Still Sleepy

Still in Seattle. Actually, I’ll only be in Seattle for about another hour, then it’s off to Portland for me. The only comfort in leaving such a wonderful city is that as much as I love Seattle, I’ve got a serious crush on Portland. Should be awesome. I’m at the Powell’s Home and Garden store tonight…7:30, and I’m looking so forward to messing with the Powells people by bringing the invading hordes of knitters. (They never truly believe you until the knitters come.) Until then, rapid fire from Seattle, or I’ll miss my drive.

1. Oh Susanna!



I had the extraordinary pleasure of a quick lunch with Susanna Hansson. Knitter, teacher and Bohus pusher extraordinaire. We’re cooking up a Knitters Without Borders thing and boy, is it going to be good. It was seriously hard to eat with all that wool there.


I may have ordered something. I can’t remember. I was sleepy and there was a lot of wool, patterns and possibility. I think I said something like “Get me that.” I don’t remember asking what it costs. (True indicators of a yarn seizure.)

2. Bumbershoot.


This is a seriously cool festival. I spoke on a panel with Shoshana Berger and Jenny Hart. I believe I was coherent and reasonably well spoken. No way to know for sure, but I’m glad it’s over. I hate that fly by the seat of your pants stuff. It might be less scary if I knew what was going to come out of my mouth from moment to moment.

I have poor verbal impulse control. The sock saw a little music,

and I found what I believe to be the only yarn at Bumbershoot.


Zoomed right in on it. Huge festival, thousands of tents, me staggering around with a sock sort of stunned and Whammo. I find the Hilltop yarns booth. (A true indicator that even under duress, my inner compass points to yarn.)

3. This guy.


Don’t know what he was doing, but it was cool.

4. Shoshana and I headed back to the hotel together and this nice lady got in the van on her way to the hotel. We exchange first names and shake hands and ask what each other was doing at Bumbershoot, and she says “comedy” and asks me and I say something lame like “knitting” and I say something totally lame like “You look familiar.” She muses and says something like “I get around” and we arrive at the hotel and part ways. I wish her safe journey, she returns the favour and I get out of the van. It is only when I am getting on the elevator that I realize that she was Mary Lynn Rajskub. I’m an idiot. I didn’t even get her to hold the sock. I can’t believe you people let me go into the world alone.

I spent the rest of the evening lying facedown on the bed.

5. The best tour guides in the city of Seattle showed me a good time yesterday before I fulfilled my authorial responsibilities at a dinner last night.


That’s right. Know the glory that is Ryan and The Mysterious K. (I was poised to get the first photograph of TMK when she spotted something. Better luck to me next time.) The combined priorities of this formidable pair -good food, good coffee, good yarn and a large copper pig


spelled out a wonderful afternoon. We took the sock all around the public market


and we got one of those famous guys who throws fish around to hold it.


Yes? You in the back?

Excellent question. Yes…the sock does smell just the tiniest bit of fish now. Yes it does. A small price to pay for just the best trip to Seattle.

Portland…one smelly sock and sleepy knitter headed your way. See you in eight hours. I gotta go catch my ride.

(PS. Yes. I finished Icarus. Yes, I blocked it at home…no. You can’t see it. I’m going to photograph it where it should be done. Later this week with it’s designer in Utah. I bet it’s worth the wait.)

130 thoughts on “Still Sleepy

  1. Seattle is such a beautiful city. The tower there reminds me of the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
    CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ICARUS!!! So proud of you for finishing. I’m about to plunge into the lacy portion and need to muster my courage.

  2. Seattle is so much fun!!! I can’t wait to see you Sunday in EauClaire. It’ll be a long drive but worth every second. I’ve got the shivers I’m so excited!!!

  3. I’ve been listening to those Seattle and Portland knitting bloggers talk about your impending visit to their cities for weeks now…how funny to read your blog from the other side! What a star you are! Will you ever come to the Rocky Mountains?

  4. I love reading about your travels. Makes me want to give my family up to the highest bidder (or wolves) and follow you around like a Dead Head.

  5. I can’t wait to see you in Los Altos!! I wanted to come stalk you in Seattle (love-love-love Seattle!), but alas…these people? Who pay me money to do stuff for them?
    They said no. “No,” they said, “You canNOT take a week off during month close to stalk the Yarn Harlot throughout the Northwest.”
    Humph. See if THEY get any hand-knit socks this Christmas…party poopers… :-/

  6. It sounds like you are having a wonderful, albeit exhausting, time. Seattle is a great town and I wish I could get there more often. And I love the stashweasel from the previous post…that an amazing piece of work!

  7. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. Thanks to you and your sock, I now know that I HAVE to go to Seattle. Safe travels.

  8. Looks like a great time. Sorry about not recognizing that woman (never heard of her, sorry) until you were out of the van, but later she’ll be in a bookstore and chuckle at the title of your latest, then see your pic on the back and think, “Hmm, she looks familiar…”

  9. How I envy your visit to Portland; I’ve enjoyed all of my trips there.
    If you have a chance, get your hostesses to show you the Convention Center and its wild clock, based on Foucault’s Pendulum. It’s rather impressive.

  10. And then tomorrow you’ll be in Eugene! I’ve been so excited that I composed a little ditty in the shower about a week ago (pretend it’s Christmas):
    Steph-a-nie is comin’ to town!
    Steph-a-nie is comin’ to town!
    Stephanie is comin’ … to town!
    She’s drinkin’ her Screech
    And swearin’ a bit
    Hope I find out what she’s like when she’s lit
    Stephanie is comin’ to town!**
    She’s makin’ a list
    And checkin’ it twice
    Gonna buy yarn no matter the price
    Stephanie is comin’ to town!
    She sees you when you’re knitting
    She knows when you should purl
    She sees you when you fudge a bit
    And then she hollers, “Atta girl! (or boy!)”
    **The verse about the drinking the Screech and all is not an indication that I think you’ll show up to the event drunk, just that I think it’d be cool to go out for drinks afterwards. I hope it does not offend.

  11. What?!?!?! Chloe of 24 at Bumbershoot! *sigh* I missed out on knitting, you, Bumbershoot and Chloe!!!!?!??!!? I knew I should have made the road trip! Darn it.
    I’m glad you loved Seattle. I didn’t make the road trip for another reason, I’m hoping that you’ll land in Victoria. I know you probably won’t (though the ferry ride can be very pretty in the sunshine) and am just hoping you’ll make it to Vancouver, so I can take the ferry trip over. πŸ™‚
    Have fun in Portland!

  12. This is certainly a treat! Portland is beautiful, lived there for awhile 30 years ago..beautiful, unforgettable.
    Crissy, great little song you got going there!
    I did sneak just a tiny peak of you in your Icarus on *someone’s* post..stunning.
    Have a great time in Portland…..Chloe of 24! that was funny.

  13. Poor travelling sock. On pigs snouts and then fish mongers hands !!! How will it ever survive the trip if you keep up this pace ?

  14. Can’t wait to see/hear you tonight at Powell’s (still freaking out over how they expect to fit us all in there.) Told the kids I don’t care what they have for dinner (yes, there’s still some fudge in the fridge) — I won’t be there. Any questions, ask Dad (he’s a very smart guy.) Now if I can just work up the courage to say hello to the Harlot (maybe a beer . . . do I always think/talk so very parenthetically? . . .hmmm.)

  15. Can’t wait to see you tonight in Portland! Though …. why they are having you at the tiny Powell’s instead of in the big main store is beyond me. We will be overflowing onto Hawthorne Street for sure!

  16. I was at Bumbershoot all three days, and your panel was the best thing I saw. Not the strangest, (despite the combined subjects of yarn, embroidery, sod couches, power tools and feminism), but definitely the coolest.

  17. You get to meet the redoubtable Roxie! (An early riser, she too will be sleepy.) She and I have been e-pals since long before blogs, but we have never met. I am positively verdant.

  18. Man, I am SOOOO excited – only 3-1/2 more days til you’re in Los Altos!!! YAY!! Glad you had lots of fun in Seattle, and Portland is way-cool too πŸ™‚ my brother-in-law lives there and we always have a great time when we visit.
    see you soon! πŸ™‚

  19. I got to see you at Bumbershoot and you were entirely coherant and charming. Icarus looked absolutely lovely in the stage light, kind of like gossamer gold. And I saw Kanye West the night before and, believe me, he didn’t inspire the kind of audience adoration you did!

  20. Oh man, Mary Lynn? I couldn’t hold it against you, but man. She’s awesome. Many a late night laugh had courtesy of her antics on Mr. Show.

  21. Wow… very cool… I would have plotzed to see Mary Lynn Rajkub–LOVE that show! I love Seattle, and the idea that I can’t see you this Saturday makes me want to cry…

  22. Thank you for taking us around Seattle. I lived out that way for a little bit. I miss it. I guess that is part of what has me knitting the Pacific Northwest Shawl for the second time, but I think I’m keeping this one for me. Of course, that’s what I thought about the first one I knit.

  23. Great pics! I see you finished the first sock, will there be enough sock left over for the rest of the yarn crawl? I hope you get some pics with my Twin Cities buddies when they bumrush you in Eau Claire:)

  24. Whee! Seattle is fun. I hope you got a chance to stop in at Pike’s brewery – it’s fullof tasty goodness, and also decent food.
    Am very much looking forward to seeing you saturday πŸ™‚

  25. Congratulations on finishing the interminable Icarus!
    It gives those of us who are still a couple of charts back hope.
    I eagerly await the unveiling…

  26. I’m so excited you get to meet Miriam (who is one of my best friends and was instrumental in making sure I never learned to knit with cheesy acrylic yarn) and the rest of the Utah Grrrls. In particular, you must meet Margene (zeneedle), Laurie (grnydgrl) and Susan (I’m Knitting as Fast As I Can), the original Stitch n’ Bitches. Also, you should try and meet the loom queen, Isela (Purling Sprite), who sounds just like Rosita from Sesame Street and is the sweetest thing you will ever get to meet. They are all just the best! I so miss them! Give them all a hug from Chef Messy while you’re there. I wish I could come too!

  27. YEAAA! Those are my bosses Jen and Becky from the respective Hilltop Yarns (east and west.) They are sisters and they each own a yarn store, one in Seattle and one in nearby Bellveue, isn’t that cool! Next time you have to vist the stores, not that I’m bias or anything, but I have been all over the country visiting yarn stores and HTY is the best.

  28. Oh no, I missed you in Seattle!
    I wish I could have been there – but alas, the vagaries of first-day-of-school-while-the-spouse-is-out-of-town made it impossible for me to take the six hours of travel time, round trip, and cheer you on…
    …good job on meeting Rachel (the Pike Place Pig)… …how did your hosts fail to make you RIDE her?

  29. I am so jealous—not only were you on my home turf, you went to ALL my favorite places! I’m so glad you loved Seattle and had a great time, but why oh why did you go AFTER I moved to Colorado????
    Love the new theme song πŸ™‚

  30. Having followed your many tales of book signings and speeches, I feel like I should warn you in advance of something I believe I noticed in the announcements of your time at Full Thread Ahead…
    I think the store has gotten permission to close down the street outside the store for your time there.
    Please try not to hyperventilate before you make it down to Los Altos!

  31. You are a wicked, wicked woman, you not-posting-of-the-Icarus Harlot, you. It makes me shiver with antici…
    Fish dude is kinda cute and what *is* that twirly red-thing guy doing? It looks like he’s flinging knee socks about.

  32. I was wondering how you made out in the airport with all the latest crackdowns. Did they let you bring your knitting on the plane? (If anyone else has traveled lately, feel free to chime in)

  33. Aaah… Seattle. I miss that city. I was an exchange student there back in 1987. Now you brought back a lot of memories!

  34. Oh susanna looks quite a lot like my aunt susan, except she’s a quilter. probably not the same one. and the picture of the fishthrower guy with the sock very well may be my favorite sock picture to date.
    ps. come to kansas.

  35. i am so glad you enjoyed our fair city…without me. πŸ™ i have tried to convince my parental units that they need to see you in portland, but i am not entirely sure that i was successful. but i did try!

  36. Rachel? The giant pig is named Rachel? Dena Shunra sez the pig is named Rachel. Why is the pig named Rachel? Should I be offended or flattered?
    I want a stash weasel.

  37. And tomorrow… Eugene! Hooray!
    (and thank goodness that you’re coming here, because I couldn’t afford the gas to get to Portland. Hell, I just paid for a bag of cat food and a few packs of ramen with dimes. Huzzah, the life of a college student.)

  38. god I love Seattle! I miss it so. I was not a knitter when I lived there, which is terribly unfortunate, given the wonder that is Weaving Works.

  39. Dena Shunra: We did offer to hold the sock while Stephanie sat on the pig, but the sock through a tantrum when we tried to hold it. πŸ˜‰
    Rachel H:
    From the Pike Place Market website: Rachel, the Market’s bronze piggybank, has been bringing in the bacon for the Market Foundation since the Market’s 79th birthday in 1986. People from all over the world feed Rachel with pennies, quarters, checks, pesos, lira, yen, and rials, contributing $6,000 to $9,000 to the Market Foundation each year.
    Rachel weighs in at 550 pounds and was created by Georgia Gerber, a sculptor living on Whidbey Island, Washington. She was named after a real 750-pound pig named Rachel, the 1985 winner of the Island County Fair. Rachel’s favorite holiday is March 1, National Pig Day.

  40. This post makes me miss Seattle more than you can know- especially Bumbershoot. Sigh… Hey, have you tried the apricot preserves yet(hand delivered in Chicago awhile back)? If I don’t here back, I might have to treck to Eau Claire with some wild plum butter for you. Maybe I’ll even make it in time for the talk this time!

  41. Ah, Seattle, city of my youth. Second in my heart only to Portland. So glad you got to see the fish throwers at the Pike Place Market. They’re my favorite.

  42. So, the sock was stunned walking around the marketplace?
    How does a stunned sock behave?
    (Forgive me. First day back teaching and I’m chasing around all loose thoughts in my head.)

  43. Colorful guy was spinning poi, isn’t it great??? I am a newbie spinner myself and it’s SO much fun. (Ok, newbie only in skill level…I’ve been playing with it for about two years…)
    Sorry I missed your visit!!! Childcare fell through…but my friend S was there in my stead (hear she gifted you with some of her fabulous baked goods!)

  44. Okay, now my brain is boggled by several bizarre thoughts. 1) Everyone who reads this blog selling off their worldly possessions and families to follow the Harlot on tour in yarn-filled mini-buses. What would we call outselves? 2) The bronze pig is named Rachel. Here in Philly we have a bronze boar in Wanamakers, Strawbridge’s, whatever-the-heck the store is named this week. What if they met? 3) Some famous movie star rushing across an airport or festival grounds screaming “Stephanie! It’s really you!”
    I so need a life.

  45. Portland! Tonight! The car is ready and needles are packed for the hour drive north. Yarn Harlot on at Powells’ on Hawthorne!
    (Focus, there’s work to be done)

  46. Great! Thanks to your fishy sock some drug dog will probably trail you through the airport!

  47. Sooo excited to see you tonight! Not quite where they’re going to fit all of us. When I asked about the time two weeks ago, the woman at Powell’s said “Yo’re the third person to ask me about this, is she pretty popular?” I then asked how much space they were going to clear and the woman looked scared.

  48. I’m so glad you met the brass pig and the fish throwers. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to make it to see you in Seattle or Portland. But, alas, our moving schedule seems to make me miss all your tour dates. *pout*

  49. I can’t believe you sat next to “Chloe O’Brian” — I love her, and am embarrassed to admit that I needed to click on the link to put the face to the name. *blush* Glad you had a good time in Seattle!

  50. If we hadn’t been broke this past weekend, we were going to go to either PNE or Bumbershoot. I used to busk at Bumbershoot and watched a lot of the others do their skits too.
    Any plans for a trip to the Wet Coast of Canada? You made it to Seattle, Vancouver can’t be that hard!

  51. For Carolyn–DH and I travelled from Victoria to Vegas, then San Francisco and back a couple of weeks ago and no-one even mentioned my knitting–thank goodness! (I was ultra-paranoid, though, and had my current sock project on bamboo dpns just in case they frowned on the metal.) They sure didn’t like DH’s hand sanitizer, though. And Stephanie, I’d like to register a vote for Vancouver, too, please. I live in Victoria but would happily hop a ferry to the mainland for the opportunity to hear you, get my books signed, and try to speak coherent English in the presence of greatness. I have a great brownie recipe that calls for 23 ounces of chocolate per batch (if you’re going to do it, do it right!) and would certainly bring them. Bribery is such a harsh word…….

  52. I just want you to know that 3 of us from our knitting group in the burning wilds of Billings, Montana are leaving tomorrow to drive all those miles to Salt Lake City to hear you speak on Friday evening. We bear gifts of Montana micro-brews and Montana yarn, and the hopes that we MAY get on your blog. Also – we all participated in the Knitting Olympics (and finished!) last winter with you. We’re crazy excited about this because we’ve been couped up knitting in Montana for way-too-long now and finally we get to go to the BIG city to see and hear a Famous Knitter! Because we fear that you would never come to us out here in the wilds, and so we’ll come to you!
    shelley, judy, and jan (3 Montana Knitters)

  53. Well, by Sunday you will have seen Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Los Altos, and Utah. I’m thinking that after that Eau Claire might be a teeny-tiny bit of a let-down after those places, but what do I know? I plan to be at EC with 3 of my knitting buds (to whom I have preached The Gospel of the Harlot), I hope sitting in the front row. By Sunday you will have seen a brass pig, the Space Needle, Bumbershoot, snow-capped mountains, and some fantastically funny and famous comedienne that I personally have never heard of, but have you had Wisconsin cheese? I thought not.
    Re: Wisconsin and cheese. An excerpt from an e-mail I got from my son last year when he was doing his semester abroad in Petermaritzburg, South Africa. “When I first met Charles, a Nigerian flatmate of mine who was wearing a full-length blue ceremonial robe, and told him I was from Wisconsin, he immediately asked about cheese. Word gets around.”

  54. If only she’d have said something totally Chloe, like “Duh Edgar, I downloaded that system like 10 minutes ago,” you would’ve known it was her. I’m glad to hear she’s so modest, though.

  55. I want to give you beer (mcMenamin’s Ruby) and the book I wrote and a back rub. Hope I can get close enough to get a signature. Do you have native bearers to schlepp all the wonderful gifts you get? LOVE the stash weasle!!

  56. I, also, love Seattle. I missed you by 10 days, however! Rats!! My daughter and her partner were also at Bumbershoot–her partner is a roller derby skater. There was a national Roller Derby competition at Bumbershoot, and you missed it!! It is a new hot sport here in the U.S.–both for spectators and for young women who skate. I don’t think they wear knitted items while skating.

  57. Can’t wait for you to come to EC – not only are we known for our CHEESE, but also our bratwurst “brats” – Looking forward to meeting you! You’ll have a marvelous host, Dixie, from Yellow Dog – SEE YOU SOON and safe travels.

  58. A yarn shop in a Craftsman mansion? My ideal knitting shop has just been revised. I will need to get myself there one day.
    And you saw Chloe and didn’t take a picture??? Not a 24 fan, huh? πŸ™‚

  59. GAK! I totally forgot to mention another Seattle legend:
    It’s there! Dude, I hope you have a return leg from Portland. sigh) Portland. You lucky bunt. Sleep is overrated – do everything.

  60. Yay for you being in Oregon again! I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night in Eugene. I think you’ll really like Eugene, too. πŸ™‚

  61. Dear Knitting Goddess,
    You are a wonder, treasure and inspiration–I know it’s a lot to live up to, but I know you can do it! I promise to pour a weekly libation (will red wine be okay?) in your honour, so long as you keep writing!!!

  62. Dear Knitting Goddess,
    You are a wonder, treasure and inspiration–I know it’s a lot to live up to, but I know you can do it! I promise to pour a weekly libation (will red wine be okay?) in your honour, so long as you keep writing!!!

  63. Ohhhh, I can’t wait to see you in Los Altos, CA!! I am meeting my SP8 too! How cool is that? I am addicted to 24 – but don’t know if i’d recognize a “movie star” if I saw one on the street. Don’t feel bad. Knit Happens.

  64. I’m so happy that you got a chance to see Seattle on one of it’s non-raining days. Beautiful place, huh? Wish you could have gotten to see the troll under the bridge. Truly awesome. Thank you again for coming here to visit. We love you & think you’re wonderful. And I can honestly say that if it were not for your influence, I would never have gotten around to trying lace knitting. Well, maybe I’d have tried it, but definitely it would have been thrown onto the driveway by row 3 & run over several times with the car. Instead, you inspired me to jump in, discover my mistakes, figure out how to fix them, and increase my skill. I’m getting there. . .

  65. Sunday’s reading at Third Place Books was a blast! Take my word for it, I have been to many readings in Seattle – several at Third Place – and many more at it’s sister store Elliott Bay Books; and I have never seen so many people! OK, maybe Ridley Pierson and Dave Barry with “Peter Pan and The Starcatchers” but that was a special day….It was talk like a pirate day. Even so, the signing line was not as long and certainly not as patient – those socks have a calming effect, what can I say? I met so many great people waiting in line. To the gal I gave those kitchner instructions to, I hope they are working for you…Icarus was beautiful, and I saw Joe’s Gansay up close and personal!!! And thanks for the close up picture of Dobby the Stashweasel. I couldn’t see something that small that far away (heck I can’t see anything small without my cheaters). Dobby is a wonderful creature! I want one of my own!
    And I am so glad you like Seattle Stephanie. Bring the family next summer – the first weekend in August is great – and we will show you what the deal is with those planes and the freeway.
    P.S. I hereby officially offer to be your media escort for the next tour in Seattle. Have a Thomas Brother’s guide – I can find any yarn shop or bookstore you need. AND I bake brownies!!

  66. I am coming from Minnesota to Los Altos to see you on Saturday nite and can hardly wait! I love Seattle too, it is a great city and my favorite yarn store is Churchmouse on Bainbridge Island, great store great little island.

  67. What a surprise to see Jennifer and Becky, the Hilltop Yarn goddesses on your site! I loitered at Hilltop for so many hours they decided to finally put me on their payroll -YAY – it is the best yarn store around! (although Seattle does have a lot of good ones – we’re lucky here!) Too bad I worked the Bumbershoot booth on Sunday and missed getting my book signed… Next tour…

  68. I am SO glad the weather was nice for you. I was not able to make it to 3rd Place, all of 4 miles away, but I was there is spirit.
    I LOVE the around town pics. As soon as I saw the pig with knitting on its snout I called the kids over to the computer, “Look she even had the fish guys hold it!” They were not as impressed as I expected, but they pretended, I love them!
    Yes Stephanie, Seattle is filthy with knitters, we hope you return soon!

  69. I’m so sad that I missed you! I live in eastern Washington and am 38 weeks pregnant. I asked about going over to Seattle, and he said no travels until the baby comes. So hopefully next time!
    I hope you enjoyed Seattle. As a former Seattleite, I sure miss it. And speaking at 3rd Place Books, Bumbershoot, and visiting Pike Place Market. . . what more could a knitter want from a visit. Sounds like it was wonderful!

  70. And I forgot to add, I could have seen you on my 25th birthday yesterday. Oh, the disappointment!

  71. OK, I just read Alyson’s post. She offered to be your guide to Seattle next time around. Maybe ALyson and I can shre? I too have a Thomas Guide and can get you to all the yarn and and book stores. I have both within walking distance of my house. I will let Alyson bring the browines, I will pour the wine.
    Let us know!

  72. Thanks for coming to Portland! I loved meeting you (although I bumbled about the conflict of interest inherent in reading your book vs knitting.) I laughed my head off during your presentation and brought my sister (a knitter but not yet an obsessed knitter) who I think you have helped push a little bit closer to the obsessive side (thank you! thank you!).
    I wish Powell’s would have allowed comments, it was a bummer that it had to end so abruptly. Regardless, I have never seen a happier bunch of people in one spot at one time. I still don’t know the name of the lady I sat next to but we talked the whole time while we were waiting for you to make the mile-long trek from Yarn Garden.
    Again, thank you for coming to Portland! I can’t wait until the next time we get to see you!
    Sleep well tonight.
    P.S. I had never heard of Willie Warmers until tonight. Thanks for enlightening me. I had a nice laugh w/ the hubby when I got home and retold the ribbing joke…haha!

  73. Did they show you Hammering Man? With the Lusty Lady right across the street? Don’t know if you all had time – but I suggested it. πŸ™‚

  74. You killed at Powell’s tonight. Absolutely hilariously wonderful. I want to apologize on behalf of all of Portland’s knitters for the way Powell’s treated you. They way that guy just shut you down at the end… what a buzz kill . They were obviously woefully underprepared for both the size and the rowdiness of the crowd.
    I planned to shake your hand and tell you in person what a joy it is to read your blog and your books… but we didn’t want to fight the crowd and buzz-kill man so we just went out and had a drink in your honor. Hope you still have a crush on Portland even after tonight, and that you’ll come back to visit long enough to see some of the 19 other GREAT knitting shops we have! Yarn Garden is big, but she’s not necessarily the prettiest girl at the dance anymore!

  75. I love Bumbershoot! I didn’t make it down this year, but then I also didn’t know you’d be there or I might have tried harder. Looks like you had glorious weather and a great time.
    P.S. When are you coming near Vancouver, BC again?

  76. Shel in Philly wrote: ‘1) Everyone who reads this blog selling off their worldly possessions and families to follow the Harlot on tour in yarn-filled mini-buses. What would we call outselves?’
    The Harlettes, of course!
    Absolutely *fantastic* in Portland tonight, Stephanie. Thanks for one of the best times ever! Even funnier live, and you just light up a room. Loved your opener about walking a mile on *hills* (yes, but we have shorter blocks in Portland than most cities, doesn’t that count? [g]), and things just got more hilarious from there. Now I just hope all my pix come out. πŸ˜‰ With luck, my blog will runneth over. Come back to the PNW sometime with the family, when you can hang around and enjoy things a little longer – and each city can throw a knitterly party for you! (Psst to everyone – the Icarus feels as soft as a cloud…and oh, those colors… *sigh*)

  77. Hmmm, I did not know of this Bohus of which you write, but thanks to the links, I have something new to add to my list of techniques that I will try to pursue. I hope I’m in for a VERY LONG arthritis-free life.

  78. I would suggest that next time you need to block while on the road, pull off the questionable bedspread and blanket from the bed and block on the sheets. Usually you get two beds in those rooms so you could both be very cozy and comfy while stretching out.

  79. What should we call ourselves?
    Maybe Harloteers, but then we would have to wear funny hats.

  80. Ah, Luv, don’t worry about not knowing Ms. Comedian’s name…I looked her up and, indeed, her face is familiar (from the Comedy Channel), but…Heck, I’m in my 50s. It’s a wonder I remember my *own* name most days!
    Your photos of the market brought sweet memories of a visit there with my DH in the early ’80s…when Starbucks was just a baby….Thanks for the memories!
    P.S. on your next trip West, it’ll be Canada, again, eh?

  81. Wonderful to see you last night, we were all charmed by you (well, maybe not the Powell’s employees – what was their problem?). So sorry the evening was cut short . . . I had thought of taking a little road trip to Eugene for this evening’s festivities, but life intervenes. Safe travels!

  82. Something completely unrelated, but I thought you would enjoy…
    I ran across your book “At Knit’s End” on an impromptu trip to the bookstore while running errands. I had to have it. I got in line and up to the cash register, it didn’t dawn on me until after she rang up my purchase that I’d spent most of my cash on yarn earlier in the day. Before I could pull out the magic plastic money card, the lovely lady at the register dumped two handfulls of change on the counter and donated to the purchase of your book.

  83. Hey. Great pics. did you sock have a funky odor after the fisherman shot? ohhh are you going to par-take in the 2006 Sock wars. I would love to get a pair of your socks lol.
    peace out!

  84. Shelly, I’m coming over to the Big City from Wyoming to see the Harlot. We don’t have yarn shops here so this is going to be a real treat. I received my ticket in the mail and I’m ready to go. (They don’t have a lot of room for Harlot fans in Salt Lake so they have issued tickets for the Harlot’s talk.) Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  85. I love how you can see the passage of time with the sock(s) – one approaches the kitchener stage, and then there’s a new one, first almost invisible, then a couple inches of ribbing, then a little more. Fun.

  86. Your discourse waxed on intelligently, don’t you worry. I was about ready to jump up and start rambling about the men’s renaissance era knitting guilds until you piped up. Thank you.

  87. ‘That guy’ in photo #3? He’s probably spinning! Not what you think, but spinning poi. It’s amazing to watch, particularly when they really get going — they light the poi on fire! ( While I’ve made attempts to learn to spin myself (poi, not yarn), I’ve made but small progress. Cuts into the knitting time and, well, you know.
    Looking forward to the NYC leg of your journey!

  88. Mysterious K, so then, how many strong fisherman types does it take to turn over a 550 pound brass piggy bank and shake out the quarters and yen and lira, that”s what I want to know!

  89. Bobbie, that’s not true, we have several perfectly nice yarn stores in Wyoming, they’re just eight hours’ drive from each other so you have to really plan for a yarn crawl.
    So Harlot Dear, if you would please come to southern Montana all of us hardy Wyoming knitters will flock to see you.

  90. I went to Portland in March and found the COOLEST place called Barefoot Sage. I don’t know if you’ll have time, but it is a great way to pamper yourself!
    I will see you tomorrow night here in SLC and am way excited! My sil is actually supposed to go, but she has her kid’s school carnival, so she gave me her ticket. I’ll be the one knitting a hat for my son and slinging (and probably nursing) my little girl!

  91. What is Bumbershoot? I do not ever recall hearing that name before. Looks like a good time though. I could have sworn that was the pig outside Babes BBQ restaurant in Palm Desert. They have two at the front door as you go in. Best BBQ I have eaten in a while (with beer)—–makes my mouth water thinking along those lines.
    I am still waiting to see if you are going to get to sunny southern Calif. Hopefully the LA area. What is the title of your new book—-I have not seen it anywhere. Guess I’ll have to go to Borders. Best of luck, waiting to see Icarus!!!! Claudia

  92. I am so glad I got to see you at both Third Place Books and at Bumbershoot!!! I really enjoyed hearing you speak, and I can’t decide what was the bigger highlight for me, you taking a picture of my tattoo and putting it on your blog, or me getting a picture of you, your sock, and my sock! πŸ™‚ I actually got recognized by my knitting tattoo today in a yarn store, that was so cool!!!
    -Annamarie the Tattooed Knitter

  93. Terri – we can BOTH show Stephanie around, we will show her the Freemont Troll, seek out spectacular vegetarian restraunts, and sock yarn….Oh hey, there is that wild place across from Tricoter that is supposed to have the most stupendous collection of ribbon and buttons – I have always meant to check it out and have never had a reason (besides, I am a little afraid to get THAT close to Tricoter). And at the end of the day, we can eat brownies and drink wine…..
    Ah, Stephanie……we have your next visit planned. Unfortunately, there is no time for book readings/signings!

  94. Mary Lynn Rajskub is probably berating herself because she didn’t realize who you were, until she got to her destination.
    I think you both should have a do over. So she can meet the sock.

  95. Sorry to have missed you in the Northwest this time. However, just got my email from Suzanne of Madrona and am THRILLED to be able to spend time with you again.
    You meet zillions of folks and I hope you remember me as the Queen of Geeks (knitting at Star Trek cons).
    Here’s to January in Tacoma!

  96. And mess with those Powell’s people you did! What the heck were they thinking? While we were waiting in line we talked about all the pointy sticks in that room, waiting to stab any grumpy clerk who messed with us before we got our books signed… I had at least 7 double-points in my bag. They may be small, but they could definitely cause some discomfort!
    It was so much fun to meet you, and I really hope the MomMA t-shirt fits and you don’t absolutely hate pink (since I had no idea what size you were ahead of time, but that Cafe Press XL is more like a normal M). I’m just starting to come down from my knitter’s high (my husband thinks I’m a complete nut job, even more so than he did before).

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