Avoidance therapy

I beg your pardon for going AWOB (Absent Without Blog) yesterday. It was a long and dodgy day and there was syrup in my hair for much of it. (I do not want to discuss how the syrup came to be in my hair, how long it was there, or what happens if you have syrup in your hair and then talk on the phone and get the phone stuck in the syrup. It was bad enough to live it.)

It took until about 6:30 last night for me to figure out that I had been specially selected to be the universes cat toy, and that the syrup in the hair was going to be the most positive thing that happened to me. Every once in a while the planet sets out to test me and sets into motion a law of physics. Yesterday’s choice was “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” You know how that works, don’t you? Here’s a good example. I washed a load of laundry (action) then brought the clean towels upstairs and set them on the floor. I was so pleased with myself that I attempted to celebrate with a cup of coffee. I reached for the pot, fumbled somehow and the entire pot of coffee was poured onto the clean towels. (Opposite reaction) More? Wash the bathroom floor – discover a science project (Dear God, let it be a science project) in your teenagers room. Write 800 words – the printer commits suicide and the file evaporates. (Do not tell me that computers are not sentient. The evidence just doesn’t support it.) I’m pleased to report that today appears to be much better…though I did eat chocolate for breakfast and am planning on making few “actions” in case the “reaction” theme is still on the menu.

Considering my role in the world yesterday, I decided that the MSF mittens and I should go on “break”. I will not be revealing the status or location of the mittens until I am certain that the world is done with exacting it’s revenge with sticky or staining liquids. Instead, I worked on a new sweater.

This is a kit from “Sweater kits” and I really like it. You will note that the variegated yarn, despite there being no attempts made by me to avoid it, is not pooling, flashing or screwing around with any sort of annoying wool shenanigans. You can guess how this makes me feel, but we will not speak of anything positive happening to ensure that I’m not going to be punished. You may also note that the sweater has a clever little hem, which I would have sewn up, had part of yesterday not involved the planet removing every single stinking wool needle from the entire house.


As an additional tactic to avoid bringing the MSF mittens into the spiral of disaster, I’m knitting a pink hat.

This is my own handspun, and I’m experiencing mixed feelings. I’m very drawn to this pink, but am dealing with emotional issues around it. Am I the only one who sometimes feels inexplicably anti-feminist when using pink? Discuss.


Thank you gifts continue to flood toward all of you, and no wonder. Seen the total? The draw for gifts of appreciation is going to be huge. I’ve given up logging the gifts ahead of time, there are too many, and Mr. Washie and I are feeling the strain of separation on our relationship. I’ll show they to you as they go to their new homes. Donations will continue to be entered into the draw for gifts until I have finished the mittens- of- which- we- shall- not- speak.

You guys make me think that there is hope for humanity. If the kindness, decency and compassion exhibited by this group of knitters was shown by the rest of the world…the possibilities boggle the mind.