Nothing to See Here

Oh petals, I am, as my friend Debbi would say, a husk.  I’ve got nothing. I got home yesterday and pretty much fell over, and today I’m setting the house to rights.  I slept in my own bed, this morning I drank my own coffee, today I’m vacuuming my own cat’s hair off my own carpet (that’s less thrilling, but still part of being home.) I’m cooking a Saint Patrick’s day dinner, and dusting and contemplating having a beer mid-afternoon – which is so decadent I can barely speak of it.  I swear I’ll get back on the blogging train tomorrow, but for today there’s email to catch up on, kids to talk to, family to touch base with, and I really, really need to find out what that smell in the back room is.

Tomorrow, let’s talk about knitting, shall we?  I’m so very, very glad to be home.

(PS. I keep forgetting to mention that the next Strung Along retreat is the weekend of April 11th, up at the Resort at Port Ludlow.  There’s still a little space, which is probably because I keep forgetting to mention it here. So many things I’ve forgotten to do over the last few weeks. Our theme is “Where the wild things are” and If you’d like information about attending, please shoot us an email at  We’ll get it right out to you.)