Good News

I know that nobody out there could possibly be as worried about this as I was, but the yarn is here.

yarnhere 2017-05-24

Let the great blanket sprint begin – and yes, I know that swatch is tiny but I say it counts. Casting on in 3-2…. oh, wait. I have to get dinner together first. Oh, and answer that email. I’ll do it right after, crap. I’m due at Meg’s place.

Today. It begins sometime today.

(PS, Thanks for everything on the post before this one, you guys are amazing, and Team Knit is creeping towards its goals. We love you!)

33 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Beautiful yarn! I’m happy to hear that Team Knit is doing well. I must go make my donation! I will, I promise. I always do. I appreciate what you and the Team will do, and the need to help is important. Knit on, Stephanie!

  2. Hmmm….superwash in a DK-weight. Smart. Much better for a baby blanket than cobweb-weight silk knitted on embroidery needles! At least it won’t have to be hand washed in unicorn tears….

    • Hahahahahahahahaa! Unicorn tears! Where were you today in my year 7 class when I really needed a funny-teacher line and couldn’t think of one? Priceless.

  3. I just cast on a baby sweater in a lovely silvery shade of blue in that very yarn. It’s my first time using it and I a digging it.

  4. I keep thinking of that poor, woebegone, forsaken, abandoned, unloved, forlorn Gansey…

    But you go right ahead and call this post “Good News.” Don’t let me make you feel guilty or anything.

    • Awww, poor Gansey. I feel so sorry for it. Maybe she just doesn’t really want to make it. No one should have to knit something they don’t really want to knit. I mean after all, she hasn’t said a single word about it in forever sooooo

    • I have long suspected there’s more to this Gansey story than we know, and Steph has reasons for abandoning it. I live in hope we someday know the full Gansey story, perhaps even a chapter in a future book.

      • I, too, have wondered. Maybe the fleece was ruined and there is no more yarn to be had from it. Remember, she had to wash the fleece and all that entails to get it ready to spin into yarn and then knit.

    • What about poor Joe, who has to suffer though those cold, Canadian winters with no Gansey? I mean, think of the children… er, husbands!

      • Maybe Joe decided it was itchy or ugly or something. She hasn’t made him any other sweaters since the gansey, I notice.

  5. Love that swatch! And of course it counts. Not to blankets are baby blankets no matter what size they turn out to be!

  6. Your swatch is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished blanket. (And can we see some more chubby baby cheeks soon too? I need my fix.)

  7. That swatch is beautiful! Can’t wait for the blanket!
    Am I the only one who enlarged the photo and squinted until I could see what the yarn is? I’ve heard good things about that yarn!

  8. I sent a blanket off to my nephew and his wife for their little girl who was due next month. Only it appears she put in an early appearance, so the blanket and the baby delivery practically coincided!
    Such fun.

  9. After looking at all your baby knits, I heard of a baby being born to someone who is related to someone I know. I got out yarn, [red heart with wool with a made on date of March 4, 1995] and knit a little blue cardigan. And a hat, and 2 pairs of booties. It is all your fault.

    I hope this young mother to be doesn’t think I am too crazy knitting for a baby I will never see, of someone I have never met.

    • Young mothers will surprise you. I crocheted a Mary maxim rainbow blanket for a friend of my son’s wife. I had the family resource group for my son’s army unit deliver it for me. I received a ty card complete with baby on said blanket.
      The FRG delivered it while setting up the conference call with dad in Afghanistan. She was so pleased with the blanket, she made him thank my son for the beautiful blanket.

  10. Hands down, the pattern looks absolutely fabulous with this Yarn. It looks apt for baby blanket. Pls share the finished blanket. Would love to see.

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