Random Monday

1. This morning the furnace wasn’t working again, and I thumped the thermostat in frustration and the whole furnace came on.

It was exactly like being some sort of domestic Fonz or something. Good times.

2. Joe is away for a week. This leaves me more time to work, but removes the only other moderating effect in the house. I have told the kids to be extra nice to me while Joe is away, since it’s really only his presence that keeps me from killing them some days.

3. I have reknit the amoeba like opening in the toe of the vintage sock. The designer, Lisa, left me a comment when I said it looked like an amoeba, saying that I shouldn’t rip it because hers looked like an amoeba too, and the amoebaness of the whole hole is moderated by sewing in the leaf.

4. I ripped it back anyway, because it wasn’t just an amoeba, it was a badly knit amoeba.


5. It’s better now.

6. Last night I worked on sewing in the leaf for an hour. By the time that I had ripped it back and done it a bizillion times it was midnight and I realized that I had to either stop and try again when I was better rested, or start up with some strong drink.

7. I went to bed. I figured that the only thing worse than knitting a terrible amoeba toe hole and then sewing in a leaf like ass was knitting an amoeba toe hole and sewing in a leaf like ass and then waking up with a hangover. I consider the decision to go to bed and try again today a sign of my improving maturity, and my ability to learn from previous knits created under the influence.

8. It is still not going very well.


9. This may end in strong drink after all, but I am going to try the judicious application of patience and language unbecoming a knitter first.

10. Again. I feel this is mature. (Do you think there’s something wrong with me for enjoying a knit-challenge so much?)