Off to the train in a minute, to go to Kingston (Chapters, 2376 Princess Street, for an event at 6:00, please come if you’re around). I love the train. Adore it. I think it’s the most civilized form of travel around. Even in coach (which is how I am always going) there is space and big windows and you don’t have to make other people get up if you have to go to the loo. (I hate that about airplanes.) It’s very good knitting time too. I’m still deciding what to take with me for this short hop. I’ve got the beaded scarf, the Bleeding Hearts stole/scarf….

The only thing I don’t have is some idiot knitting. It’s the trouble with lace, or at least the lace I’m knitting, is that I need to look at the chart the whole time, thus making it great train knitting, but terrible walking/talking/waiting knitting. You can’t just whip it out of your bag and whip off a few stitches right there. I think I need a sock.

In other news, the Adamas Shawl is finally off the blocking wires. (I use these ones, and love them.) It took forever to dry, since it’s been so rainy and yucky in Toronto since I got back. It’s still crappy out, so the pictures aren’t the best. I’ll take more when I have time and the sun shines. (Also, it is too windy. Lace is too light to be properly posed in the wind.)


I’m very happy with it, especially the yarn. It’s Knitpicks Shadow Lace yarn in a colour called “campfire” (I think. I don’t see it there though…I wonder if it’s a discontinued colour? If so, there’s a shame.) It took about 1.5 skeins, and the pattern was free, so here we have a $6 shawl. That amuses the cheap knitter within me to no end.


Gotta leave for the train. See you in Kingston! (Well maybe not you, but a knitter just like you. You know what I mean.)