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I am not sure yet if I have the nerve to open the Christmas Spreadsheet. You know, the one that I swore I’d open way sooner than this last year.  Last year I was going to get on this way sooner. Last year, I said that this year would be the year that I got out ahead of the thing.  Last year, I knew that this year was going to be the pinnacle of my Christmas success. The least amount of work and stress, the biggest amount of organization and relaxation… it was going to be a poem.  I was going to have stuff wrapped by now.

I know what’s on that spreadsheet – or at least I know enough of it that I can continue to procrastinate for a little longer, long enough that I can do some of the stuff that I know is on there, and then when I finally open it, I’ll have the satisfaction of filling in a bunch of the boxes all at once, which I think will probably be encouraging. This is one box that I will be able to fill in, a little sweater, done and dusted.

princessdone 2015-11-24

It’s the Princess Smocked Cardigan, and I knit it out of Brooks Farms Mas Acero – the colourway is Taste of Berries, I think. This one came along quietly, in the background over the last few weeks, as my hotel room knitting.

princessdonedet 2015-11-24

I blocked all the pieces the other night, then seamed them up, and I’m pretty happy with it, considering what a quick knit it was. Perfect little buttons were found in the button bin, and voila.

princessdonebutton 2015-11-24

There will be at least one more little sweater to knit before Christmas, and I can feel some other significant projects lurking in the spreadsheet, but this is a nice big chunk to take off. I think I’ll wrap it.

60 thoughts on “I can fill in one box

  1. It’s so cute! I love the buttons!

    I’m working on my own Christmas spreadsheet as well. I’ve only got five years of knitting under my belt, so socks are still a stretch for me. That said, I need three pairs by Dec 25th. I got this (I hope)

  2. May I just say — your Magic button box. The perfect amazing buttons just keep coming out of it, like Strega Nona’s stew pot. Do you buy buttons when you see them to replenish it, or are you still living off the button hoarding practices of your foremothers?

  3. Sigh… This was going to be the year that I was super-organized for Christmas too. [hollow laugh] Less knitting involved, though, as woolly goods seem less desirable as gifts when it’s 30degC in the shade.

  4. Aren’t you thrilled that there is “next year”…another opportunity to be perfect! You comfort all of us who are further behind that you are!

  5. Ooo, this is soo pretty! Your xmas spreadsheet is so much more complicated than mine. I am doing mostly hats, with a few felted slips tossed in for non-hatty people. A total of 32 small-ish fast projects. I’ve been doing great until yesterday. With only three more to go, I blew out my knitting hand and can’t make a fist. So, that is that for a couple of days. Normally, that would be ok because there is tons of time before xmas left. But a retirement shawl just showed up on my radar and it needs to be done before Jan 15th, so that moves up my xmas knitting deadline.

    Good luck with your spreadsheet. I can’t wait until you open it. This is my favorite time of the year on the blog. It makes me feel less alone when other (esteemed) knitters are freaking out with me. 🙂

  6. How many times must one remind you that buttons on a baby sweater are a CHOKING HAZARD!?

    Honestly, it’s a miracle that nobody has yet needed the Baby Heimlich given the vast number of baby-sweaters-with-buttons you’ve made over the years.

  7. I had to touch the clock this time to post. I know it’s ticking away toward Christmas, but you have a great start with that adorable sweater. Glad you’ve recovered from that awful bug!

  8. Very dear sweater – I like how, in the smocking, the colorway has more concentrated areas of color, than the rest of the sweater. I do love making children’s clothing, think I will add this to the list. Thank you.

  9. Love Love Love this blog and your writing and all your stories. I have been wondering when your spreadsheet would make an appearance this year. I thought it worked so well (was it last year?) that for sure you’d use it this year to keep the stress down. At my house, we keep the stress down by not having Christmas gifts. Just a few homemade cookies, phone calls to family, a few ornaments on one of those limbed ornament holders, and a delicious meal. Oh, and me, reading your blog to see how Christmas went at your place. It’s become part of my tradition. Thank you!

    • oh, i must have been back-reading. i see it was 2011 December the last time the spread sheet came through and you didn’t get sick. i really hope you and your loved ones all stay very healthy this season.

      • Yours sounds like a lovely Christmas. Our Christmas is pretty simple too. There are gifts, but the adults draw one name each, but the kids are “free”.

    • Ditto at our house. Our Christmas includes a candlescape with fragrant greens and small bird ornaments as well. The simpler it gets the more we relax and enjoy the season.

  10. I’ve missed the blog, knowing you must be stressing about re-entry to normal life after Strung Along, and about Christmas looming. Love your socks and the dress. I’ve been trying to wear more of my hand knits and have been getting lots and lots of compliments on Oatmeal Stout.

  11. Trying to figure out how I can bend time now so that I can finish (start?) this little sweater by Dec. 5, when I will get to hold my new little niece for the first time and celebrate Christmas with that branch of the family. Never mind that I am hosting that gathering and Thanksgiving here. Sigh. The sweater, though. It’s in the queue.

  12. Sweet little sweater. You said you blocked the pieces of the sweater before you sewed it all together. Do you always do this? I’ve always sewed my sweaters together first, and then blocked it. Am I doing it wrong?

  13. I just three minutes ago ‘favorited’ this very sweater on Ravelry– wee grand baby girl due to arrive March– will make for next winter!

  14. How about toys for the kids this year? May go against the grain as a practical knitter (I speak from experience) but c’mon – they’re kids! Everything on Ravelry from blocks, teddy bears, to dinosaurs, octopi, and of course sheep.

  15. My mother-in-law made a very similar sweater for my 3 year old daughter. Its a beautiful little sweater but the selling feature was the matching sweater she made for her doll. My daughter doesn’t play with dolls much but likes the idea of matching sweaters.

  16. I’d love to have a peek at your Spreadsheet! I’ve begun one of my own, but yours sounds amazing and has stood the test of time, which I can’t say for my own :))

  17. Just learned that my nephew and his wife are having another baby, and a girl this time… that sweater is so going on my list!

  18. You seem always to marry the right yarn with the right pattern. This one has so much character. Glad I have some Brooks Farm in my stash.

  19. Oh wow what a beautiful sweater! You always make everything come together so beautifully. That yarn is gorgeous! And your stitches are amazing.

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