Leaves are the new black

1. I love the leaves.


2. There may be no stopping with the leaves.


3. Ken said I should take a picture with a penny or something so that everyone could tell what the size of the leaves were.


4. There are leaves on a penny. They are maple leaves. A healthy mature maple tree has about 200 000 leaves. This project only feels like 200 000 leaves.


5. I have knit 18 out of 34 leaves. These are grape leaves. I don’t know how many grape leaves there are on a grape vine.


6. It only takes 17 leaves for one sock, so I started the first sock. (I can keep knitting leaves part-time.)

7. The sock toe has a “leaf hole” that you sew one of the leaves into, but I knit it really, really badly, and it’s sort of more the shape of an amoeba, not a leaf.


8. I am going to rip it out.

9. I might knit a few leaves before I try again.

10. No, I feel fine – why do you ask?