I know how it looks

Okay. Fine. I know that this is going to look unreasonable, but the Rhinebeck sweater really is going so well, and there’s tons of time and I feel really good about it, and I swear that this isn’t at all crazy, and it doesn’t feel at all like I’m lighting the world on fire, and I can usually tell when that’s happening, I just ignore it is all.


I’m going to turn that, into this, by Sunday morning.  If I do the yoke today (which is sort of almost done)  and the body tonight, and the sleeves tomorrow… boom. A day for it to dry after blocking even. It’s going to be fine.  Rhinebeck is ages away. It’s a little sweater. It’s worsted weight. I shouldn’t even break a sweat.


Hold my beer, and watch this.*

*That was for Rams.

103 thoughts on “I know how it looks

  1. Oh yeah, that it totally doable!! How do you make rolling eyeballs on here? You can pull it off I’m sure, but I couldn’t.

  2. Getting a little cocky, are we???

    I think mayhaps you should FINISH the Rhinebeck sweater, and then move onto the next project. You won’t (name is a hint)…y’all watch this!

  3. I knew I loved it before I even clicked the link; grey and rainbow has that effect on me. Unfortunately, I think that sweater might be catching. I don’t have a small child around, so I might be forced to re-jigger the pattern in an adult size…

  4. that sweater is just….well lets just say I would wear it in a heartbeat!
    And, your Rhinebeck sweater is wonderful, too!
    roll on, Steph!

  5. Beer too often leads to seeing funny. I think someone should drink the beer for you.

    You are a loveable kook, you know that?

  6. It’s almost like you’re kicking sand in the faces of fate and the knitting gods…. good luck with that (sincerely) brave lady.

  7. And now you got me nervous about your rhinebeck. So just kick out the rhinebeck and then start the other. *sigh* knitters – we’re all alike!

  8. Aw, come on. I know I said You. Got. This. yesterday, but that doesn’t mean to stop and start casting on something else. Next thing you know you’re going to spinning something and start knitting more socks, and you’ll forget the time and the day of the week, and next thing you know, you’re rushing to block a sweater in a hotel room the night before Rhineback opens (as you’ve done in a previous year, if memory serves correctly).

    You need to stop and get back to the Rhineback sweater. You can knit this absolutely adorable little thing *AT* Rhineback. Or ON THE WAY TO Rhineback. Don’t let this lovely distraction stop your progress.

    • I’m on it – blue corn OK? If I bring the mix might you make me a margarita? Tequila shots will give me a migraine and I’ll miss a lot of the fun.

      Have to admit my first thought was “ever heard of the Darwin Awards”? There’s a lot of beer involved with them and it ain’t pretty.

      God speed little knitter.

      Chris S in Canada

  9. I don’t know what it says about either of us but the first thought I had about you making another sweater before Rhinebeck was, “shut up and hold my beer!” Oh well. It’ll be fine. And if it’s not, you already have the one done, right?

  10. Eh? What’s that? The universe clearing its throat? Sorry, Steph can’t hear you, universe, she’s under the spell of new yarn.

  11. Part of me is right there saying “You got this!” and the other half is hoping that the Knitting Fates are so entranced by the pretty yarn they forget to notice that you just seriously tempted them!

  12. Living as I do in the land of do it today because today I can, this feels like a moment of freedom from that in a way that just does my heart good. Have fun, and someone’s going to love that new sweater!

  13. You really shouldn’t bleed in the water like that, Steph …….
    ……. daaah dun …….
    ……. daaah dun …………/\……….

  14. Are you reading the pattern in French? 😉
    What an adorable sweater! And if perchance something happened with the Rhinebeck sweater, you could just wear this one instead! ummm… wait… you could put it on a teddy bear and carry it around with you to show everyone how creative you were with your Rhinebeck sweater this year! (or at least you could have done that if everyone at Rhinebeck hadn’t already read your blog…)

    I say, go buy a lottery ticket! You’re on a roll!

  15. Suggestion: Candles at a distance from yarn! Just in case of a Matthew-related power outage over the weekend….it’s a prophylactic like the umbrella.

  16. Um, you do remember that Thanksgiving is this Monday, right? There are a lot of foods to be prepared and house-cleaning to be done, and you’re adding another sweater to be knit?!

  17. Oh yes, on a roll & feeling cocky, aren’t you??? Well, it’s a super cute sweater & I’d like one too. Maybe, just maybe, you should knit one in YOUR size before Rhinebeck. I mean, you still have 9 days, don’t you????

  18. Rhinebeck coming, Thanksgiving looming, possible other deadlines, and I just listened to you explaining Startitis (and your reasons for it) in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off…may the Knitting Force be with you as you join the ranks of the extreme knitters. (May you aldo avoid joining the ranks of cast off surfers…)

  19. Just so you know, I am NOT mailing any pastry for your Thanksgiving dinner. Finish the Rhinebeck sweater and go make pies.

    And also? We (The Blog) are all drowning in popcorn, wine, chips, salsa, margaritas, and chocolate. Hurry it up.

    • Sorry, used up the wine on the post-debate. See how much you can get done before I get back from the LCBO. (See, we can be taught to speak Canadian.)

  20. When a pitcher is pitching a no-hitter, it is forbidden to talk about the no-hitter until the game is over. It’s bad bad luck. Put the sweater in a project bag and chain it to your waist.

  21. That is the best little kid sweater ever. It’s a good thing I already finished the sweater I was knitting for someone’s baby. But now I’m thinking the toddler(s) NEED that rainbow sweater!
    I said on another Ravelry thread a friend is the “amazing evil pattern temptress” but I’m assigning that label to you now!
    And, I agree with everyone who said “you got this.” With or without beer, too.

    • My mother sat by my father’s hospital bed while he was awaiting open heart surgery and knit FOUR of these sweaters for her granddaughters, then ages 11, 8, 7 and 5. Navy blue, with red, white, green and yellow stripes. WAAAAYYYY cute, and my daughter (the youngest) inherited all of them, so she wore that sweater for YEARS. But gosh, my poor Mom must have gotten tired of them!

  22. This pattern is in my queue as well, and my 7 year old is clamoring for it. I really ought to finish the saddle shoulders on spouse’s sweater before I cast on a new sweater, but rainbows are so much more appealing than fairly vast expanses of dark red.

  23. Now you’ve done it — not bad enough that you had to think about that wee sweater, you actually said it out loud. I will be poised with my hands over my eyes peering through my fingers.

  24. Don’t be drawn to the Dark Side! Finish the Rhinebeck sweater so we don’t have to chew our nails wondering if you’ll be able to wear it when it’s chilly!

  25. I’ve been trying to say that I would be glad to bring the popcorn but I cannot seem to please the touch the icon god.

    Tempting fate the week before Rhinebeck and Thanksgiving is mighty brave. Mighty brave…

  26. I’m a “Constant Reader” who has been brought to make my first comment ever….you have just tempted Fate, and She is often unkind. My eyes gave rolled so far that I’m watching my rear end…..

  27. It’ll be FINE – here, I’ll put your beer right here where you can reach it, I’m going to crack one open, too, and cast on…a Dale sweater (Lillehammer). Seriously. It’ll be fine! (Correct. I am not the friend who is going to keep you from doing things others might deem rash. Or ill-advised. Or “you’ll regret this later”. But I’ll join in…..

  28. That sweater is FABULOUS and I love the buttons you chose! What size did you knit? Who gets it? And are there kits? ( I already bought the pattern!)

  29. Deadlines are a wonderful thing for making all things possible, and I truly believe that, by now (Sunday, October 9th),you have at least one of the sweaters finished. And the little sweater should be an easy,fast knit. That said, tiny sweaters in fine wool take as long as large sweaters in thick wool, and simple patterns can become boring and slow. I am currently working on a mock cable baby cardigan for a new arrival-had plenty of time to finish, but I am finding it boring- and the young lady came a month early. Dang!

  30. So, um, it’s Sunday morning. Is the cute little sweater drying with the aid of a pillow and your hairdryer? Or in some delusional state of “almost” done 😉 ? The Blog is biting its fingernails up to the elbows in anticipation. Or lounging on the couch with a beer and some nachos, depending on personality.

  31. I’ve been reading the blog for years, but this is the first time I’ve commented. I was so taken with the Little Wave pattern that I cast on immediately when Stephanie started it–on Sept. 18 to be exact. I finished it last night, and it is beautiful. I just want to warn you, Steph, that I used 7 balls of Ultra Alpaca–and I had a ball the size of a cherry left over. That cowl collar eats yarn! I wish I could be in Rhinebeck to compare cardis. Love your blog, Debby

  32. Sorry, sorry — was under the bed going lalala from the election until lat night when the roar of my Canadian friends on Twitter routed me out. God bless you all. For that alone is not only hold your beer but do a few lines on the Rhinebeck sweater. (Sniff)

  33. I work at a hospital and part of my job is doing the admission paperwork for the emergency room. My coworkers and I frequently comment that a patient’s admission must be due to a “hold my beer and watch this” moment. Lots of ridiculous injuries.

    That said, what are you doing? Don’t start something else when your Rhinebeck sweater is not finished! I know you are the Yarn Harlot, but jeez. You do not want to be blocking that sweater in your hotel room this weekend.

  34. So, we’ve metaphorically speaking been holding your beer now for several days — I’m wondering are you in the metaphorically speaking emergency room? Or have you cheated the knitting gods and finished both sweaters? and started your next project?

  35. Happy Thanksgiving! That rainbow sweater is adorable. I suspect my 6.5 yo daughter would love it, and I hope whomever you knit it for agrees with her.

    • There’s a translation to English at the bottom of the French description, and there’s also an English translation of the pattern available.

      • ok…sorry to be dumb…when you say “there’s also English translation” where do I find that to order it? do I just order the French one and it comes with?

  36. Harlot? You there? Haven’t heard from you lately. Please put down the beer.

    Please let us know you’re alive (and not in a corner endlessly saying, “But it’s only a baby sweater.”)

    Thank you.

  37. Ha ha, I had the same idea as JD.

    It’s been six days since your last post, but I’d ask if you need more beer, not to put it down. Hope all is well is sweaterland.

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