Making – The baby blanket. I’m two repeats in, and I think optimistically it’s going to take 15 repeats for the body, and then I can pick up stitches round my square, and get on with the border.

blanketstart 2017-05-26

Making– it clear that I know that the blanket and the swatch aren’t the same and I there is no reason to panic, that stitch pattern comes later. There is no need to send me 2445 emails telling me that you are very worried that I am making an extremely large mistake that I have not noticed.  (Although I admit that I am completely and totally charmed by them – I can guarantee that one would say “Stephanie, I didn’t want to leave a comment that might embarrass you but I think that you are using the wrong instructions for your blanket – the stitch pattern looks nothing like the swatch. Thought you would want to know before you knit the whole thing.”)

Making: Our own clothes. The sewing thing went pretty well, I made a pair of pants that are exactly what I wanted – after I ripped the seams out 4 times because of a really weird mistake around Imperial measurements (I didn’t convert them, I just guessed what 65″ was (and apparently I have NO IDEA) and compounded by some strange body image thing that didn’t warn me before I put the pants on that they were way too big.

samsews 2017-05-26

They are way smaller now. When I get a picture I’ll show you.  We finished shorts for Sam –

samshorts 2017-05-26

and she’s living in them. It turns out that until she owned Power Ranger shorts, she didn’t know there was a void in her life.

I made a skirt too! (I used this semi-pattern, though I don’t take direction particularly well)

skirtdonebetter 2017-05-26

It’s reversible – the inside is plain green.

greeninside 2017-05-26

I’m quite happy with it, though it’s a bit big as well. I’ll be moving the buttonhole so I can cinch it a little smaller.

Making: Up my mind that this weekend I need to ride my bike at least 80km. (That’s 50 miles, if you have as much trouble with metric as I do imperial.) I’ve been delaying getting out there as much as I should because I’ve been waiting for better weather (Toronto remains cold and rainy, and a lot of my bike routes are flooded) but while I’ve been waiting the training rides have been getting longer, and now I’m behind and pretty nervous. I rode 65km last weekend, and I’ve been out twice this week on shorter ones, but it’s time to get serious and take my lumps.

torontoweather 2017-05-26 (5)

That’s what the weather here looks like for the next week. Hold Team Knit in your heart a little this weekend. We’re going to be wet.

Making – up a list because it’s time for the first round of Karmic Balancing gifts!

First up, the kind folks at Rib Magazine (That’s Eric, Devon and Jennie) will be sending copies of their second issue to five knitters Brenda G, Mary H, Karen F, Melora B, and Kathleen C .

rib cover 2017-05-26

I’m in love with this magazine, by the way – if their second issue is as good as the first? You’ll love it too. They say “Rib Magazine‘s exciting second issue NAVIGATE is now available. With four garment designs from Irina Anikeeva, Fiona Ellis, Catrina Frost and Annie Lupton, as well as four accessory designs by Benjamin Krudwig, Maria Muscarella, Anca Mustea, and Louise Tilbrook, you’re sure to find something to knit for yourself or the men in your life.”

Helena, Alexa, and Julie; AKA Oink Pigments have this beautiful skein of their brand new Targhee Sock – 100% USA grown, processed, mill spun, & hand dyed blend of 90% Superwash Targhee and 10% Nylon in “Goldfish Bowl” that will be making it’s merry way to  Joanie S.

oinkyarn 2017-05-26

Julia at Semi-cool Ceramics (Pop over to that shop, she has some very charming things)  has made a beautiful handmade yarn bowl,

yarnbowls 2017-05-26

and I bet she didn’t know it when she made it, but it’s for Emma C.

Lisa T just got lucky – she’ll be choosing a gradient bundle like this one,

torontoweather 2017-05-26 (4)

from all the beautiful choices over at Dirty Water DyeWorks.  Thanks for donating that Stephanie, I have no idea how Lisa will choose.


Making: Myself late. I gotta get downtown. I’ve emailed everyone who lucked out in the Karma department – and there will be (way) more to come. Thanks to everyone for the amazing donations and the wonderful gifts and you’re all my favourites.

49 thoughts on “Making

  1. The only comfort I can offer is that if you were riding your bike in DFW right now, it is 95 F (35 C) with a heat index of 110 F (43+ C).

  2. We are so thrilled to be able to help contribute support in any small way to such an incredibly important cause. Thanks again Stephanie for the opportunity to give back!

  3. That blanket looks very pretty, right out of the gate.
    That man on Rib looks 100x more pulled together than I’ll ever be, even on my best day. He is taut!
    Nice to see Jen returning for the challenge/pain/reward of the Rally! Welcome back to all of you at Team Knit – and thank you for the work you all do for this important cause. I always have to smile at those who wonder who these freakin’ knitters are that raise so much dough. They’ll learn.

  4. Is that a “Jaws” -tshirt that Sam is wearing … or a “Paws” t-shirt? I have the “Paws” one … I love it so much. But I am a dork like that! 🙂 [to those completely baffled by my comment. The “Paws” shirt mimics the Jaws shark swimming up underneath a swimmer only instead of a shark it is a giant cat or dog paw. So cute (but dorky, like I said :))]

  5. Now that I see Sam’s Power Ranger shorts I realize that there is a void in my life, too. Sigh . . .

    And that wrap skirt!! You two are so talented!

    Ha! Now I click the sunglasses — you wish you were needing them this weekend.

  6. I love that skirt, even though I am a jeans girl!
    The blanket is off to a wonderful start and is going to be beautiful! Great stitch definition from that yarn!

  7. That blanket looks as if it is off to a very good start. And the skirt looks great, especially accessorized with baby toes! (Some extra buttons might be better than moving the buttonhole. After all, donuts happen!)

    Remember your snorkel when you go biking this weekend…

    P.S.: Millie, this blanket is not for you! Yours is on the bed!

  8. Making mistakes is my apparent thing this weekend…I read your “I’m quite happy with it, though it’s a bit big as well. I’ll be moving the buttonhole” as “moving the butthole” and had to tilt my head in a feeble attempt at understanding how THAT was going to be accomplished.

  9. Hi Steph!
    The 2nd blanket of the year will be just as wonderful as the first! I trust you…I really do. As for the weather. CT, on the east coast of this giant land mass of ours, looks a lot like yours. My root veggies are not happy but my lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli rabe and radishes are in 7th plant heaven. My cotton plants are very anxious. It is not warm enough for them to go outside and they are missing the sun. they have been cooped up in the house in their planter and are getting impatient.
    Keep up the sewing. My machine and I have to get back on speaking terms.

    • Cotton plants are not too terribly happy in the Mid-Atlantic either…but they are now outside to take advantage of a few days of rainy weather to get their roots established.

  10. OMG – I’m Joanie S and that Oink colorway is in my favorite colors – how did you know??? Thank you. Also – I am in love with the baby blanket pattern and may have to make one even if there are no babies on the horizon.

  11. Just had to say that you made me laugh at estimating 65 inches, because if I had to estimate 65 cm I would be way off, too. And I needed a laugh. I’m enjoying the cross-crafting sewing items . . . makes me want to break out my sewing machine.

  12. The skirt is so lovely, and I love the shorts, Sam. I saw some Scooby Doo material yesterday that might fit the bill for me. Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who donated the karmic balancing gifts.

  13. You are making many wonderful things! I am slightly puzzled, because my best description of 65″ would be “a little longer than you are tall” and where that measurement is relevant to a pair of pants I just can’t imagine…

  14. I’m sure that the skirt is lovely, but I was completely distracted by lil’ beh-beh feet and lil’ beh-beh toes!

  15. Hi, long time reader, first time comment. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. When the world is a little sad, I come and look at beautiful, creative things and I am well reminded of beauty in the world.

  16. Way back, in the wayback…in sewing class in the 7th grade, I made a wrap-around skirt with different fabrics for inside/outside. It was the epitome of comfort and style. Yours is beautiful…as are the baby footies.

  17. Loving the venture into slow fashion. I have two cutting tables and neither one is usable at present (that horizontal surface thing is heavy in my craft areas!)

    Just hate it when weather does not cooperate with outdoor activities. We need to enact “Camelot” rules (where it can only rain during nighttime hours…and finishes by 6 am).

  18. When reading the skirt tutorial I don’t see any explanation of how long and wide to cut the ties. Am I just overlooking it? What measurements did you cut your ties? Thanks!

  19. I find it very charming that you still use straights! I abandoned all of mine in favour of circulars because of the more even distribution of weight, but sometimes I wish I’d kept a pair or two just for old times’ sake. Though I do always see them in secondhand shops, so it would easy enough to acquire some.

  20. I’m making an effort to remain calm in all the frenzy that happens and will continue to happen during the month of June. I’m also making a point to set aside some time for myself and my knitting with many “almost finished” projects to take care of. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Stephanie!

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