, we are just grateful) gets a shot.  There’s lots more to come.  (If you donated and didn’t get an email (or you think you didn’t) have a look in your spam folder. The email comes from a strange Bike Rally email address.  If you still think you didn’t get it, just let me know. I’ll fix it. )