This here, would be the knitting-packing that I’m doing for leaving tomorrow.  \

The bag on the left would be the Bohus, which seems to me like it’s perfect travel project… once I’m settled. 

(I have a sock for the plane, because juggling 14 little balls of yarn and a chart seems like a bit much.)  On the right though, is a pretty awesome bag full of fun, or I hope it will be.  I’ve decided to take Rachel H’s comment to heart.  When I was pondering whether or not the Knitting Olympics were something I wanted to do/host this year, she said this:

So here’s what I’m thinking. I enjoy Ravelry a great deal and think highly of the nice people who run it. And sure it’s a great venue for large group participation. No question. I know of groups using the Ravelympics as an opportunity to set up teams for spinning challenges, crochet challenges, all sorts of challenges.

But. The Knitting Olympics is The Knitting Olympics. An event that you conceived that takes place every for years in conjunction with the Winter Olympics. My first opportunity to call you up regularly to wonder what the hell you’d gotten me into. I have a whole whack of special memories associated with the first one. I got my first cardigan, a cardigan I love out of the first one, albeit not by the time the torch was extinguished.

It seems I’ve developed a taste for (and a lot of practice with) asking you what the hell you’ve gotten me into, so when the Olympic torch is lit in Vancouver I shall cast on as a Knitting Olympian. I’m gonna come here and let you now how I’m doing with my Olympic project (whatever it is) a whole lot. And I’m really hoping that whether you decide to make it official and track it for anyone else or not (because I am the last person who wants to add to your workload), you re-post January 14, 2006 (except for the choice of sweater, no matter how appealing it is to set a challenge knit with the word ‘danger’ in the pattern name) set and lead an Olympic challenge and invite others to join in the madness here.

So that, my friends is pretty much what I am going to do.  In that bag is my sweater.  I’m going to re-post the original challenge (found here) and on February 12th, I am going to start Whistler. 

A Dale of Norway Olympic sweater from a few years ago, because darn it, it has a big honking maple leaf on it, and they’re going to be skiing at Whistler at these Olympics and I’m just so proud that it’s my fantastic country that will be showing the world a good time, because dudes.  We. Know. Winter.

I can’t figure out for the life of me how I could find the time to list all your names on a page like I did last time, but it has occurred to me that in this day and age there is an excellent chance that a knitter reading this is just geeky enough to help with some sort of auto-script thingie where y’all could enter your own stuff and get listed.  Cool?  I think so.  If you’re my geek, speak up – I’d love the help.  I’m hoping some of the usual suspects will turn up, and one of the usual suspects already has.  I’ve spoken with the esteemed Mr. Franklin Habit, and he’ll be providing us with a kick-arse medal, just like the last time. Feel free to drop by that link and thank or encourage him. (This is because he is pretty much made of seven sorts of awesome.  As is his book .  Just saying. For the record, he has not promised an awesome nekkid’ guy like last the previous medal but we can all hope.)

So that’s it.  Game on.  Who’s in?

930 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Me! Can’t believe I just wrote that. Hey…I wanted to be first, but I couldn’t get “Comments”. Does that count?

  2. Not having been a knitter for the last Olympics, I have looked at this event with envy – so I am definitely in. Without sounding like too much of a novice, however, what exactly are the rules?

  3. Count me in! Gonna work on my sweater, that has been languishing since Christmas. Stornaway, by Alice Starmore.

  4. Your knitting amazes me. I have hand issues, so can’t commit to finishing something big on a schedule, but I’ll sure try something small!

  5. I’m in and excited. The yarn is here. Swatching has commenced for Irish Moss, by Alice Starmore. Bring on the crazy.

  6. I’m in!! I participated the last time and it was great. I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet, but probably a lace shawl….they’re the most challenging for me.

  7. A Canadian saying y’all. You *are* well traveled, hon! I love it. Have a good trip, and I’m picturing you creating a knitted version of Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag.

  8. Swatching on the Haruni shawl for my personal Olympic challenge, using the BEST yarn in my stash (the stuff that I have kept in double plastic bags because otherwise it would be destroyed by all the times that I have stroked it).
    Have a great weekend getaway, Steph. Sounds like you really need it!

  9. I’m IN!
    As long as the knitting-induced tendonitis that is currently preventing my from bending my middle finger has abated.
    (And, yes, the permanently extended middle finger did make me wonder if my fellow drivers thought I was flipping everyone off as I cruised down the road!)
    My project will be finishing four sweaters started over the last couple of years.

  10. I’m game (pun intended)! I’m making my mom a beaded lace shawl. This is my first attempt at “real” lace (ie. something that requires blocking afterwards) and we’ve already made substitutions to yarn because we couldn’t find what the pattern called for. But my mom picked the pattern and the yarn, so…here’s to new endeavours! (Mad swatching to commence this weekend, to see how much fingering weight cotton changes the pattern from the lace-weight wool it suggested…)

  11. I don’t know why, but I want to do this. Not sure, yet, what I’ll do. Maybe the mohair blanket I’ve been promising myself for the last four years.

  12. Sounds like fun (and madness) count me in!
    Out of curiosity, do you have a favorite yarn for knitting that kind of Norwegian color work out of?

  13. I’m in! I’m knitting Redhook by Jared Flood (Made in Brooklyn) with Briar Rose BFL Glory Days (how is that for name dropping?). I’m also tracking this with the Briar Rose team on Ravelry. I’d pick a second project, but (ahem) I’ll be spending a week of the Olympics in Florida and I think the heat, rum drinks, and 24/7 schedule with my family are all the additional challenges I’ll need.

  14. Woo-hooooooo! I’m pondering Sarah Swett’s Kestrals Alight Kimono. Been wanting to do it for years, but I’ve never done an entire stranded sweater. I may be insane…thanks for that, BTW!

  15. I’m in. And committed to the Babette Blanket, even though I KNOW it’s crochet, I love it. It stops, starts, it’s big, it’s little, the yarn is ordered. I am a champion!!!!! See y’all at the finish line!

  16. Hmm, I’m going to have to think on this one. I don’t qualify for the Knitting Olympics on the project I’m concentrating on this month (sock club socks) because I’ve already started and I’m not sure I can handle another challenge. I’ll contemplate my options.

  17. I’m hoping to join in the fun. I must find a project that fits the yarn I have already. I do have a lotta yarn!

  18. Pretty please, may I be excused … that looks way too much angst for me at the moment with my Alzheimer’s afflicted mother being a bit “challengin” … but I am happy to make another donation to MSF as a forfeit, and sit in the crowd cheering whilst working on smaller more portable projects, like socks!
    Brilliant Idea … excellent project, and may Canada kiss butt!

  19. I’m in. Went to Tibet last year and since then have acquired yak yarn. I have enough to make a Classic Elite Yarns Wicked Eyelet Vest – 7 charts!! I will do this while rooting for the Tibetan team to win gold. One day its gonna happen :>)

  20. I’m in. Going to make a beautiful cabled vest. the first thing, other than one lousy scarf, that I have ever made for me. I am surrounded by family and friends who are adorned with my knitwear, and now I’m going to make this for myself. Going to read the rules to see if I’m allowed to swatch right now 🙂

  21. ps I know I could be a cheat and knit something I know I could finish in 16 days … but then it wouldn’t be a stretch and it wouldn’t be Olympian.
    But I shall be supportive and will cheer! I will wear the official team smile and snarl at appropriate moments …
    I am with you!

  22. Because you’ve laid down the gauntlet-let the games begin!! I have no idea what I’ll do but I have a week to figure it out.

  23. I’m in — even though my project for the 2006 Knitting Olympics was a sweater for a person who is now no longer my boyfriend. He did take the sweater with him when he left, which I guess is some consolation…

  24. As a transplanted Canadian, I am definitely in. And I need a sweater for my dad’s birthday in March, seems like it’s made to happen.

  25. I’m in. Designing and knitting a ‘pin-striped suit’ for a teddy bear from Trekking XXL. I expect a lot of trial and error.
    If it goes really well and I finish that, I’ll start work on something for Knit A Square.

  26. I’m in too. Yay! You did it. I will be knitting on the bus back and forth from Vancouver to Whistler as I am also volunteering much of the time up at the cross country ski area. Hurray for knitters!!

  27. I’m TOTALLY IN. And like Rachel H, I had decided that I was “in” even if there weren’t Olympics to *be* “in.”
    So double yay for you both … and for the geeky knitter who is going to solve the “signup” problem, whoever he or she is!

  28. OMG you are doing it again . I almost hoped you wouldn’t, at least for my sake. The last time I wanted to feel part of the whole fantasical goings on and decided I would attempt for the first time, a felted bag that really did get done BUT when it was felted , after almost ruining the washing machine with fluff ((I was warned to put the thing in a pillow case and didn’t ) it came out looking like a yoga mat carrier and discouraged me from trying another felted project. OH MY –this itme hmmmm I haven’t decided yet but it will be something simple maybe tried and true. GOOD luck with the Whistler . Leave it to you to come up with such an appropriate project for the Olympics.

  29. got so excited about the knitting olympics and volunteering that I forgot to say- great choice of sweater, Stephanie. The one Dale released this year is not as Canadian. I am going to do “Pretty Thing” so I can keep my neck warm as I volunteer in the snow and cold.

  30. Mememememe! I found out about the last one 2 days after it was over! I’ve been trying for weeks to decide between Samus (basic cardigan w/ some cabling) in cobalt blue that I’ll definitely probably finish, Balmorel (lace – tablecloth that I’m going to use as a shawl) that I’ll definitely probably not finish, or just finishing several of the things that have been cluttering up my UFO list that I really want to get done. Hmmm

  31. I wouldn’t have my gorgeous Icelandic shawl if it wasn’t for you four years ago. This year I’m signing up with another gorgeous shawl 🙂

  32. I kinda put my knitting on hold since the baby was born eight months ago. I only made her a pumpkin hat for the festival back in October… but today, I did buy some yarn (maybe I knew you were going to make me an Olympian?)!

  33. De-lurking to say games on! Now to find the funds for the project I have in mind–this is going to be so much fun. Thanks for taking this on.

  34. I will be cheering you all on- I am carrying 18 credits this semester along with the family and work stuff. So with heavy heart I will promise myself that the next Olympics will be mine!!
    Bon Chance mes Amis!!!(forgive my bad high school french)
    I shall be cheering for you all.

  35. I’m in. I bought a Hanne Falkenberg kit (Blues 3) for this(Winter Knitting Olympics) last summer in Copenhagen. Thought at one point I’d translate the Danish (Ha!) but instead the wonderful ladies of Sommerflugen sent an English version to me. I too will be casting on at Madrona. Love the Whistler sweater though….I’ll do one someday!

  36. Stephanie,
    Yes, Yes, Yes, I’m IN! As a former Olympic Knitter in the 2006 games, and the *winner* of the coveted Golden Needles at the Closing Ceremony I’m glad you’re doing this again.

  37. Count me in, you persuasive woman. I’ll just make it something small so I can actually finish it with work and school and prepping for the new babe.

  38. I’m in — I’m knitting something straight-forward, but BIG. The thought of watching the Olympics while slowly creating a blanket on my lap just sounds too delicious to pass up.
    (FWIW, I entered the Ravelympics in 2008 pretty much by myself. I just did the tags, set myself the challenge, and finished. So it’s entirely possible to do that thing without any sort of crowd atmosphere at all.
    This time, a very small group of us have a very small team. But again, there’s nothing particularly large about it. Except the blanket. The blanket is going to be big.)

  39. I’m in. I’m going to knit Bluebird Shawl by Designs by Romi. A thousand yards of lace with beads.

  40. I’m in! I’m knitting the Hemlock Ring blanket for my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. It’ll be great to get it done well in advance of when it needs to be gifted! (March 15)

  41. Oh…I’ve been waiting and hoping for this! I’m in! Central Park Hoodie. First sweater in years, and definitely a challenge for me to do in 16 days. But maybe possible since it doesn’t have buttons or a zipper to futz around with.

  42. Sure. I’ll have plenty of time during the DC Snowpocalypse to figure out what to knit! (Sinking feeling of WTHAID*? already at hand…)

  43. I am so IN that I convinced my husband we needed to install cable TV for the month of Feb so that we could share the olympics with our wee ones – educational opportunity and all that…but (shhhhhhh) really it’s about having Olympic spirit in the house while I knit my arse off!

  44. I’ve been hoping you would be doing this again. I’m in. Not sure what I’m knitting yet, but I have a few days.

  45. I’m in, too. It may be my opportunity to finally do lace. My new hip should be mostly healed by then, so maybe, without pain meds, I can concentrate enough to follow directions.
    Or, maybe a spinning event. My DH finally assembled my first wheel, a combo birthday/Christmas gift from the family. Nowhere locally for lessons, but I bought the Start Spinning and Drafting DVDs from Interweave. I wonder what an appropriate challenge would be.
    It was a brilliant, blazing orange wool you spun a couple or four years ago, which spun into something so much more muted and interesting that hooked me on the spinning.

  46. I too will de-lurk to join in the fun. I somehow missed all the excitement in 2006 and was *hoping* that there would be a 2010 Knitting Olympics to join – Thank you! Now to pick the challenge – I mean project…..

  47. I’m in! Picked out my project (Aeolian) and bought the yarn and beads. I’ve just been waiting to see whether you were doing it or not. Even if you weren’t, I was participating with you in spirit. (Does that even make sense?)

  48. Oh, I am SO in. I’ve knit exactly two sweaters (both the same pattern) in my life – for the last Knitting Olympics. This time, I’m going for two more because my girls have outgrown those old ones. But to up the ante, I’ll be doing a different pattern for each, one that’s knit with two strands of yarn, and one that involves colorwork. Oh yeah, and we’ll be selling Girl Scout cookies the whole time, too. Thanks, Stephanie!

  49. Just a thought: GoogleDocs is a great way to create a spreadsheet entry form that anyone can edit.
    Now, I just need to pick a project…

  50. I’m in. I think I will start on my Autumn Rose….no clue if I will finish in time, but hey, might as well start.

  51. I have a suggestion for keeping tabs on everyone in the Knitting Olympics – You can sign up for a free account, and anyone else who cares to get an account can log in to your wiki and add their info at will. You can make as many sub-pages as you like, and there is a discussion board as well. You can even add pictures to the pages! 🙂

  52. Yay! I am so in. I don’t even understand,at all,on any level how the Ravelry one works. I’ve tried. Really. But telling one lady how I’m doing I can handle.Thank you so much.

  53. Definitely in! It’s the closest I get to being a pretend Canadian (sigh)! Socks . . . so maybe I’ll get the second one done as quickly as the first for once. Usual timeline? First sock 4 days, second sock about 6 months (just long enough to forget how I diddled the pattern with the first one).

  54. Heck yeah I’m in. Not sure yet what I’ll be casting on- but bring on the skaters and lugers and tall skinny ski jumpers. Hey now I’m even excited to see that rock they run around with brooms- don’t they call it curling? This time I WILL get a medal.

  55. I’m in…and while it may not seem like much to others, I’m going to do a pair of socks (because I find them challenging and fun)…need to go and find me some self patterning yarn (because that’s the most fun of all) so I have it ready next Friday for the Opening Ceremony.
    I know. I know. Two socks…two weeks, but it just may be something I have a chance of completing (Now, where did I put those DPS?).

  56. delurking to sound off — I’m in. Don’t know what I’m knitting yet, but challenge on!!!

  57. Socks…gotta be socks (primarily because they never bore me, but secondarily because I have a *very small* chance of actually completing the pair over the course of the two weeks. (I’m just not that good a knitter…self taught).
    I’ll brave the snows tomorrow and see if I can find some self-patterning yarn, because that is the most fun of all to use.

  58. Woo hoo! Totally in. Had originally planned an alpaca sweater, but the money I’d saved up for that project told me it would rather go to Haiti, so the new project is a pair of socks for my size-15 father, and if I manage to do that, completing as many of my other SIP (socks-in-progress) as possible. As a 3-year-old knitter who missed last time, I could not be more excited!

  59. For setting up a list of links, I’ve used MckLinky from
    It’s a free way to set up a list where people can enter their own links that will appear in your post. I’ve had good luck with it.
    Your blog is so much bigger than mine that you might want to shoot them an email to make sure it will scale. But the guy who developed that list seems really nice and helpful, and the tool is easy for people to use.
    Good luck!

  60. I’m in!!! I’m absolutely chomping at the bit waiting for the Olympics to start. I love, love, love the winter olympics. And I missed the Knitting Olympics last time.

  61. I had been hoping that you would do the Knitting Olympics again. I have a shawl to finish which was started by a dear old friend before her death a few years ago. (Would that qualify) The shawl is about 2/3 complete but has rows that have unravelled. I’d have to do a gauge swatch, etc. It will definitely be a big challenge for me.

  62. I’m in.
    You have no idea what that really means, I’m sure, but let’s just say my Ravelry name is AimeeCrochets, and my blog doesn’t have a ‘knitting’ category. (Yet.)
    However. DH came home from a baseball stadium event last weekened with two sets of free bamboo needles (promoting Stitch N Pitch). I have more than enough yarn. And I have the internet to teach me how. So I WILL do my very-first-ever official cast on (I’ll practice a smidge first) during the opening ceremonies and finish something…a scarf, maybe? Seems the most likely! 😉

  63. OK, I’m in… I’ll need to toss my stash to find the appropriate project… when does it start?

  64. I’m in! I don’t know what I’m going to knit, but this is going to be fun! Thanks for doing this!

  65. I’m in too! It wouldn’t be the same without the Harlot leading the charge.
    I’m going to knit as many hats as I can for soldiers at Ft Carson Army Base. I’ve got 8 skeins and want to use every inch 🙂

  66. In! My First Big Lace project, is how I’m challenging myself. I have lace butterflies. But I believe I can do it. I’m going to do Jared Flood’s ‘Bridgewater’ in Madeline Tosh lace in a silver gray color. I have *just* enough yarn, so there is an added degree of difficulty.
    PS Geekheart just gave me a belated xmas present. Unknown to me, he bought me a knitting charm bracelet at Stitches South, April 2009, and put it away, in a place so very secure that he forgot about it. He just found it while looking for printer cartridges, and gave it to me. Awww.

  67. me me me! I have a scarf pattern that I can totally complete in 16 days—its just the sticking to the knitting that will be a challenge!
    Oh boy!

  68. I’m in — for my new project I will cast on my very first pair of adult size socks. Definitely a challenge for me!

  69. In! Mittens. No, sweater. No, mittens.
    Wait, it would be complete insanity to add dyeing the yarn to the mix, wouldn’t it?

  70. This Vermonter is ready with yarn, needles and pattern chosen. Hard to keep from jumping the starting gun…Maybe a swatch? Knitting Olympics and Canadian TV (better coverage, way better, than ours). Can’t wait for the opening ceremonies…

  71. I’m totally in! I’m going to attempt the Freyja sweater from Interweave Knits Fall 2009, my first colourwork sweater and the smallest gauge I’ve done a sweater in yet.
    Hope someone can help you out with the auto-script thing-y.
    I’ll be sitting at home, proudly watching our Canadian athletes and knitting my heart out (oh, and studying, since midterms don’t accept “I was knitting for the Knitting Olympics” as an excuse for failing…)

  72. I was hoping you’d do this again as this will be my first time. I’m going to try the Baby Surprise Jacket.

  73. I’m in. I understand how this one works. Whistler may not be in my country but it is in my backyard so to speak. I’m looking forward to the opening ceremonies because I’m counting on there beingh Button blankets, Cowichan sweaters, and BAGPIPES!!! Don’t know why but I always tear up at O Canada and Austrialia Fair. Maybe I’m a Commonwealth at heart.
    Now what to cast on?

  74. Wheeee! I started my blog 4 years ago for the Knitting Olympics. I was quickly sidelined, so I’m excited for another chance at an Olympic medal. This year is my year. I can feel it.

  75. Whoohoo! Game on!
    I’ll be finishing a Moderne Log Cabin blanket for the Ravelympics (it already fits a full size mattress but needs 36,000+ stitches more, as well as an I-cord border), but I need a travelling project, so for the Knitting Olympics, I’ll be finishing my Wearable Art Stockings from Meg Swansen’s Sock Summit class. (Meg touched my foot, well, the stocking on my foot. I’m still geeked about that.) I think it’s my best project to celebrate two crazy things you started, which have given me some great memories. Thanks!
    On y va!

  76. AH! I’m not good enough to win the gold, but i want a naked man medal pretty badly.
    Maybe if the bohus hat i ordered comes in time . . . and i smoke some meth i can do this.

  77. I’m in. Decided I’ll do both the Ravelympics and the Knitting Olympics. I remember four years ago when I had only been knitting since July and I decided to take part in the knitting olympics. I made my first sweater and it sucked arse, but it’s still got lots of fun memories behind it!

  78. I’ve been debating about this, but it just didn’t seem right as this almost knock-off thing on Ravelry (even though I *love* Ravelry). So glad you’re challenging us all again. I’m in. I have no idea what my project will be, but I’m in! (Don’t worry about posting names, or adding any extra stress to your life over this, though!)

  79. Oh yes! Knitting Olympics! I was going to do this anyways because your original Olympics seemed like such fun so I’ve got a project planned already! (It’s the deep in the forest mittens – my first mittens and my first stranded knitting!) I’m glad you’ve decided to carry on the challenge. (and glad you’ve figured out a way to get others to help so it’s not a burden on you!) It will be great fun to watch you knit that sweater. We’re expecting frequent updates and pictures! I’m excited!

  80. I’m in. I’m too introverted to join the big groups in the Ravolympics (except Introverts who Knit), so I’m going to start my EZ aran pullover (that should have been done in January) and enter that here. And knit quietly — and fast.
    M in M

  81. Me, me, me!! I’m in. I’ve got my yarn, I’ll have my pattern (once it’s done being written, but that’s another story), I’m pretty sure I’ve got the needles. I’m clearing my knitting decks by finishing projects this weekend, so I’m in like Flynn, baby! Glad you’re doing it 🙂

  82. Well, I will give it a go. Not totally sure what I’ll be casting on, but I’ll decide before Tuesday as I’m leaving for Calgary that night and won’t be coming home until Valentine’s Day – definitely need to decide and take the yarn and needles along with me! 🙂

  83. Oh Yes! I’m pulling out the Highland Triangle I started last time! And I’m going to finish it! (I think I can manage picking up the edging stitches this time) In Mom’s handspun.
    Hope the m*ths didn’t get there.

  84. Did you have to make it sound so fun? I’ve already got a Dale of Norway on the needles – just barely – but that won’t count…
    A Ribby Cardi! Yep, I’m in – darn you!

  85. I. LOVE. YOU.
    I’m totally in!! Making a Dr. Who scarf. Challenging? No. But the sheer volume (Of garter stitch–oh my God! What am I thinking!!) is staggering!!

  86. I’ve been waiting years to say I’m in! A sort of my own design cardigan in deep raspberry mohair (if it gets here in time) or deep teal merino.
    Thank you so much for doing this!

  87. So glad you’re doing this. You’re my very favorite.
    I’m in with the Eris Cardigan by Girl from Auntie, a fabulous Canadian designer. The swatch (the first I’ve ever done!) is complete, I’m all set!

  88. This sounds like lots of fun.
    Someone mentioned Google Docs above, but I’m thinking maybe a Google Form that feeds into a Google Spreadsheet? Folks can fill out the form (which you’d link to in a post), and their info would be automatically added to the spreadsheet (which they would not be able to edit, but could view – that all depends on your settings). I haven’t done this myself but have seen it successfully used a number of times. It’s easy to find info if you just Google “Google Forms.”
    Yay for digitizing knitting!

  89. Thank you. This is the first year I’ll be participating. I will knit a pair of mittens from Anna Zilboorg’s new book Magnificent Mittens and Socks. So excited : ) Just bought the book yesterday. Wow.

  90. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, and I have my pattern and yarn all ready. I think I’ll do some swatching this week to warm up!

  91. In. Definitely in. Now what I’m going to knit is entirely up in the air, but I’ll be hoping to better my previous Knitting Olympics performance!

  92. OK, am I crazy enough to do this? I actually have a Dale of Norway Olympic sweater pattern, AND the yarn, AND it’s been stashed for eight years. But I might need to choose a less ambitious project – this would not be a challenge, but an impossibility. I’ll find something else that will simply be a challenge. COUNT ME IN!

  93. I’m in! I’m in! I’m hoping I can be in with STARTING to FINISH the two sweaters that have been languishing on my needles, but I’ll read up on the rules. Go, Vancouver, Go.

  94. Oh Steph, I am so in! Great decision–especially asking for the tech. help which I’m sure is out there. We are knitters & we will rock this Winter Olympics!!! Cast on! I’m going to peruse the stash to help me decide what Olympian project to knit. Safe travels!

  95. Oh Steph, I am so in! Great decision–especially asking for the tech. help which I’m sure is out there. We are knitters & we will rock this Winter Olympics!!! Cast on! I’m going to peruse the stash to help me decide what Olympian project to knit. Safe travels!

  96. I am in!!! I am going to try once more to knit a sweater for my husband that will fit, out of my handspun. Now to find a pattern I can use.

  97. I’m in, too! It just occurred to me that I’m supposed to knit a blanket/throw for a charity thing in May, and the Knitting Olympics might help me actually get it done. Yay, and thank you!

  98. I’m in, and so happy you are doing this! I have no idea what I’m knitting, but I have days to figure it out.
    I’m so pleased that you are doing this, because I have a lot going on in my life right now, and Ravelymics are way too confusing and frenetic for me.

  99. I am in….have been checking here several times a day to see what you had decided. Yay! Today was the day. Hmm, haven’t chosen my challenge yet but, will be knitting Hats for Heroes for the Ravelympics2010. I am so happy to be able to be a part of the Knitting Olympics once again!

  100. OK, count me in. I needto replace a sleeve in the Aran sweater I finished last month.[the dye lot WAS that far off it turned out.] Then the next “kit” up is Sunrise Surprise Jacket. I am on vacation for a week, while my employers go to the Olympics…. wonder if I can really get it done it done.

  101. Yay! I’m so glad that you’re continuing the knitting olympics. I think this will be a great time to knit my BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for the year! I have no idea what to do though. I’m going to have to troll through some patterns to find the perfect thing.

  102. I’m in! I just started knitting during the last Olympics and wasn’t up to the challenge, but I’ve been waiting 4 years to give it a go.
    As for the logistics, you could use a google form (part of google documents) to have everyone sign in. Then just make the spreadsheet public (for reading) and post the link. Easy peasy! If you need help with it, just let me know.

  103. I will be flying on the 12th so I hope I don’t have a problem taking my knitting with me. It’s usually not a problem but who knows what they are stopping now. I’m in anyway – I’ll need a long circular needle for my project so I should be ok. I plan to knit the Ruffles that Rock scarf using “Vancouver Violet” Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. If I finish I plan to cast on a pair of hand warmers in Ilanaaq, also from Blue Moon.

  104. If I’m in the Ravelympics and the Knitting Olympics, should I have different projects for both? It would be challenge, that’s for sure! I am hoping a long-sleeved cardigan in dk weight won’t kill me: Coraline

  105. I had a not-quite-one-year-old last time, and sat it out… but now I have no excuse. This will be my first piece of adult-sized clothing, for me… a vest or tanktop or something along those lines. Thank you, Steph, for once again opening your heart and blog to the insanity and joy that is a whole whack of knitters running the same direction!

  106. I’m in for my very first Knitting Olympics! Perfect opportunity to jump feet first into an Aran button-up vest I’ve been dreaming of and scared to tackle. Have swatched; yarn is much bulkier than called for. Must do maths….

  107. De-lurking to say I’m happily in! Wouldn’t be the same without the Knitting Olympics. Did it last time around and loved it. Now, to pick a project!

  108. You got me; I’m in. I won’t cast on my brand new STR socks today; I’ll wait for the plane on Wednesday on the way to Madrona on the 10th–where I know I can’t finish anything! Can’t finish anything as complicated as these socks in 16 days while studying for comprehensive exams, but I might as well try. Oh, how I’d love to take on a Dale sweater in such a time frame! I’m working on year five or so on mine…(there was a long hiatus). Wait–I don’t even have a TV to watch the Olympics on! There are too many ads anyway, and not enough cross country skiing.

  109. Yes. The challenge for me is to make time to knit. 6 months ago I could knit every day. Now work has taken over my life and I’m lucky if I knit 2-3 hours a week.
    I LOST my wool-alpaca 2-color mittens that, for many reasons, were my knitting pride & joy, for many reasons. I am able to knit them again, because the friend who donated the yarn for the first pair _gave me more_. But that’s not near enough knitting, so I will make time to knit those alpaca mittens and a serious pair of two-color Norwegian-type mittens (no lice!) which I’ve never attempted.
    These mittens will be my reward IF I meet the Knitting Olympics challenge of once again making time to knit.

  110. I’m in! Tri-colour stranded mittens; I just finished graphing the colourwork and hope my yarn arrives in time! Now if only it’d get more wintery here so I can wear my mittens when I’m done…

  111. I’m in although with surgery scheduled for the 15th, it will be something much smaller this time. I have several large bins of UFO’s that need assembled.

  112. Okay, I’m in. I will use the Olympics as my inspiration to try stranded colorwork and do the Totoro Mittens. Yeah!

  113. Socks for me — including the second one! Finished a sweater for one of the granddaughters the first time around; you’re a great incentive!

  114. I am so tempted. I had an absolutely wonderful time the last time around–that was when I started reading your blog, and clearly I haven’t stopped. I also got a gorgeous scarf out of the deal that I still wear every day in the winter and am very proud I made. Also, the sense of community, rising to a challenge in the spirit of the Olympics, and the fun and suspense of reading how you were doing with your project made it a lot of fun.
    But…I felt like I didn’t really get to watch the Olympics themselves, and I love the Olympics. Like watch all the events I would never normally watch (biathalon, cross-country skiing, ice dancing), leave the TV on 14 hours a day, compulsively tape everything, LOVE the Olympics. Summer and Winter. So I’ll probably be knitting something while I watch, but I don’t want to give up the watching for the knitting.
    Glad you’re doing it again, though. 🙂

  115. Count me in. My Olympic knitting will be traveling to Vancouver with me to cheer on our Canadian athletes. We leave in 13 days, I am SO excited.

  116. Get out! I am totally up for this!
    I did the Knitting Olympics last time. I think I did the Swallowtail shawl for it. Or maybe it was the Icarus. OMG. I wasn’t going to do the Ravelry one, but now, I have no choice.
    How about using Google Sites? People would have to have Google accounts, but how hard is that? You invite people to collaborate by adding their email address to that they get an invitation. Oh man. You could have a Knitting Olympics site page for each Team, managed by a different person so it wouldn’t overwhelm any one person. Oooh, must think of my project. Let me know if I can help you with this. I must be crazy.

  117. In. Have to pick a pattern from Knitted Lace of Estonia. It will likely be a scarf rather than a shawl because I’ve never knitted REAL lace before. I’m getting butterflies thinking about it; however, I have lots of laceweight and lots of addi turbo lace needles with long cords. If all else fails, I could do my first RSC kit that just arrived yesterday. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  118. Game on, count me in! As a total aside, grafted my first seam EVER t’other day–thanks to your book “Knitting Rules”. Now, to stash dive this weekend and come up with a project…

  119. I am SO IN! will do anything I can to help you. Last time I knit the last gift I was ever able to give my Mom (who is no longer with us) and it was a comfort for me to do it along with you and the other Harlot Olympians!

  120. Here’s to knitters, olympics, cold weather and great knits of every kind! I’ll be knitting a sock yarn sweater for my new son. It’s a good thing he doesn’t mind me knitting while he sleeps on my chest. Thanks for being an inspiration as always!

  121. I am SO IN!!!
    I had actually come up with Rachel H.’s idea on my own, so I’ve been thinking about what my project would be for a while, so I’m ready.
    I’m making myself a pair of crazy striped socks…It sounds a wee bit lame except that I’ve never successfully finished a pair of socks (plus, these socks are for me, and I wear a size 13 shoe, so that’s a challenge on its own).

  122. I am TOTALLY in. I don’t have nearly the amount of spare time as I did in the first KO, but I won’t let that stop me. If I’m still working 60 hours a week when the Olympics roll around, I’ll just make something smaller.
    Thank you for hearing our cry. The Knitting Olympics are AWESOME.

  123. I’m in again. I have plans for a pair of socks and at least 4 ounces of spinning. Usually socks take me a month or more since I’m a slow knitter, so to finish in 2 weeks will definitely be a challenge.

  124. I’m in! This is the perfect thing I need right now, today, the day that I find out that my cancer is back. My knitting started with my cancer, so it’s only fitting that it be there to get me through yet another surgery and whatever else in the world my doctors decide to throw at me. I’m happy.

  125. I’m in. I plan to knit as many socks as possible during the 2 weeks. Unless I change my mind and do a sweater…
    I’m so excited about the Olympics being in our country. I’m an Olympic geek normally but this has pushed me over the edge into super geek territory.

  126. I’m in from Maui! Brought a wonderful project with me just in case. My first Olympic project actually traveled to Torino and had a picture taken with Seth Wescott, winner of a snowboarding medal.

  127. I am so excited! I have such great memories of the first one and have been looking forward to you saying let’s do it! I will be competing in the WIP category (there are 7 to get the gold). The first item in the challenge? TO FINISH THE WRAP FROM THE LAST KO! I got a great laugh over that when I found that one in a ziploc… Thank you for sponsoring the fun. 🙂 You’re the BEST!

  128. I am in and planning to do the NSK January kit yarn and doing my first toe-up socks in Cascadia- looks like fun!

  129. I’m in! Sounds like great fun! I’ll do a sweater for my husband – a long threatened and overdue project…. Thank you!!

  130. I am in – I have a project picked out, but never joined a Ravelry team. Kind of excited and I have warned the husband that I need to finish a sweater in 2 weeks.

  131. I’m in – I even have the project in mind – something I’ve wanted to do for awhile – that will challenge me. Woohoo!

  132. OKAY, now I read the comments – Susan writes “… a Google Form that feeds into a Google Spreadsheet? Folks can fill out the form (which you’d link to in a post), and their info would be automatically added to the spreadsheet (which they would not be able to edit, but could view – that all depends on your settings)..”
    and then post that into a Google Sites or somehow on your blog… I have more enthusiams that technical know how….

  133. I don’t know what my project will be yet, but I am definitely in.
    I just wish the knitting Olympics could be televised – that is an event I could tune in for!

  134. Count me in! I’m on Team Canada on Ravelry, and I would be honoured to be included here, too. I did not participate in the last knitting olympics, and it has haunted me ever since. Please give me a chance to redeem myself!

  135. Count me in, but like you, in the unique way of families…life is a little bazaar right I am aiming for 1/2 done and with that I will be satisfied. 😉 Good luck all, needles poised…and ready..positioned…waiting for the signal….

  136. I’m in. I didn’t finish last time, and life is a bit crazy, so I don’t know what my challenge will be, but I’ve got a week to figure it out.

  137. I am in. I will pick a project and get organized this weekend! Bring on the Olympics, knitting and otherwise!!

  138. Yas’um, and you bet. And bless you. Didn’t do it last time — I was so much older (and more sensible) then; I’m younger (and dumber) than that now. I’m in. Mind you, I’ll be watching them, remembering the opening ceremony at the Calgary Olympics with Buffy St. Marie and Gordon Lightfoot and the moment that Ian and Sylvia sang “Think I’ll go out to Alberta — weather’s nice there in the fall” and the whole stadium went nuts. Gonna be hard to top (and I’ve found no YouTube to contradict my memory, thank goodness.)

  139. For you, girl, I’m in. Last time I mastered cables, albeit it with a rather wimpy (in retrospect) project. This year…I’m thinking its time to master Fair Isle. Maybe even a steek?! I’ll get to work on the plan tonight!

  140. Yipppie oh yeah !!!! I participated 4 years ago, hinking of the perfect project. I had just given up on my Dale of Norway for my Grandniece…but its either that or another sweater for her. Love your Dale…its so Canadian! Many of our (USA) Olympic sweaters have been Dale.

  141. So glad you’re doing this! It’s the Knitting Olympics without you. I’m going to knit a hand spun sweater! Yes I already spun the yarn – but I’m so excited! I have about 2 lbs of different rovings of different colors and I’m going to blend them together ‘ala the Charlotte’s web shawl. Hope it comes out!!

  142. In!
    (Must be mad. What the hell.)
    Do us a wee favor and update the dates/times as necessary for 2010? 🙂 When you repost, that is.

  143. Cool! I was so hoping but didn’t want to add pressure to your life. Just the chance to conquer those @$#%! socks!

  144. So totally in, project completely up in the air, can’t wait to start. Let the games begin. *off your tweets and have to agree “Our Lady of the Lost and Found” a really great read…I had two copies so I could lend one out..wish I could remember who I lent it to…:)*

  145. I am IN!! I may not be a Canadian, but I am a Coloradoan, and we do know our winters as well. Will pick a project this weekend. Out of already acquired stash only, however.

  146. I’m in. I not the forums kind of Raveler. I enjoy Ravelry…but not for the forums. How about a Mr. Linky for posting our projects. Or would that implode your server?

  147. I agree, it is the Knitting Olympics and I, too, have a whole whack of memories tied to the first and awesome sweater to show for it — which I wore the other day and there were questions and I told a little of the story. I love it.
    I’ve been pondering and pondering what my project might be, should I decide to challenge myself — and I really think that I do — so, yeah, I guess I’m in!

  148. I’m IN!! My Olympic goal will be to knit a pair of socks in that time frame. A good, adult sized pair with patterning.
    Tina in Seattle

  149. I’m SO in.
    Ravelry’s rules are complicated and hard to understand. I’d love to just be able to post my name and maybe a goal here.
    Last time I did not medal. I did not even finish my event. (I gave in and frogged my 1″ out of a pair of lace socks last summer.) But I was inspired to try a new and hard (at the time) skill, lace, which has since led me to make other challenges, like a lace stole, and this year’s goal, finish the two sweaters that are most of the way done. One is lace, February Lady, and the other is huge, a raglan for my husband with the 48″ chest.
    Thank you for inspiring me to try new and harder things, Stephanie. You have helped me grow as a knitter. Good luck in you sweater undertaking, and safe travels.

  150. I am SO in however I have no idea what to knit yet..maybe I will start my first ever lace project..*Gasp, Sudden realization to go to ravelry and look at patterns for lace.* Gonna go look at patterns now!

  151. Spent an intense day putting on a conference for a non-profit I chair. The event went well, but I’m still waiting for the adrenaline to work its way out of my system.
    Your post today was just what I needed! I’m in, though I need to do a stash dive before picking a suitable challenge.

  152. Ah, I would just like to finish one of the many projects I have going already. Maybe there can be a special Olympics for those of us who always seem to lag a bit behind.

  153. I’m so in. I was gonna be in (and reporting in) whether you were up to it or not, because that’s just how I roll. 😛
    Seriously, though, I’m glad to hear this — both that you’re willing *and* that you’re taking such a laid back approach. Viva la … Knitting Olympics or something.

  154. I can’t believe with everything else going on in my life I’m going to say this:
    BRING IT! I have the perfect project. I need a deadline these days to finish anything.
    Looking forward to all the snow, ice, and yarn!

  155. Ohhhh I am so in! I have no idea what I’ll do, and it will be a team of just me. But I’m already so excited. And, since I retired in Nov, I can actually watch all that there is on tv! No promises that I’ll knit during snowboarding tho 🙂

  156. I’m in. I haven’t knit a stitch since moving south from Canada 12 years ago. I’m going to ease back into it with A Pretty Thing, since I got the supplies for Christmas.

  157. I’m back. I was #2 on this thread (was so excited at being #1 that I peed myself…then found I was merely #2…and damp…)…..anyway…I’m thinking I’ll do my first pair of 2 socks on 2 needles…not really hot to do this, but husband(lovely man) bought me needles and yarn for Xmas, thinking I’d like something “new”. I actually do love my 5 dpn socks and need no substitute…but, for his sake, I will figure this out. Thus far, it has eluded me. But…rams!…I think I actually have an Ian and Sylvia LP…”think I’ll go out to Alberta, etc….” made me love Canada before I ever went there. Once I got there, well…no disappointments…

  158. My first lace shawl has been languishing and so my challenge is to finish it…I work part time so finishing up a project seemed like a worthy cause..can hardly wait for the challenge to begin 🙂

  159. Yay! 🙂
    Google Docs does a form thing that people can fill out. I’ve never started one before, but I’ve had to fill one out before. Apparently it adds it to a spreadsheet. Not sure how that would help the bloggy list, but… maybe that’d be a place to start?

  160. I’m IN! I was planning on casting on when the ceremonies began even if you werent going to do it officially. I was a new knitter the last Knitting Olympics and have alot of emotion attached to them. We really rocked! Knitting saves my life many days and it all started with you. I’m torn between what to do though. What a lovely decision to have to make. Thank you for doing this!

  161. I’m totally in. I have started thinking about what project I would do if you did decide to do this but I think now is the time to decide and get moving!! Well, swatching, you know.

  162. I’m in, though not geeky enough to help with the sign in thingy.
    I need to figure out a challenge. It will be less than your challenge, but it will be my challenge! 😉

  163. I’m in and so very happy that you have decided to do this again. The Team Alaska blog from four years ago has been kept up so we are ready to go.

  164. I’m doing Ysolda’s “Smith”… a Mr and Mrs version for an upcoming wedding. lol. I’m listing it in Ravelry, too, in the Aussie “doing-a-Bradbury” team, but if you have a techy volunteer do you a list, I’ll add my name to it then Ü

  165. I’m in! I was really hoping you would do the Knitting Olympics again! There’s a Starmore fair isle in the stash that has been there for at least 3 years. I think it’s ripe for the challenge.

  166. Yippee, yippee, yippee!! Been waiting for this for three years and since I can practically see Vancouver from here, it’s the perfect Olympics to join! So yes, count me in!

  167. I’ll do it! I’ve been knitting about six months and finished several small projects. Maybe I’ll try a shawl.

  168. Thank you, thank you.
    Brought tears to my eyes to read this post – and the comments.
    I KNEW there was a reason for me to get upset a couple of days ago when I was re-arranging the date of a Disability Commission meeting in my calendar. The meeting on the 11th was cancelled, and was re-scheduled for Friday the 12th.
    I almost objected – to point out that the 12th was the opening of the Knitting Olympics.
    But sigh – none of the rest of the Commission members are knitters, and very few of them are dedicated winter sports enthusiasts.
    I’m torn between the challenges of knitting a BSJ (for the first time), or knitting a mitred blanket for the homeless (as part of Blankets For Canada).

  169. Oh yes, me me me!! I was so hoping you’d do something. Ravlery is nice but it’s just too whopping big for me. Now to decide. It will be a challange. First, no tv coverage since I’m in the middle of nowhere in Colorado and my daughter doesn’t get off the air tv.
    Second, my new grandson will be 13 days old when they light the torch and he is taking a bit of time right now! VBG
    But I’ll think of something. Even if it is just the challange of finishing projects that I have had with me since Christmas that have laid in the bag the whole time I’ve been here!!

  170. I’m in! First ever adult-sized sweater, the Norwegian Lusekofte from Knit Picks. I don’t think I’ll finish by the closing ceremonies (pesky eating, sleeping, and working), but at least I will be over my sweater fear. 🙂

  171. Me too! Me too! Was so hoping you would do something that felt much more personal than Ravelry.
    Was given an old book by Paton’s titled “O Canada!” so just might have to go through that or Northern Knits and find an appropriate project. Worse comes to worse, I could always work on a coat I started 5 years ago.
    Appreciate the work that you and Franklin and all are puting into this and look forward to seeing all the “entries”.

  172. I’m such a follower. Ok, all right, yes. I’ll do it! Tell me, what is it I just signed up for?

  173. De-Lurking At Last! My sis and I are in! We are knitting the Oscillating Owlets from Mochimochi Land and Windowpane baby blanket by Katherine Vaughan. We missed it the first time around and are so excited that you decided to host it again!

  174. I’m so in that I stopped at the craft store on my way home and picked up some intimidating yarn and teeny needles for:
    My first pair of grown-up socks!

  175. I was planning to have my own knitting olympics, just me, to challenge myself like I did 4 years ago during your original KO; since you have decided (YAY!) to do it again, I’ll definately be adding my name! Woohoo!

  176. I’ll give it a try. Taking my husband to the hospital that day/night, but hopefully I can cast on in the waiting room 🙂

  177. I’m in. And as part of my Olympic challenge, I’m actually going to update my knitting blog, which has been sitting fallow for almost three years. (There’ll be knitting, too 🙂
    Gotta say that Rachel H seems like a one in a million friend. Rock on, Rachel H.

  178. Dude, I am so in!
    Last time, I knit my first sweater for my 2 year old daughter. I’d only been knitting for 2-3 months and I medalled with just hours to spare.
    Now, I must decide something for her, me, my sons or my hubby. Off to peruse the stash….

  179. I think I will be only at spectator in the knitting olympics, but it is so much fun watching you guys!
    I have been looking all over for that pattern book! Where did you find it?

  180. Hi,
    I know the olympics show a great spirit and it’s a long tradition honouring athletes, and Canada is proud to host it and all, but I personally find it very hard to support the Vancouver 2010 olympics for various reasons – such as appropriation of Native (both First Nations and Inuit) cultural symbols and land, the appropriation of the Cowichan knit sweaters (!), criminalisation of the poor, ecological destruction, an alarming amount of police and security, and generally the commercial shindig the Olympics have turned into. I urge you and everyone to check out for more information, or do some independent googling.
    Happy knitting!

  181. In with socks from Vintage socks. Have not been able to finish a pair for my Dad for years, so that’s my challenge.
    Rockin and rollin! Thanks, dear.

  182. This is off topic – your blog was just on The Graham Norton Show on BBC!!! I sat on the couch with my mouth hanging open thinking – “I know her!”… not literally, but you know.
    I only recently started knitting and so only recently started reading your blog, but I’m a HUGE fan! I was so proud! 🙂

  183. Oh, bloody hell. I’m signed up for a massive spinning project for the Ravelympics. I might be able to enter this in the WIP wrestling event though…there are lots of those just lying around pleading pathetically for attention.
    And – you found the maple leaf sweater!! Didja see my Twitter post? or did you find it all on your own? (Most likely the latter, you’re very resourceful, I know.) Anyway – I’m in awe once more of the very idea of attempting a Dale sweater in two weeks – when I have the nerve to try for the one my intended wants, I’m going to allow myself MONTHS to finish it.

  184. I’m in! I’m already doing an informal one with a friend, so I might as well throw my hat in with you all too! And I’m going to be doing the shawl “Argante.” I’ve been knitting for only ~14 months, and I’ve made quite a few shawls, but not in 16 days!
    I’ll also be working with a bit of a handicap; I doubt that I’ll be able to start until the 14th, so I’m going to have to put some extra pressure on myself to finish in time!

  185. I’m in as well… and now I am looking forward to picking out what to knit!!
    Let the games begin, LOL!

  186. I’m in.
    It has recently taken me a whole month to knit a sock. Just a single sock.
    So perhaps I shall set the insane task of finishing a pair during the olympics.
    This for me is almost as insane as, as you put it, strapping sticks to my feet and throwing myself down a hill.

  187. Okay, okay. I’m in. I have swatched for a vest for myself and I will get it blocked (or at least wet) in time for the er, um kickoff? No, that’s this Sunday. The torch! That’s it, the torch.
    Biggest potential glitch: trying to finish at least one item already started for the March 1 deadline in the a4A campaign. This is nuts.
    Don’t let yourself get too far under!

  188. Me!!! I knew the knitting olympics were yours from the get go! The ravelympics belong to ravelry and the Knitting Olympics belong to you. Best of luck to all the competitors!

  189. OMG….I AM SO IN… NOOOWWW…have to decide….socks? (could do the Tina and company RSC socks) or sweater? Sort of want to do something challenging…so probably will do sweater…
    Bring it on….

  190. Yay! I’m in! I don’t even mind that my name won’t be on a super-cool list. Just knowing that I’m joining in with hundreds and hundreds of other knitters to take on a challenge and enjoy the games is enough for me.
    Now, I just have to find a project that I haven’t already started (I’ve got way too many going on right now. But hey, this is the Knitting Olympics!!)
    Best of luck to all the Olympians, be they knitters, skiers, bob-sledders, or …

  191. Yay! Wooohooo! I’m in. So thrilled to hear you decided to go with the Knitting Olympics. As I stated recently, I missed out last time (I ‘found’ knitting blogs during the middle of the 2006 Olympics), and I’ve been waiting ever since for the 2010 games.

  192. yay! when you said in your personal sock club post that you intended to do a pair a month i thought wow, cool, i could never do that …then i realized i have to have two pairs done by march 7th… gulp.. but NOW they will be olympic socks and i will have the power of the harlot behind me!!!!!

  193. I am in, Valkyrie Vest for me, in either Eco Wool or Eco +. I think, based on my upcoming work schedule (tax season sucks!) the seaming is not an option, so I will knit in the round until I need to divide for the arms.

  194. Someday, I will be knitting a Dale kit during the Olympics. Today is not that day.
    My goal is a two color blanket for a queen-sized bed, knit in nine squares and designed by me, with one completely plain square and the other eight all the same design, so not a huge challenge design-wise. The challenge is in getting that one square right and then knitting 7 more of them in the timeframe. It’s a wedding present for August, and will get my husband to stop questioning if I will get it done on time as I jump from one knitting project to another.

  195. I am in, and I am going to try the BSJ. I have all the materials but have been a bit timid about trying it.
    So I will either have a Baby Suprise Jacket, or a really funny looking dog blanket.

  196. Me! I really want to make a pair of socks, so I’m going to use your recipe and try and do both in the time frame. For a newer knitter with two small children, this is a big challenge for me. Thanks!

  197. This will be my first Olympics knitting, so why not make it my first knitting olympics? I plan to tackle the Moch Cardi by Gudrun Johnston, and if I’m insane enough also Anne Hanson’s Rimefrost socks. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  198. I’m in with you! Does it count though if I don’t have a television to watch the Olympics? My sister has finally asked for a lace shawl so that’s what I am doing.

  199. I’m in; even though I considered taking time off from work for the Knitting Olympics and can’t the Modern Garden Cardigan will be mine. I can totally do it without driving anyone crazy – I think.

  200. I was going to sign up for the ravelympics but honestly all the joining a team and figuring out where to click and what to do kept getting procrastinated away in favor of more knitting time. I know exactly which project I’ll be casting on for but I’m just not feeling the group participation thing in forum form. Signing up here and knitting away sounds so much more appealing so thanks for this!
    And for the record, I didn’t know how to knit during the last winter olympics — the existence of yarn shops was a real surprise even — and I’m glad that I can undertake an ambitious project this time around.

  201. I’m in! Probably won’t knit an entire sweater, because my wrists have a nasty habit of kicking up a fuss if I overdo it, but I’ll do as much as I can. 😀

  202. I’m in! Being a novice, I think Lene Alve’s minni counts. Especially considering it has a crocheted hem I haven’t learned how to crochet yet 🙂

  203. Me, I’m in! I’m going to try for a sweater in the two weeks – which could be a laugh because I’m only off work for one of them…..

  204. Yeap I am with you in spirit of total insanity. I have got a big man sweater to knit, no fancy stuff for me just a bit of cabling. Look out and get out of my way as I slalom my way to the local mental health secure unit cause everyone has already told me that they think I am mad for even thinking about attempting to knit this jumper in the timeline.

  205. I really didn’t plan to – but as Canada has a big place in my heart although I have never been there (not yet at least) – I’m in. And with a looong cardigan on tiny needles. It has to be a challenge right?

  206. North Carolina signing in. I have been training. Last week I cast on a sweater vest when the 1st snow flakes started to fall last Friday and finished it before the snow melted.

  207. Hi,
    I absolutely love that green bohus sweater you have packed. Could you tell me where you got the pattern and wool? It’s stunning.
    Thank you, Michelle

  208. Count me in here also, I have a pattern for a plain cardigan and enough red Dream in Color Classy to make it. I am still working through that time but will give it a huge effort. Ravelry is too complicated for someone on dialup, it takes too long and wastes knitting time.
    So, I will wind and swatch tonight…

  209. I don’t have time for this, I’m pretty sure, but what the heck, I’m in! It’ll keep me away from political news for a couple weeks at any rate. 😉 Not sure about the project. TBD

  210. Oh oui, oh yes! I have wanted to design a simple comfy black sweater, procrastinating until now. There will be no more excuse! Swatching will begin today 🙂

  211. Well, I was not going to do this commitment thing, but since you can fit it in, I certainly can! I am going to attempt my very first pair of socks, I have a kit my daughter bought me two years ago, from the Red Cross, I have looked at it over and over, time to step up to the starting gate!

  212. I’m in too. Not sure what I will do yet. I’ve been looking through patterns and stash and UFOs for a month now. My challenge may be just to stick to one project for a whole two weeks…..Finish Oregon vest which I’m only 3 inches into? Start a shawl? Maybe K Zimmerman’s cabled poncho (3000+yards of worsted? Learn to knit socks toe-up? Hmmm. And you! Whistler! Wow! Thanks for the bohus shot – can you kinnear a sweater or only a person?

  213. YAY!!!!!! I was going to have my own private little Knitting Olympics, because, like Rachel, while I love Ravelry and have huge respect for those that run it, The Knitting Olympics is something else entirely, and I really don’t like the idea of melding the two.
    Long story short, I’m am SO in – either Pas de Valse or Elsewhere…

  214. I’m in. Danger, danger, bohus. But I’m in. It’s on!
    p.s. training swatch? done.

  215. This’ll be my first Olympics since I started knitting again. I’d like to knit where the Knitting Olymics began, I’m not sure about my project yet, maybe I’ll conquer one of my many wips.

  216. I’m in. Not sure what I’ll be maaking yet. Good chance that it will be fancy cabled gloves.

  217. Thank you for doing this again. I was planning to quietly finish my cardigan I started during the last Knitting Olympics & haven’t touched since.

  218. With you in spirit!
    I’ve already signed myself up for a team and event in the Ravelympics, and I’ve decided on a project that should keep me busy from the opening ceremonies through to the closing and possibly after. I’m going to try to finish a hooded cardigan, and cutting my first steek! But since I’m already signed on there, I’ll stay put. I don’t think it would be the least bit fair to sign my one project up for both. So I’ll have to wait another four years to participate in the Knitting Olympics.

  219. Count me in. I don’t need to be on a list – it’s a personal challenge. Don’t know what exactly – maybe my first pink, toe-up, complex pattern socks for my daughter-in-law as she meets her personal challenge – fighting breast cancer (an Olympian feat on its own in my book). I’m off to gather materials, check schedules, and “train”.

  220. Yes, yes, yes. I missed it the last time. I,too, was going to have my own private Knitting Olympics. Thank you so much.

  221. Me! I’m in!! I’m so excited that you’re doing this. Not quite sure what I’ll knit yet, but there are a few possibilities I have in mind… Hmmm… how to strike the balance between challenge and crazy-making….

  222. Whistler is a lovely jumper! I burnt my toast and overboiled my eggs ogling it…
    I’m up for the Knitting Olympics too – colourwork for me, but ‘only’ mittens (probably something Selbu-ish). My first colourwork project, beyond a swatch. I’ll be attempting a hat in the same colours for the Ravelympics.
    About listing the knitters – I’m not very tech-y, but maybe a Google spreadsheet could be a good way of people signing up at first, and then ther could be a confirmation e-mail that people have to respond to so that they are listed on a webpage somewhere?

  223. I’m in. I’m working on the Scholar’s Jacket from Cheryl Oberle’s book Knitted Jackets. It’s been stuck at the six inch mark since last winter, and I want to wear it, dang it! I wish the medals were real…

  224. Count me in too. Will spernd lots of time today choosing project rather than housework!! sounds good to me

  225. ooh! ooh! I’m in! I joined the ravelympics group, but didn’t know how to even begin to find a team. Frankly, I’d rather play over here with you guys.

  226. I’m in with a pair of toe up mock cable socks. It normally takes me over a month so the family has already been warned to fend for themselves for 2 weeks

  227. I’m in! I didn’t join in last time because I just didn’t think my knitting skills were good enough to even attempt anything — kinda wimpy! I regret that. I plan on doing the Minimalist Cardigan in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light.

  228. I’m in – how about a large cabled sweater for my large husband, with steeks no less. I might be nuts, but crazy is better with company 🙂 Let the games begin!

  229. I’m in! I’m in! And I’m so pleased, because this is my licence to knit something for me, rather than something for other people.
    It is easier to knit for other people.

  230. I’m in! My challenge will be knitting Patons Bohemian vest, my first knitted garment requiring armholes & a neckline. Thanks for keeping the dream alive. I’ve made sweaters in crochet, and want to make my sweetie a sweater (it’s ok, we’re already married!), so I need to develop some skills.

  231. Well, I’m not a very experienced color knitter, so I’m going to create my own category (event?) and I’m going to cast on (for the 5th time) my Great Expectations sweater. I’m a cable kind of girl anyway, so this is right up my alley.
    Wooo HOOO! Lets go!

  232. You betcha I’m in!! I’ve never made socks before, so that’s my Olympic Challenge. DH better not complain…the socks will be for him!

  233. I’m going to try for the fifth time to knit something with the Cursed Yarn, a bunch of Patons Grace. The project? Uhura from Twist Collective. I will break the curse. I will.

  234. Oh, thank God! I’ve worn my Dale of Norway St. Moritz several times recently and thought lovingly of it being produced during the last Olympics. It made me sort of sad that it wouldn’t be happening like that again. Not anymore! Now I’m up for another Dale of Norway challenge!!! Time to shop.

  235. I’m going to make a sweater for my girl with some yarn I spun. This wouldn’t have been much of a challenge before, but my crafting time is seriously limited now. I am pretty sure it will push my limits.

  236. Hi Stephanie,
    First, I’m a regular reader of your blog and love it. You inspire me to keep on keeping on. Thanks.
    Second, I may have an answer for your “widget” issue. Leah Piken Kolidas of the blog Creative Every Day, holds an “Art Every Day” Challenge each November. She uses a thing call Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets to keep track of all the participants. This may be worth your efforts to look into. I’d be glad to help find more info if you’re interested.

  237. I am so glad you decided to go ahead with your/our olympics. I’m in,now to the stash to find a great project.

  238. Several friends and I were hoping you were going to do this and have been discussing projects (and were going to do it with or without you, so I’m glad you decided to join the fun… because really, a Canadian Olympics without a Yarn Harlot KO? I mean, we were concerned with all the work, we’d be causing you, but, dude…) As for geekiness, let me talk to my husband…

  239. I’m in to finish 2 WIPs.. Pi shawl (I’m at the 144 stitches/round) and a moderne log cabin baby blanket… (I’m just finishing up block 4)
    thanks Stephanie for hosting.. I don’t really know how the Knitting Olympics work, but I’m just going to knit! and watch the olympics… what could be better?

  240. Does this mean I have immunity from work during Ravelympics? I can just see my boss now….. ‘Eh, Barbara…… you need time off for what?’ I don’t think that would fly. What will I be knitting? I’d love to finish up my swirl shawl. I only started it in July 09 and haven’t picked it up since August. Since my goal was to wear it for Stitches East(2009), if I start now, I’ll have it done for Stitches East 2010!
    Bring on the plows!

  241. I’m in. Last time I participated privately and didn’t send in my info. Wasn’t sure I could finish. I did in fact finish the socks just as the torch was extinguished and have a photo (of the TV and socks!) to prove it. So I’ll be digging out that partially finished purple mohair raglan to finish. I’ve got a week to find it. I’m in!

  242. Oh, I’m in. Yours sounds like the perfect pattern for you for a Canadian Olympics. I’m so excited to see real Canada winter on the TV. Here in southern Ohio we just got 10-12 inches of snow last night (25-30 cm), so it feels like real winter here too, at least for a while. I hope your knitting geek has already responded, and look forward to adding myself to the Olympian list. I believe I’ll do a baby sweater for my cousin’s baby due in March – likely a little Dale of Norway to be sure it’s a challenge. Thank you so much, and safe travels!

  243. I’m in!!! Doing the DROPS cardigan 119-6 in DROPS alpaca. Soooo pretty. Huge challenge for me, but I am on vacation the first week with nowhere to go, so I will knit like the wind!!

  244. I am totally in! I’ve been dreaming of finishing this cardigan I have in my head. It’s complicated – being that it’s the Scottish Thistle lace pattern from the Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting that I’m turning into a sweater. Cuz I gots skills.
    I’m sure there’s much geekier folks out there who can help you with registration, but if you need some manual data entry I’m awesome with that. : )

  245. Definitely want to be here! Signed on to the Socketeers group at Ravelry a little while ago because I didn’t think you’d do this so will do an Olympic sock pattern I found there, but also would love to get going on the February Lady sweater I planned a year ago.

  246. I’m in. I’ve had the yarn for Hey,Teach for almost a year, so this is perfect motivation to get to it.

  247. I’m in! I was going to play by myself since I couldn’t figure how to sign up for a team on Ravelympics. I’m glad to have a team now! I’m going to do Latvian Mittens or my first pair of socks.
    To the person who suggested televising the Knitting Olympics – I laughed out loud! That would be awesome…

  248. HUZZAH. I’m in. I had already chosen my challenge and everything. Tibetan Clouds beaded stole from the Knitter’s Book of Wool. Got my yarn, got my beads, got my needles, got my bead-positioning apparatus, got my fiance told no housework is getting done for a couple of weeks, everything tested and ready to go. Now if only I could knit at work…

  249. I would love to join. I haven’t been knitting very long (6 months) so I will probably just knit some socks. I have thin pastely yarn that I have been DYING to knit up!

  250. Wow. I have the same sweater ready to knit. I’ve already swatched and read the pattern thoroughly (training). Can’t wait to cast on…

  251. I can’t believe I am saying this, but with my love for both the winter and the olympics… I will be a knitting olympian! Either tackling socks (having never completed a pair) or Jared Flood mittens. Thank You!

  252. I wonder if your sweater will reflect the different competitions, and the different athletes, par example- the color work section might be the ‘timbuctoo curling’ or ‘x-country skiing’ section, and the ticking would definitely have to be the “Canadian figure skating” section. Happy knitting, regardless!

  253. Oh yeah…my kimono shawl from last time is lonely. I am making another shawl, copied from the remnants of 10th century knitting in the British Museum. I will cry at some point during the Games in frustration. Long Live the Games!

  254. I love this idea! I’m already in the Ravelympics, but I like this so much that I’ll choose a simpler project for Ravelympics and make another for Knitting Olympics.
    My project for the Knitting Olympics challenge will be Deep in the Forest Mittens by Tuulia Salmela. Trying to stay true to the spirit of your blog, I wanted to do either an elaborate sock pattern or a fabulous stranded colourwork mitten pattern and decided on the latter.
    Thanks for doing this!

  255. I am in- I bought the sock pattern you mentioned yesterday – and it will be my first pair of completed socks. Fall back option – a hat. Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to the fun!

  256. Count me in! I’ve got a bunch of UFOs I want to finish so I can start some new projects post-Olympics!!

  257. In with Fiddlehead Mittens by Adrian Bizilia (ravelry found pattern). Now to dig the yarn out of the stash and gauge!!

  258. Definitely in.
    I had a project in mind until I started reading through the comments. Now several options are vying for attention.

  259. I was hoping you would do the Knitting Olympics this year!! I just started reading your blog last fall so I missed out last time. I am going to attempt the Nordic Mittens by Beth Brown-Reinsel. It will be a humongous challenge for me but that’s what these are all about right?! Thanks for the opportunity Stephanie!!

  260. I am in. I am going to make an pair of Lavendar Fields socks. (They were in time out until I got new needles.)

  261. Sorry, couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea that those of us in Vancouver know winter! The daffodils aren’t quite blooming yet, but it won’t be long….

  262. I have too many ufo’s to join the olympics, but just commenting to say that I love it that you have two swift bags. I have a black/grey one that I love – and I keep my big projects in it too! 🙂

  263. Gulp, ok I’m in. I’m closing on a house on the 12th & moving that week, plus only learned to knit a bit year ago, so I’ll be doing something small like a pretty sock pattern.

  264. I’m in! Must figure out what to take on (but hey, there are still five days to do so), but can’t wait!! So excited…

  265. IN! And I am going to knit a scarf with a new colorwork technique from my new colorwork book!
    Thanks, dude.

  266. I was telling my daughter about the Knitting Olympics while starting a red cardigan with a new(to me) type of ribbing. She asked me why I was starting early, and I explained about new pattern, testing, yadda, yadda. She says, “Oh, so you are starting because this is special?” “I guess.” was my reply. “I see,” she says. “You’re in the Special Olympics.”

  267. Already planned on it! I’ll be casting on Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2006. A pattern that caught my eye years ago and I purchased a back issue just to have it. Previous shawl attempts have resulted in thowing yarn and needles across the room, and ultimately into the garbage can. This will be a challenge for me, and I’m finally in a knitting-frame of mind that I know I can handle it this time.

  268. count me in! I shall whittle the Works On Needles list from 26 to under 20…but I will be continuing to finish my sister’s Christmas scarf before the official start. Guess I’m a Special Olympian, too. (thanks to Ruth’s daughter for the designation!) However I think some of the competition starts before the opening, at least for the summer games…

  269. oh, thank you!!!
    i am IN !
    the ravelympics did not appeal.
    a couple of knitting budddies and i were going to have our own, private olympics.
    this is way better!!!
    a boucle jacket for the great-grand-daughter and, i hope, leggins to go with it.
    all the best for your travels,

  270. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m finishing all of my UFO’s (yep, all of ’em), as well as skeining/washing/balling/designing a sweater for me. Will I get to the knitting? I don’t know. But will I be ready for when the UFO’s are done to start something fresh? Hell yes.

  271. I’m in! I did it last time, but cannot for the life of me remember what it was I made. This time I am doing the Knitter’s Surprise Jacket from Jackets for Work and Play (The Best of Knitters). I am not doing the embroidery/embellishing, and mine will be striped as I am going to use up some of the Lamb’s Pride in my stash–mostly a dark teal and a lighter blue with some gold, rust, and magenta, maybe brown, maybe grey; the trim will be a dark blue (ink) that I did go out and buy because I just don’t have bulky yarn! I am planning to line this jacket and use it as outerwear here in Denver, Colorado. I am looking forward to this!

  272. I’m in! And it will be the perfect time to finish that other darn wristwarmer that has been sitting in my UFO’s for…well, let’s just say it will be like starting a brand new project all over again! If I don’t do this, it might take me to the NEXT Olympics to get it done. Bring it on.

  273. I’m in! Maybe an Oatmeal cardi? Now how to stuff a sweater’s worth of wool in a carry-on bag…

  274. In. Either a lace scarf long promised for a friend, or a pair of toe up socks (my first time). Depends which yarn is behaving nicely.

  275. I’ve been dithering and dithering but.. what the heck, if you can take the time then so can I! I’m going to hold off casting on Ishbel until I get back from vactaion on the 15th..

  276. Hooray! Your Whistler sweater is just awesome and so perfect for these Olympics. I’m knitting the Fair Isle Tunic from the latest Vogue Knits. Let the games begin!

  277. Okay, I’m in. I feel a little bit like Brett Hull – I could be on the American team, or the Canadian team, but I figure this is the Knitting Olympics and we’re all on the same team. 🙂

  278. count me in. My project’s a baby blanket (yarn all bought and wound) for a friend expecting her first kid in March.

  279. I’m in! I’m not up for anything like the Whistler sweater, but I’ll knit something. Picking the project will be half the fun!

  280. i’m in. a knitter for about 5 years, but an olympic rookie. going to visit my stash to decide on my challenge!

  281. Me me me!
    I signed up to do the first Knitting Olympics four years ago, when I’d only been knitting three months. I decided to try a felted bag (my first felting project with my first icord handles) – which I completely knit the first day. (In all honesty, it was a small felted bag, smaller than I imagined, since I didn’t bother to look at the measurements on the pattern.) I still remember how after the Olympics, you did a post and called out those of us who finished our projects in the first few days and told us to aim high. I’ve never forgotten that. I have a picture of you and me in Kentucky in April 2006, me holding my bag, and perhaps my first Daisy sweater, which you kindly offered to sew up for me. But I refused, aiming high and all that. 🙂
    This time around I think I’ll do the Gathered Pullover, which has been in queue forever. Hopefully the 2 year old will give me enough time to knit!

  282. Thank you for offering this challenge. With the opening ceremonies less than a week away and my dear friend’s birthday yesterday, I’m feeling the strongly compelled to make the sweater I promised her for her birthday last year. (I did start it only to rip it out.) That’s my long way of saying I’m in to make the Whisper Cardigan.

  283. I’m in! It’s taken a while to choose a project (What was I thinking? Sleeves in my Pi?!? in 16 days? Oy!) toe-up socks. They have always intimidated me and overcoming fears is what this has always been about. Thanks for being here for us.

  284. Hey, are those 2 Tom Bihn Swift bags? I just ordered mine in cork yesterday (mumble along with an Imago mumble) & am already scheming to get another one & smuggle it into the house without incurring a snide comment from the spouse about ANOTHER knitting bag.

  285. Since I’ve only done one other project with cabling (the Coronet hat from Knitty), I think I’ll try a more challenging cabling project and make Natalie Logan’s “Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.” I have arthritis and carpel tunnel issues, so I’m not a fast knitter, but I think this is doable or at least worth shooting for! Now I’m goin’ stash diving–good times!!

  286. I’m going to make the Cabin Fever Top-Down swing coat – it wouldn’t have been as much of a challenge the last time, but this time i have an 8mo. old baby to contend with – I may be lucky if I manage to even cast on – but
    I will rise to the occasion!!!

  287. I’m in. I’ll make ‘Par un matin de printemps’ in aqua Zephyr. But with a wider, lacier border.
    I am not geeky enough to set it up but I know that if you form a Yahoo group you can set up an “Introduce yourself” style chart that can include name, location, project, status, etc… where any member of the group can post info.
    All we would have to do is join the group and fill in the blanks.

  288. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad Rachel H talked you into this. I would have done Knitting Olympics anyway but it wouldn’t be the same with out you leading the pack.
    Project will hopefully be Team USA 2002 by (who else) Dale of Norway. I’ll consider it a win if I actually get it cast on and started during the games. That is my goal.
    Have a great time at Madrona. Looking forward to future posts.

  289. As a Canadian and a resident of Surrey, BC – basically in the 2010 Olympics hotspot, I’m in. It’ll be the fisherman’s gansey I’ve been thinking about for years.
    A query – the Olympic craziness isn’t going to be finished in my neighbourhood until the end of the Paralympics on March 21st. Any chance of ambitious projects being picked back up to support our Paralympians, or a second project being chosen?
    Go Team Knitters – we are all one people at the Olympics!

  290. Sounds fun! I’m going to unofficially participate with my husband’s sweater. I know I won’t finish it in time for the Olympics (nor will I probably get to watch the Olympics with the work schedule planned for the next few weeks). But at least I’ll participate in spirit.
    As far as letting us all enter our own stuff, what about a Mr. Linky widget like on for Menu Plan Monday? You enter your name and blog link and it makes a giant list for you right at the bottom of the post.

  291. I am in! I am so excited. Drops Jacket for me – biggest challenge on this one is of course my perpetual lack of time 🙂

  292. I’ve got way too much on my plate to start another knitting project… but if you’re still in need of that codemonkey, I’m game 🙂 Have a look around my website if you need a reference – it’s built from scratch. Just let me know!

  293. woot! Looking forward to this like crazy. Gotta decide which project: Andrea’s shawl or colorwork mittens. Hmmm Hmmm fun!

  294. Oh what the hell. It’s not like my life isn’t stressful enough already, what’s one more thing? Don’t know what I’ll do, I kind of like the idea of doing the Whisper cardigan from Interweave Knits. Fine gauge, lots of ribbing, what could go wrong? Or maybe the Every Way Wrap, lots of cables, lots of seed stitch…Oy Vey!

  295. Yay! Now that you decided, it just feels so RIGHT. And I have a twofold couple of projects in case your askin’. First, seam up the Klaralund I finished two years ago (it was the start of a whole new life for me and I owe it that); and Second, a little vest for a little relative made from Dale of Norway Hubro that might still be a-sittin’ until she grows out of it. So love your Bohus colors – red and green. What a joy they must be to knit with!

  296. I’m so glad you’re doing this. Right now I’m wearing the Dale sweater I knit for the last KO, hard to believe that was four years ago. This time I will have less time so I will knit the Marion Foale’s Badminton sweater. I need it and this will be the push I need to make it. Any other time I have (lol) will be working on my SKA challenges for Jan. and Feb. Go Team!

  297. Crap, I can’t believe I will do this but I need the pressure – like the recent birth of two babies and my dad’s nearly finished guernsey isn’t enough for my knitter’s guilt. I am also a bit conflicted about the olympics being here in BC but this is something I can get behind and will give me an excuse to sit on the couch with the olympics on all day! I am thinking “In the Pink” shawl with my Zauberball yarn in RED. Aaacchhhh!

  298. Oh, I’m DELIGHTED to hear that we can all join in and I might just sign on for my first ever shawl.
    I’m sorry I’m not more geeky, nerdy, etc. so I’ve no ideas for how to set up the sign up but shall await the brilliance of others.

  299. I’m in. I think I’m going to knit myself a sweater. The challange….a size 3x…in just 14 days.

  300. I’m in! I started reading you four years ago and have been waiting for this. I’m glad you’ve decided to start off a Knitting Olympics again. I’m going to do some colourwork, but I don’t know what yet. I can do cables well and have been working away at lace for the last twelve months, but colourwork will be completely new. Given I’ve been knitting for about 30 years, I think it’s time I rose to the challenge……

  301. But …
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can’t we cast on as soon as the opening ceremony begins? The athletes are all officially there, it’s an official function, it IS the Olympics, the Olympics can’t happen without it — it casts on the Olympics!
    (Besides, it’s three hours of damn good knitting time you’re throwing down the cludgie otherwise.)
    Please. I’m beggin’ here.

  302. In! Knitting a Norwegian ski sweater (of my design–meaning I’m stealing motifs and fitting them into a shape for my smallish granddaughter– after all, the Norwegians designed all of these a while ago!!). The big challenge will be finishing this one *and* a pair of gloves for Rav too)
    Thanks! and WooHooooo for Canada–it’ll be a great show indeed!

  303. The sentence should have read…”that OTHERWISE might still be a-sittin’ around until she grows out of it.” – Does that make more sense?

  304. Me but I’m not casting on, I am going to FINISH my blue cable cardigan… no really this time I will… ok you can stop laughing now…
    By the end of this Olympics I will be wearing my new cardigan… what state it will be in I don’t know but hopefully I can fix the arm that seems to be made for an orangutang….

  305. I am in with my sister’s birthday shawl. I gave her two balls of yarn and needles for her birthday in January – the look on her non-knitter face. I took them back and have been hard pressed to cast-on. Now I have a goal!
    As a first generation American who went to the 1976 Olympics with my grandfather, I cannot wait to see the first Canadian gold on Canadian soil.

  306. Me! I am going to knit an shawl to replace the one I lost yesterday. One imbued with the excitement of the Knitting Olympics will help to make up for losing my current favourite yesterday. I will be knitting with excitement!

  307. I’m in. I think. I am currently half done with Through The Loops’ excellent wood hollow vest. So I need to figure out what on earth to follow it with, and yarn, and…what are the rules to this?

  308. I found your blog after the first one, and boy, I was so…dissapointed…
    That means that I am in…naturally. Have no idea what to knit tough… if I wanted to challenge myself it wozld be something garter stich (because I deeply dislike it- I would use the word hate it, but since it is knitting I cannot do that), but the whole thing is about enjoying myslef, right???
    A lace shawl maybe?

  309. Add one more to the pot! Would like to undertake a square shawl but I’m not sure…maybe Stornaway (EZ)…I’m feeling game for these Olympics!

  310. I’m so excited you’re going to do this. I’m in. I’m a new knitter (celebrated my 1 yr anniv. this month!!) and have not tackled socks yet. That will be my project. I *think* I’ve decided on a pair of jaywalkers. Still perusing patterns!
    I’ve got a 3yo, 10 month old and am due in 8 weeks with my third daughter, so I think my goal is a good Olympic stretch for me!!
    THANKS for doing this. Looking forward to upcoming posts on rules, etc.!! (Sorry, I’m not your geek… just a mom and a l&d nurse!!)

  311. Darnit! I wish you had posted this about two weeks ago, before I had already decided to join a Ravelry group for the Ravelympics! Oh well, there will be another one in 4 years! Good luck to all of you!

  312. I am still trying to decide what I will knit, but I think I will participate this year!
    Oh, and I wonder if Mr. Linky would work for your needs? I’ve seen it used on other blogs. It would require your readers to have something to link to and I don’t know if emails would work.

  313. Cheers to you, Stephanie, for setting up the challenge again. Not sure what my project will be yet, but in SIX days I’ll cast it on as I watch the Opening Ceremonies with great pride and excitement that they are in my home province!

  314. My sister & I were talking about how we prefer the Knitting Olympics over what Ravelry is doing, so count me in. I will be doing Kristin Bellehumeur’s Palindrome Scarf, using light purple Cascade 220 remaining from my Samus sweater.
    Not that I don’t love Ravelry, I just want a simple start & stop goal, without tagging or linking or any of that.

  315. I’m in! I’m still debating on the project, but most likely it will be Hydrangea socks, from ‘Eclectic Sole’ by Janel Laidman that I’ve been promising my mother. They are something I have a reasonable chance of finishing on time, and simple enough that I can knit while watching the events.

  316. I’m in…Kaffe Fassett’s Earth Stripe Wrap because I have all the yarn and finishing a project in a set time will be astonishing for me!
    Good luck to all!

  317. I’m in! Just like last time. Only this time I’m doing Ravelry stuff too.
    Yeah, let’s use whatever system results in a Google docs spreadsheet we could add ourselves and our projects too. We can promise to be well-behaved about it.

  318. Alrighty then, I’ll bite. I didn’t do the Knitting Olympics in 2006 because I don’t knit. What better way to finally learn than to cast on for 2010? This spinner will FINALLY learn to knit. My event: Learn how to knit socks, for the first time EVAR. Count me in, here we go!

  319. I’m in! 60″ double-thick stockinette scarf, watchman’s cap, and half-fingered mitts for a 6’4″ stepson in the Navy, all made with fingering weight spotless black (Navy regs). My goal is to get them all finished by closing ceremonies and cast on matching double-thick footbed socks by flame-extinguishing. Go Team(s)!

  320. Ooooh…tempted but I can’t do it. Started a traditional fair isle from a japanese knitting book this week and am determined to be monogamous. Can’t figure how to make that Olympic, you?

  321. I regretted not doing this last time, so *gulp* I’m in. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet, but I have a couple days to figure that out (& finish a couple of projects already on the needles that have deadlines looming).

  322. I am in too, thanks for doing this. Knitting olympics without you leading us would not have been the same. I will be knitting a fair isle pullover in Bugga I have been saving for a special time like this.

  323. I am going to do Meg Swansen’s Stockings with Form-Fitted Arch because they would go wonderfully with skis, they are different, and I could possibly finish them in time. Thanks for doing this, Stephanie.

  324. Alright, I’ll throw myself in. Although considering I am actually going to BE at the Olympics with my brother, sister-in-law, their 3 kids under 3, my mother and attending a bunch of events (including opening ceremonies), I’ll keep it small: 2 pairs of socks.

  325. I’m in! I think I’m going to tackle a fingering weight shawl or shawlette. This sounds like fun, thanks for doing it!

  326. I signed up for two teams on Ravelry. 🙁 So I will be with you in the frenzy knitting a Bitterroot Shawl out of some lovely merino I spun during the Tour de Fleece and spinning (drop spindle for this girl) 2.2 oz of mixed fibers I’m calling “Pretty in Pink”. Cheers!

  327. A pair of thrummed mittens. My first knitted mittens and certainly first time for thrums. I just went to a winter farmer market that was having wool day. Lots of wool, fleeces, yarn yummies. I bought some Border Leicester purple dyed roving so I am ready. Just need to swatch.

  328. Count me in too! I Have the KnitPicks Maeve Hat and Mittens Set. Diving into my first really involved fair isle project during the Knitting Olympics seems quite appropriate!

  329. I’m in. Haven’t made a sweater in forever. I have this lovely peacock Malabrigo sitting here waiting for me to cast on Norah Gaughan’s Origami Cardi.
    Thank you.

  330. Enough of the presents for everyone else (much as I love them all). Enough of the baby clothes, scarves, hats, washcloths and mitts for all and sundry. Something for me! a jacket, a cardi a jumper? Off to the stash and the pattern collection.

  331. Hooray! I already have a lace project for the Ravelympics but I’m thinking that, in the spirit of danger, I might ought to knit something else as well. Sure, I could double-dip, but what the heck – might as well go for the crazy.

  332. Thank you so much for doing this! I became a hooked knitter with the first Knitting Olympics and am so looking forward to doing it again – the Harlot way!

  333. In! Maybe a scarf. Maybe a lace scarf. I have a pattern (in fact, I have 3), I have laceweight yarns (two different colors). I need courage (because patterns scare me)and a brain…
    Thanks for doing the 2010 Knitting Olympics!

  334. Ok, I’m in though I’m not making any promises about finishing! I thinking the Hunter Jacket by Laura Grutzeck in the new St. Denis Fall-Winter 2009 book. I must be crazy!!

  335. I’ve had a lovely lacy t-shirt waiting to be knitted since this time last year and it would make the perfect project for me. I’d love to join in this one!

  336. I’m in! I have a couple of UFOs waiting for a push to be finished – 2 kids’ sweaters (unicorn & cat) and need more socks for work. 🙂

  337. I’m in! Last time I didn’t finish, but I was a newbie and in over my head. Now, I’m ready! And now the rush is on to find a project. But whatever–I’m in!

  338. If I can find my copy of the Kate Gilbert Bird-in-Hand pattern, I am going to use the Foxfire Farm yarn I bought to make the mittens. Woo-hoo!

  339. If only I were prepared with a Dale kit – Noro scarf will have to do :). And if time permits, heather hoody vest to match.

  340. Wow, these 4 years have changed my knitting a lot. Last time I challenged myself to do my first-ever self-designed project – a felted flower cushion. Last September I published my first ever lace pattern for sale on Ravelry. So I credit you with the first push towards doing knitting out of my own head. I’m in for the Olympics but haven’t figured out exactly what my plan is yet.

  341. Yea! You go, Girl!
    I’ll be knitting a pair of socks for my son’s girlfriend (who I hope will be a daughter-in-law someday). I plan to order some “Knitters without Borders” from Blue Moon Fibers because I think that it would please her to know that her socks will contribute to a great cause.

  342. I wasn’t a knitter 4 years ago, but I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I read about the last Knitting Olympics in the blog archives! Planning on knitting some Entangled Stitches gloves (my first gloves with fingers!)

  343. Hell Steph, i love Ravelry as much as the next knitter but “The Knitting Olympics” has always been YOUR baby in my mind and i’ve been all in even if i never read this post. I was going to pick up my torch, run the knitting race and try to arrive to the finish line on time…all in the Spirit of the original challenge and in YOUR honour (<~~~see how much i admire you, i’m American for goodness sake!).
    So, bring it on! I’ll be the one at the Southern tip of Lake Michigan, cheering my head off for Team U.S.A. to bring home the Gold in Hockey!!
    Now, i’m totally stoked!

  344. I’m in too. I just ordered some Rowan Glace to make Zoe Mellor’s “Little Star Sweater” for my grandson Sam. The only possible glitch will be whether the yarn arrives in time (kind of like the snow problem in Vancouver). I’ve wanted to make this sweater for some time. I couldn’t find the yarn locally, so I’ve been putting it off. I’ve been worried that Sam would outgrow the sweater before I had a chance to knit it. I’m glad this challenge has convinced me to order the yarn so I can compete in the Knitting Olympics.
    Good luck to all my knitting teammates. Seems like this is the ideal Olympic competition since we all can medal!

  345. Steph, How in the hell can you get thru all these comments? I think I am #501 on just this one blog post. Anyway, I’m a new knitter but already seriously addicted and I agree that if you started this madness, you should keep it up. I’m in with the Olympics, attempting to do a “simple sweater” for a 10 year old granddaughter. Wish me luck and I’ll be following along with everyone else. Go team Harlot!!!!!

  346. I’m in! I’m looking forward to knitting myself a sweater; I just can’t choose one. Thank goodness I’ve still got a few days left to decide!

  347. Hoping it’s ok to participate! I have challenged myself with a Must Have Cardigan. I’ve never knitted a sweater that fast! I hope I make it!!
    Game on everyone!

  348. Last time I was an athletic supporter as I wasn’t confident in my abilities & afraid a true crash & burn with discourage me forever.
    Now I still don’t have the confidence but I’m less frightened of the potential crash & burn.
    My goal? First ever PAIR of socks… Plain straight forward pattern made with Canadian yarn.
    Now… bring on the Curling!

  349. I’m going to think long and hard about joining in – I love Ravelry but this seems right to me! I just have to figure out the right project and also decide if my schedule can handle it! Thanks for posting this and deciding to continue with what you started!!

  350. Stephanie, Rachel H, Rams (twice) Presbytera, Georgia, Ruth in Pa (Sp.Olympics) – y’all just ROCK!! and a Franklin Habit medal? Whoo-hoo! I was wearing my Olympic socks from last time (private challenge, never did send in my name), and telling the story this week.
    I am IN!, I tell you – and have” Bittersweet” Celestial Merino from Lucy Neatby to make a sideways t-shirt – oh wait, I have to roll that up — Bye!

  351. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thank you, Harlot, and thank you, thank you, Rachel H! I’m so excited! I’d been thinking about doing Myrtle by Snowdon Becker – I’m not a very fast knitter, and a lace cardigan in 16 days would be a challenge. But maybe I should aim higher; maybe this is the time to bust out the Autumn Rose kit…

  352. I am in like Flyn!!! Going to be making Jared Flood’s Urban Cardigan. So totally stoked about this!!!

  353. I’m in. I’m going to try to do five coffee cup cozies in five different patterns, for a fundraiser for my knitting guild. This may not seem like much of a challenge for some, but I’m really not a fast knitter. Plus, I’ve only decided on two patterns and I haven’t chased down yarn yet. My life will certainly make this a challenge!

  354. Olympic sports – no can do. Not even amateur sports. But Olympic knitting? Now you’re talking! Will try a lace scarf – hope I can make it in under the wire.

  355. I am in, and will do Aeolian in my own hand dye! I am also hoping to get 200 skeins dyed for a show in April too!

  356. Yowza! I’ll either be making the scarf “New Day” by Heather Zoppetti with some Buffalo Gold #12 “Lux” Laceweight in Red River DL2
    “The Wrapper” from Knitted Jackets in LSS (Luscious Single Silk) from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Valkyrie.
    Maybe I’ll get over-ambitious and try to compete in two events!
    Let the knitting begin! (almost)

  357. Go Rachel! Yaaay.
    I’m in. I’ve been waiting 4 years for this. Wouldn’t miss it. Madli’s shawl by Nancy Bush, (already spun) handspun alpaca.

  358. YAY!!! I discovered knitblogging at the tail end of the first Knitting Olympics, so I didn’t get to join in. I’m so glad you decided to run it again!! I’m in!

  359. I can’t get in because of work, school, kids, and stuff like that, but I’m really glad that you’re doing it again. It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t. 🙂

  360. I’m in again. This time I’m going to knit a pair of gloves, which I’ve never before attempted. Peace/Love by Veronik Avery from ColorStyle by Pam Allen and Ann Budd. Seems appropriate, n’est-ce-pas?

  361. i’m in. in fact, i was going to be doing it the harlot way of old whether you decided to host or not. i love ravelry with all my knitterly heart, but the ravelympics are not for me. i’m going to make my first lace shawl, if all goes well. i made a clapotis out of some very special cashmere last time, and it’s still my favorite thing i ever knitted. i even pulled an all-nighter to finish. we’ll see how i do this time. yay!

  362. Oh HURRAY!!!! I am not your geek but I sure am gonna be a party to this again. Last time I made sideways mittens. They were a great challenge for me then. Helped my knitting grow in several ways. Now to decide just what will be my challenge. Not that I don’t have several thoughts going at once.
    Thank you for being you.

  363. Ok. I am in. I am considering “finishing the room” as a possible goal, but it must be due to a slow mind, itself due to very late hour – finishing the room would mean :
    – emptying it from it’s old owner’s “stuf” (books and toys from all three children that need to be pruned and placed elsewhere in our little appartment);
    – pruning, moveing and reorganising my whole craft stash (knitting AND sewing and embroidering stash)
    – choosing buying and installing the not-yet figured out moving wall that will magically hide my “stuff” from Al’s view beacuse the last step is also:
    – installing our bed in “the room” (hopefully convincing Al that we really need a new matrass – the smell of the old one is NOT going to magically disapear after a few hour airing). (and I want a real bed too. Sleeping on the floor is only fun for a limited time)
    Pfew. Maybe I should aim for a sweater or a shawl instead?
    And I have absolutely no idea of the dates and duration of the olympics!
    Well, for now I’ld better go to sleep.
    Bonne nuit Stephanie!

  364. Wonderful! I’ve been checking in here every day since your last post about the Knitting Olympics hoping you’d do them again. I didn’t take part last year. I felt I was too new to the sport!
    This year though I was going to compete whether you were going to host it or not!
    And I’m glad you are. I’m looking forward to seeing the mad, mad progress on your challenge project and I hope it spurs me on to finish!
    The Knitting Olympics start the first day of my winter holiday so I hope to get plenty of time in!
    Thank you, Stephanie!

  365. Oh, I’m so glad you’re doing this, I was sad I missed it last time! I’m on Ravelry, too, found out about it because of you (!), but I’ll love to be working with you, too. I’m making a lace cowl the Abstract Leaves one, lace simply destroys me, so it’ll be a challenge. Plus, I’m a slow knitter, but at least there’s a chance I might finish it. I love the Winter Olympics especially and this is such a great idea! Thanks!

  366. Oh huzzah! I’m all set up with the Ravelympics, but was hoping my Shipwreck Shawl would be in the Knitting Olympics. as ever, rock on.

  367. I was hoping you would wise up. Have my projects ready to go- finishing a sweater and completing a felted bag.

  368. I’m in too. Haven’t picked out a project yet, but sure I can come up with one. Last time I tried a lace shawl for the first time (Pacific Northwest pattern). Haven’t quit knitting lace since! What addiction can I find this time?

  369. I am in for the Olympics. I am going to attempt Cookie A’s German Stocking. I have not knit knezes socks and this one has complicated cables on the sides.

  370. I’m in too. This is a time of stash-down (and use patterns I’ve collected) for me so I have three projects lined up. Herbivore using WM 80/20 that I’ve petted as a skein long enough, Forest Canopy Shawl using Mountain Colors Weavers Wool, and February Lady Sweater in Lana Moro. Finishing all three of these relatively simple lace patterns will be a big challenge for me.

  371. Oh phooey. I was kind of hoping you’d do it and kind of hoping you wouldn’t. And now that you are, I’m in. I didn’t medal the last time and probably won’t this time, but I’m going to my best, which really is all that any Olympian does.
    Let the games begin!

  372. This means I have to try to knit a sweater again, doesn’t it? Confront my issues with fit and seaming and all those scary things?
    Oh, all right, I’m in.
    Nice Bihn bags. I have one that was my sole Christmas gift from my extended family. (We like to be fairly restrained about Christmas.) I love it. If you hadn’t blogged it, I wouldn’t have known it existed.

  373. Ok, I now know what my project will by. Pretty Thing. designed by the Yarn Harlot.
    The challange is that I have never worked anything off of a chart before! And I shouldn’t have to worry about guage too much!

  374. OK! I’m in, game on! Just in NE Ohio, shucks we know winter a little (not as much as you frostbacks)got 24in snow last night.
    Will work on my “Braids” cardigan by “Cabin Fever.”
    Thought it would be done by Thanksgiving…
    Love you and love the other hundreds of knitters here!
    PS I am a Rav Olmp co-captain so I have to also knit some WIP socks. Oh the pressure.

  375. I have never done anything like this before, but it sounds great, so I am in! I want to either learn to do steeks or manage to knit a sweater that actually fits they way it’s supposed to, so I will have to decide by Friday which one it will be. What a great way to challenge myself to learn something new.

  376. I’m in too! I have been putzing along on the body of the Beautiful Basket Stitchery cardigan by Lana Hames for 2+ years. I’m going to cast on those sleeves during the opening ceremonies and get this sweater finished! You’re so inspiring, Stephanie – especially for those of us who aren’t very speedy! 2 sleeves will be a remarkable achievement for me!

  377. I’m in, but nervous. I’m going to try to make a simple sweater for my son, but with some embellishments (like 2010 somewhere in the pattern). I don’t think I’ve ever finished anything in 16 days! Thanks for hosting this and encouraging all of us! (The sweater you are making is wonderful!)

  378. I’m in- going to complete 4 WIP [unless each mitten counts as a separate WIP, then it’s 5] by the end of the Olympics. That way I can reward myself with a nice trip to the yarn store to add to my stash!

  379. I am in. I am going to knit a pair of cabled socks for Socks For Soldiers Inc. I have never knitted a pair of socks in two weeks so it’s going to be hard for me, but I am trying.

  380. Drop the puck! Set the starting pistol! Game on! Ski through that starting gate! Cast on baby! Wool is ready at the start lane, the winter’s training has paid off so that I should be peaking just in time for the Olympics! Even so, I’ve got an easy, lots of stockinette sweater planned (Wicked), with a fair isle toque ready in case there’s a tie or we go to overtime. Now that Coach (Yarnharlot) has announced that I’ve made the Olympic team, I’m ready to go!

  381. Yes! Yes! Yes! My 24 yr old has requested the Fair Isle Tunic on the cover of this winter’s Vogue. Cables and Fair Isle – Wish me luck!

  382. Everytime I travel for work, I go through sock withdrawal! And you dare say : “I have a sock for the plane” They let you knit on the plane???? Please tell me what needles you are bringing because I am always scared that should I dare bringing socks on the plane, my beloved nickel plated circulars may be confiscated! Do you strictly bamboo on the plane? Does that even go through? We, knitters, are such a threat to canadian airspace! I now have become a plane crocheter as I know security will allow me in with a non pointy crochet but I’d rather knit. HELP ME!!!!

  383. I’m in. Will try stranded colourwork for the first time, probably something in red and white (being Canadian and all). Gotta go search patterns now. Can’t wait for the opening ceremonies!

  384. I was already in! I just loved the idea so much but discovered the knitting olympics last time after it was over. So I’ve been waiting 3.5 years for it! I was bummed when you thought you weren’t going to do it so I decided I would just do it myself anyway.
    I’m doing 28thirty by Sarah and Rachel in some delicously discontinued Sheep Shop Sheep one. I’d like to do a more tricky project to be I have laying around the house waiting to be knit but I’m worried that the 10 month old starting to walk is enough of an olympic project on it’s own. So a basic cardigan it will be!

  385. I’m in. Maybe the big honkin’ cabled blanket I’ve been imagining for a dear friend (who converted to Canadian a year ago and seriously needs more wool in his life). Or something from French Girl Knits which I just acquired last week. The biggest challenge for me will be overcoming my finishphobia.

  386. OH Stephanie, I am SO in. I jumped in head first last time and bought yarn for my first BIG knitting project, a clap made fro 8 skeins of Noro. To this day it is still my most popular knit and I tell everyone left and right who admires it that I knit it during the knitting olympics, and how your idea grew so big and crazy and fun.
    But I also owe you a debt of gratitude for that idea. I used to run a forum back then and inspired by you, I proposed a ‘crafting olympics’ on there. While the event there was a total and utter failure with hardly anybody getting into the spirit of the things, one other person did, and in doing so she and I became good friends – a friend who today is one of my closest and dearest in the world. So thank you for indirectly bringing that about!
    As for keeping track of everyone – what sort of information do you need to collect from people? I’m sure I can throw together a form of some sort that people can fill in the information and it will add them to a listing. Please let me know via the email address attached to this comment if I can set something like that up for you.
    Or alternately, why not make one blogpost a ‘sign up here!’ spot – and let people leave what they’re making in the comments. Your blog already counts how many comments are left, so you’ll know number of participants that way.

  387. Saying Yes! for myself, Jo in MN, and pal Susie in CO, who will be making those “hot” socks Steph
    showed us. Called Sleepy Hollow. Beautiful!
    Ready to go!

  388. Count me in! I entered last time but didn’t finish my first socks in time.
    Four years later, I’m still a slowish knitter so I will knit my first pair of mittens to match a striped scarf and hat that are almost finished.
    Thanks for doing this again, Steph, it really is so much fun!
    Good luck to all the knitters, may you and your families be in good health & may you not lose a needle or run short of yarn!
    And if you are a newish knitter, read your pattern through once first, highlighting tricky spots. Not doing that cost me a huge penalty last time and kept me from medaling!

  389. You betcha! Although I have no clue how this works and may have to do it lurkily, I will be watching every second of the Olympics—well, maybe not the curling—and will be knitting some things for the Afghans for Afghans latest deadline, which is March 1. They need sweaters, socks, and mittens for 7- to 14-year olds (if anyone is in need of a project for this event).

  390. *happy dancing* I’m in! I’m going to make a tube scarf knitting in the round on DPN’s for the first time using sock yarn….three firsts in there….*grinning big*

  391. Well, I was going to do it whether it was official or not. Been planning to since August(ish).

  392. I’m in. I think. Although how I’m going to be awake enough to cast on at 2am UK time I have no idea…!

  393. I’m in, I hope with Rowan Sugarplum – as long as I can get yarn tomorrow morning – i thought my stash would suffice, but on closer inspection no. In big city for 80th birthday celebration (defacto father-in-law) and hoping time to get to a lys tomorrow morning, before back on plane to a place lys bereft tomorrow afternoon. If not lys – then dishcloths here I come.

  394. Hooray! My medal from 4 years ago is still my screen saver. This time: lace wedding purse for daughter-in-law to be. While I have been a knitter for 50 years, I can’t seem to do well with complicated lace. So the gauntlet is thrown. Now I have to bug my sister to tackle her first ever sweater for herself!

  395. I’m in; I’m signed up on Ravelry with team Daughters of the Whore of Babylon (how could a girl resist that, really??), but I do consider myself to be a Knitting Olympian. I don’t remember why I didn’t do this four years ago — possibly I started reading your blog just after the Olympics, or something, I don’t remember for sure — but I’ve been excited about it for years. Anyway. I’m knitting the Flowered Vest out of the most recent VK in Dale ULL. Only, because I’m not a wacko, I’m not knitting in flat and seaming it, because I feel strongly that people who want me to knit fair isle flat also want me to strangle puppies and drown kittens. I’m not afraid of a good steek. Anyway, it will be a good time.

  396. Since I’m currently studying in the great winter sports country of the Netherlands, I’m adopting the orange men and women as my own during this winter Olympics. And oh yeah, I’ll be knitting something while I’m catching footage of the speed skaters online.
    Thank you for starting this again!

  397. Game on! I didn’t compete last time but I am hoping this time to take on a challenge of focus, not intricacy – that is I am hoping to knit a pair of socks in the time allocated. Can I really focus on only one project for that long? Hopefully. I really need the socks.

  398. I am so in, have been planning it since who knows when. . . an Aran for my grand-daughter. . I must be crazy!

    MY PROJECT: CENTRAL PARK COAT from DOUBLE KNITTING, Reversible two-color designs by M’Lou Baber

  400. I’m in – have to find a project…dale patterns? I have 2/3 finished sweater – been carrying it around for 16 years. I’ll find something less time consuming.

  401. I can’t believe that I’m doing this, but my mother’s birthday is Feb. 26 and I promised her a sweater. So holy crap, I’m in.
    The yarn is here, the pattern is the Mondo Cable Cardi and at the very least I’ll be partway done by her birthday.

  402. I`ll be there at the starting line, casting on a seamless yoke for a4A. That´s doable. The real challenge will be finishing my husband´s birthday cardigan before then. (His birthday was yesterday . . .)

  403. I am so in!!! Have been hoping you would pick up the torch again this year! Have been planning a lace scarf for a friend who lost both of her parents last year. Her mom was an extraordinary gardener who also served on national committees and boards. Forest Path stole seems to represent her parents.

  404. As previously stated, if you weren’t going to have the Knitting Olympics this year, I was going to pretend you were, so am very happy to find I can enjoy it as much as last time. I got so much more spinning done than was my original goal that I am still in a grateful state of bliss over it. While I am thinking I will spin again this year, I have several sweater patterns (with yarn!) waiting to be knit so will make my decision in the next day or two. Thank you and let the games begin!

  405. Count me in! I was completely unaware that a knitting community existed last Olympics, so I am thrilled to be a part of it this time around!!!

  406. I’m in, and so are some of the ladies in my new knitting group in Jackson, TN. I’m going to finish a lace shawl I started last January, my first beaded lace project. Thank you!

  407. I’m in too and it will be a sock project….. recreating my dad’s favourite kilt socks for his 75th birthday in March. Hopefully I can get one done over the Olympics.

  408. I’m in 🙂 I am going to spin on my drop spindle enough yarn to knit a pair of socks, and then knit the socks. I will be spinning a 2-ply fingering weight. To prepare, I am going to card some nylon into Blue Face Leicester fiber, and then dye the fiber. I think I will knit the Ancient Oak socks from Lisa Lloyd’s book, A Fine Fleece.

  409. I’ve re-read the rules and re-thought my plan: I’m in and I’ll make my Venus Rising with the Kauni I bought last summer…those UFOs will have to wait!

  410. Please count me in too! I’m hoping to finish the shawl I’m knitting for Mum to wear for her chemotherapy sessions.

  411. 4 years ago, I wasn’t mature enough to even think about finishing a sweater in 16 days. I’m older and wiser now and this year I thought that if you ended up doing your Knitting Olympics, I would commit to the challenge. Yikes, I’m in. I’m doing the Must-Have Cardigan in Cascade 220 lavender heather. I’ve already made one – I’ve been training – so I know I can get the gold!

  412. Please count me in. Albeit a slow knitter, (maybe the world’s slowest)I would like to finish a scarf that I just cast on yesterday!

  413. Okay, I’m in too. I signed up for Susan Pandorf’s Evenstar shawl, but the swatch has me weeping already (I’ve redone it five times…) so I think I’ll stick with lace, but NOT that one. (The whole pointy needles/murder thing).
    Instead, I’ll do a lace stole with the Evenstar yarn and see how that works. I would also like to do a pair of toe-down socks. (Plus I have two–err, three–other things on my needles, including a Very Pretty Thing.)

  414. i’m SO in. no idea what my challenge will be, but i’ve already got the hockey jersey from 4 years ago, so that’s half the battle, isn’t it?

  415. Hooray! I’m so in. I’m part of my own one-woman Woolympics team. Not quite sure what the project will be, but it’ll involve lots and lots of Cormo.

  416. I guess I’ll give it a try =) I have a shawl that’s begging to be knit and I’ve never tried lace before…

  417. Yay! Count me in!
    4 years ago, I couldn’t take part in your Knitting Olympics because of the impending death of one of my closest friends.
    This year, the challenge is all about Brian’s memory – this insane knitting’s for you, sweetie!

  418. I am so in! My sixteen-year-old-self is going to try and finish my pair of navy-blue beaded-and-cabled gloves…
    I just heard my knitting friends cracking up…

  419. Me! I’m in. And yesterday I sat outside in Vancouver and knit in short sleeves, so I can say this will be the best winter olympics evar.

  420. I am so definitely in. (OMG, who said that?!) Think I know what project, if so am certifiable. But then, my friends would confirm it is so – I can watch a good curling competition for hours.

  421. Pay TV Season Pass ? Check
    Stashworthy yarn ? Check
    Paired patterns ? Check
    Turbo lightweight pointy needles ? Check
    To Do – enlarge charts, and spare light bulbs.
    Getting so much more spinning/knitting done since abandoning Rav nearly a year ago… I’m in for sure.


  423. I’m in – I wasn’t really knitting last time the Winter Olympics came around but there is something about them being held in your home country that makes you want to participate in some way.
    Thank you so much for doing this – I just couldn’t get into the Ravelolympics
    Swatching for Alishan (and yes I know I’m knitting a lace-weight sweater in the middle of a Canadian winter – if I knit it in the summer I’d never get to wear it)

  424. I had the Knitting Olympics posted on my calendar, even if you decided not to do it. I think I’m going to attempt the Peacock Feathers lace shawl. I may not get it finished, but I’m going to give it a good go. Thanks for the challenge!

  425. I’m in!! I have very fond memories of the last Knitting Olympics. I was able to get a pair of socks finished last time, so I’m gonna get a little crazy & try for a sweater this time around! Why not?! I’m thinking a February Lady Sweater in a lovely ruby red is just the ticket for the February blahs.

  426. woo hoo! This is my first KO, but I am so glad you are hosting. Starting the fun of picking a project today.

  427. Thank you Steph! I’m in limk Flynn, and this time I’m gonna win!
    I’m getting cold feet about my intended project (A Wonder Woman Sweater, which I would love, but have to design before the Olympics start) and shawls keep talking to me….
    Also, I agree with Ms. Rams, why waste valuable knitting time during the opening ceremonies waiting for them to light the torch?

  428. I’m defintely in! I’m going to tackle the #24 XO Raglan Cardigan from the Vogue Winter 2009 issue.

  429. I so want to be in…. but I’m already trying to cheat. I love the special olympics category. I would tackle my WIPs but the thought of ignoring them for the next few days has me a bit cranky. Oh wait. I got it. If I can get enough of them done before Thursday I can cast on for some socks for DH for our anniversary.

  430. I’m in! Now I will go back and figure out exactly what I’ve just signed up for and what the rules are.

  431. I’m in. Still debating Berroco’s Drift or Gainsbourg or ChicKnits’ Mondo Cable Pulli. Sorry WIPs, you’ll be on haitus for a couple of weeks.

  432. I’m in! I was only starting to knit again during the last Winter Olympics. This time I’m ready. I’m knitting a pair of socks (not sure of the pattern yet) Usually socks take me many months, to finish a pair in 16 days will be truly Olympian.

  433. Count me in too. I’ll be doing a Starsky sweater by Jordana Paige. A chunky knit sweater might not normally be too much of a challenge, but in sixteen days with a nearly one year old who has just discovered the joys of driving her mother crazy by wanting to touch the floor radiator should throw up a few hurdles that will make things interesting.

  434. Heck yeah! With the re-discovery of EZ’s Green Sweater (And the yarn and pattern in hand) it would be WRONG not to try and accomplish my Winter Olympics sweater!

  435. I’m in too! I’m going to challenge myself by knitting something lace in two weeks (usually it takes me a LOOOOONG time to knit lace). Thank you for hosting, Steph!

  436. I have had the Whistler sweater on my Olympic knitting list since I first spotted it last year. Needles, yarn, pattern, swatch done. I’m so ready!

  437. I’m in! I’m about to start swatching for my first ever jumper (that’s allowed before the Opening Ceremony, right? A tension square or two?) which will be Raphael, by Rowan, in Rowan Kid Classic.

  438. I’m in! I pledge to knit the Mona Lisa, an illusion knitting pattern found on Ravelry. Let the games begin!

  439. In. Like the proverbial Flynn. Only maybe in not quite the same way. Perhaps. I’ve got some stash to bust so I’ll be digging away this week. See you all at opening ceremonies with sticks at the ready!

  440. I am so in. I will enter with a dash to the finish line in the short-track speed finishing event, as well as the children’s hat biathlon (making two small hats here). I may even attempt a baby sweater. Although that last one may be beyond even my olympian efforts.

  441. Yes, ma’am. I still have a few days to decide what it will be, but I’m on a roll. Despite my disappearance from my blog, ALL of the family have handknit winterwear this year, BEFORE the snow started to fly, and that’s pretty damned astonishing already. I figure I should work it a little more. Thanks for the impetus to do so.

  442. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… I’m in. Don’t know what with yet.
    I’m not a geek but tell me if there’s a way I can help.

  443. I’m in. I’ve been knitting for nearly 11 years and have never finished a sweater (and only started two). I’ve got the yarn for many, so I’m hopking it’s just like when I first started knitting socks, I just need to knit that first item and them I’m hooked. If nothing else, I’ll have a Kenobi Jacket out of it.

  444. I’ve been planning to knit a rug with wool rags for the Knitting Olympics for months. It’s plain garter stitch but it’ll be a bit large, so it will be something of a stretch to get it done in time. I’m swatching today to find the best needle size. And I’m going into Vancouver on the 13th, when it should still be small enough to carry along, so I will be knitting at least part of it actually in the City of Vancouver. The rest of it gets to be knit in the GVRD.

  445. I’m in. Socks. Life is busy so being somewhat realistic…. but a friend was hinting recently and the friend likes the Olympics so it seems like a good match.
    Many thanks to the esteemed Mr. Habit for his contribution!!

  446. I’m totally in! I missed all the early sign-ups at Ravelry anyway and would love something a little more casual. What are the rules (or recommended guidelines?) I have so many projects in my mind but returning to work FT has squashed my time to work on anything, especially something for myself. Maybe I’ll strive to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves & some of those sexy socks.

  447. I just went to the yarn store and bought yarn to make a sweater. Then I came home and found this post! Perfect timing, methinks. I’m so in.
    (And this is my first comment here. Yay!)

  448. I’m in! I’m knitting a plain pair of socks this time, because I just seem to not be able to finish anything I start these days!

  449. I am so glad to see the Knitting Olympics is back. In 2006 life got in the way and I couldn’t finish my project on time. This time I will not fail. My goal will be to knit 2 pairs of adult socks and 1 pair of children socks for a total of 3 pairs.

  450. Like all the Continental Europeans, I will be casting on at 3:00am, big fun ! And I will cast on Palimpsest by Anne Hanson with Old Maiden Aunt Red red Rose lace yarn.

  451. I’m so in! Thanks for doing it, I really hoped that you would. I’m away from home now and won’t be back til the 13th so I’ll start a pair of socks for my husband (his first ones – he has been waiting patiently while I have made things for the grandchildren) — that is IF I have thrown in the right needles. If not, I’ll probably start a sweater for my granddaughter to make use of that 4 hours of riding in the car time. I know I have the right things for that.

  452. I’m delurking and joining in to finish off wips
    thanks Stephanie for all your great posts and inspirational acts. It’s a joy to read your blog.

  453. Me, me, me. I’m in. I have purposely not joined any ravelympic group because I wanted to do your Knitting Olympics. I will be making an Argyl Vest for Canada.

  454. I am de-lurking to say that I would like to join. While knitting a stole is not necessarily “challenging” I am moving from Northern New York to Utah during the Olympics, so I think that committing to knit myself a stole out of my handspun merino will be a big challenge for me. (I am driving our car the whole way while my hubby drives the U-haul).
    I would also like to take this moment to say that I really enjoy your blog and have been taking the time to read some of your older posts as well.

  455. I am soooo in. I have been looking forward to the challenge since the last Olympics. I didn’t finish last time, need to redeem myself! I am determined to this time….Not sure what I will knit yet, however, it does give me the opportunity to go yarn shopping!

  456. Question: Can we count the same project in the Knitting Olympics as the Ravelympics? I’m only one woman? If so, I’m in.

  457. Knitting techie to answer your call for help!!! Yes, you need to use webforms, kinda like signing up for sock camp or a newsletter. You should also consider using this for KWB, but I digress. I don’t know exactly how to put them into a webpage, I’m your backend person (in a good way). The database queen. I can take the data you get and put it in any useful form; look at trends and give you any number you need. Number of sock knitters. Number of people who did a sweater and live in Canada. Whatever.
    My first KO was my first pair of socks. I’ve made several pairs since, but never ones with such large holes at the gusset! It started something good (I joined the Blue Moon Rockin Socks club this year) and will it continue on, I’m excited.
    If you need help, I’m happy to do it. I’ll check with friends who may know how to set up the webforms.

  458. I’m in! This will be the impetus to start and finish my first sweater. It is just a small, baby sweater, but it will be a sweater nonetheless!

  459. YAY! I had to sit out the first Knitting Olympics b/c I was injured – Fair Isle did me in and I was in Physiotherapy!
    I’m all about the games this year! Just hope the Mogrunt can forgive me for the ensuing neglect he will suffer during the Olympics.

  460. I will get Olympic with you! I’m in Washington the state and I have relatives up in B.C. so I’m all over this. However, my skill isn’t up to your proposed challenge. I start a sweater class tomorrow and will dedicate my lovely to this lovely event.

  461. Count me in too, although with the temperature here in my part of OZ hovering in the mid to high 30s (Celsius) again, I don’t know how much actual knitting will get done – especially as I plan to start a cardigan for me – and I am a very generously sized girl. Still, I need a challenge.

  462. I always think of you, Steph, when I’m curled up watching the Olympics. Of course, I’m in. Now to come up with my own sweater design using that Rowan Cocoon I’ve been hoarding…

  463. I’ve never done this kind of thing before but any time I watch tv I knit and I can’t get to Vancover this year so I am in. Couldn’t knit for years but since I had my thumbs fixed I’ve been loving all the new yarns that are available now. I wanted to do the Kenobi but don’t have the yarn. I will try to finish the Coral lace cardigan by Elspeth Lavold.

  464. YAY its half one in the morning here in the UK and i am now fully awake 😀 i’m actually gona get up and do a happy dance :D:D:D i’m knitting a starsky cardigan, colour chart n everything, now guna go bang on some doors n spread the news (i’m in uni halls) i’ve got a group of new converts to raise hahaaaaa

  465. I am SO in. The Ravelympics just don’t appeal to me and I’m thrilled to death with this particular post. Enjoy your trip and may you knit swiftly, at gauge and without mistakes!

  466. I’m so in! I joined in for the 2006 Olympics and I finished my socks! This year my goal is to knit illusion dishcloths for Relay For Life! I have two 1lb cones! Can I knit through two 1lb cones? I sure hope so!

  467. I’m in. I have a Dale of Norway sweater also. It’s called Sirdal and I’m making it non-traditional purple and cream. My sweater is “plus sized” and I’m not counting on getting it done, but I’m sure going to try.

  468. Ah. I am glad you’re doing this again, I was hoping.
    I am not the geek you are looking for. However, as a librarian with some database experience, I volunteer to be part of the support/entry staff, if you need it. I remember how much was needed last time!

  469. Thank you so much for doing this again, Sephanie. I really enjoy being part of this community. I’m in with a personal-best-challenge for myself: Moebuis scarf (with the exact number of stitches cast-on, not some random “close enough” & I’m tired of scooping so let’s get to knitting). I will triumph over your mind-games, Cat B! ;->

  470. Hi! Count me in – all I have to do is find the unfinished project from four years ago. Since they are a pair of socks designed by Canadian Lucy Neatby, I think they were just waiting their turn…

  471. I want to be in!!! My goal is to finish everything that is already already started. Impossible? We are going on vacation and taking our car. I’m loading the back seat. He’s fishing and hopefully I’m finishing!

  472. Hey! This is the first time I’ve seen the MSF/DWB tally over $1 million! I was wondering why you haven’t talked about it, but does anything more really need to be said, than:
    One Million Dollars
    pretty frakkin’ awesome.

  473. I’ll be participating in the knitting Olympics from here in Vancouver! How fun is that! With all the great energy surrounding me both real and vitual I am sure to finish the felted bag already started and then take on the hat my daughter has asked me to knit her. With any luck, I might finish two projects! Go team Canada knitters!

  474. I’m in!! I have a half-finished Dale Of Norway Lillehammer from many years ago that I should pull out of the UFO box, but maybe I’ll find something new and exciting…….

  475. I am excited to join in. I am going to knit a baby sweater for my nephew on the way. I have a 1 year old so that’s about as much challenge as I can take on and not go crazy :).

  476. Steph, I am in for the Olympics!
    I haven’t read through all the comments, but I can help you with creating a Google spreadsheet that can be posted here. But that’s the extent of my tech knowledge–it’s really simple so I’m sure someone else above me has already proposed something far more elegant than that. Anyhoo, if you want me to do it, just email me. Thanks for hosting the event again 🙂

  477. I’m in.
    In the spirit of doing something that is actually scary – I’m going to do a fair isle vest or jumper. I’m not sure how much yarn I’m going to need, compared to what I already have. But that’s the prep for this week – work out which pattern, and then what I need.
    Good luck everyone!

  478. Count me in. Dragon Melody Shawl, 15 year old daughter, Lace Edged Womans Hat, BF gater stitch head band. This is going to be fun. ps Daughter is teaching my Bf to knit because I can’t. I can teach a 5yo but not a 50 yo. Whats up with that?

  479. Thank goodness. I can’t keep up with Ravelry groups. This is much easier. I’ll be back to let you know what I’ve decided to work on.

  480. Yeeha, I’m in – only found out about the last Winter KO after they started, so definitely this time. My first ever triangular shawl – something lacy, with some gorgeous Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply I got for Christmas :).

  481. Yes, I’m in. Even though it is the Berlinale (the film festival), over in Europe. I will be up most of the night just to see Vancouver and Whistler again. Whew. Knitting in the dark. Better be something simple.

  482. Count me in, I’ve a 4ply (sport i think) anyway, fine wool, cardi that I want done for this summer so this should give me a good push!! I’ll also have to set the blog up that I’ve been promising myself to do for months now!!

  483. I’m in! I’m going to knit the skater’s overtop in kidsilk haze. I tried and frogged after 2-3 inches b/c I couldn’t figure out the pattern. I’ve got that sorted now. I’m not sure I can do it in 16 days, but what the heck! This is a real challenge for me b/c I find lace especially challenging and kidsilk haze also takes some getting used to.
    Thanks so much for doing this!!

  484. I am excited beyond words that you are going to do the Olympics here, can’t wait to see your finished project!

  485. I am so glad you’re doing this again! I wasn’t a knitter when you did the first Knitting Olympics and I have been waiting patiently for them to come back around so I could join in!

  486. I am SO in. I did the first Knitting Olympics in 2006 just after I had started knitting. My project back then was a tiny little romper, hat, and booties for the Preemie Project ( Perhaps now, after 4 years of knitting experience, I can tackle something a little larger. I have a little one of my own on the way, so perhaps something for her. Thanks for “carrying the torch” on this!

  487. I’m in for the Olympics. I’m knitting a kit from Knit One, Crochet Two. It’s a modular, garter stitch, 4 colors, on #5 needle, jacket type. It will be a challenge because I work a full-time job and part-time at our bookstore. I’m hoping that I can get lots of evening and weekend hours in

  488. Count me in. My 2nd pair of toe up socks. The 1st pair took a month, so I definitely want to better my time. And since the last pair were for my sister, I better get going so I can have new socks for myself soon.

  489. I’m in and I can help with the auto-script thingy. You want me to just scan the comments on this page and create a list, or do you want a sign-up page?

  490. I’m in! Have a vest to make for my father and ready to cast on and complete while watching as much Olympics as possible.

  491. Yeah Baby!!! I’m so excited and looking forward to this! I’m designing and ‘planning’ to execute an intarsia sweater that has been in the recesses of my mind for YEARS!! Oh, it’s a challenge alright! Thanks for the inspiration 4 years ago and well, Let The Games Begin!

  492. I’m so excited to join in! I missed the first one…but just read the post from back then. Sounds like a great challenge! I’m not sure, but I think I’d like to do my first stranded (selbu-type) mittens- it would be a real challenge for me to finish in 16 days, but it would be fun to try. Thank you!

  493. I’m in. I have two projects, but will be thrilled to get one of them done.
    I have a cabled cardigan that I have all of the yarn for from one of last year’s Vogue Knittings and if I finish that, the rest of the Olympics will be devoted to finishing as many items as I can in the remaining time, starting with the bag I finished knitting during the last Knitting Olympics (but did not do the finishing work on). I think it’s been long enough.

  494. I’m in. I will knit a two color sock. The challenge is that I will be able to get my foot in the sock when finished. Always before I pulled the second yarn so tight I could barely get my hand in.

  495. No plan yet, but I’m so in. Last time was a blast. My colleagues thought I was nuts but by the end, they cheered me on. I’m glad you’re doing this again! Now, to come up with a game plan……

  496. Game on! I will attempt to knit both patterns from the Rockin’ Sock Club’s first offering of 2010.

  497. In! (In the WiP category)
    Love to start something new, but the baby I’m knitting a Sunny Cables and Crowns for will need her blanket soon. (She’s not due until April 1, but her big brother was a month early, so I think I better count on getting hers done early.)

  498. Woohooo!! Kick a$$! I am so excited we have the green light. There is nothing like the Olympics; it creates an awesome global society, much like knitting. Can’t wait to cast on!

  499. I’m in for the Olympics! Trying fair-isle mittens, the Post War Mittens from Twist Collective.
    So excited and so happy you’re doing it again this time around. Bring on the medals!

  500. I’m in! I’ll swatch from now to Opening Ceremony to figure out exactly what my event will be.

  501. I’m in! Last Knitting Olympics, I made my first pair of socks. Approximately 150 pairs of socks later…I’m not sure yet what I will knit – perhaps a lovely lace shawl. Thanks for taking this on again!

  502. I’m in. I’ll finish a chemo cap for a friend, and start a Mason-Dixon prissy hand towel.

  503. I am in. No idea what I’ll do because I will be traveling (and I’ll have to cast on on the plane, I think.)
    Google docs with a form so that everybody input their own data is the solution.

  504. I would love to be in! My first Knitting Olympics will be paired with my first Rockin Sock Club sock! Not ambitious like your Whislter, but give a newbie a break, please! I love the Harlot!

  505. Count me in! I’m all psyched to begin a pair of socks – got the yarn, the pattern – Sleepy Hollow” and the needles – I’ll be ready on Friday night – as soon as that torch is lit my needles will begin!
    Thanks for doing this – it’s my first year.

  506. I am sooo in! Will make the Bombshell sweater out of Big Girl Knits. Have had yarn for three years, and am always so busy knitting for everyone else, I never make me the priority! So that is my challenge… think of ME more often, and knit this sweater… in hopes I can wear it in March after the Olympics!
    Gonna be a tough challange to actually finish in 15 or 16 days… advantage, I am in a class week of 22, here’s hoping the professor doesn’t mind knitting.
    PS. So glad you are doing this! And love the blog, even if it is a living, brething animal!

  507. Bless you, Stephanie. I’m so proud you rose to the occasion. It just wouldn’t be a knitting Olympics without you. And, RachelH, you ROCK!!
    I’m so IN. Knit my first pair of mittens and my first colorwork for Knitting Olympics 1. And I medaled! Got to think of a project that has hopes of success. Of course, Stitches West kind of cuts into the Olympic knitting time. I have signed up for classes, after all. I even got into Traveling Stitches with Cookie A.
    Wait, that’s it!! A Cookie A. sock, one of the more challenging ones, perhaps??? Gotta think this through.
    Thanks, Stephanie. I’m a deep-dyed Yankee – going back to 1635 in New England – but I took a trip to Ottawa with my high school chorus, and learned “O Canada” (as it was sung in 1963 or 64). I tear up for it, too. Canada is a grand place. It’s just that those deep roots don’t let go that easily.

  508. Oh perfect!
    I already started the sweater that was going to be my Olympics project because I-just-couldn’t-wait but it turns out I have an EZ seamless hybrid raglan to reknit from scratch for my brother (who was not the size I thought he was) which will make the ideal last minute substitute. Plus it means I can keep knitting on *my* sweater until Saturday!
    Oh, I’m in btw.

  509. Yes I’m in to finish a sweater that is 1/2 done. I’m slow, so I couldn’t possibly do a whole sweater, but this is doable.

  510. I’m so in. Last time I had to pull out due to a knitting injury (6 stitches in my index finger). Now to go toss the stash.

  511. I’m in…now to decide on the project! I figure all those other somewhat started and in progress can just wait a couple of weeks, right? After all, there’s no deadline for those! And we love a deadline!

  512. Yeah!!!!! I am in and ready with my Dale Vancouver 2010 sweater. BTW Stephanie…. there isn’t all that much winter here in Vancouver at the moment, but man are we excited.

  513. I’m in….must be crazy….gosh I hope you never decide to start some sort of cult, because clearly you have amazing powers of persuasion. Off we go!

  514. Forgot to say what I’m knitting – Veronik Avery’s Graphic Hoodie from Knitting Classic Style.
    The yarn’s been on my desk for a couple of weeks, unpacked, because I’ve been undecided whether or not I’d participate, but I’ve got the fever! I want that medal!!!

  515. I’m in. I sat on the sidelines last time but his time I want to play. I really want to try something in lace, not too challenging but still satisfying. And I have some Hand Maiden yarn in my wool room (actually spare bedroom, but I have delusions of grandeur) that makes me feel guilty every time I go in there. So, now to hunt for a pattern.

  516. Count me in Stephanie, and THANK YOU. I was already planning an olympic challenge for myself. But you making it offi