Better late than never

That’s what I’m telling myself as I realize that Claudia’s ride for MS is upon us, I just looked at the date and did a big (*&^%$!!. I’ve failed to both donate a prize, (though I did help Rachel) and to send her my donation… and I didn’t remind you to send yours if you haven’t yet. Claudia does this every year, and last year she raised so much money that this year, she and her husband were going to wear the #1 in the race. Then, in the week that Joe broke his foot (he’s back down to just a brace now… very good) Claudia’s husband smashed the daylights out of his, taking him out of the race. All appeared to be lost, until knitter Michele stepped up to the rescue and team knits-a-lot surged forward.

Knitters Against MS

This year they have so many prizes in the raffle that I can’t hardly even tell you about it. (Go look here, it’s incredible what’s going on.) and if you donate, you get a shot at winning some fantastic stuff for every $10 you put in (although I’m sure that you would donate even if you didn’t get a prize. Knitters are like that.) I’m going to email Claudia my donation and the stuff about my prizes (which is three copies of my page a day calendar, which is so new that hardly nobody should have it, and a whack of yarn.)

It’s a really great cause, really great knitters changing the world, and it would be really awesome if you donated and blew their goal entirely out of the water. (Like, right away, on account of the ride is in the morning, but you can still donate until Sunday morning. Better hustle.) A thousand thanks for even considering helping them.