The Day Of

I was up early today,  sitting in a quiet house, waiting for the house to explode around me. The ladies all slept here at home last night, and stayed up long after I went to bed, laughing and talking in the backyard, being sisters together.

finished 2016-06-20

I find myself emotional today, though I have a cold, so I look tearier than I feel.  Everything feels like a “last time” to me. The last time we’ll have dinner together, just our little family. The last time that the girls will sleep here, just the three of them. The last time we’ll have breakfast the way we do… after today, everything changes.  After today, one of my daughters is a married person, and her husband will be part of this family, and he will come to dinner and… wait, you don’t suppose he’ll sleep over when the girls do? Best not to worry about that today.

Today is a landmark. My little Meggie.

roses  2016-06-20

I’m going to go make her bouquet.