As Fast As I Can

This post comes to you from my gate at the Denver airport, as I try to pound it out before getting on a flight to Saint Louis. (Left Bank Books my friends! See you there.) The next few days are particularly challenging, so I’m hoping that I can do this now because man, I don’t think there’s time to do it later.  (Although I do have a burning concern that I’m underyarned for this flight, I could blog instead of knit.) I’m sad to leave Denver, but happy to move to a lower altitude, the people who live here look ordinary, but they are gods. All gods.  Behold. The miracle people of Denver.

rightdenver 2014-03-11 leftdenver 2014-03-11

Also you will note that my sock is bigger. I like the way these shots are like stop motion progress of knitting, with just the background shifting.  Who did I see in Denver my pretties? Who? Well for starters, you’re going to love this.  Does everyone remember Jacob? This is him way back in 2007, when as a young knitter he wore this shirt to a signing and charmed us all.

jacobin2007 2014-03-11

I’ve seen Jacob a few times since then, but this time he wasn’t there, because Jacob is in the Navy, and he’s far away on a ship – just like a grownup, I thought, and then his mum asked if we could have a picture to send to him, because (get this) IT IS HIS 25TH BIRTHDAY.

happybirthdayjacob 2014-03-11

I know. The picture is blurry. I’m so sorry – I didn’t take it but I can still tell it’s my fault.  I feel super blurry the last few days.

Also leading a charge down memory lane – you might remember Meredith? She’s from the same era- and back then she was (we think) the first person to bring her first socks. She pretty much started the whole first sock thing. Meredith then:

merediththen 2014-03-11

and Meredith now… modelling her wedding veil. She knit it herself, and she’s been married a week.

meredithnow 2014-03-11

Janna followed in the footsteps of greatness.  She brought her first socks and….

jannafirssocks 2014-03-11

Demonstrated what happens when you knit the first and second a little ways apart.  (Hint. Those are not the same.)

Barbara brought me a really cool present.

barbarayarnbook 2014-03-11

It’s yarn she dyed to match my book cover.  I thought that was pretty freakin’ cool.

(Man they are boarding in a minute and I’m still not done.)

Finally, last but certainly not least, my buddy Sally and company. They were the last ones there, and I jokingly re-took the crowd pictures and said I was going to send it to my publisher – with a note that said “the group in Denver was more of an intimate gathering, but I still think it was good.”

notdenverladies 2014-03-11

Today’s Sally’s birthday, and I hope she has a wonderful one.

Bam! Look at that.  Their calling my flight, and I think I just have time to hit send on this. (Definitely no time to proof-read, so forgive me.)

See you in Saint Louis.