Maybe I lied a little

It would appear that my celebratory BOOM DONE, might have been a little premature yesterday. This morning I got up and sat at my desk, and promptly realized that there’s a whole stealth project for River City Yarns that I have to finish.  In a move that was totally classic for me, I guess I finished knitting that with my mind, and took it off the list. It’s not done, and I’m not showing it to you, so shall I amuse you with pictures of finished things?  Behold, the socks for Ken’s birthday*, all done, and charming I think.

samupsidedown2 2015-03-10

I started these socks thinking they’d be a good, simple knit, except for the part where I didn’t check the yardage on the yarn I chose. It’s Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards 4ply (colour is “Slate Jacquard”) and it’s got 152m per ball, and I had two balls, and darned if I didn’t think that would be enough.  It wasn’t.

When I ran short just a few rounds from the end of the toe, I had to get creative. I decided to to a black toe to contrast, and then on a whim I tossed in those few rounds of red.

toes 2015-03-10

Now I’m actually glad I ran out, because I like them even better with the snazzy toes than I would have if they were plain. I think they’re freaking adorable – I mean… manly. Manly and sophisticated.

socksalldone 2015-03-10

(Pattern is my plain vanilla socks from Knitting Rules)

Sam was good enough to reprise her role as the worlds top knitwear model this morning, and she wants you to know she takes it seriously.

samupsidedown 2015-03-10

She also wants you to know that her feet aren’t really that big. (I don’t think they’re big at all.)  She’s wearing other socks underneath.  (Smart girl. Spring might be on the horizon, but it’s still cold here.)


*Have I mentioned to you that Ken’s doing the Aids LifeCycle this year? It’s a much longer, harder ride than the rally, and he’s having a hard time. I keep saying encouraging things to him, but really – dude’s in a rough spot. He signed up to do it with some friends, bought the flights and started training, only to realize three things. First, this ride comes so early in the year that Toronto isn’t out of the grip of winter soon enough for him to train outside, and he’s been on the accursed indoor trainer all winter. It’s nasty. Second, fundraising for this one will be hard, although he has a modest goal… This on top of the Bike Rally later in the summer is a lot of work. Third (and I know there are other introverts out there who are just going to get the worst kind of cramp when they read this) the friends that he signed up to do it with cancelled. Our lovely Ken is going all the way to San Francisco to do this, and he’s going to do it alone.  Seven days on his bike, riding and sharing a tent (!!!) with strangers. I’m really proud of him for staying the course, even though it’s turned out to be a lot harder than he thought. Right now there’s really only one way I can help him, other than the socks, and that’s by spreading the word about the fundraising. If you’re so inclined, his pledge page is here.