Waiting for the Torch

The Olympic motto is (I bet you all know) Citius, Altius Fortius – which translates into Faster, Higher, Stronger, and it’s all I can think today, while I sit here with my suitcase full of yarn and a big plan, waiting for the Olympics to begin so I can cast on, and I know that at least 2000 of you (because that’s how many knitters  have signed up in the last 48 hours)  are waiting too.. and I bet that like me, you’re having trouble explaining this urge.  It isn’t that I like crazy knitting stuff (ok. It isn’t that I just like crazy knitting stuff) and it isn’t (just) that I like a big plan (which I do.)

It’s that  really love the idea of an epic, once every four years.  A chance to find out what you’re made of. A chance to find out what can be done in a few short days.  A chance to find out that you’re a way, way better knitter than you thought you were, and a chance to find out that you’re pretty amazing, actually – all while you watch other humans do their best too.  It’s not like I really equate being an alpine skier at the Olympics to knitting a sweater in 17 days, but truth be told, it does make me feel just a little kinship.  The next 17 days will be the culmination of a lot of practicing, hopes and work for a lot of athletes from all over the world, and there I’ll be, making the most of my skills right alongside of them, challenging myself, just like them – and as crazy as it seems, it makes me feel sort of supportive and a part of things.   What follows is a reposting of the original Knitting Olympics pledge. 


Today, thousands of knitters stand sit poised to knit their way to greatness. For most of us, this is a close as we are going to come to they Olympics…Welcome to knitting as a personal sport.

A sport is defined as a physically and mentally challenging activity carried out with a recreational purpose for competition, for self-enjoyment, to attain excellence, for the development of a skill or for some combination of these traits.

Today -when the opening ceremonies begin,  or while you watch the Olympic flame being lit in Vancouver (I’m starting as the torch is lit)  these thousands of sporting knitters will all lift their needles and begin a personal epic, an odyssey of excellence, and a phenomenal period of seventeen whole days in which they will strive to improve themselves as knitters, however they personally define it. These knitters, having created their own challenges, pay tribute to the real athletes who (inexplicably) find their greatness in ways other than those of wool.

It is my greatest pleasure to imagine a wave of energy released at that time, streaming through the world, rushing poignantly from the needles of women and men of excellence paying homage to the old and mighty idea of challenge elevating the human spirit.

It is not whether you fail or knit. It is not whether you get a sweater or you simply learn what wonder you can achieve when you think about knitting for seventeen days. It is the magic of the combined effort of thousands of knitters all making the smallest of movements with their hands, adding up to the greatest epic of craftspeople all knitting for one goal, at one time, ever known.
(Cue the music…)

The Knitting Olympics Athletes Pledge

I, a knitter of able hands and quick wits, to hereby swear that over the course of these Olympics I will uphold the highest standard of knitterly excellence.

I will be deft of hand and sure of pattern, I will overcome troubles of yarn overs and misplaced decreases. I will use the gifts of intelligence and persistence (as well as caffeine and chocolate) and I will execute my art to the highest form, carrying with me the hope for excellence known to every knitter.

I strive to win. To do my best, and to approach the needles with my own best effort in mind, without comparing myself to my fellow knitters, for they have challenges unique to them.

While I engage in this pursuit of excellence and my own personal, individual best, I also swear that I will continue to engage with my family in conversation, care for my pets, speak kindly with those who would ask me to do something other than knit, and above all, above every stitch thrown or picked, above every cable, every heel stitch, every change of colour, I swear this:

That I will remember that this is not the real Olympics, that I’m supposed to be having fun and that my happiness and self-worth ride not on my success….
but on my trying.

Let the games begin!

255 thoughts on “Waiting for the Torch

  1. I do so pledge! Thanks, Stephanie….. and may all the good men and women knitters win their gold medals with pride and grace!

  2. PS. My fiance is trying to convince me you were paid $10,000 by NBC to make knitters all over the world more eager to watch the Olympics. LOL.

  3. I am very excited and honored to participate in my first Knitting Olympics…started knitting two years ago, and I am ready and rarin’ to go! 🙂

  4. Go us! Although I must admit I am considering a last minute switch to an entirely different project….We’ll see how this afternoons swatching goes.

  5. I’ve got the yarn, got the needles…can’t wait to begin (except casting on when it is close to 10pm here on the East Coast might be a problem due to fatigue! Here’s hoping the torch is not lit at the end of the ceremony…)

  6. Swatches complete, ridonculous short row-shaped cable panel practiced (wanted to know what short row shaping involved before the torch is lit), sticks sharpened in anticipation… Thank you for making this magic happen!

  7. Game(s) on!
    Miserable cold plus GMT timezone are conspiring to make me change Olympic project at the last minute…but I am still in!

  8. OK. I’m in. Not an enormous project, but a challenge for me. I’m going to make my first toe-up socks. Where are all the rest of you Black Sheep Knitting Guild knitters? I’m sure I won’t be the only one representing. Good luck to us all!

  9. My bag-o’-sweater has been ready and waiting for a week now.Hopefully I can get at least most of it done without being distracted(pesky family and other projects aside).Let the games begin!!

  10. I do so swear! Uh, except…I’ll be mostly spinning this year. My fiber room is (literally) up to the ceiling and there *is* no room for any more (despite the fact that I just ordered more last night – augh). In what is probably a vain hope to gain ascendency over the massive fiber mountain…I’ll be spinning for the next 17 days (years)…
    Good luck, everybody! May your needles be sharp, your wool on its’ best behavior, and success attend you with every stitch. But most of all…may your mind and body be left (somewhat) intact at the end of this crazy-arsed hoe-down. heh heh

  11. I’m ready! Thank goodness my daughter-in-law’s Christmas sweater got done this week so the deck is cleared for an Olympic run at a lace shawl.

  12. I wasn’t going to do the Knitting Olympics so that I can stay on track with my knitting calendar (a New Year’s goal), but you’ve inspired me with the description of “thousands of knitters all making the smallest of movements with their hands, adding up to the greatest epic of craftspeople… ” Itwas really touching! Good luck everyone!

  13. I am madly swatching, having JUST realized that my pattern calls for DK, while I have in my possession worsted… this is not good, people, NOT good.

  14. Needles crossed, pattern read (thoroughly for once), planned tweaks recorded, yarn caked. Now, if anyone knows how I can live-stream the Olympics through a source other than NBC let me know! Being a non-tv household, we apparently don’t meet the cut for live-stream (although we can watch some replays). Oh well, I’m with the athletes (and knitters) in spirit!

  15. I’ll be at work when the torch is lit, but I’ll use the time between press runs to scrub up and cast on. Yay, Team Knitters!

  16. I’m already imagining the future when I look fondly at my Olympic Socks. I have no other Olympic souveniers, this will be my first.

  17. I do so pledge! Four years ago, I wasn’t ready for this challenge, being a very new knitter. But now I say bring it on! Good luck to all my fellow Olympian knitters, and to all the participants in the 2010 Winter Olympics. And thank you, Yarn Harlot, for making it possible for those of who were too intimidated last time, to go on & try this time.

  18. Go, Knitters! I’ll be a spectator this year, but will be cheering for you all on your path to victory. Woo-hoo! Go, knitters, go!

  19. Stephanie, I swatched yesterday when I bought my yarn and for the first time ever, I had to go down a half a size to get gauge. This has never ever happened before! I usually have to go up a size! I think this is a good omen. I can’t wait until tonight when I will cast on at the Drunken Knitters’ pub night.

  20. Needles and yarn are at the ready. Pattern is ready too (multiple copies made so that nothing can stop me. Now just biding my time.

  21. Awesome pledge! I like the gentle reminder to speak to our families (but it can be about knitting, right?) and feed our pets. Glad I’m not the only one who is insanely excited about the event – counting down the hours now! Wahooo!

  22. Ok, yarn wound, swatches knit, ready for the cast-on!
    Thinking I’m not only a bit crazy for doing this, but sitting here thinking how much it would suck if I ran out of yarn and really hoping I don’t!!

  23. Oh, and also, to Tree who commented above and anyone else interested in online coverage of the games. I believe CTV’s coverage is available worldwide (definitely in Canada anyways) and they have a lot of coverage both solely online as well as streaming from their broadcast. You can access it at their website: http://www.ctvolympics.ca

  24. I said on the sign up page I’d knit a bamboo top that I’ve been meaning to knit for 18 months. I bought bamboo yarn to make it 12 months ago. Got it out and started swatching only to realise that something Wasn’t Quite Right.
    Ravelry solved the problem. The pattern called for Aran weight, while I had fingering weight. Then, my heart stopped beating for a second.
    The Rowan Bamboo Tape that I needed has been discontinued!!!!
    I said a few expleteives. (After all, I AM Australian. It’s expected.) Then I made a couple of frantic phone calls to LYS in the greater metropolitan region of Melbourne. Obviously, if I was ever going to knit this top, it was now or never. Besides, I’d made a pledge.
    So, in an hour, I’ll be strolling casually into Sunspun Yarns, then rummaging around their stock of Bamboo Tape. Hopefully, they’ll have 12 balls of a colour that suits me and I’ll be casting on along with the rest of you.

  25. Game on! Last night I balled 800 yards of lace weight and I’m printing out the pattern as I type. I’m headed to Madrona this evening, but I figured that a few hours delay getting started hopefully won’t make that much of a difference by the end…

  26. Count me in. Sounds like fun and can’t wait to get started. (Guess I’ll have to wait though)

  27. Swatched a different yarn yesterday to find that I have something in my stash that is SPOT ON for gauge — hurray! Now to practice the new-to-me thumb cast-on called for in my pattern…. I only know (as in real-life acquaintance) one other knitter participating, but the knowledge of thousands in the blogosphere playing along is exciting!

  28. I am scared and excited. And still swatching…
    Unfortunately, I just don’t think I’m going to be able to get myself out of bed at 3am GMT (without waking the toddler) to cast on, so with your permission, I’ll be doing that first thing tomorrow morning, a mere 4 hours late.

  29. Just got to finish this sock before I cast on for the Olympics, I need the needles! Fortunately I have a few hours go to, I’m in the UK and will be casting on at a sensible hour tomorrow, not 3am.
    Knit faster!

  30. I wasn’t going to do the Knitting Olympics so that I can stay on track with my knitting calendar (a New Year’s goal), but you’ve inspired me with the description of “thousands of knitters all making the smallest of movements with their hands, adding up to the greatest epic of craftspeople… ” Good luck everyone!

  31. I’m going to knit… Two jobs and the olympics I will need a vacation in March. May the best knitters win. I take the pledge. I just thru down the socks I always carry with me. It’s me and the sweater for the next 17days I will see how far I get. Let the Games begin! May all this karma bring snow to the games, the rest of don’t need it.

  32. I’m in! And do so swear. Don’t know anyone else who is participating other than my roommate Brenda who will be finishing a baby afghan. Baby born 5 weeks early yesterday. Doing well. I will be starting the Olympics in Michigan and finishing at my daughter’s in Florida. Blessings to the knitters and Olympians!!

  33. I can’t wait to start! Olympic knitting, and studying for my national exams, I can’t wait!
    (I’m going to try to get all the laundry done by torch-lighting time…wish me luck!)

  34. As I’m reading this and watching the relay… the bad news came up about the athlete that got killed. I’m so upset!!!!! beyond words.

  35. I’m ready to go, except for getting out markers and putting my pattern on the magnetic board. I am, however, going to take an Olympic Break on Sunday afternoon to watch the Daytona 500.

  36. Heading out for a ski before the torch lighting. Thank you so very much for “organizing” this – never expected to compete in Olympics of any sort!! Go, Knitters, go!! AND Go, Canada, go!!!

  37. Yikes! I only have one skein wound! I still have time, though. I’ve been tidying the knitting area (???!!! Newsflash!), so that no distractions will present themselves.
    Thanks, Steph, for taking this on and leading the rest of us to braver projects!

  38. You know, I wasn’t going to official join – just play along until I read this post. This statement “I’m supposed to be having fun and that my happiness and self-worth ride not on my success….
    but on my trying” really hit home with me HARD. I’ve been having a few rough weeks and giving myself the opportunity to succeed is really what I need – not a defeatist attitude. Off to sign up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. I still haven’t decided which project to start – all small ones, all I’ve been stopped on before and frogged…urrrr. How late can I sign up?

  40. To paraphrase a favorite show — So Say We All! Positive attitude here that the circular needles will not defeat me.

  41. My yarn is set aside, my needles are ready, I’ve got the measurements for the recipient . . . let’s get it on.
    Oh – and if 42 more knitters sign up, we’ll have 3,000 knitting Olympians!

  42. I’m in, and going for a sweater from the Black Water Abbey purchased at Madrona yesterday.

  43. Go knitters go! May your needles be swift, your patterns free of errors, and your yarn without knots or tangles. ^_^ I know my hands are absolutely itching to cast on my cardi!
    I showed this page to a (non-knitting) guy friend over lunch, and after reading he said, “I understand why you’re so excited about this whole thing now.” Made me feel slightly less crazy… haha.
    Thank you, lovely Harlot, for sharing your brainchild with us and bringing us together in such a wonderful way.

  44. Was very tempted, even had a project picked out. But, living in Richmond, site of the speed-skating oval, the “O-zone” and Holland Heineken House and working in downtown Vancouver, I’ve decided my time would be better spent pledging to have a beer for Stephanie and all the Olympic knitters in as many different pavilions as I can get into.

  45. I can’t wait to cast on! I’m in Vancouver and today got a random opportunity to hold one of the torches carried by someone at UBC where I work. So the torch has been held for knitters everywhere!

  46. Bring it on! I will be knitting a pair of 2-at-a-time socks, from the book purchased at the late, lamented City Knitting in Grand Rapids. (Hi Lorilee, saw your post; hope all is well with the new stuff!) Cindy in Indiana

  47. I spent all morning sorting my stash (Where’d it all come from? Why did I buy so much mohair?), making decisions, choosing colors, swatching, finding the right needles, doing the simple math, and now I’m ready to begin.

  48. I am not participating in the knitting Olympics (Or the winter Olympics for that matter) but, I feel great pride in being a knitter. Thank you Stephanie for bringing honor to our noble craft (dare I say noble sport?) Next time some non knitter (I can’t believe I converse with THOSE people) asks “You made those socks… Why?” I will say, with my head held high “BECAUSE I AM A KNITTER!!!”

  49. YAY for all of us crazy knitters! haha…Good luck everyone! I’m knitting a shawl, it is my first…my challenge is to cast on tonight to get started so I can understand the lace layout, which I have never really done before…and to make it harder I will then put it down and ONLY knit when I am at work so I can push myself to the full challenge of it. Thank god I can knit in the office!!!

  50. I feel like I should salute you with my needles!
    I have a project & yarn in mind but am having commitment issues. I’ll be watching the opening ceremonies off of Tivo, so I figure I have until later tonight to figure it out. Your speech is inspired, though. It may push me over the edge into competition.

  51. my feat of olympic wonder will be knitting once daily for a few minutes through physical therapy. i’m so nervous i wanna puke. it’ll be the first time i’ve touched yarn in like 6 weeks. no lie.

  52. You should have been one of the torch runners, Stephanie. Michael Buble is cute, but you would have sprinted with knitting needles held high. I start my “project” tonight!!! I will be patient with the “Muggles”

  53. Yarn sorted; needles at the ready, two stitch markers and a lovely bottle of red….yup, I’m ready…bring on the torch

  54. I SOOO love the Olympics! Every two years I am glued to the TV, much to the amazement of my family and friends. I am in the middle of a project now so I won’t be entering but my heart is with you. May you all be fulfilled with the spirit of a world stage of everyone doing their personal best. I can’t wait for the opening ceremony.

  55. Wow! THis should be amazing. I’ll try to keep up via the internet since I do not own a TV. So watch it for me as I cast one tonight! Go Knitters!

  56. I do so swear! Pattern printed, needles and newly purchased yarn in project bag ready and waiting! Yeehaw!

  57. I never thought I would semi-regret signing up for classes at Madrona lol. They will cut into my Knitting Olympics time! My coping mechanism? I’ll take a day or two of vacation time during the week (we don’t get the Presidents’ day holiday at my company) to make up for it. I have a schedule for each day in order to finish.
    I’m sorry to hear about Nodar Kumaritashvili,
    the luger who died this afternoon – definitely makes the Opening Ceremonies a bit more restrained opening. Peace to his family and friends.

  58. I don’t have TV so won’t be able to sync my cast on with the official start of the Olympics. Instead, with respect to the Canadian spirit of these Winter Olympics, I am remembering the cold November evening in Ottawa when I first saw the Centennial Flame.

  59. I am fully ready and raring to go. My knitsport psychologist, on the other hand, is curled up on the floor sleeping.

  60. I have been excited all day about both Olympics starting. But just try explaining the Knitting Olympics to your coworkers. They look at you like you just pulled a lizard out of your purse.

  61. This time around I shall be an official cheerleader. I’ll root for each and every knitter, regardless of project, fiber or national origin. If necessary, I will bring caffeine and/or alcohol to each and every participant within reasonable distance to ensure he or she meets his or her goal. May everyone’s yarn remain knot-free and their needles remain intact.
    And may any cheaters suffer moth infestations to their stash… not that anybody would.

  62. I’d pledged to knit socks (but I knit them all the time) so instead I’m going to do a moebius (my first) and matching hat.
    Gotta swatch quickly and then – I Swear! I’m ready to knit!

  63. I admit I am not a competitor in the knitting Olympics, but am in the process of struggling through my first Dale sweater (Torino) — am in way over my head. Any tips you might be share during the Vancouver process would be much appreciated!

  64. I have said my pledge and my needles are ready. Tonight I will cast on. My condolences goes out to the family, love ones of Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21 and everyone in the Olympic family.

  65. I didn’t sign up, but I’m playing along with my first (simple) aran sweater. I pledge my best! Needles poised, yarn ready, pattern marked, notes made…. just waiting for the torch! Best wishes for success to all the knitterly athletes! Go Canada!

  66. My first Games and I am stupidly excited about this! I even swatched – and I hardly ever swatch. I took the pledge (and my alpaca herd is especially grateful for that feed-the-critters mention) and am meeting up with a knitter pal tonight to cast on during the Opening Ceremony. Thank you, Stephanie, for inviting us all to play with you!

  67. This whole time difference is getting to me, here in Ireland. It’s just after midnight, and after a full week’s work there is no way I’m staying up ’til 2 am to cast on. I’ll catch up to you guys in the morning!

  68. OK, a few minutes ago I was ready and then the pattern disappeared (I printed it out last week and put it in my knitting bag). Found and made another copy of the pattern. All is well.
    Now, all I have to do is hope my thumb is up to the challenge. If Lindsay can do it, I can do it.
    Do I hear the Olympic theme playing in the background?

  69. Knitting glory will be mine – I can feel it! 🙂 Dug yarn out of the stash, printed the pattern, purchased appropriate needles from my LYS this a.m., and I am READY!

  70. Hurrah! Yarn, needles, books and notions gathered. Swatch made. Loving support of family and friends in place. Go us!

  71. I am starting my own Olympics today with 17 days of events. Thanks for the inspiration. I have geared the events for a completely different challenge each day. Some just related to trying to navigate Vancouver during the madness. Go for the gold.

  72. Stephanie, I’m making EZ’s February Baby sweater. Using her “pithy” instructions that had me in the fetal position 2 years running. I’ve traded my newbie acrylic from 2008 for superwash wool and I’m breaking in my new KP Harmony straights-ridiculously colorful and pointy. I cried watching part of the torch bearing. I’m almost shaking I’m so excited. Dates marked on the calendar. If I happen to finish early, I’m casting on the matching bonnet. Thank you for ALL you do. May your Whistler fly from your talented fingers. You rock!

  73. Got the needles, got the pattern, got the yarn and got the adrenaline to get started!!! Only 26 more minutes….hope I can hold on that long..It was easier when I had days left to wait!

  74. Well, turns out I am changing my entry at the last minute. I still have half an hour – surely I can come up with something! (I may be like the athletes who fly in after the opening ceremonies … but I’ll be starting with you all in spirit.)

  75. I’m making the Skew Socks from Knitty. Now the Harlot can knit a pair of socks in a couple of days but it takes me much longer and this pattern is 4 pages long and I don’t knit on #1s and I work full time and have children, pets and a husband! So this will really be a challenge for me. What fun! I’m using sock yarn from Gale’s Art called Grapevine that I got at Rhinebeck! I’m very excited! Can you tell?

  76. I’m in, if it’s not too late to join…
    I am going to finish a sweater that I have been knitting for a friend. It still needs 5 inches on the bottom of the body, the sleeves, and neck ribbing.
    Then, if I can get out of the house (being snowed in sucks) I want to get yarn to make another Gilmore Vest.

  77. Determined to knit a pair of socks!
    Who they will end up fitting, I have no idea!
    Hope it’s me!!
    Watching pre-Olympic coverage and I admire Canada all the more!

  78. I have less than an hour to finish the dishcloth I’m knitting and be able to cast on my Olympic challenge during the Opening ceremonies. (When I started reading the YH entry and the comments here I could swear I had about three hours.)
    The dishcloth needs finishing because it is a Christmas present. For the Christmas 2009 – a month and a half ago! And I am running out of excuses not to go visit my friend.

  79. I just realized I’m part of the BEST knitting Olympics Team in the WORLD! Hosted by the best knitter/writer/blogger in the world.
    We’ve already won because Stephanie lit the flame for us (read “under us”) by hosting this event.
    I’ve waited four long years to be part of this team. I am honored, thrilled, and wish you all good knitting!

  80. I LOVE CANADA!!! and with all the wonderful photography and words being shared with that photography, I’m getting weapy-eyed. I spent many of my childhood, and later, older teenage years running back and forth between Detroit and Windsor and parts of Ontario, and loved it. It was as easy as going out to my backyard…ain’t that a shame? I miss those times of ease of travel. What a wonderful country!!!

  81. HarlotGirl, you are such a hero to all of us (and to hundreds/thousands you don’t even know about).
    ” … waiting for the Olympics to begin so I can cast on, and I know that at least 2000 of you (because that’s how many knitters have signed up in the last 48 hours) are waiting too … and I bet that like me, you’re having trouble explaining this … ”
    It’s just because, though, you know not just about knitting&purling but also about leadership and camaraderie (‘scuse me, but who else herded up a HALF MILLION DOLLARS for Haiti lately??)
    It’s Montana time here. It’s dark. It’s not cold like it should be, and not snowing. I have 13 minutes left before I get to un-mute the TV and cast on. I am soooooooooo tickled to know that your knitter-followers are with me, or rather, I’m with them.
    You so rock, Steph. Get us a daily photo of that OLYMPIC-MAJOR-SWEATER-PROJECT of yours, ‘kay? We promise not to be intimidated, just inspired.
    [and a cheer went up from the crowd]

  82. I saw you signing books just about an hour ago, but I am way too timid to come talk to you in person. Cast on will commence tonight! Good luck!

  83. We’re watching the opening ceremonies and I will put aside my glass of wine and cast on as soon as the torch is lit, but your post reminds me of the Special Olympics pledge too (and I’m not being snarky; my son is autistic and wonderful, so I know this stuff):
    Lord, let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.
    I just love that. Citius, Altius Fortius! Knit on, folks!

  84. Thank you, you make me smile almost daily. Just want to let you know how much you mean to so many. A fellow Olympian!

  85. I do have s suggestion for the athletes, oops I mean knitter’s oath. The bit about overcoming with, and I am paraphrasing here, intelligence and chocolate, needs to include beer. Just a thought. Best wishes to all in their attempts to achieve a personal best in their own knitting challenge.

  86. Agreed! It’s 10pm here and still waiting for the flame. Trying to be patient and wait for the flame. It’s almost time!

  87. So say we all.
    About to cast on, in 20 minutes. And, I must say, a moment of reflection on the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili.

  88. oh come on!!!! next year i’m starting the day after. as it is, i’m gonna cast on and go to bed. is past my bed time.

  89. Watching this ceremony, i keep thinking how proud all you Canadians must be. Loved those whales!
    I wish i could join you all in these knitting olympics, but i will need to spectate. Perhaps while i’m spectating i might finish a hat I’ve been working on for about a month. Good luck to all you great athletes!

  90. I do so pledge! Thanks for the motivation, Stephanie. I, too, await the Olympic flame and the official beginning of these Knitting Olympics. (wearing a virtual black arm band in memory of Nodar Kumaritshvili)

  91. Here in CA the ceremony hasn’t started to be shown on TV yet but the flame has been lit (I think from prior posts) Anyway I am casting on as there is no way I can stay up till midnight when it looks as though the flame lighting will be shown on our TV channel :>(

  92. Loving the opening ceremonies! What beautiful artistry. Must make you very proud. You know, there are some coiffures on display here that easily rival your own for height and expressiveness. Worn proudly, it appears! Meesha Bruegger-Gossman (sp???) for one. Love hers, and when my daughter sees her on DVR tomorrow, she will love her own very similar tresses even more! Happy knitting.

  93. This is so exciting! I hope everyone gets the gold and don’t forget to have lots and lots of fun.
    Stephanie, you are an inspiration in so many ways.

  94. I love Terry Fox’s Mom carrying the flag! She was near to busting.
    I think Rick Hansen is going to cry.
    Only in Canada can we make a mess of the hydraulics at the crucial moment.

  95. OMG, no matter what kind of snafu they had with the hydraulics at the end, the highlight of the evening had to be the shout-out that SCREECH got!

  96. Just watched the Opening Ceremony. It was beautiful. Your whole country should be very proud. I was proud for you, way down here in Australia. 🙂

  97. That was the most beautiful, touching, inspiring,incredible opening ceremony I’ve ever seen (and I’m a winter olympics junkie of long standing). It’s strange (and the commentators surely didn’t pick up on it), but all I could think of when the fourth pillar wouldn’t rise, was that it was the missing man formation (I know it best when jet fighters fly on a tight group clearly missing one member)–and there could have been nothing more appropriate.

  98. It was a lovely evening and a long one. By the time the torch was lit, I could hardly see to cast on. Tomorrow is going to be ‘just another miracle” of knitting. Hallelujah!!!!!!! Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  99. I couldn’t wait for the torch to be lit – I waited for the official logo of the opening ceremony to flash up on CTV and cast on. What a grand day to be a Canadian! The ceremony articulated in a way I’ve never heard before what it is to be a part of this country – without blushing or apologising, or even a beer commercial in sight!

  100. Sat swatching during opening ceremony! Kept thinking of Stephanie! “Oh, Canada”! Beautiful ceremony. Still trying to get the right gauge, needles busy, not getting it quite right. It will be a truely Olympic effort to complete my project; two year old grndaughter cutting her two year molars. UGH for her. I will pursue my dream though, and work to my best ability to complete HER sweater during her first Olympics. So many other projects too! Evanstar Mystery shawl, vest for daughter, socks for son, socks for friend of son, fingerless mitts for friend of son, daughter also wants a shrug….. Yes, many projects representing many desires and hopes, one knitter to compete! Go knit-aletes!

  101. I agree with Alison! Couldn’t have been better if they’d planned it this way!
    Even odder, the pattern I chose has a dang error on the fifth row! Now I have THINKING to do!

  102. Love the Opening Ceremony…was sad the hydraulics didn’t work right, but hey! The Games will still go on!
    As for my knitting, I’ve already begun having doubts about my ability to master this new skill. I struggled and tinked and struggled and tinked again. All I accomplished during the entire almost 4 hours was the cast-on and 2 rows! Then I cried and DH was so supportive. I promised to do my best and then put my new project away; I needed easy knitting for a while to boost my confidence.
    I have made my Pledge; I shall knit; I shall overcome.

  103. Wow, that poet Shane Koyczan reminded me so much of you and your pride in being Canadian–you two should get together for a beer! Have become an instant fan of this amazing wordsmith! But never fear, until he starts knitting in public I shall not be swerved from my devotion to the Harlot!
    Knit on Olympians!
    Cheers, Barbie O. inMontreal

  104. I have just seen the Opening Ceremony here in New Zealand.
    What a spectacular event.
    Good on you Canada..Well Done !!

  105. Wow! A beautiful opening ceremony that truly celebrated all the beauty and diversity that is Canada – good on all of you!
    I cast on when the ceremonies started, but given that I re-started 4 times and ripped back a few rows a couple more times, I don’t think I’m off the mark by much. And try as I might, watching and knitting lace isn’t a strong point here.
    YAY knitters, yay Canada, yay Olympians!

  106. I gotta say that watching the Opening Ceremonies tonight (even though it was tape-delayed – grrrr), I was thinking I was damn proud to be a Canadian. Then I remembered I’m not Canadian but sure wish I was. That show was awesome and I think the slam poet nailed it for everything I’m envious about Canada. Good luck on the Knitting Olympics, all you knithletes!

  107. Picked a project, kept poking around on Ravelry, picked another half-dozen projects. Temporarily forgot roads were still crappy, jaunt to only marginally “local” yarn store was a no-go. Narrowed down projects to those using goods on-hand. Decided to go with socks requiring new technique. Pulled up pattern with delight, realized “New Technique” is double knitting which I swore off last year when a scarf kicked my behind. Swore this year & determined to go ahead as torch-lighting was looming. Untangled yarn (we shall explore this aspect no further) and realized it should have been weighed and separated before opening ceremonies. Swore some more, divided yarn, and cast on. Arsed up the cast on, ripped, swore again, (quietly so as not to waken sleeping kids) and consumed a sliver of chocolate truffle pie. Cast-on and arsed up again, walked away and tried for the third time. I still think a garter stitch dishcloth may have been a more prudent choice, but I love the challenge. If I can do NaNoWriMo, surely I can do this, right? See you on the podium, I’ll be the one standing on the footstool, waving socks around and giggling.

  108. I just loved the opening ceremonies! It was so beautiful, well thought out, and just stunning to watch. I even stayed up late so I could watch it and cast on with all the other Olympic Knitters. What fun! This is my first Knitting Olympics because I’m such a slow knitter and I was really apprehensive about making that type of knitting commitment. This year however, I got over it and I’m so excited. I will certainly be breaking my own record if I manage to finish the Pinwheel Blanket on time. It’s looking possible so far. Good luck to all the other knitters. Hope your Knitting Olympic dreams are all realized!!! Go USA, and Canada!!!

  109. I didn’t cast on when the torch was lit. I am casting on today, though! I can’t wait to see your sweater…your knitting never fails to amaze me.

  110. Dear Steph, I ran into my own “training” problems. Started having chest pains Fri @ 5:30 & a bad case of shakes & loss of breath. Just an anxiety attack over certain stressful conditions here at home, but I couldn’t start on time. So I’m putting my start off until tonight when I get home from my running around. There’s nothing like cheering for the horse who’s late out of the starting gate! Much love, Karen

  111. As wonderful as the opening ceremonies were last night, (well done, Canada!), it was also a surreal moment when I realized I was casting on with so many epic knitters at the same time! Knitting like mad… 🙂

  112. incredibly lovely opening ceremonies! i kept thinking about you, stephanie, and your pride in being canadian. may the force be with all olympians!

  113. Well I’m in fail mode already. My sock yarn just would not work for the pattern I chose. Too thin and not elastic enough for Crosswalkers. Vanilla Socks for me. I’m still going to keep going.
    Wishing you all more luck than I had.

  114. I LOVED the Canadian two sided scarves and the Canadian mittens!!! Team USA
    Ralph Lauren hats were great. Checked the store sites – all sold out. I don’t have the skills to write up similar patterns.
    Opening ceremonies were perfect! Glad I recorded this because I fell asleep 7pm EST. Just finished watching and casting on.

  115. Watched most of the opening ceremonies last night but couldn’t keep my eyes open till the torch lighting, so didn’t start my Olympic challenge until this morning. The ceremonies were beautiful – wish I had half the energy of those native tribes who danced and danced throughout the teams coming in. Hearing Oh, Canada brings tears to my eyes – and I’m from the US.

  116. Did I hallucinate a light blue (?) cabled beanie in the opening video montage? Cause I want that pattern… desperate obsessive knitter searching google images and finding nothing….for the past 2 hours.
    I’m drowning.

  117. WOW! Those sets were AMAZING! Distractingly so! We spent half the time debating what was actually happenning and what sorts of things were being used. They really outdid themselves and I feel so bad for the folks who were working on that final torch leg! ARRGH! Still… I must point out that the USA hats were marvelous! ;o)

  118. Well thanks to 2 long distance calls to Lettuce Knit, a mad scramble to knit swatches which never came out to the right guage, and the fine advice I got from the very kind lady on the phone, I was ready to go…although not with my original project. There is something wrong with the knitting gods when you can go up 2 sizes of knitting needles and still get the same guage?
    Nice to watch the opening ceremony and see that the last lady fiddler was a neighbor…
    Steph, your post made me tear up and its hard to knit like that…will Dream in Color Classy shrink if you cry on it?
    Knitting for Gold here.

  119. your heart must have been bursting with Canadian pride last night! what a beautiful ceremony – and country!! I’m proud to be your neighbor.

  120. Can’t wait to get into the “friendly competition” with my friend Mary Anne, who’s knitting in the snow, while I knit at the shore!

  121. My Olympic fantasy is perhaps in danger of becoming just that – a fantasy! This morning I feel like an athlete who has signed up for Super Combined Downhill Skiing and has realized too late she meant Shuffleboard. What was I thinking – SOCKS! My concentration skills might be capable of a garter stitch scarf (and not a big one). I am taking heart in all the posts I have read this morning. I am not alone. I will try harder. There are still 15 days to go.
    HelenR in Campbell River (proud to be a British Columbian) GO CANADA!

  122. As a representative Canadian, congratulations on a beautiful opening to the best in winter games! Terrific poem! The US commentators even mentioned Screech (sp?). The torch/cauldron looked fine with only three legs. So sorry about the tragedy casting a shadow right at the start of what should be a happy time of “kids” having fun and showing off. Have a good Olympics of your own. -Jean

  123. Terrific opening ceremonies that were definitely Canadian. There were many, many moments that reminded me of happy vacations and the many, many wonderful people that I’ve met.
    Having fun? Definitely, the Skew sock is, so far, entertaining me.

  124. I was totally geared up for the Knitting Olympics – My first! I had 3 projects to choose from, A blanket for my son’s girlfriend (is there a girlfriend curse?) the circular shawl from jojoland in melody or 4 “fake-isle” hats all in different colors of noro for the ingrates who I have given birth to. I thought I would make my decision as the opening music began. And what won??? The FLU!!! I am disappointed, but I have been up for an hour and I cannot remain vertical any longer. I will keep reading, and I’m knitting in spirit!

  125. I am late to the Games but I have committed, picked a pattern, chosen yarn and am casting on my first ever lace knitting. Will have fun if it kills me!

  126. What a ceremony! Loved the flying guy section. I was excited all day about casting on for my mitts. Told everyone in my office that I too, got to be an Olympian. Thanks for the great leadership Steph! Proud to be your southern neighbor.

  127. You are such a riot, Stephanie…what would I do without you. Of course, of course…I am SO in on this! With pleasure.

  128. Three inches into the back, and I didn’t even quite make it all the way through the opening ceremonies (by 11:00, I was wiped). I just had to say, though, go Canada. As someone who works with Native peoples here in my home State, it always thrills me to my core to see a nation more willing to acknowledge its First Nations better and more publicly than we do. You all should be feeling pretty proud right now 🙂

  129. Wonderful pledge, I could hear the music. am practing elevating my spirit through the challenges.

  130. That opening ceremony was spectacular – way to go Canada!
    I was on a plane for much of the opening ceremony, missed the parade of nations 🙁
    But the travel gods smiled on my olympic aspirations and made sure the suitcase with my yarn made it on the plane and out to us.
    And Steph, that lovely opera singer’s hair can take yours any day. (is it weird that this was my first thought on seeing her?)

  131. Amazing opening ceremonies-Canada can be very proud-so beautiful and so welcoming in spirit.
    Got my cast-on but am worried someone has been eating the yarn from my stash, breaking a lot-will continue on and weave-in ends later.

  132. Knit on, Dear Harlot! I’m in the Lambing Olympics. Triplets were born 2/9 so I guess they don’t technically “count”. We named them Ike, Tessa & Dolores (after Franklin Habit’s Dolores). Eight more ewes to go. I’ll be lucky if I get any knitting done, but it’s all good!
    Hope the weather in Vancouver cooperates for the outdoor events. We’re having a balmy early spring just south in Bellingham WA.

  133. I had to pick now to come down with a cold so I missed the Opening Ceremonies and cast on for my sweater today. And cast on and cast on. Somehow, I can’t count. I think I have the correct number now, so I will try to work through some ribbing before I go back to bed. Maybe I can veg out on the sofa, watch the Olympics and work a row or two. I knew time would be short this Olympics so I picked a project that I thought would be easier than the Norwegian Sweater from last time. Finishing on time will still be a big challenge. But that’s the Olympics! I’ll give it my best shot.

  134. No, I am not partaking in Olympic knitting; however, I want to acknowledge the opening of the Olympic games last evening.
    I loved it! It was well done and really wonderful. Even the glitch at the end was okay…we are all human.
    I loved the look on “the Great One’s” face…

  135. My first post on this first-rate blog, and I’ve decided to throw down my DPN’s and take the 2-socks-at-a-time on 2-circulars. Wish me luck!
    I’m goin’ in!! Dahbunny, Fort Wayne, IN

  136. I really would urge all of you to think about what the Olympics are really standing for. The Olympics have stolen indigenous knitting patterns, commodified athletic excellence, and silenced the poor and homeless in Vancouver. I understand the impulse to feel good about yourself by setting a goal and accomplishing it, and I’m proud of all knitters that try to better themselves, but please remember those children on Vancouver Island in homeless shelters over the Olympics who don’t have homes because of the festivities.

  137. Good luck to everyone. I will be attempting to finish the unending sweater. That’s goal enough for me.

  138. Ahh, there is always someone with an agenda. Knit on fellow Olympians, its a grand tradition.

  139. Here in California the torch wasn’t lit until well after midnight. I only managed 1 row of my afghan, and then to bed. At least I showed up!

  140. Okay, I’m late to the party, but I so swear! I’ll be making my first foray into colorwork with the “Swell” hat pattern I found on Rav. Hubby will be wearing it in 16 (now) days or bust! Woo!

  141. I’m so excited! I’ll be knitting like crazy so that I can mail the sweater that I’d said I’d knit for my sister’s birthday…and it’s March 6th, how timely is this?!

  142. hi! I had to cast on when the parade of nations began, since I had to leave for work shortly after that. I wish all of my partners in knitting the best of luck; I think I might be having gauge issues. Fortunately I am making a baby garment, and those babies eventually grow through most of the possible sizes (as long as it isn’t too small). Knit on!
    p.s. Maybe someday the people who package yarn will come up with a meaningful labeling system – and then share it with the design community. It would be great to buy yarn and know how it was going to behave when knitted.

  143. Great pledge! I’m really excited to be involved this time. Four years ago I didn’t think I was “qualified” to participate. Now I’ve learned that being included is one of the greatest gifts of the knitting and spinning world.
    Thanks for being one of the many to include me :-).

  144. Just wanted to say Canada did a terrific job on the opening ceremony. It was so beautiful and moving.
    Happy Olympics and Happy Knitting to all!

  145. I was so relieved when they lit the flame…. I liked one of the previous posts about the 4th hydrolic that didn’t work being the missing man formation. [I know I didn’t get that quite right]. Maybe a hidden tribute, no one planned, to the luge athlete that lost his life that morning?
    Anyway, the pledge is perfect, the idea I’m knitting along with 2000 other people in the spirit of the Olympics is a great connection.
    And, I had DH Joe as excited as I was at all the great knitwear on the teams coming into the stadium. Many of the patterns have already been located on Ravelry. Personal favorite: the red mittens for Canada. Canada should be very proud of this wonderful internatinal moment.

  146. My sister-in-law and I were casting on at around 7 pm last night, and I looked over at my sister, a knitting VIRGIN and she was KNITTING!!! She swears I taught her when she was little, and still remembered, but preferred to mock me and ridicule yarn zealots like me and my kind. Little did we know that a knitter lurked just under the surface! If she knits more than the 2 rows she has now, I’ll send you a photo!

  147. aughhh felled by the flu took 2 sessions just to watch opening ceremonies, no Knitting Olympics for moi. Will cheer the rest of you on.

  148. Stephanie,
    Remember that burst of energy you wrote about as the torch finally came home?
    Well, by the time the torch glowed, I ran out of gas.

  149. I am beat from waiting for the torch to be lit before starting but it was a really nice opening ceremony. I liked the guy who was “tap dancing” with tattoos and kilts and all…

  150. Thanks for playing after all, Steph! I joined the Ravelympics, but it’s not the same. I spent the last few hours before the Opening Ceremonies just fidgeting and telling myself that I really didn’t want to cast on until 9:00! Also, please allow me to congratulate you as a Canadian. That show was really fantastic. It’s reason #348 to become a Canadian.

  151. For this Olympic Games I am going to for quantity knitting instead of technical knitting. I’m a relatively new knitter so I’m trying to finish a hat by tonight. Tomorrow I’ll begin a new project, possibly something for the 7 babies in my family that will be born in the next several months.

  152. I am so excited! I was brand new and chickened out…um…skipped….the last Olympics. I cast on and though knitting alone, I feel surrounded by friends.

  153. Hi! Remember me from the Summit?
    I haven’t signed up officially… uh, busy having, uh, a random drug test! Yeah, that’s right!
    I’m crazy in love with Whistler, since I saw it on your website.
    After much searching, I seem to find that
    the pattern is out of print.
    I don’t know what my options are.
    I will sink to any level.
    I live just 2 hours south of the border…
    is it still in print up there?
    Or available in any fashion?
    I’ll be doing shots of maple liquor
    until I hear from you.
    No rush.
    xoxo Cricket in NH

  154. I switched events – I know – unheard of in Olympic history! I’m doing fair isle (which I haven’t before ever started and completed)in a hat. I figured it was a good omen to switch when it took me the whole opening ceremonies to cast on and do 3 rows of fingerless gloves! LOL! I’m going with my gut……

  155. Well done Canada! I’m not Canadian but I’m proud, too. EXCELLENT opening ceremonies. And I agree, the SLAM POET was ‘all that.’
    I’m not participating in the knitting Olympics but I am your biggest cheerleader.
    Go, Harlot, go!

  156. Congratulations that was the most beautiful and best Opening ceremony I have seen for the Olympics. I have been so excited with the games I have not been able to knit through them, so I am knitting during the day now to be able to watch them. Good luck! I think we are coming back to Canada this summer!

  157. I love the Knitting Olympics almost as much as I love the winter and summer Olympics. This is terrific. Of course, because I have been completely swamped, there was no swatching. Hopefully that won’t bite me in the butt!

  158. Having already suffered a set back (albeit a relatively small one), I’m glad to have the reminder that I’m supposed to be having fun with this. Maybe I should give my fingers a break…
    …nah. It’s a good pain. 🙂

  159. Having so much fun with the Olympics so far! And major props to Vancouver and all of Canada for a BEAUTIFUL Opening Ceremony!! Good luck!

  160. started at approx 9am, by 9pm over 9 inches done, reached the increasey part of the back of my jumper. THis may be the most knitting I`ve done in one day!

  161. Like Oksana Bayul, I have changed my long program in the midst of the competition. I realized just as I was casting on that 3 colors wasn’t going to work because I didn’t have enough of any one color to do both the bottom of the yoke of the sweater and the sleeves. Therefore, I am choosing to do something more difficult, something I’ve never done, a fully striped sweater using 5 colors in the Jackie Fee, “Ringing the Changes” design. I’m still doing a multi-colored u-neck sweater in the round, I’m still working on using up stash yarn, I just added a couple of colors. Now, I’ve got to live with color changes every few rows instead of rows and rows of lovely mindless knitting before I get to the yoke. However, it’s sort of like deciding to do an extra triple jump at the last minute. Exciting, different than the initial plan, and worthy of a true competitor. Maybe I can finally figure out how to make seamless color changes.

  162. @Ellen, I hope you get over the flu soon – but I know you’ll be ringing that cowbell for us!
    The Whistler sweater is so beautiful – I may have to make my husband one (when I have 17 months – not days).
    fyi – being on the east coast and having had a busy week and a few glasses of wine, I didn’t stay awake to see the lighing of the torch live…watched the replay yesterday and cast on. I really liked the Gretzgy 2nd outdoor lighting.

  163. Three days late (ack!), but I’m taking the pledge to speed knit a circular scarf for my cousin and learn to kitchener in rib and do so by the closing ceremonies.

  164. Canada should be proud of the show they put on. I liked the whales and the Poet the best. Great stuff to knit to. Amazing what you can do with projected images and a white surface. Let the Games begin!!!

  165. oh, it’s heresy alright, but if concerns for the safety of gifted young athletes cannot be raised on Yarn Harlot, then where can they ever be raised.
    the day before Nodar was killed, the new york times published an article about the migration of extreme sports into accepted and conventional Olympic competition. About the accidents, the crippling injuries and the brain damage that have resulted.
    the day before Nodar was killed, australian luge racer Hannah Campbell-Pegg spoke about the too-fast track at whistler
    “I think they are pushng it a little too much,” she told the media. “To what extent are we just little lemmings that they just throw down a track and we’re crash-test dummies? I mean, this is our lives.”
    the world’s winter sports federations are under dark shadows here, working as they do to ensure that every olympics offers faster, steeper, more dangerous venues, so that more records can be broken.
    are we so jaded now that youthful snowboarders, slalom skiiers, sledders and even figure skaters must take their life into their hands, or else we won’t bother to watch them.
    so let’s put a stop to Citius, Altius, Fortius. Please, knitters, please pray with every stitch that nothing more will happen on those fast, dangerous slopes at whistler and cypress.
    after that, perhaps those who are willing could look around for a movement to system-restore the winter olympics back to an earlier date, when olympics meant amateur sport. A movement to consign extreme sports back to the commercial arenas where voyeurs and the obscenely danger-addicted can go to get their jollies
    who today, viewing that ancient movie footage of a joyful barbara ann scott jumping and spinning her way to gold on a simple outdoor rink at st-moritz, fails to be dazzled by her perfection. That looked like the true golden age of amateur olympics. What we have today is an ugly age of corporate-sponsored plastic. An age that sees innocent young athletes, our best and our brightest, being driven mercilessly to drugs and to danger.

  166. After knitting about 5 cm on my sweater I have discovered the pattern I’m following is not for the picture I picked out of the magazine (ancient McCall’s, the kind where the instructions are spread all over the magazine and not with the actual photo). It’s like I’m a speed skater and being told I’m now competing in the biathlon. This is more of a challenge than I thought it would be. But I’m not whining, I’m kind of looking forward to the surprise at the end.

  167. Do you know what time the torch lighting ceremony aired on UK TV? But I cast on the first row of the first sock of my life and then crept back to bed. my husband is still wondering why the alarm went off in the early hours of the morning…. Knit on, my fellow olympians.

  168. Okay, yarngurl, just because you’re knitting a truly Olympian project, that doesn’t excuse you from your duty of updating us on the sweater. One photo would do. Fork it over.
    and GO CANADA!

  169. Steph, I’m having trouble with my project and frogged it.I will still do a baby sweater but it probably won’t be the EZ.BSJ, at least until I take a class for it. I’m having trouble with the instructions, I thought that as an intermediate beginnner I could do it on my own, oh well I got 15 days left:-)

  170. I had not planned on doing this, but decided at the last minute to join the group. I have never done stranded color work or followed a chart even though I have been knitting for 46 years. I taught myself to knit while recouperating from injuries from a car accident. I am doing okay with this project. Only a few minor setbacks. I did not have time to knit the swatch, but its a hat so it is will surely fit someone (or I may hang it on the wall to admire on days when the easy knitting is not going okay. I am finding that I really, I mean really like doing this. I may swatch and try again once I finish this one. Thanks, Stephanie for issuing the challenge. I helped me try something new.

  171. “I also swear that I will continue to engage with my family in conversation, care for my pets, speak kindly with those who would ask me to do something other than knit,”
    Thank you for the oath…perhaps I should have checked in here sooner…

  172. Good luck to all the Olympian knitters!! I’d have loved to have joined in, but I’m moving house this weekend, so my life is currently in boxes and I’m getting mildly hysterical about where in the new house my stash is going to fit. DH thinks it’ll all fit in the drawers under the bed – I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there’s FAR too much yarn for that……!!!!
    I’ll be knitting whilst watching the Olympics though, so I’m with you in spirit if not in pledge (and I’m recording the Olympics, because coverage doesn’t start in the UK until silly times in the wee small hours!)
    Click on, Knitterlympians, may your yarn be join-free and your needles ever true!!

  173. Well said! I love the pledge.
    I’ve gotten just past the clam stitch on the back of my Millefiori Cardigan, now it’s stockinette, stockinette, stockinette!

  174. Despite a lacklustre start thanks to a touch of the flu and sheer exhaustion I know I can do this. Especially once I find the secret to warping time…

  175. After seeing the grace and beauty of the opening ceremonies, both in tears and in joy, and then reading the oath today, I have to officially join in however late. Ceremonies were lovely, and Alison @ 12:22; missing man formation – well said.
    Reading your earlier posts, I thought it would be best to clean up the WIP’s (two down). Project of choice – a pair of handknit socks from your Knitting Rules pattern. Lest you think this simple – first socks ever. And major math skills required to adjust for disproportionate calf size.
    And, am I the only one who thought for just a heartbeat that the Canadienne with long flowing curls carrying the Olympic flag just might be our own YH? Knit on!!

  176. I’d been readying myself for days, picking a pattern, looking through my stash (big mistake, that, because I left it out all in one place and dear hubby (DH) had NO IDEA I had so much yarn!!!!), buying the perfect yarn, and on the day, getting all set to CO, when, lo and behold, I DON’T GET CHANNEL 3. I gamely CO at 7:30 PST, and will continue to knit, but I sure am missing all the games. Maybe I’ll go sit in a bar somewhere and – who knows? I may run into other knitters in the same predicament. I love the pledge, which I read to DH so maybe, just maybe, he’d understand what I’m doing. Go Knitters!

  177. Thinking while driving today, two thoughts came up: maybe you should have reviewed your blog entries from 2006 Olympics & re-thought Whistler, even though it will be beautiful! 2nd thought: you need to totally exempt February from your sock-of-the-month-in-the-cabinet club. We really want you sane & healthy after this!!

  178. Harlot!!! Where are you??! I’m finished the back of my sweater and am working on my left front!!! Where is the beautiful olympic fairisle?

  179. I must tell you….. watching the Opening Ceremonies…. I was sooo very proud to have a Canadian friend!

  180. I must admit I did not picture myself taking part in this event. It’s not just because I’m a crocheter – I figure it’s the spirit that counts – but because my next project will be a baby afghan and the mom-to-be hasn’t chosen the pattern yet.
    However, while idly flipping through my pattern books, one caught my eye. But before going to buy the yarn, I realized that I have plenty in my stash, though of a different weight. Long story short, I spent a few hours of quality time making a variation of the chart in a spreadsheet, adding colorwork, and swatching to overcome technical difficulties. By the time I was done, the pattern carried only a couple of concepts from the original. Not being a visually creative person, for me creating a new pattern is on par with mapping the human genome.
    What I’m trying to say is that this activity was so out of my comfort zone that it must be due to the knitterly vibes coursing through the universe. Thanks all!

  181. Back of my jumper done!!!!
    Hows the scarey Dale of Norway – is that only an American/Canadian thing as I can`t find them in Europe.
    SHould I start a blog so I can do photos?

  182. So far so good for me! stripey baby sweater for my sweet little baby dolly Olive – 7ms old.
    Back panel complete, right front panel complete.
    My first article of clothing that isn’t a hat WOO!

  183. I think I cheated! Cast on for my first toe-up socks at the beginning of the opening ceremonies…did not wait for the torch to be lit. Will I be disqualified????? Does it help that it took me three tries to master the lovely Turkish Cast on to my satisfaction? Oh and I did frog the whole thing once in the first hours of knitting. Can I stay? Please please please!

  184. I did the same as Jenly – being on the east coast, I did not know if I would be thinking straight by the time the flame was actually lit. I am kind of working on my time, as opposed to Pacific time or Atlantic time; if the flame is due to go out at 10pm, I have to be finished at 10pm local time.

  185. Oopsie, I also cast on too early–forgot about the whole “flame means go” signal! BUT fortunately I had to rip the whole thing the next day due to significant miscalculation of yarn usage; thus the Opening Ceremonies were all about swatching. Lucky save for me (phew). And so far I think I’m on track to finish–only 2633 stitches per day! Don’t you worry, I have an extra skein in case my yarn usage figuring is still off… Bonne chance to all knithletes of the Knitting Olympics!

  186. Thinking of all the knitting Olympians–may your fingers never cramp! I couldn’t come up with a project that would be challenging, yet remotely doable in the time frame–so am “training” with a scarf sized (hopefully) stitch sampler–using Gladys Thompson’s “Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys and Arans.” Need the practice in chart reading and counting stitches–sounds so simple, doesn’t it?!! yet am so easily distracted! (hence the lace shawl UFO) Knit on, knitters!

  187. time to post about some progress for those of us who couldn’t take part!! please!

  188. I guess that there is not a pretty good idea to create the essay topic by own efforts! For me, that is easier to buy the term papers from essay writing service, just because it saves time and money.

    I finally get to meet you, and you me…bring the apple bohus sweater for me to fondle, please?
    I’ll bring something too. We can sit in the library and giggle in hushed tones.

  190. I have completed one pair of French Press Slippers and decided that it wasn’t challenging enough so I am making and additional 8 pairs (for all the women I care for) to challenge myself more. I guess I underestimated myself – I have only been knitting for a year and had never felted before.
    This is fun! Carryon knitters!

  191. Stephanie, I read snippets of your blog to my husband and we’re constantly laughing out loud. You’re a delight and you keep my spirits up when things seem overwhelming. And now, the knitting Olympics! I’m sorry to say I missed casting on out of the starting blocks, but as we picture all of you out there knitting your way down the slope to the last stitch, we can almost hear the clicking. . . 🙂 Gold medals for everyone! from Robin, your neighbor to the south in Minnesota.

  192. Stephanie, I don’t like to admit how much my routine depends on checking your blog, but we need an update on your Olympian sweater!

  193. Blair is right. I keep checking and checking and wondering when you will post next. A itsy bitsy little picture please!

  194. Some comment above about mittens, and I’m assuming they want the ubiquitous Olympic red mitts with the rings and maple leaf? They are sold at the Bay for $10, $4 goes to the torch relay. It’s just a basic stickinette mitt with embroidered rings and a fleece maple leaf. Dd and I each have a pair.

  195. I’m assuming you have the entire sweater done and that’s why you haven’t posted!
    You must be so proud of your Canadian athletes! And you have the best national anthem!!!

  196. I, sadly, was unable to sign up for your wonderful knitting olympics because of hand surgery on feb 16. I am not able to knit right now, which by the way is killing me!! I am with you and all other knitters in spirit though.

  197. Thank you for bringing back the Olympic excitement. I haven’t watched and enjoyed the Olympics since I was little. I’m not competing this time–just working on my current spinning and sock knitting. I’ll call it training. My kids should be out of diapers by then and I’ll have more time.

  198. This is sorta related. I am a novice-ish knitter (have made slippers, a pillow cover and assorted scarfs and dish clothes. I have a blog to do with my goal of not buying anything new for a year (www.nonewfortara.blogspot.com). I have been crafting more as a result and have discovered ravelry and just today, your site, thanks to a posting by a pal.
    re: Olympics and knitting: 1. I finished my pillow cover while watching the opening games (see my blog entry ‘finishing things’. 2. I cannot buy Olympic Mitts due to my resolution this year, so a woman I have never met, who has read my blog, just offered today to lend me her pair to bring with me when I go to Vancouver 2010 on Feb. 26th! People are basically decent! Hopefully by the next winter Olympics, my knitting will be good enough to make my own pair 🙂
    ps: love your blog!

  199. I need to make an addition to my challenge. I knit more than I thought I could and have finished my first challenge. So I now plan to also finish the Trellis baby sweater and make a baby hat by the end of the games.

  200. Just wanted Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to know that I am reading her At Knit’s End book and I just love it. I have had so many laughs! And when you are talking about knitting I understand all of it and agree.
    Thanks for writing this clover and enjoyable book.

  201. In the spirit of the Olympics, my 11-year-old son wants me to knit an Afghan based on the New York Yankees logo. Anyone have any thoughts as to where I could get a pattern?
    It would keep me busy watching the events unfold in Vancouver and make him very happy. It we get the logo part down pat, he also wants his name and number in the blanket, so I’m picturing lots of counting.

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