Sleepy in Seattle

Here I am, perpetually exhausted in Seattle. I think it’s the time change, since even with a decent sleep under me, once I make the shift to this time zone I’m wiped out all the time. There’s something about travelling against the normal flow of time that just weirds me out. I’ve been here three days and I feel like I’m really late all the time.

Seattle thing the first: Third Place Books hunting for knitters. Boy, did I find knitters. Hundreds of knitters. Seattle is filthy with knitters.



(You can’t really see them, but in the back of this shot are a few random non-knitters who were in the bookstore for other reasons – maybe they have other hobbies. They stood in the back of the store looking at this ocean of people quietly knitting away and you could see them freak out. It was like they couldn’t get a grip. They weren’t interested in knitting but they couldn’t walk away. They stood there the whole time blinking at us all and waiting for some sort of an explanation. i was walking through the store when I overheard a guy say to his buddy “What the $%^is going on? Do you see these people?” and I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over to them and said “Dude, attendance is mandatory. It’s the Sunday before Labour Day.” and I walked away.)

I met fabulous knitters. This is Adrienne, answering the eternal burning question “How big would the snowdrop shawl be in worsted weight yarn?”


That big. (Really big. Super big. I’m not even sure that this picture conveys the bigness. The people in the picture are tall. It’s big.)

There was Terry-Jo, Novelty yarn ho. Never met a novelty yarn she didn’t like. (She is the ying to my yang.) Samantha – she makes the best brownies, Yvonne, Katie


who I am grateful to for getting through the event without giving birth. (Birth really cuts into the knitting time.)

There is an old adage that claims that if an expert knitter places knitting needles in a babys hands, the child will be clever at knitting.


Williams mother flattered me by asking me to do the honours. (Little dude is also going to be a fourth generation knitter. I think he’s set. Forget set, actually. He probably has no choice.)


Sasha brought me a Washington washcloth. I have covered Sasha’s face because she was a very nice person that I liked a lot and no woman who would knit a roaming knitter a Washington washcloth deserves the picture I took of her. Trust me. If I published that picture then the washcloth would spontaneously combust in my suitcase, burn all my wool to bits and I would deserve it.)


Jolie took my book to 10 countries. (Good ones. Far ones.)

Lorette was there!


I guess between the two of us we could have delivered Katie’s baby if need be. Still cuts into the knitting time though. She came with Kris and Dorothy.

Heidi the knitting pirate turned up. (Check out Knit Like a Pirate. )


Annamarie had the best tattoo of the day…


and McKenna, McKenna outdid herself.


She made me a felted stashweasel. Dobby the stashweasel. (For the love of wool. Don’t tell Rams about this. She doesn’t need the encouragement firing her imagination.)

The whole time this parade of knitters trouped through, more than 300 knitters, with babies and needles and Yarn Pirates and tattoos and travelling socks posed on big baby bellies and huge shawls and socks meeting socks and knitters trailing shawls and half knit sweaters and comparing circulars…and touching each others yarn and yelling “hey…touch these balls” (It was a new ball winder. Don’t think that way.) and tiny little stashweasels this whole time that all of this was going on, the muggles in the store just kept staring at us.

I have no idea why.

Seattle things the second and third coming your way tomorrow. I’m too sleepy today.

126 thoughts on “Sleepy in Seattle

  1. Yes, but the truly burning question, far more inflamed than how large a snowdrop shawl in worsted weight could be, is “Did you finish Icarus?”

  2. And I simply cannot believe that I was first to comment on this blog the very first time I added a comment!!

  3. A bookstore that fits 300 people plus muggles! who knew?
    That stashweasel is poking its tongue out, right? Definitely the right attitude.

  4. I’m just across the water in Bremerton- I wish I knew you were coming, I’d have cleared my schedule of all extras (first day of school, all that) and been there!

  5. Being from Seattle originally and stranded out here in the midwest now…I can tell you: Seattle is a perfect city for knitting. Rarely too hot for good wool, even in the summer, and cool enough in the winter that you can wear all the handknit sweaters without a coat most days to show ’em off.
    And the stores! Good heavens. I -miss- those stores.
    *le sigh o’ nostalgia*

  6. Oh, I so wish I could have been there. I had thought I was going to be able to make it to Bumbershoot, but alas. SIGH.
    I hope you catch up to the time change by the time you get to PDX, and I sure hope my fellow Seattalites showed you a wonderful time.
    I love the stash weasel!

  7. LOVE the StashWeasel!! That is hilarious!! Dang, I needed that to start my day….thank you!

  8. I love the stash weasel! She did a great job, he looks so perfect…
    Silly muggles, not knowing what to make of knitters. You’d think we were ‘weird’ or something. Sheesh.

  9. Yes, there I am giggling away like an insane person… I must say I did feel at ease knowing that there was at least one doula, midwife, and lactation nurse on hand, and many many other mothers in that line! I’m so glad you felt the knitterly love in Seattle. 🙂
    Oh, and that stash weasel is hysterical!

  10. I’m so jealous. I loved Seattle when I visited 2 years ago. The whole state seems to be filled with fiber godesses…spinning, weaving, knitting Seattle & Puget sound area is where its at! I’m looking forward to further installments!

  11. It was really fantastic to see you again. I’m glad you had the opportunity to buzz on into town, and cleverly scheduled to avoid Blue Angels delay. I hope you are able to visit again soon!

  12. Oh, he looks so confused… “why do I have to hold these sticks?” Thank you for bestowing the honor! I forgot to do it with his older brother (now six), and he picks up projects on circular needles and stabs the knitting repeatedly with the needle tips. So close, and yet…
    It was great fun seeing you!

  13. It looks like the stash weasel is wearing a little leather choker. Killer! Goes great with the tattoo above which I kinda want now.

  14. Reading your post today had me sitting here just laughing. DH husbands comment at 5 AM was, “What’s the Yarn Harlot saying today?” HOW did he know? Because that is what I laugh with most mornings this early. Of course then I have to read it to him.
    Great Stashweasle and tattoo

  15. Awesome! I love that last paragraph where you jumble all the knitterly activity up and then slap the term “muggles” onto the onlookers. It really does sound like a magical experience.

  16. Knitters and pirates and weasels, oh my! What could be more fun than knitting and being ogled by muggles? But poor you, all this traveling around, I bet you’re sleepier than the boy who had two paper routes! Hope you catch up with yourself soon!

  17. She could do nothing but make and sell stashweasels and be able to retire to the French Riviera.

  18. I have never coveted anything more than I do that stashweasel. I want a stashweasel. Nay, I need a stashweasel. I am without words to describe my longing for a stashweasel.
    McKenna, please, please, please, for the love of all things wooly and weasely, publish a pattern for the stashweasel. Please. Or make stashweasels for sale. Your choice. I just want to somehow end up with a stashweasel in my hot little hands.
    Have I mentioned I’m quite taken with the stashweasel?

  19. I’ll bet you could have filled the ballpark stadium in Seattle !!
    LOVE the stash weasel. How clever is she!! I want one…..

  20. My other knitty friends and I call non-knitters muggles too. Hee.
    Also, sadly STILL no Los Angeles stop. Sigh. Your bookbookbook tour is winding down and I am sad to think you won’t be coming. Still hoping though…

  21. I love the stash weasel. Thanks for the e-mail address. We’re going to start a campaign out here to get your publisher to put Halifax on the book tour.

  22. OMG! Stashweasel! He’s so cute!
    My brother is weird. Let me tell you how weird – He wants a knitted hat that looks like a ‘possum. He wants it so you can take off the hat and use it as a bag. He wants *me* to knit this hat.
    I haven’t come up with a pattern yet.

  23. I *LOVE* your comment to the two muggle guys!!! How I wish I could have seen their faces!
    If McKenna makes another stashweasel(ette) maybe they’ll reproduce and we can all have our own!
    I didn’t know the adage about knitting needles in a baby’s hand…too late for my kids, but in time for the 1st grandbaby due in December. They say many traits skip a generation

  24. I’m loving Dobby, must have his brother or sister, I’m with Rachel H, McKenna? the pattern? please?
    Hope you catch up on your rest and start feeling less exhausted….Enjoy the west coast.
    (Feels kind of….not counting down the days…)

  25. Dear Harlot,
    You must be exhausted because I am by just imagining all the running around you’ve had to do!~So, a favor, when and if you get a sane moment in time. I purchased the fibertrends leaf lace shawl pattern and some yummy yarn to begin my first shawl. Now, I’m not a knitting expert but have mastered socks, bags, cabled sweaters and the like. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I am to start. Provisional cast on? chain 4 stitches? Knit through back of 2? and start?? What the hey?! In your “much revered” opinion, can you offer any guidance, book or video that may help me cast on? Thanks you from one of your humblest of fans.

  26. I do not need a stash weasel. For the last several days I have been “sorting” my house, and I AM a stash weasel…

  27. Kids in school is right. That is a very, very good thing, but means I have to get up at least an hour before my slothful summer self is ready. I feel your pain, sleepy-wise. And I don’t even have stash weasels and shawls and swashbucklers to look forward to. I’m lucky I can still spell.

  28. Ummm . . . after all that buildup, don’t you think you should have started off with an Icarus update? How long do you think all of us can keep holding our breath?

  29. Understand the time zone change thing, I feel for you. Looks like a great time! Love the pirate hat, believe I will be making one. McKenna the stashweasel is excellent would like the pattern or would pay for one.
    That is one honking huge shawl! I feel better about what I thought was a monstrosity I just finished. Have fun thanks for the laughs!

  30. Okay,I have to claim her. The stash weasel came from the twisted brain of my 15 year-old. There is no pattern, I’m sorry to disappoint everyone. She is however,willing to blame it all on Rams.

    Just kidding about the weeping part, but I’d really like it if you’d remember us fellow Canucks.

  32. Stephanie,
    Wow that Sasha chick must be hard on the eyes or something!
    Actually I totally got you covering my face, I appreciate that.
    I really think those non-knitters were drawn to your humor. My husband was in the store and he was compelled to wander over and listen because you are so fun and hillarious.

  33. Pirate hats, giant shawls, killer tattoos and freaked out muggles. Hey, what more could you want? A stashweasel? Here you go! Hey, McKenna — pattern, please? *bats big eyes* I’d say make and sell ’em, except then you’d never knit anything else, ’cause with this crowd looking for stashweasels, you’d knit till you’re really old to satisfy us all.
    Icarus Update? *taps foot*

  34. So did you meet any more Utilikilt-ed male knitters while you were in the home of Utilikilts? I was out there just a few weekends ago and did my best to get my local friends to visit you at Bumbershoot in my name, haha.

  35. Oh, I think McKenna needs to get that pattern posted on the internets somewhere (somewhere really public like Knitty). Because we could all use a stashweasel or two. If there wasn’t a pattern, then for the love of wool, MAKE ONE UP.
    I really need a stashweasel.

  36. It was great to meet you, Stephanie. I really appreciated you not passing judgement on my nearly-but-not-finished-Olympic-knitting-sweater. I shall try to finish the next Olympic Knitting project in the time alloted.
    I got a really great photo of you that is on my blog at

  37. We saw it it is finished. She did finish the Icarus!!! And it was stunning.
    Thank You Stephanie for a wonderful evening. I brought my grandmother who taught me to knit when I was little and it just stunned her that there was this whole world of knitting and knitters that she didn’t know about. I’m going to have to sit her down at my computer and have her read the blog.

  38. Holy Cow! For a moment there I thought that that was a real animal lol. That is soooo cute, and so well made!
    I hope you get some rest today, and that you adjust to the timezone. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in Eugene ^_^

  39. Hey Steph, have you seen the ad B&N’s is running?
    a full page (back cover of section 2, metro news, the NYT) ad, and there, almost dead center, (middle column of 5, above the fold) is your name.
    I hope park slope is ready for you!
    Lets face it, NYC has over 8 million people, and supports over 20 LYS’s.. plus chain stores like Michael’s/AC Moore, etc.
    And then there is the Knit Out.. (i hope to see you there!)

  40. What a whack of knitters , pirates, tatoos muggles and STASH WEASLES!!! hahaha. What happened to icarus ? Can hardly wait for the next post

  41. I guess I was too hungover on Sunday, because I thought of something I should have asked during the Q&A session.
    What do your daughters says when someone asks “what does your mother do for a living?”. And what are the looks on their faces when they explain that? Eye rolling or wide-eyed excitement?
    Had a lot of fun in Seattle, even with the POUNDING hangover headache. And did you know, you totally outnumbered Anne Rule’s turnout? Oh yeah, you are good….

  42. This is the only time in my life I’ve commented without reading, and it’s justified –I’M OUTRAGED!!!
    As the Mother of Stashweasels, She Who Deploys Them, Progenitrix of Fiber Ferrets, I am CONSUMED with envy!
    Damn. That is one fine weasel. Did she understand that they’re supposed to be UNdesirable, not inspire covetousness in all beholders?
    Wow. That is one fine weasel. Damn.

  43. It looks like you all had a blast at Third Place Books! One of my best friends was part of the muggle crowd in the back, as I persuaded her to check it out. She wants needles, yarn and instruction for Christmas. We shall take over the world soon enough. 🙂

  44. I enjoyed meeting you in Seattle! We had such fun weirding out the muggles, didn’t we? [giggle] Icarus is lovely and I’m sure the other one will turn out great as well. Sending good vibes your way…

  45. Dang, if I’d known about the knitting needle rule I would have schlepped the Bug the 4 hour round trip to see you in Mesa! (Some things are more important than sleep.)
    The stashweasel rocks. He should go next to the Wool Pigs.

  46. Terry-Jo the Novelty Ho here…. I had so much fun at Third Place Books. I am definitley going to make the Tricorn Pirate hat. My nephews are pirates: Zach age 3 and Noah age 5 and definitely need hats!!!! Next year when the Seafair pirates land on Alki they’ll be ready to swashbuckle their little hearts out!!! Steph it was wonderful to met you. we trully are Yin and Yang!!! I hope you enjoyed the homemade Jam!

  47. Heidi!!!! I tried to email you at the Knit like a pirate site but my email bounced back. How can I adjust the pirate tricorn hat pattern to make for little guys age 3 and 5???? Send me an email if you can…. THANKYOU…. I foreseee christmas presents in the future…

  48. MUST MAKE a stashweasel… oh, wait, I’ve made four of them, I just have to train the other three to knit… seriously, that stashweasel was AWESOME!!That is some serious creativity there, I’m just going to sit back and look at that picture and bask…

  49. Where could I get a tatoo like that? Do they acturally have tatoo patterns (or whatever you call them) like that in all shop? Do they laugh when you go in and ask for a knitting tatoo?

  50. please, please, please say that there is a pattern for the stash weasel! i must have one- i must try out felting for the first time with a stash weasel of my very own.

  51. Terry Jo —
    I’ll put up size modifications soon, maybe this weekend!
    My 4-yo wants one, too.
    In the meantime, the Gunner’s cap is suitable for kiddos, which you will see as soon as I get the pictures up.
    Yay for the HarlotNetwork.

  52. The stash weasel is awesome! Is there a pattern for it?
    By the way, how are your tour stops booked? There are a bunch of knitters in Providence, Rhode Island, who would love to see you!

  53. Yeah for Harlot and the great time we all had Sunday evening. Lots of inspiration and laughs and wonderful knitting everywhere. And muggles freaking out – what fun!
    I’m joining the mass movement for a stashweasel. I’d like a pair of ceramic ones to mount on my roof as gargoyles to protect against moths. And, of course, a fiber one for indoors. The uses are endless.

  54. Holy crap. Pirate Heidi, if you see this, please drop me an e-mail. I think I know you from somewhere long ago!

  55. Just out of curiosity, does anyone recall the first use of the term “stashweasel”? I seem to remember first hearing the word about two years ago. Does it go back further than that?
    I really, really need a stashweasel, and I will never tease it. Promise.

  56. Stashweasel? Never heard of them! But I MUST have one! Instructions, something! Please!!!
    That explains a lot. They must be visiting me at night, adding books, magazines, threads, needlepoint canvases. I can’t wait to tell my husband!!!!

  57. looks like dude is spinning the poi.
    were you there at SnB when Kelly brought her poi.
    I remember cause I saw, I wanted to try,
    Look ma I’m spinning the poi!!!
    Then SMACK in the noggen I did.
    I just spin the wheel now.
    see ya soon, and your yardage counter too. luv denny.

  58. What a fine specimen of Mustela Puturious Feltus. I am extremely jealous.
    I am THISCLOSE to throwing myself on the floor in a full-blown, foot-kickin’ tantrum. I have dreamed of moving to Seattle all my life and now here is a whole barrelfull of additional reasons to move there: yarn pirates and knitting tattoos and mobs of knitters and giant shawls and muggles and STASHWEASELS!!!

  59. Must. Have. Stashweasel. (My cat won’t be very jealous. Not really.) And I’ll let Stash hold a different skein every day, I promise. Even my alpaca!
    p.s. May I add another Providence, RI vote?

  60. I’m afraid… I’ll never be able to stick my head in here again. The weasel is out of control!
    Glad y’all like him.

  61. McKenna – Dobby the Stashweasel is fabulous! Please think about writing a pattern. I’m sure lots of us would be very happy to pay for one.

  62. It was just the biggest hoot to meet you again. And I forgot to bring the screech. Next time, my dear. Not all Left-coasters are just wine and beer drinkers.

  63. Ryan’s TMK!!! Is in that picture!!!!!!! What have you done????????
    Anyway. Heh.
    I wish I could have seen you tonight, but I’m saving lives (which means I’m knitting and reading blogs because the county is quiet tonight. And a good thing, too).

  64. Sorry for the late post, was out of contact for a bit.
    It took me just under 11 balls of Karaoke (by SW Trading Co., in Bloom) to do it on US9 circulars; I used US11 dpns for the I-cord, and back to US9’s for the edge. Also, I stopped early – I had 1 less row of snowdrops than the pattern called for. I had this sneaking suspicion it was getting a little large… Then I tried to block it on a queen mattress and had to roll it over the sides. Oops 😉

  65. Missed the TPB in hospital with broken hip 🙁 Did get plenty of knitting done there though. Stashweasel is too darn funny. I’ll catch you next time you’re in Seattle.

  66. I’ve just been staying at home not getting anything done. I’ve basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. My life’s been pretty unremarkable these days. Eh.

  67. I’ve just been staying at home waiting for something to happen. Whatever. Not much on my mind lately. I guess it doesn’t bother me.

  68. I can’t be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don’t have anything to say recently. I haven’t gotten much done recently. Nothing seems worth thinking about.

  69. I haven’t been up to anything today. I don’t care. I’ve just been staying at home not getting anything done. Basically not much happening right now. Maybe tomorrow. I guess it doesn’t bother me.

  70. I haven’t been up to anything recently, but so it goes. Such is life. What can I say? Pretty much not much exciting going on to speak of. I haven’t gotten much done lately, but I don’t care.

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