I’m a little under the weather these last few days and it turns out that I can’t come up with an entry that hangs together. (Good one eh? See me? Pretending that they USUALLY DO?) Instead, rambling. (Again..hardee har har. I’m cracking myself up today.)

Things That Do Not Hang Together That I Am Thinking About.

1. I’m trying to use bloglines. So far I’m not sure that I have subscribed to any blogs, (but I may have…I clicked some things while I was panicking) I sometimes get asked to choose between two feeds. “index.rdf” or “atom.xml”.

Since I have absolutely no idea (I cannot stress this enough. I have no working concepts here. I understand what an index is, and I’m familiar with an “atom” but my understanding of these two things seems to give me absolutely no help in this context.) Can someone explain to me in very, very quiet, non threatening language which of these two feeds I want and why I’m being asked to choose?

2. Actually? Screw that. Don’t explain anything. Just tell me which feed I want.

3. It is very cold again. The fuzzy feet have returned.


Luckily, it is the same pair. I was saved from casting on another pair by two factors. A) it only warmed up for a couple of days. B) I don’t put anything away until it’s been hanging around for a couple of weeks, not days. When my feet got cold again last night and I thought “Wow. I wish I could do something about my cold feet” the fuzzy feet from the other day were still sitting on the end table by my cup of tea.

4. I’ve started the second of the fuzzy feet before finishing the first. I have done this because I am worried about running out of the navy colour.

5. I am striping them so that they do not match, on purpose.

6. I am doing this as a personal development challenge. I don’t know if any of you have noticed this…but I can be just the tiniest little bit whacked out of my freaking mind, anal-retentive, focused on my knitting. I’m trying to loosen up by deliberately not matching these slippers.

7. It is making me crazy.

8. I don’t know if I can do it.

9. If I can actually KNIT unmatched slippers, the question that then presents itself is, Will I be able to WEAR unmatched slippers.

10. This is hysterically funny to me because nothing about what I am wearing today (or any other day) could be called “matching”. It is both a shame and a relief to me that every single bit of meticulousness, tidiness or ability to match that I have in my life is directed toward knitting.

11. You can pre-order my book on Amazon. Something about this makes it feel so much like “a real book” that I am a little woozy when I think of it.

12. The MSF mittens are going to be done by Monday.


For those of you who asked, I’m using pattens found in “Latvian Mittens: Traditional Designs & Techniques” (Lizbeth Upitis) you won’t find the pattern in there exactly as I’m knitting them, since I’ve combined charts 67 and 68 and added the diamond back..but if you wanted to knit the same ones, you could do that too.

I’m using Patons Kroy on 2mm (size 0) needles.

13. I am using the old “Kroy” not the new “Kroy socks”. They are different in a subtle but critical way. This notice is not intended to be taken as a huge honking slag toward “Kroy socks”, simply a warning that the two yarns are different and I am not using “Kroy socks” right now, but may in the future, especially as the worlds supply of plain old “Kroy” runs out. I will take a moment to point that anyone who believed that I might have looked a little bit silly when I bought what may have been referred to as “a surprising amount of Kroy” for the stash is not giggling so hard now that they can’t get it. Suckers.

14. I am happy that the Mittens will be done on Monday because Monday is the day that we begin the giving of thank you gifts to the generous and kind souls who contributed some of their wealth to MSF. You are making an enormous difference in the live of people in places like Burundi, where 85-90% of the population somehow survives on $1 a week. This is only one of the places Médecins Sans Frontières will spend your money, bringing healthcare to the most impoverished and desparate people in the most dangerous places. Tricoteuses Sans Frontiéres/ Knitters Without Borders (LOOK at our total) is making huge change. To celebrate, all next week we give out the many phenomenal and generous thank you gifts. Can’t wait? Go get yourself a present. (All profits to MSF, and many thanks to Abby for all her work making her original button bigger.)

15. My blogiversary is Sunday. One year. I’m so glad I met all of you.