quickly quickly

Sorry guys, Joe and I had a business meeting today that sucked up most of my day so I don’t really have time to post, but on my way out the door I realized that if I didn’t post today you would all think the wee leaves had put me right over the edge, and I didn’t want the knitters version of a SWAT team blasting in here around suppertime to rescue me. I am fine. I am still knitting little leaves, but it has not cost me my sanity just yet. (As a matter of fact, I am still having a lovely time, and last night when I took my sweater to knit night instead of the little leaves…. I missed them passionately.)

I also wanted to thank those of you who have emailed to see if we’re ok and let you know that we’re totally fine. There was indeed a really big windstorm here, but we had a new roof when it started, and (as far as I know) we’ve still got the whole thing. We aren’t even any of the thousands of people on Ontario without power, and we actually had the good luck to be on the right side of the street last night when the people across the way had theirs go out yesterday afternoon. The worst troubles we had was that I was held up on a streetcar last night because of re-routing due to “falling debris” (but I had my knitting, so who cares) and the tree in our back garden lost several branches. Considering that many of our neighbours lost trees, we’re really feeling rather lucky. (I suspect our tree does not concur. Best not to mention it.)