Keep the Rabbit out of this

When Luis was born, Joe’s mum Carol lost her mind in the most charming way, and showed pictures of that kid to every single person who lived on earth.  We called it the Nana-cam, and she whipped out snaps of her darling boy at every possible opportunity. On the bus, in restaurants, in the queue at the bank, attending an exercise class… no person and no situation was a grandson free zone. I remember thinking it was lovely that she was so proud and so delighted, but also heaving a sigh of relief that I would never be swept up like that.  I am not that sort of person, I thought, smiling as she whipped out her phone again.

Yeah. Well… wasn’t I cute, because this morning as I started getting this post together I reflected for a moment that maybe you guys wouldn’t want an Elliot post two in a row. I thought maybe I should write about something else, like maybe cables or how to count rows,  and that maybe I should get a grip on myself when it came to the grandson thing and then honest to goodness I swear to the lot of you, I realized that I could not imagine that even one of you did not want to see pictures of him in his new sweater, and as I thought that – I had another thought simultaneously, and it was “Oh no I am the Nana-cam”.

So I guess I am, and look! Elliot has a new sweater!

elliotsweater 2018-01-12

This is Flax Light, knit in the fabulous new sweater striping yarn from Gauge Dye Works. It’s a thing now.  They made some, it sold out, but they’re making more, because it’s pretty much the coolest ever.

bunnysneer 2018-01-12

It is definitely cooler than Elliot’s rabbit, which is not living up to expectations. (I am unclear on how the rabbit is disappointing him, but I think we can all agree that his position is clear.)

flaxlightsmile 2018-01-12

I’m loving this little sweater, and Megan and Alex are too – it’s soft, thin, wearable as clothes rather than a layer, and looks great on him.  If I can get that yarn in another colourway, I’ll make him another one. Something’s got to make up for the rabbit.

208 thoughts on “Keep the Rabbit out of this

  1. Not sure about the rabbit, but what if he wears a matching sweater? Carry on with the Nana-cam tradition. It’s more than charming.

    • Totally with you here on the ‘child-free woman’, but yes, these pictures are so charming that I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at each one. Keep ’em coming!

  2. I am pleased that you have succumbed to the allure of showing pictures of your grandson. Now I don’t feel so guilty about doing it myself. Except I have two grandsons, so double the photos …

    • People get me to show my triplet grandchildren now 5. Don’t live close to them, so pics and things knitted for them are shared as often as I can! Elliott pictures are much appreciated

    • Love the Elliot pics. If I were only tech savvy enough, I would include a pic of my newest grand child here. Maybe I’ll learn how someday.
      Maybe the rabbit will grow on him with time. Make the rabbit a very tiny lumberjack hat and a sweater, so he looks like family. And how about a scarf with a squeeker sewn in a pocket on one end. So he does something.
      Gramma Julie in San Diego, where it is cold (50 F) and rainy tonight.

  3. MORE ELLIOT PICS!!! I love his facial expressions, seeing him smile lifts my heart.

    I love the sweater too, going to have to stock up on the yarn for my own little one due the end of the summer!

  4. I think Elliot is telling grandma- “Hello? This rabbit needs some booties!” He’s adorable. I enjoy whatever you choose to write about.

  5. I love Elliot pictures and posts!
    My son wanted nothing to do with his stuffed bunny until he made the connection that it was his “Knuffle Bunny” which are some of his favorite books.
    Maybe read some knuffle bunny if you haven’t already.

  6. My twin grandbabies are 20 months old now. When they were newborn I would walk into the grocery store and wonder…why didn’t any of these people know that I am a Grandma now? I wanted to tell you about this phenomenon when Elliot was born. I will tell you a second discovery. I get to visit the baby that my now adult child was. When my granddaughter behaves just like my daughter did it is like going back in time to those wonderful times!!! Welcome to the best club ever!!!

  7. That sweater is beautiful.
    That boy’s cheeks and smile are amazing.
    That rabbit is underappreciated.

    Are the socks hand knits too? I want to know about the socks .

    • Yes, on the socks – are they by any chance knit with leftover Lumberjack Hat yarn?

      I love the boy, AND the sweater, and the socks.

      I have no grands, so I deserve to see as many pix of Elliot as possible, so there.

  8. Wow, with that title, I thought for sure you were going to tell us that someone is pregnant. (Remember “the rabbit died”?) Thank goodness no rabbits now need to be sacrificed for a pregnancy test.

    I agree with the writer who said the rabbit needs a matching sweater, or at least some booties. It’s cold where you live!

  9. My kids are long grown, and there’s not a grandkid in sight, so I just love the Elliot pictures. He’s growing and changing so fast that if you don’t post pictures often, we won’t recognize him. Thank you and his parents for sharing him. Is your daughter happy or sad to lose her best knitwear model status?

  10. Move over Sam! The Nana-Cam is in operation!

    Love the sweater and hope I have a reason to knit one soon! As a Great Aunt not as a Nana, but very similar!

    Best always to you and your growing family!

  11. Look at his beautiful TEETH! Keep the Elliot knit pics a-coming, no complaints here. Kid knits are so fun. You can put Hank and the other not so wee babes in for variety if you feel you need to camouflage the nana cam a tad.

  12. Okay, two things. First, if Luis’ recent photos are any indication, he must have been a remarkably cute baby, because he’s surely a remarkably cute child. Second, I’m a nana, too, and I have come to realize that when a grandparent shows you a photo of their grandchild, they’re not just showing you a photo, they’re not bragging, they’re sharing with you pure, unadulterated love. That’s all that photo is. Pure love.

  13. Oh my, how I adore that photo of Elliot with the rabbit. His expression is priceless.
    I will read anything you choose to write about. Anything.

  14. I checked in here with no expectation of a new post, just wanting to see Elliot’s Team again (and again) to start my day with joy and a smile. Keep ’em coming, Nana-cam.

  15. Face it, Elliot is a cutie. The perfect model for your knitted garments. We love seeing him. I especially loved the way your family and he connects.

    Never can have too many Elliot pics.

  16. That rabbit is not wearing grey with white and red, not one of his people. Knit that rabbit a red scarf so he joins the group.

  17. I was smiling indulgently until I got to the rabbit, at which point I made the snort that wakes you up when you’re sleeping on your back…glottal snort. Keep it up, Elliot, man. You’ve mastered Cute, and it’s the nuances of that brow that keep me coming back.

  18. We are grandmothers and are proud of our grandsons – even of granddaughters if I had one – and we want to see and show them: in the new knitted sweaters or hats or socks or whatever. This is how we are.
    And it’s ok. As long as they are babies. Don’t embarrass them when they start going to school!

  19. Addendum: I just went back to confirm. Now I’ve moved on to raucous laughter. I know what that face feels like from the inside.

  20. I don’t think Elliot is disappointed with his rabbit. I think he’s disappointed with what his grandmom offered in exchange for his rabbit. After all, everyone knows rabbits are MUCH more fun than sauerkraut! (The sweater is great! Also, TEEF!)

  21. Cute baby + knitting = totally blog fodder. Probably doable on the regular until he grows out of being a cute baby. We’ll be expecting cute toddler + knitting at that point.

  22. It’s not too soon to start work on another wonderful Elliott rainbow sweater in cotton/linen. For the bike rallies (Toronto People with AIDS Foundation).

  23. I, for one, am delighted to see you post Elliot photos as often as you feel like, even if he’s not dressed in darling hand-knits. He’s so darn cute.

    I’m pregnant with my first child, and your Elliot knits are giving me wonderful ideas for things I need to make for my baby. Please, keep them coming.

  24. Obviously the rabbit needs matching clothes. Or it could be that grandma didn’t knit the rabbit and isn’t making the softness grade in a wide sense. Since I am a first time expectant grandma, please continue the gram-cam. I’m taking lessons. I’m also going to be getting the pattern and some great yarn. Babies need warm clothers

  25. I love the nana-cam! I am a new mom to six month old twins (4 corrected, since they were early) an it’s like looking into our future!

  26. Yes, we would want an Elliot post two in a row, or many in a row! Love the self-striping rainbow sweater!

    Maybe you should make the rabbit one of those hats…..

  27. I, for one, am always happy to see happy babies in knitwear (especially one as cute as your grandson)! That second photo cracks me up — what a face!

  28. Love the Elvis snarl!
    It’s doubly delightful to see Elliott and knitwear.
    Perhaps a knitted sequined bedazzled jumpsuit? With a matching knitted Elvis wig of course!
    Although I am concerned that The World’s Top Knitwear Model may feel she’s being pushed into retirement. First Hank, then Luis…..even her last photoshoot was shared. Sigh. You’ll always be our favourite Sam!

  29. Love the curl of his lip, very Elvis. I thought the reason for grandchildren was for grandma to show lots of pictures. I know I do! Beautiful sweater, beautiful model!!

  30. You silly thing! You thought we were all coming to blog for pictures of your knitting? Nope, we’re here for the baby pics. Baby + knitting are a plus, though.

  31. And here’s another thing, it doesn’t go away with the second grand child, or the third, etc. When my mom became a grandma, I described it this way, “Obsession would not be too strong a word.”

  32. We love the baby pictures. The knitting is cute, but Elliot wants a truck not a rabbit.

    My grandson at 9 months was pushing Cheerios around on his high chair tray making truck noises.

    Knit him a truck.


  33. You have definitely started something with that yarn/sweater combo!

    Dear gods, please don’t worry about showing Elliot photos – he IS a model, after all! (And you should show as many as you want, with or without yarn attached. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that cuteness has value in-and-of itself, and that kid has it in spades!)

  34. What a cutie! The sweater is perfect!

    Can you share the sweater size and measurements and Elliot’s age, weight and maybe chest measurement for those of us who are knitting for future babies?

  35. Someone above mentioned the old saying, “the rabbit died,” and that crossed my mind, too. Thought it was very brave of Meg!

    Bring on the pics: knits, babies, whatever. All good.

  36. Oh yes, bring it. Elliott phots, Luis photos, Frankie photos – I love them all! And Elliott changes so much from photo to photo right now! He has TEETH!!!

  37. No such thing as:
    -too many baby pictures
    -too many pictures/posts of a project in progress.
    He is darling, that yarn is amazing, and you have a clever, meaningful voice. Love this blog!

  38. There will never be enough Elliott pictures! How lovely that you have all of us for an audience. Also, his knitwear is an inspiration.

  39. Elliot is wonderful. He is a great little knitwear model, and now with his new pearly whites he is even cuter. His sweater is lovely, but you could probably show him to us in just his diaper and we would still love him.

  40. Great grandson. Always love seeing those cheeks.
    Great sweater….and yes, Gauge should be STRONGLY encouraged to do other colourways.
    Great socks. Handknits?

  41. Elliott is the newest hope of your family, and all of you need this new life right now.

    He is a great model and what a great idea for a dye job.

    You have always been susceptible to babies, and the blog has featured a large number of random babies over the years. So, those of us that have been following are not surprised.

    This isn’t like my former boss, who didn’t care for animals, small children, or plants that shed their leaves. He kept candy in his drawer for his grandchildren. His grandson had him march through the house in a 4th of July parade.

    Or my strict FIL – who taught his grandson to crawl up stairs before he had the coordination to get back down – and wouldn’t tell him to stop. And who had suction darts hanging from his cathedral ceiling.

    If these men fell to the charm of grandchildren, you were doomed to Nana-cam before Elliott was a gleam in his parents’ eyes!

  42. Keep up the Nana-cam. I sometimes come to the blog to see his beautiful smile when I have a stressful day because it makes me smile. Oh, and the knitting stuff is great too. Back to my knitting projects!

  43. Hi! I haven’t been on your blog in quite a long time, so it was a wonderful delight to browse through your posts and see all the happiness going around. Such cuteness and more!

  44. We love Elliot photos. This sweater is charming, but my favorite photo of any baby ever is him in his red sleeper with his first Tiny Lumberjack hat. I dare you to top it!

  45. Just dying from the delightfulness of it all! I would reach through my screen and embrace him if I could! And way to own it on the Nana-cam issue! 🙂

  46. Bring on the Nana-cam, at this point the knitting is a bonus. He has the most expressive face ever and is just too stinkin’ cute for words. Love, love, love that little man.

  47. I will happily look at grandchild photos every day. And cute as that sweater is, the matching hats out cute pretty much anything!!!

  48. How could anyone get tired of that face? Your family makes some seriously cute kids! The great thing about the blog is that each reader gets to choose how long we look at each picture. Some might say, kid photo…next! Some might say oh cute kid, and a cute sweater…next. And then some of us say…yahoo! a great picture of an adorable kid wearing a great knitted item, wait let me look at that one again. Yes, I’m in the last category. Thanks for sharing!!

  49. In the first place, a great knitwear model is always appreciated. In the second place, in the world in which we are currently living there can be no such thing as too many adorable baby and animal photos. Finally, it’s not just your biased grandmotherly opinion–the little guy is a cutie. Keep the pictures coming! The sweater is great, too!

  50. Nah, I’m really sick of that bald little head and those fat little cheeks and … are those teeth? Elliot has TEETH? When did that happen? Oh well, I’m not in the least impressed or delighted or cooing or anything like that. I suppose if he gets tired of having cameras aimed at him and people all over the world drooling all over his pictures, you could stick in one or two of Luis and Frankie, just to remind us how big and stinky this little one will be before long … but I don’t really care. I don’t check your blog and instagram every single day hoping for kid pics. Not me.

  51. He’s just working on his Elvis impersonation! My son tells me I will never have grandchildren, so I’m enjoying Elliot and his handknits as often as possible!

  52. Literally if this blog just turned into you only posting pictures of what you knit for Elliot, I’d be ok with that! What an adorable wee boy in his adorable rainbow sweater!

  53. You know, I didn’t recognize Elliott at first. I think because he wasn’t wearing a hat. Maybe his problem with the bunny is that: It. Is. Not. A. Hat.

  54. Well. I am a grandma to 13 and granny to 5 (so far) great grandkids. I know cutie when I see it and that boy is CUTE!!! I love seeing babies. Especially from one grandma to another. I too carry phone with pictures. I enjoy your blog. Keep it up. Linda

  55. Speaking selfishly, I *absolutely* want to see more of Elliot. 🙂 He’s so cute, and I keep posts with him marked “unread” in my blog-reader, simply because he makes me smile.

    I am not the “loves kids” type, more of the “I don’t know what to do to entertain you, can’t you just read a book or something?” type; but we are going to try for some of our own soon anyway, and your posts about Elliot are helping combat my fear & nervousness about bringing a child of my own into the world. So please keep them coming, and may ours be as cute as your grandson. 🙂

    (The sweater yarn is awesome, too.)

  56. Of course we want to see Elliot in his new sweater! I showed my two youngest (10 and 12 years old) the picture with Elliot and his new hat the other day and said ‘Isn’t he the cutest baby’ and they both agreed!

  57. Don’t give blog content a second thought. We just love getting a glimpse of your knitting and life and there is no such thing as too many grandson pics!

  58. I agree with Diane. There is a lot of crap in the world right now. Seeing photos of that adorable child brightens my day. We are all his blog-aunties and are delighted to see his photo!

  59. Can’t imagine that we would ever tire of seeing pictures of Elliot or Luis or any equally charming baby or child & especially if there is hand knitting involved. Keep them coming. PS that sweater is too, too kool and I feel my fingers twitch but I have 3 projects going and that does not bode well for any of them to get done.

  60. We need Elliot photos.

    Mmmmmm maybe best that you consider giving the ‘World’s Best Sock Model’ advance warning that her nephew maybe in line to steal the title. Good job you did those we match hats, may soften the blow.

  61. I appreciate how your blog has evolved over the years. Love to see what you’re knitting and who you knit them for. Who doesn’t need a little cuteness to start their day? Keep it coming!

  62. Go, Nana, Go! I love seeing that baby!!

    Babies in knitwear are one of life’s greatest blessings!!!
    Give those cheeks a little peck for me!

  63. The rabbit doesn’t meet with his approval because it’s not KNITTED! (He’s hoping you can remedy this oversight.) The sweater and Elliot are both adorable.

  64. If you look at the demographic profile of the blog reader, your blog content has a high approval rating. I’m of the opinion that there is choice in the blog world and prospective readers don’t have to read your blog if the content doesn’t appeal. On a knitting note, knitted goods for babies are smaller than adult examples and good ways to knit a sample without vast expenditure – I think most blog readers are liking the pics.

  65. Love Elliot’s big beautiful smile, with his big beautiful teeth!
    And his wonderful Nana-made sweater, of course.

    But, umm – still no hair?
    I’m dying to see if you have another redhead, or what.

  66. I love reading about Elliott. Just like I loved stories about Hank (and I am sad that he has grown up), and Luis and any other baby you want to write about. So bring it on! Please take a lot of photos of Elliott and post them before he grows up!

    P.S. I love the sweater too!.

  67. I think he is the most adorable baby I have ever seen (after my own, of course). I think we should require you to include an Elliot picture in every post. You can just put it at the bottom as a p.s. if you aren’t actually writing about him; that would be fine.

  68. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post more pictures of Elliot..
    I actually show his pictures to all my friends and family as IF he were my grandson..he is THAT adorable!!!!

  69. We adore Elliott. We meaning me. I only hope one day I will be so lucky as to have such an adorable grandchild. Rave on, Nana.

  70. More Elliott! He is such a sweetie. The Elvis Sneer at the rabbit made me die laughing, it is so expressive. Love his jumper, will have to see about purchasing some of the yarn.

  71. I, too, said I would not be that kind of grandmother….then along came 4 granddaughters. I will say that I was stopped in my tracks when the first one was born and a long time coworker said to me “I don’t like babies and I don’t want to see those pictures….” and walked off. This person had kids from several marriages and grandkids.

  72. Every post should have some Elliot in. He is properly cute and why shouldn’t you be the Nana-cam?
    Besides, you can’t show off that sweater properly without the next-generation knitwear model.
    Bet that Better Gauge Works love Elliot too! Is he on commission?

  73. Katie Lacewell on January 14, 2018 at 2:09 pm said:
    When I saw the title, I immediately thought you were going to announce Elliot will have a sibling sometime this year. For some reason, in my family, when anyone turned up pregnant (love that phrase) my parents would say, “I saw ________ today. The rabbit died.” I’m pretty sure this refers to the male rabbit’s reaction to successful sex. Took me a while to figure it out, though.
    (Had to re-comment this comment on the right blog post. Sheesh.)

  74. I hate to tell you, Steph, but that grandparent-grandchild obsession never goes away. Can I tell you about my grandson? He was married in very chilly outdoor ceremony in late December. I’d show you a picture, but I’m not that deft with my phone. My new granddaughter-in-law wore the shawl I had knit, in part to help her keep warm.

  75. Don’t worry. It’s a very common thing with all first-time grandparents. My dad does the same thing with pictures of my niece; he’s got pictures of her everywhere and is willing to show anybody a picture of her. I guess you could say he has the “Grandpa-Cam”.

    And yes, there is no such thing as too much Elliot on The Blog. It will be so much fun watching him grow up!

  76. Showing grandchild pictures is part of the grandma (and grandpa) job description. He’s adorable and the sweater is nifty, too.

  77. As a fellow grandma please keep those wonderful Elliot photos coming! He is a delight…love the expression with the rabbit♥

  78. Delightful – More Nana Cam! Thank you for sharing photos of this beautiful child. Also, it is fairly obvious he is in the running for World Class Knitwear Model, Junior Class.

  79. Oh the cuteness of his facial expressions!!! I never get tired of seeing his little face!

    That sweater yarn is just genius!!

  80. Does he have knitted socks on too?
    He is very, very, cute. Will never get tired of family pictures. I am the public health nurse who sat with my (mostly elderly) clients and went through all the scrapbooks-and loved every single minute.

  81. I adore Elliot posts – if every post had a photo of him, even if he was not directly related to the post, I’d be a happy camper. I mean, I love all your posts and content, but he is such a dapper little fella 🙂

  82. We LOVE pictures of that wonderful grandson of yours. Not only is he adorable, he is also a great sweater model! Of course, if I’m ever in an elevator with you again, you might have to see pictures of MY adorable grandson too. Mine had the audacity to grow out of a heavily cabled cardigan while in mid-knit. Fortunately, I had extra yarn and frogged the first sweater and turned it into one two sizes larger. And he’ll outgrow that one by spring. Praise heaven, he’s healthy. That’s my consolation and it’s a good one.

  83. He is sooooo incredibly adorable. Those expressions are pretty irresistable. You share all the pictures you want! Boy, isn’t he getting big? Sitting up already! As for your last post, in all fairness you did have pictures of many of your family members and not just sweet little Elliot.

  84. The jumper is gorgeous but not nearly as gorgeous as your grandson – you should show them both off whenever and how often you please. I shall never tire of either.

  85. Well kids, he’s disappointed in the rabbit because it’s upside down. He just has to figure out that the eyes need to be up where his eyes are. Count me in on the votes for matching rabbit sweaters, too. Not sure how Gauge Dye Works will feel about running a Rabbit Sweater line, but I’m sure they’ve been asked for stranger things.

  86. I also vote for more Elliott, until he or his parents choose not. Those cheeks!
    And pictures of Elliott or any other members of your Top Knitwear Models(tm) family do not take away from any topic at hand. Heck, just random pix not at all related to the post o’the day aren’t going to be a problem for The Blog, it seems!

  87. He is adorable, and I love the faces he makes. The sweater is pretty awesome, as well. (That yarn sounds like a great idea.) I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at babies in, or with, knitted things.

  88. Go right ahead and show us that beautiful grandson of yours! Because every single one of us needs something sweet and happy to see on a regular basis, especially me.
    My friend Maggie, who has no children was talking about our mutual friend Linda after Lind’s first grandson was born and she very matter-of-factly pronounced that Linda had fallen in love and would just be like that for a while. Just like when one of your friends begins an exciting romance – and that made so much sense to me. It’s not a weakness, it’s just how strong emotions are expressed.
    And love is the best thing of all, right? So don’t hold back!

  89. All those years ago when you started the blog, clearly some quiet part of your DNA was plotting to fulfill its future destiny: NANA-CAM!!

  90. When my niece was born, my dad became a man obsessed, spending 3/4 of every visit with her (& now her brother) taking pictures with his tablet, so Mom and I started calling him Grandpaparazzi.

  91. I will concede that there is likely a person who wouldn’t mind not seeing another picture of Elliot, but 1) that person is not me, and 2) that person DOES want to see this yarn. As such, there must be more Elliot, and I, for one, am tickled senseless to see both.

  92. Sounds like a truly excellent break!
    The skating trail photos were really striking.
    Glad you had such a great time with your friend.
    p.s. I was told to touch the tree, quite fitting!

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