I know how it looks

Okay. Fine. I know that this is going to look unreasonable, but the Rhinebeck sweater really is going so well, and there’s tons of time and I feel really good about it, and I swear that this isn’t at all crazy, and it doesn’t feel at all like I’m lighting the world on fire, and I can usually tell when that’s happening, I just ignore it is all.


I’m going to turn that, into this, by Sunday morning.  If I do the yoke today (which is sort of almost done)  and the body tonight, and the sleeves tomorrow… boom. A day for it to dry after blocking even. It’s going to be fine.  Rhinebeck is ages away. It’s a little sweater. It’s worsted weight. I shouldn’t even break a sweat.


Hold my beer, and watch this.*

*That was for Rams.