Horribly wonderful

I only have one thing to say about the total.


I really wish there had been other suggestions on the mode of celebration.

(By the way? I know this photo is of poor quality. You can’t make me go back out there.)

I’m overwhelmed with the generosity and decency of each and everyone of you.

In fact, I am so overwhelmed that I’m starting to fall apart. I’m writing a thank you note to each and every person who sent me an email, but there are THOUSANDS of you. I’m going as fast as I can. If you have not got a thank you note…then you haven’t been added to the tally yet. I am writing emails at the speed of sound, I am doing laundry, and my job, and the phones at MSF and cooking and cleaning (Ok. Fine. I’m not cleaning.) and still writing emails to express my profound gratitude. I want you to know, that if you haven’t got yours yet… I am writing them with such incredible devotion that I have accidentally killed Sam’s Tamagotchi.

The last thing the child said to me this morning was “Mommy…don’t let my Tamagotchi die while I am at school”, and now look. It’s dead. Belly up. Finito.


I was not completely negligent. I did feed it virtual pizza around 10:30…but then there was a beep that I thought meant that it needed something. I went to look and lo and behold…it did need something. The last rites. The poor kid. She must have thought that since I have kept actual live human beings alive for 15 years that I could be trusted to push a button occasionally. The guilt is crippling. I can only hope that the child understands that the Tamagotchi was sacrificed for a greater good.

When I saw the little icon had gone to a better place, I panicked. I pressed all the buttons. I pressed them repeatedly, but nothing worked. Not the food button, not the status button. .. I phoned Kelly in a state of panic. Being the mother of a child with a Tamagotchi, Kelly was sympathetic. “Something had to give.” she said. “Given your choice of dead things…..”. Kelly has a point. Still, anyone want to be me at 3:30 when I have to break it to Sam?

There is resistance at the border of the MSF. I took it to Lettuce knit last night and had a deep planning meeting with Aven, Dani, and Jane. They hemmed, they hawed and they decided that I was on the right track. We decided that the palm should be the light grey and the darker grey, with shots of the white run through for “sparkle”. They liked the band of white near the border, they didn’t think it was too bright. After all this planning….


I ripped it out. I didn’t believe them. I think they could see how close to the edge I was (though they didn’t know yet that I was capable of negligent Tamagotchi homicide) and were trying to humour me. I like the new effort better.

I understand that this means I have to reknit the braid. I am considering strong drink.

In other news…

Emma is making a wooly journal to donate to our cause. Look how beautiful her start is.

Katie is running a very cool little Tsunami knitswap here for those of you that would be interested.

Anybody know how to resurrect a virtual pet?