Today is my eldest child’s birthday. Amanda turns twenty-four today, and to commemorate, I give you this picture of us, twenty-four years ago, less a day.

Amanda was born in the evening (two weeks late, but whatever, I’m over it) at the first legal birth centre in Ontario, into the hands of a midwife in the "pilot program".
We came home ten hours after she was born, on a brand new early release system that was the groundwork laid for the way that Ontario mums and babies can now come home when they like.  We walked in the door, and I tried to figure out how I could possibly be a parent,  and we took that picture. She was delicious and scary to me, and the last twenty-four years have been the same.

Thank you for making me a mother, Amanda.  I love you.

(PS. You were a horrible baby. You cried all the time. Thanks for getting it all out of your system. You’re super nice now.)