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  1. Happy Birthday Sam! Your photos make you look like the wonderful young lady that I’m sure that you are. Hope you have a great, happy day full of friends, family, birthday cake, lots of comments on your mum’s blog and oh yeah, gifts!
    Remember to give your mum a hug today. Birth’n a baby isn’t easy.

  2. Dear Steph,
    Happy Labor Day to you!!! first
    and then
    Happy Birthday Sam
    cause with out your mum you might not have been here:-)

  3. Happy Birthday,Dear Samantha!(I’ll get to say that to my own Dear Samantha in May.)Hope 16 is a wonderful year for you!!

  4. Happy birthday, Samlamb. I still haven’t recovered from how you changed between the first year I saw you and the second, when you suddenly looked like these pictures. Obviously, calendar notwithstanding, extra time had passed — no one could get that lovely that fast. I’m blaming alien abduction, myself.

  5. I’m sure we’re already a bit much, but happy birthday anyway. No surprise to you, but 16 is one of those way up and down years. Btw, love the snarly clawing pic; have fun with it!

  6. I love birthdays, anyone’s birthday, have a wonderful celebration and may it last all month long! Cake for everyone!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to Sam! And to me because today is my birthday too, but I’ll spare you the pictures because at 43, I’ll break the camera lens. (Might need a wide-angle lens, too.) ๐Ÿ™‚ Our birthday really should be an international holiday, don’t you think? I do. ENJOY!!

  8. Actually, you have seen her 16th year. Her birthday was the anniversary. She is now in her 17th year….that becomes a bummer as one ages…

  9. Happy Birthday Sam! My little girl is about to turn one, and I’m trying really hard not to think about how soon she’ll be sixteen!

  10. My one and only turned 13 this week…the bar mitzvah is this Saturday. And I’m pretty sure that during the night last night he caught up to me in height.
    Do you find it both exciting and heartbreaking? Sam is your last, Norbert is my only, and I find myself collecting “last times” . (You know, thinking to myself, “I have to remember this, because this may be the last time he watches a movie curled up on the couch with his head in my lap.”) I know there is lots more excitement to come, but every time we turn a corner, I sort of mourn what we left behind.

  11. Happiest of Birthdays, Sam from Sunny (for once) San Francisco Bay Area. How many moms can get people from all over the world to send birthday greetings???

  12. Happy birthday and happy year to you, Sam, from another Samm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy birthday to you too, mum, ’cause it’s a birth day for you, too. Love the photo memories.

  13. Happy Birthday Sweetie. You just gave me an excuse to go buy a birthday cake. When I blow out the candle for you, I’ll be wishing you a fabulous future. Congrats Steph. She’s amazing!

  14. you’re breaking my heart! i know 16 is on the horizon for my firstborn this year…. but i’m clinging to 15 as long as i can. all the best to your “baby”!

  15. I too have a child born this day. Cory is 23 today. The day he turned 16 we had a horrible ice storm (makes it easy to remember) and were without power for a week. Hope Sam’s birthday is a great one. You guys can come over for cheesecake later if you want. It’s Cory’s favorite and we are only about ?eight hours away (Lexington, KY) by car.

  16. Happy birthday-if you turn out Just like your Mom and Dad you will make the world a better place.

  17. Happy Birthday!! What a stunner Samantha is! Sixteen is quite a milestone — my youngest is going to be 18 in April, so we’re preparing to be a family of adults (more or less — I may be reverting to early childhood).

  18. Happy birthday to Sam! My “baby” Amy turns 7 years old today. I love your photo collage of the past year. I think I might do this for my girls. It’s a great way to see them grow up.

  19. Happy Birthday, Sam! Remember to tell your mother thank you, for having you, because every mother knows, it’s not easy. Have a wonderful birthday, and remember, this may be hard on your mum.

  20. I can’t believe I forgot to sing Happy Birthday.
    Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, Dear Sam. Happy Birthday to You!
    And many more…

  21. Well, it seems wrong when your baby is an age you remember feeling and being yourself, and it seems impossible to believe that just a memory or so ago you were her age … and really, honestly, dude … do you feel old enough to have 3 almost fully grown independent women being your daughters?
    How did they get all those extra years in when you (and I, of course) have only added a couple to our tally?
    Age is hereditary … we acquire it from our kids!
    Happy birthday beautiful Sam, have a glass of wine Steph

  22. Dear beautiful Samantha, I feel like I’ve seen you grow from a cute little girl to a full fledged lovely young woman. All from watching and reading your Mom’s blog. Happy Birthday and may this be your best year yet.

  23. My younger is 4 today. For our part, we celebrated with a homemade Jedi cloak and chocolate cake (with chocolate frosting to match the Jedi cloak). Hope your day was likewise shared and delicious!

  24. In Portugal people always ring the mother to say ‘Congratulations’ to the mother of the birthday boy or girl. So, as the English wife of a Portuguese man, ‘Congratulations, Stephanie, on the birth and raising of all your lovely daughters, especially on the occasion of your youngest’s birthday’ and to Sam ‘A very happy birthday! Keep your mother smiling; all of us lot out here need her!’

  25. Happy Birthday to Samantha!! My son turns 16 in a few short months, so I echo your sentiments. As you know, from rearing older children, the time passes so quickly! Eat lots of cake and have a GRAND day!!

  26. Happy Birthday, Samantha! I admire your fortitude in having a mother who posts your picture on the internet all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Happiest of birthdays to Sam. Lovely pics! My baby turns 18 this year and he’ll soon be headed off to college to study nuclear engineering! It seems like yesterday he was the little boy who had to hold my hand to cross the street. One of these days I’ll have to hold his…egad.

  28. Happy Sweet 16th, Samantha!
    My youngest two are 30.5 years old, Stephanie. My eldest grand-daughter is 18 y/o. While, I know your angst…there isn’t a dang thing you can do about it.

  29. Hmm… Sour cream vanilla cake with apricot white chocolate whipped ganache? Sounds like “birthday” to me! Have a happy one!

  30. Samantha has the same thing going on that I did. She looks like she’s 24 when she’s really just 15. While that can be kind of scary for Mom, the good news, for her, is that she will continue to look like she’s 24 until she’s well past 30. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to Sam.

  31. Happy Birthday Sam, love the snarly pic, and that you will allow your mum to post it. My girl is turning 16 in 21 days, what a special birthday. Stephanie, in Holland you congratulate the mother as well (after all, she did all the hard work 16 years ago) so … happy birthday to you too!

  32. The best of birthdays to Sam and her immediate and extended family. Was that a bottle of red wine I saw? Great way to celebrate. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  33. Wow. When did all that happen? It seems only six years ago Sam was ten…..the older we get, the faster it goes.

  34. We’re having “Birthday Party Weather” out here in California, and I wondered why it was so glorious. Now I know. It was in Sam’s honor. (honour?)
    Happy Birthday, Sam!

  35. Glad to see you speak VSL (Vulcan Sign Language), Samantha. Live long and prosper, and have a wonderful birthday!

  36. Adorable! I made Sam’s Blanket for a brand new baby recently. And my baby turned 31 on Feb. 15. It’s a very good month for beautiful young women to be born.

  37. (Tried sending from my phone earlier during a power outage, doesn’t seem to have gone through.) Happy Birthday, Sam! (Quick, typing it again while it’s still your birthday!)

    (Steph, my oldest is 16 and he just asked me if we could move to Canada so he could get to be friends with Sam. He said, quote, She looks like a very nice girl who would be fun to hang with. At least if he has other-than-honorable-16-year-old-hormonally-charged intentions, he didn’t mention them.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Your Samantha shares a birthday with my Tristan. He turned 23 today. Happy Birthday, Samantha and Tristan!

  40. Many happy returns, Sam! Hope it was a fantastic day and the beginning of a wonderful year for you. From the looks of the pictures, if it’s anything like the last year, well, all I can say is WOW!
    And Steph, happy anniversary of popping out the last one – enjoy a glass of your fave and remember how it was 16 years ago today!

  41. I’ve always said I never was conscious of getting older until I had kids…. one year makes very little difference to me now….. what is the difference between 62 and 63, after all?) But the difference between 6 months and 18 months is enormous!
    So you are making me feel very old, Sam….. I’ve been watching you grow up for 5 years now, and I must say, you have been doing it very beautifully. And if you have gone from 11 to 16, I must have been changing and growing too. I just hope I’ve been maturing as successfully as you have!
    Happy Birthday!

  42. Happy birthday, Samantha, from the Netherlands. Sixteen is kind of special all over the world. (Allthough over here you are not allowed to drive a car untill you are eightieen)Happy day to your family too, enjoy.

  43. Happy Birthday Sam! My sweet daughter turned 16 yesterday too. Be good to your Mum, she loves you!

  44. Congratulations Stephanie! You’re in the home stretch! Pretty soon you’ll have three “all growed up”. I adored my baby, I loved my little girl and now I am so proud and pleased with the young woman (31) she has turned in to. May it be so for you. All best wishes for Sam.

  45. Hope your day was filled with love and presents–and cake! Happy 16th, Sam!
    All the best to you, Steph. She’s on the threshold of life and look at what a great job you did getting her there! Congrats.

  46. Congratulations, Stephanie. Samantha is a lovely girl, One minute they are your baby, and hey – all of a sudden your baby is sixteen. (My baby girl is forty this year – what happened there!?) Sam – happy birthday, sweetheart – live long and prosper.

  47. Happy Birthday Samantha! Here’s to a fabulous year!
    It’s amazing how fast sixteen years pass, isn’t it? I’ve got a pair of sixteen year old girls – seems like they were just born. Then I look at the photo albums and see my much younger self and realize how much time has passed.

    May your joys and dreams be many…
    and your sorrows be none!
    Blessed Be.

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    It’s not the pickle’s or the pear’s
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    Today is Samantha’s Birthday!!!

  50. What a lovely young lady! I hope that 16 is the year you wish you could have again when you’re a lot older!

  51. Happy Birthday,Sam,
    Number 16 is a milestone year,Have a good blessed and safe year. My youngest turns 16 in June. I see Driving permits and lincences in the future .Steph where did our babies go?

  52. Stephanie, you have such beautiful daughters! When I get around to having children, I hope I’m lucky enough to have children as wonderful as yours. Congratulations to both of you for making it to this point, and here’s hoping that life keeps getting better.

  53. Stephanie, I met you last summer at the Saskatchewan Stitchers conference, (took you to the airport). You told me the brand of dpn’s you use but I have misplaced that name. Can I get it again from you? Sorry, but this was the only way I could find to contact you.

  54. A belated Happy Birthday Sam. I think I’ve been wishing you a Happy Birthday since you were 10 or 11 but that may be an exaggeration. You have grown into a lovely young woman. Much happiness and wonderful surprises are wished for you in the coming year!

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