Yoking Around, or Quiggling the Spiral

Note from Steph: Unbelievably, as the deadline approacheth…I have been able to pull my head up enough to remember that there are other things in the world besides me and my deadline, and recall that today is a most auspicious day. It is the birthday of my esteemed guest blogger and excellent friend, That Laurie. Please take a moment to wish her well in the comments…will you? She’s a fine knitter and a good person and I haven’t seen her in months and months. I miss her. (…and Laurie? Don’t blame your lovely husband. He can confirm that I was way ahead of him when he called, though he did call, his love for you being big, wide and unstoppable. Give him a kiss. He’s a dear.)

Happy Birthday That Laurie!

(And thanks again for the guest blogging.)

I am not the only one who has been tempted to knit a variation on the Spiral Yoke Sweater. Given how intriguing I have (obviously) found this design, you will not be surprised to hear that I was instantly drawn to a sweater called “Ribbing is no Yoke,” designed by Charlotte Quiggle. In fact, I have wanted to knit this pullover since it was published in 2000 (Knitters Magazine, issue # 60). Quiggle uses a shirttail hem (which you can tell that I favor in the other variations of the SYS), and her design uses ribbing in the yoke rather than traveling stitches. All very appealing.

Given all these attractions, you might ask why I waited six long years after seeing the pattern before giving it a whirl, as it were. I even had a suitable commercial yarn in my stash for the project! The answer is that I was waiting for inspiration; I wanted the perfect handspun for the sweater. My interest in the Quiggle design was renewed by a new strategy for spinning a slowly variegated yarn. I wanted to try a three-ply where one ply at a time shifted from one color to the next, along the lines of Trekking sock yarn.

The first choice I had to make was the fleece, which I purchased from Lindy Gallop at the Maine Fiber Frolic. It was a fine-crimp Romney-corrie cross fleece with a VERY nice hand; as a result, the roving was pure pleasure to spin and spun up fine enough for three-ply. Also, though it was only a six and a half pound fleece, I managed to get enough yarn from it for both this sweater and the next one in this little series. My next choices were colors: Jacquard purple, Country Classics Raspberry, Jaquard Aztec Gold (a coppery orange) and Golden Ochre.

However, to get the array I wanted, I couldn’t rely on spacedyeing the roving. Instead I did a batch of each color in my crockpot. Basically I set up the roving (about 4 ounces each) as if I were going to paint it and then submerged my pantyhose packages in the crockpot, dosed with a single color. Here is the result:


My plan for the three-ply yarn meant that I had design singles with color changes at offset intervals. My singles are reasonably even—and three-ply does even things out– so I managed this feat by weigh everything very carefully and staggering the weights, as you see in picture above. The resulting yarn looked like this:


With my yarn for the yoke in hand, I then went on and dyed the yarn for the body with a combination of purple and raspberry, matching the yoke. You can get a better sense of how this yarn experiment worked in this picture taken as I finished knitting down the yoke. I simply started from the top edge stitch number and then transformed the decreases in the Quiggle pattern into increases, always noting the number of total stitches after each series of increases. And this is what I got:


Here you can really see that the color changes did work, although there was more orange than I had envisioned. At this point in the knitting, in fact, I was overwhelmed by that orange and more than a little depressed. However, as a friend kept reminding me, the bulk of the sweater in purple would offset that appearance of excessive orange. Even as I got down to the waist and made the decreases there, I could tell she had been right:


And here is the final product, suitably photographed in Maine’s autumnal light:


While I think one of the commercial yarns with long color repeats could also work with this version of the SYS, I am glad I tried the plying experiment. Reliable sources suggest that FOUR-ply would work even better!

Next time: In which we mess around with about Nora Gaughan’s Swirled Pentagon sweater using color variations within her pentagons.

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  1. Happy Birthday That Laurie! That Sweater is pretty amazing, and the colours are delicious.
    Any time you give up being “blog-free” I’ll be there the read and learn.

  2. Happy Birthday + 1 Day, That Laurie! Thanks for sharing your thinking/planning process and beautiful outcome with us. I’m exhausted just imagining all the strategizing that went into that beautifu explosion of color warmth.

  3. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, That Laurie –
    Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Happy Birthday That Laurie! I love the hand dyed and hand spun yarns that you make, they are really beautiful. I’m a new hand spindler in the UK and you have set me a target to aim for.

  5. Happy Birthday That Laurie!!!
    Your sweaters are breathtaking and inspiring – I think I might need to go lay down.

  6. Dear That Laurie, tho it’s your birthday, we’re getting all the presents! Thank you for sharing your expertise, your sweaters are beautiful.
    Happy Birthday — I wish you many more!

  7. I’ve never been in the top ten before, so I had to comment.
    That Laurie- Happy Birthday! And I really love your color choices, you can never go wrong with purple.
    Stephanie- Good Luck with these final stages, and with your sanity!

  8. !Feliz Cumpleanos, That Laurie!
    I have been very tempted to try my hand at spinning (though I can little afford another hobby in either time or money) but I don’t know if I can resist through another blog. I am very much inspired.
    PS. Good luck, Stephanie.

  9. Happy birthday, That Laurie! Your sweaters are truly amazing. (I can’t even do decent seams, never mind design phenomenal spiral yoke sweaters.) (Maybe I should try yoke sweaters, since they don’t have seams.)

  10. Happy Birthdy Laurie. The orange in the yoke makes the color combo of the whole sweater sing.
    PS: to Stephanie- they have some nerve rushing you around the continent expecting you to write a book at the same time- At the same time I selfishly, can’t wait to read it. Good writing.

  11. Happy B-Day, That Laurie. Your sweaters are inspiring. I can’t seem to get past socks anymore. Again, lovely work. LOVE how the purple toned down the orange. It’s the magic of color.

  12. WOW! My boyfriend is upset with you because rather than working on his aran-style sweater, I am now running around the apartment with a severe case of knitters a.d.d muttering: must find wool to make top down yoke sweater…your sweater is stunning! Have a very happy birthday That Laurie!

  13. Happy happy day to you.
    You have answered questions that have been buzzing in my head…even the colours are similar to my latest dyeing experiment. Thanks –
    Dianna from SK

  14. Your sweaters are compelling! Please tell us how you are doing the increase calculations so I can do one too!

  15. Happy Birthday That Laurie!
    Thanks so much for sharing your brain with us!
    The sweater is so beautiful and the colors….awesome. Love it!!!

    I so love that sweater. I am thinking of resigning as a knitter and becoming a sweater thief. Actually I have some really cool yarn on my hands and I haven’t been able to knit a thing with it since I can’t decide what on earth would be worthy of its coolness. The original spiral sweater is now in the running… and I am pretty sure I never would have looked at it if it weren’t for these posts.

  17. Many thanks for the birthday greetings! I am having a fine, fine day.
    Hey, Steph, did I leave out the first paragraph of this post? The sweater is Charlotte Quiggle’s version of the spiral yoke, “Ribbing is no Yoke,” first seen in Knitter’s 60. It came out in the fall of 2000, and I wanted to make it ever since then!

  18. Wow. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY That Laurie! Secondly, you are an amazing wealth of talent and inspiration. I do not spin, though I am both intriged and fascinated by it. That is a beautiful sweater. As satisfying as it is to knit something so lovely, it must be even more satisfying to say you dyed and spun the yarn as well! I wish you had a blog so we could see more of your work. Good luck getting the book done Stephanie and thanks for giving Laurie a place to share with us.

  19. Happy Birthday That Laurie!!
    It’s finally cool enough up here (north of Toronto) to even think about sweater knitting. And you are certainly making us think about it!

  20. i am just in awe of this whole dying, spinning, do-it-yourself-ness! how beautiful! and best wishes for a happy birthday. 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday That Laurie!
    And you are absolutely slaying me with these sweaters – my to-be-knit queue has been hijacked. In the best possible way.

  22. Happy, happy birthday, Ms. Laurie!
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your creativity and gorgeous results with us! Today’s sweater is like some mind-boggling mountain sunset and it makes me so happy to look at it.
    Spinning is a mystery to me, but look at your results when marrying spinning, designing and knitting — what a glorious mystery!

    I am really getting into your posts. They are wonderful, brilliant! I have never spun before, but I have to say that your posts have been most welcome and have only served to pique my interest more. I received a Saxony wheel this past weekend for my birthday. I want to make these gorgeous yarns you are producing! Can it happen now? Here’s to a new learning curve!

  24. Happy Birthday, That Laurie. Your sweaters are lovely. I really enjoyed reading your clear instructions and your comments on the merits of a top-down sweater. So far, I haven’t knit a suitable sweater for myself- the shaping comes out all wrong. But I’ll try the top down method and give it a shot.
    Thanks again,and have a wonderful birthday!
    P.S. That autumnal light in Maine is beautiful. I can’t wait to enjoy it next weekend when I travel there for a family wedding. Yay Mainers! (or should I say Mainahs)

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to That Laurie! Thanks for the guest tutorials and the pictures of your beautiful creations. Very inspiring!

  26. Happy Birthday, That Laurie! I am very much enjoying your guest blogging series. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a wonderful coming year and prosperity in all things.

  27. First, Happy Birthday!!!
    Second: Thanks so much for your wonderful in-depth exploration of the yoke sweater. I’ve always been a fan of them. Then, this summer I started knitting top-down sweaters, and am in love! I can’t wait to try yoke sweaters your way!

  28. Happy Birthday, That Laurie! And many more. Thank you for both the guest blogging and the inspiration, and a tip o’ the hat to ye for donning that magnificent sweater to model it in your current Maine heat wave!
    I. too, have wanted to knit the same pattern (lovely) but was uninspired by the commercial yarn in which it was modeled. Now you have me wanting to do a gradient yarn — I love plying space dyed colors as it is, this looks like even more fun.

  29. Happy Birthday, [That Blogfree] Laurie! Thank you for your beautiful handspun and sweaters. I admit that I got to the dyeing portion of today’s post and let out a whoop! BEAUTIFUL colors! Thank you for guest hosting – and thanks to TYH for sharing you with us!

  30. Best wishes for a very happy birthday, That Laurie! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful stuff (even if it means I really want to start yet another project before finishing what’s already on the needles).

  31. Happy Birthday That Laurie!
    Absolutely gorgeous Ribbing is no Yoke. Thank you for the inspiration. Can’t wait to see the Swirling Pentagon entry. Your sweaters are truly astounding.

  32. Happy Birthday, That Laurie!!! Thanks for giving us a real treat with your yoke sweater tutorial, and some lovely photos of your work!

  33. What beautiful colors – I LOVE long slow color changes and what you are doing makes me want to dye and spin . . . if only there were more hours to fill with everything I’d love to be doing.
    I love the way some of the ribs cross their legs all in the same direction around the spiral – the effect has a spirited lilt to it.
    And happy birthday to you! We all appreciate you helping out Stephanie, and enlightening us as you do so.

  34. WOW! You’re not getting older, you’re getting better! And once again, you and Steph cost me money…I’m going to have to try this before too long…thanks Laurie…

  35. A very happy birthday to you! And thanks for these informative posts. I have an old crock pot collecting dust in a closet. I never thought of using it for dyeing yarn and fiber. I’ll have to give that a try!

  36. Happy Birthday Laurie! I almost spewed on my monitor as I know Charlotte in person, she lives a couple miles away from me. It was wonderful to see her get the accolades she deserves for her designs.

  37. Happy BD, That Laurie! Grand sweater, too. May I someday be blessed with the ability to spin so well, and have such beautiful results.

  38. Happy Birthday That Laurie! Lovely work! Plus, I can’t wait until your next post as I LOVE Nora Gaughan’s designs!!

  39. Many happy returns!! Love your guest blogging posts and I am going to the library today to pick up two of the knitting books you have mentioned.

  40. Happy Birthday, That Laurie! I’m wondering where in Maine you are… I also have gone to the Maine Fiber Frolic for the past two years and purchased fleece from the great vendors there. Your squiggles are beautiful and you have inspired me to try my hand at a yoke. Just hope the yoke is actually “on me” this time!

  41. Happy Birthday That Laurie. I love the way your sweater turned out and I was wondering how I could spin the yarn to create a color transition such as the one you displayed. Thanks for the insight.

  42. Those colors are amazing! I’m stunned with the loveliness of that sweater. (Stunned and blisteringly jealous if I’m being honest.) Happy Birthday!
    Oh, I’m a pear too. Recently I saw a MySpace group drawing challenge which was to draw catwoman. So many of the sexy catwomen were pear shaped that I lost count. I think we are finally in! (Sure it’s with the young crowd, but I don’t care. Sometimes I even wear clothes that -gasp- emphasize my shape.)

  43. Wow- you have the birthday, but we get the present. These are utterly gorgeous. Thank you so much, Laurie, for sharing them with us.
    And you have made me think wistfully about spinning even though I Do Not Need Any More Hobbies. Ever.
    Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day! Happy birthday-

  44. Happy Birthday, That Laurie! Last Friday was my birthday and if she were still with us, this would be my mother’s 93rd birthday – we’re in good company 🙂
    I do love your knitting. I’m not a spinner, but you make me wish I were. Heck, I just wish I were as good a knitter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. Happy Birthday, Laurie!!! A most auspicious day to be born, indeed. It is also my birthday! A wonderful year of happiness and exciting knitting projects to you 🙂

  46. A very Happy birthday to you! I am in awe of your wizardry with fiber, color, design and knitting (cue in music from the Wizard of Oz…”if I only had a brain”). Me, I am totally dependent upon the designs and math of others 🙁
    Looking forward to your next posting.

  47. Happy Birthday, Laurie!
    Beautiful sweater! As a fellow pear, I’ve avoided raglan sleeves for set-in, but now you have me considering the yoked sweater. They are very flattering.

  48. Happy Birthday That Laurie! And you are not a pear shape!
    Your guest columns are great. The sweaters are beautiful. So beautiful that I could wish for cooler weather here in the Deep South. I do have a cotton/ramie sweater and a linen sweater but no wool. People were wearing shorts last Christmas here in South Georgia.
    Cheers. Naomi

  49. Happy Birthday, That Laurie! And many happy returns! Love your work, especially the SYS with the Rainbow color shifts! Glorious works of art, I say!

  50. Happy birthday!
    Your guest blogs are reminding me that I have 2/3 of a silk/cashmere/merino sweater spun up and waiting for its last couple bobbins to come join it…

  51. Happy Birthday, Laurie! I’ve loved your guest blogs and I’ve even done some dyeing in nylons, though I haven’t spun it up yet. Meanwhile, I’ve been dyeing with natural dyes and now have pounds of colored rovings of all sorts. Your slow variegation with three plies is very timely, though I’m more tempted by the blending possibilities. So many choices!
    -Kate (also blogless)

  52. Happy Birthday, Laurie! I wish you many more. Your work is just delightful, and I can’t think of a better guest blogger.

  53. Happy, happy birthday, That Laurie! Hope you’ve had a day filled with love and goodies.
    Thanks for filling in for the Harlot! I’m really enjoying reading your posts, and am DROOLING over the yarn and sweater. Keep ’em coming!

  54. Happy Birthday Laurie!
    Your sweaters are truly an inspiration! I am now envisioning a twisted spiral yoke sweater for my mom with Kuryeon and a solid.
    Stephanie, you do us all such a favor with this blog, even when you have a guest writing it. And, if a dust buffalo tramples your stash, doesn’t that give you a reason to get more yarn?

  55. That’s lotsum Happy Birthdays! And here’s another Happy Birthday!!
    Thanks for coming back for round 2 🙂

  56. Such a coincidence. I came across this pattern in Knitters just last week and had decided to knit this. I was starting as per the pattern from the bottom up, but I would much prefer knitting from the top down. I now feel encouraged to start at the top and give it my best shot.
    Best wishes for your birthday.

  57. May I add my birthday felicitations to those already posted? Hope you are having a lovely birthday today. And as for that sweater, WELL…after drooling over your hand-spun, hand-dyed with scrumptious colours version of the Quiggle sweater, I went to my stash of back issues of Knitter’s and want to thank you for re-acquainting me with some classic designs. Interesting how one sees things with new eyes after many years of knitting since I first perused this issue!!
    Cheers (actually Double Cheers for your birthday!!), Barbie O.

  58. Happy Birthday, Laurie!
    I don’t dye or spin, but I love reading about your dying and spinning and the knits you create. It’s pure genius.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us and may you have a wonderful day!

  59. Happy Birthday! Today is a great day to have a birthday, it’s my husband’s also! And (AND) it’s our wedding anniversary (I’m no dummy, he hasn’t ever forgotten our anniversary!). I hope you have a wonderful birthday, best wishes.

  60. Happy Birthday Laurie! Here’s wishing you fleeces and yarn and spinning wheels and needles and all that is yarn-y (and otherwise desirable) on your birthday. Thanks for taking the time to guest blog for us. The colors on that sweater are so beautiful (purple and yellow is the one complimentary color scheme I can never seem to get quite right). It’s so fun to see how you did it! Even for those of us who don’t spin or dye (yet), it is so informative (and fun) to see how spinners/weavers/dyers work with color.

  61. Happy Birthday That Laurie! May all your days bring you the most wonderful ideas for beautiful sweaters, and may all your handspun always turn out the way you want it to.
    Enjoy your day!

  62. Happy Birthday Laurie!
    Your blogposts are always very interesting and nice to read. Thank you for sharing with us your discoveries and knowledge in the spinning art.
    I re-read the old posts about dyeing, and hope to be able soon to find more time for both arts.
    Enjoy you day
    xo from Switzerland

  63. Dang, that is a terrific looking sweater. I would love to make something as nice as this!
    And happy birthday! Thank you for all of the beautiful photos and useful posts!

  64. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. I stand (sit, actually) in awe of your handspun sweaters. You may give tutorials, lady, but no one can spin and knit (and dye!) like you do.

  65. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THAT LAURIE!!! What a beautiful sweater! If I can spin half as good as that one day, I’ll consider myself accomplished!

  66. Happy Birthday That Laurie! As much as I love reading Stephanie’s adventures I always look forward to the end of her book writing process (sorry Steph) because I know you will be visiting and bringing us something beautifully coloured as well as educational. I hope your day is as lovely as that sweater!

  67. Happy Birthday! And many more so you can keep entertaining and delighting us with your beautiful knitting. Now I want to make one (or more) of those Spiral Sweaters.

  68. Many Happy Returns That Laurie!
    Oh, I wish I was as talented as you when it comes to creating jumpers. I’m in awe.

  69. A Very Happy Birthday Laurie!! As always your sweaters are amazingly beautiful and awe inspiring. I have really enjoyed your tutorials this week ( and in the past) and find myself wanting to try one out. The timing was perfect as I’ll be taking a class on Bohus Stickning at WEBS on Sunday- more yoke sweatery goodness.

  70. That Laurie – Happy Birthday to you and many more to come. Your guest blogs are always so enjoyable and informative. Thanks for the time and care that you put into them.

  71. Happy birthday, and I LOVE the sweater. But please tell us, how do you do the shirttail hem? I think it’s very flattering on those of us that have more than we would like in that area. Do tell!

  72. I’m absolutely in love with that sweater! Not to mention the hand-dyed, handspun variegate yarn you used for it. Happy Birthday, That Laurie.

  73. Birthday Blessings, That Laurie! May your yarn never tangle, may you ALWAYS have just the right amount, may those obnoxious squirrels that bother Stephanie stay far away from you. Many thanks for all your inspirations!

  74. Hippo Birdie two ewes
    Hippo Birdie two ewes
    Hippo Birdie deer Laurie
    Hippo Birdie two ewes.
    Whadda’ ya want from me? It has sheep in it ;o)
    Thanks for guest blogging!
    P.S. Your birthday is the same as my BFF. It is a great day to be born!

  75. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – what a great friend you are to guest blog and it is so interesting too. Hope you had the bestest (and yes that IS a word) bday ever!

  76. Happy Birthday, That Laurie. Thanks so much for your guest blogs – it’s really interesting. And inspiring for a relatively new knitter. 🙂

  77. Happy, Happy Birthday! Your sweaters are absolutely dazzling, and I have enjoyed your blog entries very much.

  78. Happy Birthday Laurie.
    You are truly a master of the yarn, though it may not always *feel* that way. 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing your artistry with us.
    I LOVE how your sweaters mirror your beautiful smile. (even in the photo you aren’t smiling)
    How funny, I never thought about sweaters smiling at people before but yours definitely do!
    Love and Laughter,

  79. Happy Birthday That Laurie!!!! You have amazing talent and mad knitting skillz! Why don’t you have a blog!!!! I’d be reading you everyday!

  80. Hippo Birdie,Two Ewes
    Hippo Birdie,Two Ewes
    Hippo Birdie Dear Laurie
    Hippo Birdie,Two Ewes!
    The traditional Mead family birthday song, Repeat from the moment of birthday person arising and continue at random, obnoxious intervals until the person goes to bed.
    May no stash weasels tangle your yarn.

  81. Happy Birthday That Laurie! Thanks so much for your guest blogs. I learn so much from them. Your skill is amazing.

  82. Happy Birthday, That Laurie!
    Your fibery exploits leave me with a strange compulsion to learn how to spin. And dye. And (lately) knit a yoked sweater.
    Hope you have a great day!

    Oh, and, gosh, what GORGEOUS sweaters! And I LOVE the shirttail hem – I’d love to know how to add that to sweaters that don’t have them in the pattern.

  84. Hope your birthday is a special one, That Laurie! We appreciate your sharing with us both knowledge and photos of your breathtaking sweaters!
    And I, too, am a member of the pear-shaped knitters who love your shirt-tail hems.
    Happy birthday,
    ~ Dar

  85. Happy Birthday, Laurie! I’ve LOVED your posts about your yoke sweaters. I’m inspired!! Thank you for sharing such a nice gift on YOUR birthday!

  86. Hippo Bird Day to Ewe! (from a rabid Sandra Boynton fan).
    Loving the guest blogging – I am a fiend for color and have been thinking about doing some long repeat dyeing. Your results are smashing!
    And in the spirit of EZ, to Steph: Write On! We are cheering for you.
    Remember, chocolate and coffee are both inspirational.

  87. Happy Birthday, Laurie!
    And *wow*. That is some of the most beautiful marled handspun I’ve ever seen! (I’m picky about marled yarns. [g] Not too keen on most of them, but I love yours!) The color shifting was impressive enough before reading about the spinning. Brava! That sweater is not only gorgeous, but it’s such a wonderful way to put more than one color in it. Thanks much for the great post with all the details – again. 😉
    Stephanie, hang in there!

  88. Happy Birthday!
    All your spinning and glorious sweaters really make me drool. I have to stop though, I don’t think the silk top likes it wet.
    Glorious birthday to you!

  89. Happy Birthday Laurie!!! You share a bday with another esteemed knitter… me 🙂 haha! Hope your birthday was great!

  90. Happy bday! I wish I could wear yellow… I’m Asian, which makes me kinda yellow-ish too, so it’s weird if I wear yellow, orange, or red. Pink is okay, but I want to try that sweater in pink, blue, and purple as the color changes and black as the body.

  91. OMG!! I don’t usually like yellow, but that color combo was so beautiful. I am in awe of the way you plied everything and had such a beautiful color pattern. I’m trying to learn to spin *and not having much luck*. You’ve inspired me to try and get lessons again.

  92. I love the sweater & today is my husband’s birthday also..Happy Birthday Laurie!!!
    Keep up the great blogging..and looking forward to the new book!!!

  93. Happy Birthday That Laurie! We nearly share – mine is Sunday! Thank you for blogging so that Dear Harlot can finish another wonderful tome for us!

  94. Many happy returns of the day, Laurie. :o) Auspicious day, this one. You share with both my baby (turned two today), and Amy King’s littlest one. Hope it was wonderful! (And that sweater is gorgeous. Wish I could see it IRL . . . )

  95. Another Birthday Greeting from Texas, That Laurie. And sincere appreciation for the gifts of your knowledge, talents, and inspiration that you have shared with us.

  96. From the Land of Cheese and Merriment: Happy Birthday, That Laurie! May your bread be buttered on BOTH sides for the whole of the year, and laughter, delight, prosperity, tranquility and hearty health fill each one of the days of this year for you.

  97. Happy Birthday That Laurie 🙂
    The purple yoked jumper is awesome. I’m looking forward to tomorrow – I love Norah Gaughan’s designs.

  98. Convivialiddel– you can wear any color you want to, as long as you keep the unflattering ones away from your face.
    The rest of you– what’s wrong with pears? Do you now any other fruit that’s better to poach in port and drench in caramel?

  99. Happy Birthday Laurie!!! That sweater is just lovely! The colors are great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  100. Happy birthday Laurie! The sweater is amazing for a fact! Could you explain this “design singles with color changes at offset intervals” just a wee bit for us new spinners ….. hwo did you do that?

  101. Happy Birthday Laurie! Wow, 35, how time flies! I hope you had a great day. Thanks for the guest blogging, your technical savvy astounds me!

  102. 1.) Happy Birthday to That Laurie! Enjoy your natal day, you only get one a year!
    2.) Okay, yes, I can see the overwhelming orange at the top, but as a whole, that jumper looks fabulous! I want one!

  103. Happy Birthday a day late. I also live in Maine – Hermon – near Bangor. Just bought my first fleece at the Common Ground Fair.(an island fleece – female – extremely clean and very white when washed. If you are in the Bangor area, we have 2 spinning groups. Bangor Spinners meets monthly in the evening and a new group in Orono that meets at Fiberphilia(yarn store) every Friday. Your spinning and sweaters are lovely.

  104. Hi Laurie,
    I *love* that you’ve turned me into a VERB! And I love your sweater–very cool doing it top-down! You’ve now inspired *me* so spin up some yarn w/long color changes and make another Ribbing is no Yoke.
    Thanks for the memories of a favorite design.
    Charlotte Quiggle, who’s off to SOAR next weekend!

  105. Happy Birthday Laurie! You are a fabulous knitter, and I am enjoying your blogs. Thanks for filling in.

  106. Just wanted to reassure you about your brain.
    As a former writing teacher, I learned that writing does not occur best in chronological order. There’s an idea generating stage, and an editing stage, both of which are usally repeated. Often, writing the introduction and the final title come at the end of the process.

  107. Not being a spinner and having no ambitions to become one, I cannot build a sweater in exactly the same way you did. But it seems to me one could accomplish more-or-less the same color result by using three strands of sock yarn in appropriate colors and held together. This method also has the advantage, important to one as lazy as I, that the sweater would be machine washable, although sadly it would never approach yours in sheer fiber yumminess (yummosity?).
    And happyhappyhappy birthday! May your colors be perfect and your yarn equally so!

  108. Thank you, they plying information is very helpful! I am about to start a project with similar effect with natural wool colors and I’ll jst copy your technique!
    Happy belated birthday!!!!

  109. September 28 is my birthday too (1955…). You do amazing work! Wish my Libra self was that talented!
    I love the color work and particularly love the segment on the pentagons.
    Happy belated birthday! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely cutting back eating and upping the exercise after this weekend’s eating spree…

  110. Happy Belated Birthday Laurie. This sweater is an absolute beauty and the work that went into is amazing. I enjoyed reading about your process.

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