As Fast As I Can

This post comes to you from my gate at the Denver airport, as I try to pound it out before getting on a flight to Saint Louis. (Left Bank Books my friends! See you there.) The next few days are particularly challenging, so I’m hoping that I can do this now because man, I don’t think there’s time to do it later.  (Although I do have a burning concern that I’m underyarned for this flight, I could blog instead of knit.) I’m sad to leave Denver, but happy to move to a lower altitude, the people who live here look ordinary, but they are gods. All gods.  Behold. The miracle people of Denver.

rightdenver 2014-03-11 leftdenver 2014-03-11

Also you will note that my sock is bigger. I like the way these shots are like stop motion progress of knitting, with just the background shifting.  Who did I see in Denver my pretties? Who? Well for starters, you’re going to love this.  Does everyone remember Jacob? This is him way back in 2007, when as a young knitter he wore this shirt to a signing and charmed us all.

jacobin2007 2014-03-11

I’ve seen Jacob a few times since then, but this time he wasn’t there, because Jacob is in the Navy, and he’s far away on a ship – just like a grownup, I thought, and then his mum asked if we could have a picture to send to him, because (get this) IT IS HIS 25TH BIRTHDAY.

happybirthdayjacob 2014-03-11

I know. The picture is blurry. I’m so sorry – I didn’t take it but I can still tell it’s my fault.  I feel super blurry the last few days.

Also leading a charge down memory lane – you might remember Meredith? She’s from the same era- and back then she was (we think) the first person to bring her first socks. She pretty much started the whole first sock thing. Meredith then:

merediththen 2014-03-11

and Meredith now… modelling her wedding veil. She knit it herself, and she’s been married a week.

meredithnow 2014-03-11

Janna followed in the footsteps of greatness.  She brought her first socks and….

jannafirssocks 2014-03-11

Demonstrated what happens when you knit the first and second a little ways apart.  (Hint. Those are not the same.)

Barbara brought me a really cool present.

barbarayarnbook 2014-03-11

It’s yarn she dyed to match my book cover.  I thought that was pretty freakin’ cool.

(Man they are boarding in a minute and I’m still not done.)

Finally, last but certainly not least, my buddy Sally and company. They were the last ones there, and I jokingly re-took the crowd pictures and said I was going to send it to my publisher – with a note that said “the group in Denver was more of an intimate gathering, but I still think it was good.”

notdenverladies 2014-03-11

Today’s Sally’s birthday, and I hope she has a wonderful one.

Bam! Look at that.  Their calling my flight, and I think I just have time to hit send on this. (Definitely no time to proof-read, so forgive me.)

See you in Saint Louis.


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  1. To answer your question from last night: It takes about 6-8 weeks to adjust to the altitude in the Denver area once your body is convinced that it really has to do it. Six to eight weeks and lots and lots of iron-containing foods.

    But first your body has to go through the whole “Really?! Are you serious?! We’re doing this why exactly?” phase.

  2. The good news about living here in CO and being acclimated to the altitude, though, is that whenever you go anywhere else, YOU get to feel like a god! (Except that everywhere else feels “too humid.”) And you learn to love the dry air too… makes the hot weather not as hot and the cold weather not NEARLY as cold. -10(F) in Denver? Cold, yes, but not too bad. +20(F) in, say, Atlanta? SO. COLD. Thanks for coming through! Hope St Louis is nicer to you. 🙂

  3. WOW!! Those are really dedicated fans, years in the making! And also amazingly talented! Congrats on a great gig and hope you are able to breathe again now!

  4. How could you be under yarned? You just got a new skein of yarn that matches your book cover…so that should be socks for the next book tour, right? Or a shawl?

  5. I live about 60 miles south of Denver at just under 7300ft. It took a while (coming from the UK) to adjust to living at this altitude, but I am fine now. Not so much for family who come out to visit, especially the CA bunch!!

  6. I love that shirt, and there is almost no one in my life I can share it with! The adults who know the phrase aren’t knitters, and my 14yo daughter who knits – let’s just say I’d rather not explain it to her.

  7. Barbara is brilliant. That’s a super cool present, and those colors are gorgeous together, both in the yarn and on the book cover. Almost done with the book – I loved reading about how awkward you are at parties. I feel exactly the same way.

  8. I so wish I had known Jacob’s mom was in front of me- I was next to him in line in 2007. I even have a risque-er photo of THE shirt of my old blog…
    Last night, I was the one with the newly finished hot pink sock, who confessed that in 2007 when last I met you, I was scared of socks. You inspired me, and a quick check of Ravelry lets me know that the hot pink sock you held last night is the first half of the 60th pair I have made since then… Thank you for braving our thin air last night 🙂 Hope you’re happily at Sea Level by now…

    • I love your photo of Jacob! And, btw, I think that is the first picture I have ever seen of YH wearing her Golden Apples Bohus.

  9. What a fun filled night with you at the Tattered Cover! I started reading your book when I got home and can’t put it down! <3

  10. My sister lives in Denver and whenever we visit we are there for less than a week. We have had to take my mother (who lives in Florida) to the Emergency Room for altitude sickness. I try to drink as much water to stay as hydrated as I can, but meanwhile keep wondering why they are hiding the air from me. It’s really not fair when I need it to breathe.
    Can’t wait to see you in Baltimore on Friday!

  11. Steph,
    I failed the human verification test. that a message about my choice of clothing??

    Just wanted to say I love the pix. The chuppah and the wedding veil were over the top cool. Keep them coming and have a great trip!

  12. Sleep. You are feeling very, very sleepy. When you awake you will feel unaccountably refreshed, and your linen top will have changed its name to Ariadne and will be two thirds done. For now, sleeeeeeeep.

  13. Just want to add my Happy Birthday wishes to Jacob, congratulations to Meredith on her marriage and beautiful wedding shawl, and cool yarn. Hang in the SPM you are doing just fine. And now you have some more yarn to knit something with.

    Keep breathing and knitting

  14. Isn’t it meet me in St. Louis?

    Aside from that – the only time the altitude hit me when I was in Denver was when I tried to swim in the hotel pool. Scared me to death….and I was pretty close to suffocating anyway.

  15. I’m having the best birthday ever (and even more so to be following Jacob on the calendar). It was so very nice of you to throw me a party last night with about 150 of your closest friends. 🙂 It was so good to see you, I’m already loving the book, and hope the rest of your tour is smooth and oxygen-filled.

  16. It was a truly wonderful event. Thank you for braving the altitude. I happen to sit next to Meredith (Cool! Now I know her name! 🙂 ). We chatted most of the night and I happened to be in the bathroom when she pulled out her veil! I feel cheated. 🙂 I am so glad I got to see it, in one form or another! 🙂

    Good luck for the rest of the tour!

  17. So we finally saw you with your new glasses and do!
    I still say you don’t look shorter than me 😉 Me thinks it be funny if you posted pics of everyones first knitted sock. Mine fairly “easy” from a Jiffy pattern. Though it would be easy until I hit “turning the heel”. From that moment on, I’ve been obsessed with knitting my perfect sock. Sooner or later, I’m going to attemp argyle. Maybe by then on your “next” book tour, I’ll be able to show you, and the first pair too.

    • Mine fairly “easy” from a Jiffy pattern. Though it would be easy until I hit “turning the heel”
      Meant to say “mine was fairly easy” and “thought it would be….”

  18. It is so much fun traveling the world vicariously with you, Steph. And getting to see die-hard fans who return and amaze. That bridal veil is wonderful.

  19. Thank you so much for the birthday shoutout, Steph! I’m doing well out here in Japan and we’ve got a few knitters on the boat as well. (You don’t have much free time, but there can be a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’!)

    Thank you to everyone for the birthday well-wishes as well, I would have loved to have been there!

  20. Thank you to everyone who thinks the yarn I dyed is cool. I stood in line, terrified that she’d hate it, but being the nice person she is, put it in a pile and not say another word. I’ve met Stephanie before, I should have known that she’d be nicer about it than all that.

    And it was lovely to see you, Stephanie! Maybe you should come sometime in the spring. The Estes Park wool market is totally worth a visit!

    • I agree with Barbara, the Estes Wool Market is worth a visit, especially since summer in CO is ever so lovely. Although, if you think the altitude is bad in Denver you’ll really be gasping in Estes! But the views are worth it! Just stay away from Trail Ridge, I still get altitude issues there after over 25 years in CO.

  21. Steph, I saw you last summer when you were in Colorado. As I said then, you should do your bicycle training here. You would kick ass when back home.

    I would have loved to see you last night, but I’m not that close to Highlands Ranch and driving that far at night is a problem for me.

  22. Looks like great fun, going to your book signing. It would be even more Fun if your publisher would send you to CINCINNATI, or INDIANAPOLIS, or,COLUMBUS. just sayin’. Fiber Optic yarns is in Cincinnati. I’ll bring you some if you come here!

    • Hey Barbara! Love the yarn and I’ll be visiting your site soon. I missed the Wool market this year because I had just had my littlest cherub, who happened to be with me last night. But I’m curious about what seems to be a knitting shirt peeking out from behind that awesome skein and book. Where’d ya get it?

  23. Canadian Tour?
    I’m getting repetitive.
    Also, that custom yarn totally rocks.

    (and that’s not a music note, it’s a treble clef. 🙂

  24. Man, I am super bummed! I missed you being in Denver… I thought the 10th was farther away. 🙁 I’ll have to tell the husband he missed seeing Dave Barry.

  25. I am enjoying your ‘before and after’ pictures of knitters. They’ve got to feel great to see the progress they’ve made too! If you ever have an urge to wonder if you’ve made a difference with your life (other than your own children)…look at these last posts. Go Stefanie!

  26. I have just read the blogs from Portland on – and still feel that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read the loss of your shawl. I am so hoping that somewhere in this world of knitters, someone will have read your posts, see it somewhere and it will find it’s way back to you. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep reading and knitting. Thanks for your encouraging blog.

  27. I get such joy from following your travels! Thank you!
    Is Meredith willing to share the name of her veil pattern, or does someone recognize it?

  28. I am so bummed that I didn’t realize you were here! I totally would have skipped school for that. (Knitting before statistics, every time.) Darn it. I’m glad you had a good time though!! 😀

    P.S. – I am loving the new book!!

  29. Hi Stephanie,
    I was so happy to see you in Conifer this past summer. I enjoyed your talk and really wanted to see you again this week. Unfortunately, my husband wanted to see Dave Barry, so… well, he WAS fun and we enjoyed his talk. I will try to catch you next time.

    Speaking of next time, that nasty altitude sickness thing can be prevented and/or treated with a ton of, and I do mean A TON OF WATER. It’s hard to believe it’s that simple, but I hope you will try it and that you will feel better next time. You will still get winded reaching for a drink of beer, but you won’t get a headach from it! 🙂

  30. Wow, it looks like the fact that I was working late and couldn’t make it (sooooo sad) didn’t hurt your fan base numbers! More water next time!

  31. Meridith and her wedding veil, and the Hannah with her own chuppah make me a little weepy with happiness. Blessings on both of their marriages!

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  33. I love that word – underyarned. Going to have to add that to my vernacular. As when Hubby is questioning the number of knitting projects being packed for a trip – “but you certainly don’t want me to be underyarned, do you dear?”
    And I love the “then and now” photos. Hope you continue to have safe travels on your your.

  34. I ADORE the stories of then & now. After the first flush of “whoa, I’m getting old” there comes the feeling that we’ve all been in this together for a good long while. 🙂

    Wishing you good, hot coffee and knickers that clean themselves.

  35. After following your blog for 8-9 years, it was great to finally get to meet you! I’m the mother of Janna, of the first socks that don’t match. The dye-lot was different, but the odd part is that the yarns was the same—only it wasn’t! Also, she’s wearing a shawl that she knit, which won 1st and Grand prizes at our county fair last summer! Sorry about the elevation/lack of air thing. If you moved here, your body really would eventually adjust.

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