Nothing to See Here

Oh petals, I am, as my friend Debbi would say, a husk.  I’ve got nothing. I got home yesterday and pretty much fell over, and today I’m setting the house to rights.  I slept in my own bed, this morning I drank my own coffee, today I’m vacuuming my own cat’s hair off my own carpet (that’s less thrilling, but still part of being home.) I’m cooking a Saint Patrick’s day dinner, and dusting and contemplating having a beer mid-afternoon – which is so decadent I can barely speak of it.  I swear I’ll get back on the blogging train tomorrow, but for today there’s email to catch up on, kids to talk to, family to touch base with, and I really, really need to find out what that smell in the back room is.

Tomorrow, let’s talk about knitting, shall we?  I’m so very, very glad to be home.

(PS. I keep forgetting to mention that the next Strung Along retreat is the weekend of April 11th, up at the Resort at Port Ludlow.  There’s still a little space, which is probably because I keep forgetting to mention it here. So many things I’ve forgotten to do over the last few weeks. Our theme is “Where the wild things are” and If you’d like information about attending, please shoot us an email at  We’ll get it right out to you.)

47 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here

  1. Welcome home!! Relax, put your feet up, have that beer – we’ll all still be here when you’re rested up!

      • I’d like to hear more about this Guinness pudding, too. Whose recipe do you use?

        (By the way, the captcha does not, apparently, know the difference between a treble clef and a music note. Maybe ignore my dorkiness… I’m beginning to embarrass myself over here.)

  2. Great to have seen you in Baltimore on Friday night, and congrats on another successful book tour, and a safe journey home. And Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and wishing I was celebrating Canadian style rather than in snowy Baltimore – yes, we’ve gotten 5+ inches here, and my first snowy Paddy’s Day ever since moving to the US from Ireland 20 years ago!)!

  3. I bet you are glad to be home — but know that we in Portland enjoyed seeing you. Your book is grand. Well done! You deserve the rest AND the beer!

  4. Happy St. Patrick’s and I am so happy for you, that you are so glad to be home, that I feel I should also have a decadent beer this afternoon! And if you are a husk, I hope somebody makes a tamale out of you! ;o)

  5. I just finished the book and just have to say that the last essay – that the book was named for – was perfect. I’m giving a copy to every one I know (I’ll have to buy the book to do it, and its worth it to me!)

  6. After everything you’ve done over the last couple of weeks, it strikes me you should be sitting with your feet up, not hoovering, not cooking and being as decadent as you can be!

  7. A beer in the afternoon, on St Patrick’s Day? I wholeheartedly approve. Go for it. I’d join you in a Guiness if I could (but I think the others that are in my data integrity meeting would protest… probably because I wouldn’t be sharing it)

  8. I’m glad you’re home safely and enjoying the family life. Even cat hair looks special when one has been away. 🙂

  9. Welcome home! I can recognize that feeling, so I hope that you enjoyed the beer, and that you relax with your family tonight. Knitting optional.

  10. Welcome home! Hope that you have enjoyed your beer, and that you enjoy your dinner tonight with your family. Knitting optional.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your tour with all of us. Loved the photos, the first socks, the special projects. Just so much fun. Have a great evening!

  12. I picked up your new book over the weekend and love the chapter on bad disaster movies mostly because you could be writing about me. I also love them and have each of the ones you wrote about. I also hate it when they get facts wrong in films but not in the disaster films. the worst it is the more I love it. LOL

  13. i was crossing my fingers that vroman’s in pasadena would be on your book tour list, but alas, it wasn’t to be! maybe next time? enjoy your suds, madam!

  14. Welcome home. Enjoy your “day off”. We all need days like that. As for me, I’m getting ready to head to Edmonton for four days and hoping to find a decent yarn shop there somewhere (I know there is one, just need to find it and see if the friend who is driving us all would be willing to drive to it…unless it’s in the West Edmonton Mall).

  15. A well-deserved beer, and hopefully a few minutes of feet up, at least. Traveling sucks the life out of me, and I don’t do the whirlwind thing you do on book tour!

  16. La fheile Padraig duit, Stephanie! From an Irishwoman abroad (London). Hope you’re enjoying being home just in time for a (vegetarian?) Irish stew. Meant to comment when you wrote about your lost scarf as around the same time I was recovering from a mugging that took place after my knit night. I lost some silk socks I was working on and that post sang right out to me about how it felt. The loss! Much worse than the loss of purse, bag or phone. Hope you have fun knitting a new one – I intend to finish the jumper that was also in my bag but was recovered safely in its ziplock five days later (guess the thief preferred silk over a linen/acrylic mix, whaddya know). Thanks for the post, anyway, was all I really wanted to say. Looking forward to getting hold of the new book. X

  17. To Shelly coming to Edmonton…..there is a GREAT yarn shop just 20 min. West of Edmonton…Pam’S woolly shoppe ,,in Stony Plain

  18. I’m wondering what a vegetarian eats for St. Patrick’s day. Here in CINCINNATI, we do corned beef. Maybe you’ll come by one day??

  19. Hope you had the beer while waiting for the tour clothes to finish in the dryer, and that the hotel mails your notebook back to you!

  20. I just received your new book and boy-o-boy, did the first chapter make me laugh, and I needed it. I am currently recovering from surgery to put a titanium plate in my broken wrist. I broke it—Falling Off Of My Bike!
    And I am in the midst of deciding if I am heading towards stupidity, moving beyond persistence, if I get back on. Your 13 falls might serve as inspiration; I just don’t know yet!

  21. I love ‘dragging the world’ to the circle…mmm. Dear Husk, feet up, coffee, conversation, cleaning, catching up (did not mean to alliterate) and soaking up your family and home.

  22. My vegetarian daughter and I would both love a recommendation of a recipe for a veggie stew.
    When you’ve had some time to relax, of course!

  23. Stephanie! Be careful of Guinness beer & any other dark ale! They use Isinglass which is taken from fish bladders in order to filter out any cloudiness caused by the yeast. I know you’re vegetarian, & in case you didn’t know…
    Otherwise, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And congratulations on finishing your tour!

  24. Welcome home. I think you have the best of both worlds.. working from home mixed in with traveling. I’m sure it’s intense, but I bet it makes you feel great when you are home! Cheers and rest up.
    I did not know that beer could possibly be anything but vegetarian… so interesting about Guinness..

  25. Well, this will be my fifth attempt to prove I am a human being …. five wonderful, witty comments lost to the world. You will have to make do with the short version:
    Have fun, keep those feet up, your hand on the beer bottle, your fingers on the knitting needles!!

  26. Gave my son my standard order for Mother’s Day to buy your book – he will probably read it first, which is grand.

    Drove 9 hours yesterday to get home, through the snow-covered hills of Virginia, so I feel just the way you describe! About the IQ of a carrot today, but still knitting a basic sock as I unpack. Glad you had a safe trip.

  27. I felt something similar, and started reading the newest book. Slowly and surely I’m feeling a bit more like myself. Thank you for the lovely book! It’s wonderful, wise and human.

  28. Welcome home Stephanie loved seeing all the pictures of the knitters along the way of your book tour! Sorry to read about your birch I had hoped a reader of your blog would have picked it up and recognize the it’s definitely yours (as we’ve been there with it since its conception) and send it to you. Love the socks and the sock yarn blanket is fantastic I’ve just started my own lol it has cropped up again!!!!

  29. I just started the book! As a fellow writer, knitter, spinner, English teacher, I say thank you for such funny awesome stories. Weirdly I also used to have a road bike with “clipless” pedals, I sold it after two years of triathaloning (probably not a word). It wasn’t the falls that got me, it was my sore bottom (I kept buying different seats, they never helped).
    Anyway, loving the book! Keep on writing!

  30. Good, you’re home. Now we don’t have to worry about you crossing highways full of speeding traffic? Or do we?

    Oooooh, I just failed my human verification test. Here we go again. See, you’re not alone!!!

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