In the broadest sense

By now, most of you will have heard about the tragic deaths at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, and by now, most of us have heard that this attack was directed at the GLBTQ community.

Tonight I’ll attend a vigil for the victims here in Toronto and stand with my friends, making the one small gesture I can, a gesture to say that I like them the way they are, that there’s not a single thing wrong with the way they were made, and to say that in the face of an act of hatred and intolerance, I am there to be love and acceptance.

Worldwide, more than 50 000 women are killed each year,  all for nothing more than their gender, and for me, that makes supporting them so easy. They would show up for me, saying that who I am doesn’t make me ever worthy of being hurt… so, there I will be, hoping they hear that message in my presence. Nobody, even people you don’t like, deserves to be killed for it.

If you are so inclined, and while the People With AIDS Foundation certainly serves more than just the GLBTQ community, a very nice way to say that you stand with them in the face of this awfulness would be a small donation. Show them this was what it is – the act of a violent man, desperately alone in the minority. You can direct your love though any member of our team.