It turns out that I actually won’t be knitting Laminaria forever.Β 

I invested some serious time into this one this weekend, and it’s finished, but for binding off, and now I’m pretty sure that I’ll be doing that until at least spring.

To amuse myself while I cast off forever, I’ve devised a small contest.

Leave me a comment in the form of a haiku about casting/binding off (remembering that a haiku consists of three lines, with 5 syllables in the first,Β 7 in the second and 5 in the last) and I’ll choose two knitters who do so (at random) and send them one of the two prizes being held up by the lovely Natalie below. (Because someone will ask, Natalie is wearing the Reunion Cowl. I forget where her mittens came from. She knit them.)

I had bought both of these- and then review copies showed up here, so I’m passing on the good fortune.Β  That’s the (rather wonderful) More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts , and Franklin’s (rather funny) calendar for next year.Β 


1,168 thoughts on “Abbreviated

  1. Casting on stitches.
    Knitting, knitting, more knitting.
    Yay! Time to bind off.
    Looks like a lovely shawl, by the way.

  2. A great abyss threatens
    Needles full of stitches call
    This task outlives me
    Namaste – jdu

  3. Two haikus for you (one more about frogging)
    CO 99
    knit a thousand rows; repeat
    Mistake in row one!
    Don’t bind off tightly-
    Relax or use big needles
    Soon you can block it.

  4. Celery raw,
    develops the jaw
    Celery stewed,
    Is more quietly chewed.
    Ok its not a haiku, but this has stuck in my tiny mind since like grade 2 and I’m 52 now. Can’t remember where my car keys are; but, I can remember that little ditty, Go Figure.
    So happy for you that the shawl end is on your radar, can’t wait to see what you fall into next.

  5. Finally, binding off.
    Light at tunnel’s end indeed.
    Still takes forever.
    (You have to pronounce ‘finally’ in two syllables: fine-ly)

  6. Nightsongs or Nightmare?
    Cast off before yarn runs out –
    Oh! how my thumbs ache…
    _I may never knit another shawl again…_

  7. Cast on, it’s the start,
    knit knit knit purl purl purl turn,
    bind off in pattern, I’m done!

  8. Cast on. Count. Re-count.
    Add or remove more stitches.
    Bind off, piece of cake.
    My favorite part is the cake! πŸ™‚

  9. When I’m at the end
    Finally it’s bind off time!
    Only cause I can’t think of 5 more syllables. Hey, it’s Monday, I have a poor 7 month old who’s cutting his 2 front teeth on the top AT THE SAME TIME, and I didn’t get much sleep last night cause of it. I figure I’m doing good at this point just to have on clean underwear.
    I’d still love to win either book though…come on random number generator – pick me!

  10. Cast on, such a thrill!
    Knit until blue in the face.
    Cast of, such a pill!!
    I’m in awe of that shawl you’ve made! Yikes, such a lot of work!!

  11. Casting on long tail,
    Realize my tail’s too short,
    4 times in a row!
    (Seriously, this happened to me when casting on a baby blanket. I was casting on 275 stitches! Not only did I keep losing count, I kept running out of tail!)

  12. Cast off: so many
    Tricks and tips but still it takes
    Forever to end.
    (My first crochet cast off made me want to stab something.)

  13. I cast on with joy
    project goes on forever
    When will bind off come?
    Your endless attitude towards your shawl inspired me!

  14. at long last the end
    so close and yet so far off
    off cast off cast off
    cast off, sounds as if
    I mean discard, toss away,
    but its mine to keep!

  15. Casting off is now
    my most favourite thing but
    it always takes long
    Yeah, this kind of sucked.
    Casting off stitches
    my favourite thing to do
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist πŸ˜‰

  16. Knew this shawl wouldn’t defeat you. I’ll even try a Haiku:
    Cast on! Pattern start.
    knit by endless row by row
    Whoa! Bind off. Done!
    Glad it wasn’t as endless a shawl as you thought it might become.
    Now what about Joe’s gansey? I can’t remember if you ever got it finished. Have to go look at your archives.
    Now go have a cuppa, finish the finite bind off, do your blocking magic and show us this beauty tomorrow.

  17. Cast on exciting
    Slowly joy turns to slog
    Bind off! Done! Yippee!
    Oh crap, now I have to block it ;).

  18. Tight cast offs sometimes
    are good. But not with knit socks.
    One stretchy, one not.
    (this is the story of my first pair of knit socks…until I learned JSSBO. What a LIFE saver!)

  19. Tight cast offs sometimes
    are good. But not with knit socks.
    One stretchy, one not.
    (this is the story of my first pair of knit socks…until I learned JSSBO. What a LIFE saver!)

  20. Cast on promises
    Joy of knitting stitches but
    Bind off seals the deal!
    (and in a related note:
    Counting syllables
    leaves coworkers wondering
    what I am doing

  21. Two, because I couldn’t help myself…
    Knit two stitches first
    Then pass the first over top
    Lengthy loose leapfrog
    Triangle shawl done
    But meet the long downside to
    Exponential growth

  22. Casting on comes first
    then knit, purl some, and knit more
    Bind off, and you’re done.
    (not my best work, but all I could think of)

  23. What lovely knitting
    Knit round and round in the round
    Wait, now it’s finished?
    When did that happen?
    I thought it was forever!
    I was getting bored!

  24. Once cast, cast-a-way.
    Twice cast and then frogged today.
    Thrice cast, bound away!
    (this is the story of my knitting)

  25. Neverending loops
    One off over the other
    Till only one left
    Yay! Time to bind off!
    Wait…is that a knit-on lace
    Edge to do next? Dang.
    Cast on 5 stitches
    Increase to infinity
    So near yet so far
    Cast on 5 stitches,
    Work intricate lace designs,
    Bind off for snow pic!
    Okay, this is addicting…must stop now.

  26. Cheese and Rice!! Who knew there would be so many posts! Here is my lame attempt:
    Ode to the cast off
    each stitch closer to be-ing “done”
    knit two, pass over, off.

  27. Start a new project
    Creativity betwixt
    Bind off: How’s it fit?
    PS: Told you your “forever” wouldn’t last! πŸ™‚

  28. yarnover. decrease.
    a corresponding series
    gives shape, making lace.
    at least some say so.
    without, you would still be lace
    to steven. and so
    cast off beloved
    shawl, who brought ache to fingers.
    treasure not the holes,
    but intention that
    you placed in each tiny stitch.
    YOU gave life, gave soul.

  29. (1) Alpha, stitches on!
    Then, waves of love, perhaps pain?
    Omega, off, done!
    (2) Joyous adventure!
    Endless slog thru pride and pain…
    Bind off — victory!
    Bet that writing “limericks” for casting on/off would fill an X-rated book!

  30. I know not Bind Off
    I just buy more needles
    To start another
    (By this you can tell that I may just possibly have more WIPS than completed projects……)

  31. Binding off is fun.
    The row, end to end, is long.
    Binding off is dumb.

  32. Binding off is fun.
    The row, end to end, is long.
    Binding off is dumb.

  33. Pattern now ending
    Yarn must leave the needles
    Casting off, set sail
    Dude! The lemmings one is my favorite so far.

  34. Knit one, pass, repeat
    Not too loose, nor too tight, but
    just right – forever.
    Looks great, this bind off, too, shall pass.

  35. Knit one, pass, repeat
    Not too loose, nor too tight, but
    just right – forever.
    Looks great, this bind off, too, shall pass.

  36. Knit one, pass, repeat
    Not too loose, nor too tight, but
    just right – forever.
    Looks great, this bind off, too, shall pass.

  37. posting is failing all the time, I hope this isn’t turning up a hundred times
    Never ending row
    bind off is even longer
    This takes for ever

  38. Casting off a shawl
    Space-time continuum warps
    Whose black hole is this?
    Knit one, knit one more
    Pass second stitch over first
    And ad nauseum.
    I will probably spend the rest of the afternoon thinking of more instead of grading. Grading is like casting off – the more you do, the more remains.

  39. In keeping with the seasonal requirement for haikus:
    The winter finds you cast off,
    But never cast out.

  40. Pond-scum-green stitch, I
    Kiss your sweet brow and tuck you
    To sleep in the shawl
    Slumber away, with
    Your sisters you lay. Please don’t
    Come loose and free fall

  41. blog ate my haiku
    clever bind off wittiness
    lost in cyberspace
    now I post again
    will it post or will it fail
    cyberspace clutter

  42. Cast on in the spring
    Beautiful shawl of soft wool
    Cast off by first snow
    (and yes, I’m enough of a haiku dork to incorporate a reference to the seasons)

  43. I am no poet
    But I sure am a knitter
    Who enjoys bind off πŸ™‚
    And the ever popular…
    Oh Harlot blog post
    Oh why do you disappear
    Instead of posting?

  44. I’ve been having trouble posting this , hopefully I don’t end up with 7 copies of my comment on your blog!
    Lets’ try this again …
    my life is on hold
    when oh when will I be done?
    damn! not enough yarn!
    (wow! I could have used a few more syllables for the final line,. damn is a bit mild for that situations

  45. When I’m binding off,
    I’m mentally casting on
    for my next project.
    I want to cast on more things
    than the one fin’shed.
    Or I’ll go ahead
    and cast things on before I
    finish binding off.
    If I’m not careful,
    I will end up with more things
    in UFO piles
    Because I’ll neglect
    the actual binding off
    completed projects.

  46. I’m writing mine in French. I find the rules for syllable counting in English too confusing — or maybe I’m too dense to understand them. Anyway, at least this is the right count of syllables… in French.
    Tu montes des mailles,
    tu tricotes, encore, toujours…
    RΓ©sultat : un chΓ’le !

  47. (1)
    Every cast on stitch
    Haunts the minutes my day
    The cast off, my night
    (2 – just to be silly..)
    I cast you all on!
    Hundreds of little silk loops
    My cat, casts you off…

  48. Casting off takes time
    I would rather be spending
    starting new projects
    Connection refused
    Trying to post my haiku
    So must try again

  49. Casting on drives me nuts!
    Binding it off still gives be buts…
    Knitting though, is sane enough.

  50. I knew it would be done by the time I commented. Your idea of “forever” is more my idea of “significant progress.”
    When I first tried to load the comments, it said the URL didn’t work. I suspect this will be a popular contest. Unusually, I didn’t have trouble coming up with a haiku on this; immediately had an idea and only had to make a slight change for syllables. I have a friend that can do haikus on anything, practically on demand; I’m always impressed/jealous. Hope you like it as much as I do.
    Casting/binding off
    Always a battle trying
    For the same tension

  51. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment but you put up such an irresistible offer heh so here is my poor attempt at a haiku
    Here I go again
    Starting all over again
    Tempting fate again
    P.S. I read some of the submissions, very nice job guys πŸ™‚

  52. In keeping with the seasonal requirement for haikus:
    The winter finds you cast off,
    But never cast out.

  53. Crap, thought of a better one!
    Tubular cast-on:
    Teenage mutant ninja turtles
    Also mutant knitters?

  54. Knit, drop stitch over
    Again, again and again.
    Better pass the wine.
    I feel remiss for not including something to indicate a season but I hope it still counts ok!

  55. Crap, thought of a better one!
    Tubular cast-on:
    Mutant ninja turtle teens
    Also mutant knitters?

  56. I love haiku! Sometimes I write them in my head as a distraction when I am annoyed, but this is a happy one.
    loop pulled over loop
    I work the edge evenly
    such accomplishment

  57. Bind off forever,
    all day, all night, never ends…
    wait… done! Cast-on time!

  58. Bind off forever,
    all day, all night, never ends…
    wait… done! Cast-on time!

  59. knit one stitch,knit two
    now bring the first stitch over
    and go for the cookie!
    I love the the color and pattern! that green is simply beautiful!

  60. pattern said cast on
    six hundred stitches-I did
    ’twas glad ’til bind off
    whoever thought up
    ruffels at end of project
    never help’d bind off

  61. As I think Haiku should have references to nature, whatever that means:
    Leaves turned fall colors,
    Now trees cast them off. F. O’s.,
    in their own fashion.

  62. As I think Haiku should have references to nature, whatever that means:
    Leaves turned fall colors,
    Now trees cast them off. F. O’s.,
    in their own fashion.

  63. Provisionally,
    Endless possibilities,
    Stretchy bind off: Socks!
    Talent wasn’t necessary?

  64. Knit one and then another
    And leap frog over, this is boundoff
    repeat with all stitches until you’re green.
    Oh! I can not wait
    For this knitting to begin
    Oh! I can not wait!

  65. Just binding off now
    It may take till spring or so
    That is how its done

  66. Just realized mine was not about casting/binding off…
    Knit successfully
    Project completed except,
    Bound off way too tight.

  67. First, I am not a poet and I know it. So here is my feeble attempt.
    knitting is simple
    i wish i didn’t cast on
    counting is hard
    There are some realy good poets on this blog!

  68. blog ate my haiku
    clever cast off wittiness
    lost in cyberspace
    now i post again
    will it post or will it fail
    cyberspace cast off

  69. Yarn leaps on in loops!
    Speeds along…slows…dawdles on,
    then – tick, tock – binds off.

  70. Not reading comments
    Watching endless green stitches
    In, then out again
    My first haiku ever. Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. I knit fairly well
    But I find that my bind-off
    Is always too tight
    ^true story. but the shawl looks absolutely delightful!

  72. Casting On.
    A new creature is
    Born with needles and yarn. It
    grows stitch, by small stitch

  73. Binding off is loooooooooong
    yet makes a prize of the shawl
    you will wear with pride.
    Love, love the shawl.

  74. re-cast re-count, a
    cup of tea I start again
    and magically end
    laminaria looks beautiful, πŸ™‚

  75. There once was a knitter called Steph
    Whose bind off quite robbed once of breath.
    When asked, “How’s it done?”
    She replied, “So much fun!
    You try – just a million stitches left.”
    (Because haiku are too classy for me.)

  76. Snowflakes fall softly.
    Shawl edge finished. Candle glows.
    Next silk skein slinks near.
    Couldn’t resist a second shot. I loved haiku in grade school. Thanks for asking us to do this. What a great idea!

  77. Begin properly.
    You need more tail than you think
    Or do it again.
    I know I counted
    Put markers in to be sure.
    Damn! First row is wrong.
    The only thing worse
    Than binding off mohair is
    Doing it over.

  78. Knitted on edging
    Just when I thought shawl was done
    Miles more lace to knit.
    Lace, lace, lovely lace,
    Count! One stitch out of place and
    It all looks like crap.
    I cast on seven
    Yarn over, knit some, make one
    Must bind off hundreds.
    Eternal bind off
    Will it end? I don’t think so
    Is there enough yarn!?
    Cannot stop haiku
    Technical, precise counting
    It’s so much like lace.

  79. Just as the autumn leaves drop
    So my shawl’s stitches are cast away
    But alas as spring returns the green leaves to their trees
    So I wrap my shoulders in the green beauty of laminaria
    Sorry I’m not good at haiku’s but here’s my poem none the less πŸ˜‰

  80. Knit with lovely yarn,
    Counting surely as you go,
    Death by the bind off
    Lovely shawl πŸ™‚

  81. Knit with lovely yarn,
    Counting surely as you go,
    Death by the bind off
    Lovely shawl πŸ™‚

  82. Leapfrogging stitches
    Can’t recall why I enjoy
    this hobby anymore.
    Or at least, that’s how I feel when I cast off! πŸ™‚

  83. Wonderful responses!!
    My pitiful attempt:
    Binding off is great
    May a knitter admit it?
    Best part of knitting!
    (I do love a finished project!)

  84. Interminable,
    Yearning towards completion.
    Soldiers, head-to-toe.
    What a fun challenge. Leslie

  85. Ardent lover strains;
    Cast off the needles — hurry!
    Blocking next;Climax!
    What else can I say?
    I’m at work, busy-busy
    Any chance to win?

  86. Casting off slowly…
    “I’ll be here till spring”, she thought.
    Suddenly – it’s done!

  87. Last row! it is done!
    fourteen hundred stitches left…
    oh well, ALMOST done…
    binding off is so anxiety filled for me. sometimes i have to have a lie down in the middle. πŸ™‚ well, it looks gorgeous~

  88. SORRY – Due to technical difficulties, I entered about 10 of the same and didn’t know it.

  89. Wishing and hoping.
    Million little stitches left.
    Damn. I’m out of yarn.
    Stretching, so it’s done.
    Denial, we meet again, friend.
    Casting off anyway.
    Finished. Casting off.
    So many stitches, but done.
    Ugh. Still have to seam.

  90. Can’t wait to wear this;
    Five stitches left to bind off –
    What, I’m out of wool?!

  91. A little ditty about my experiences binding off my Haruni of Doom!
    What? Binding off in i-cord?
    Crazy designer
    But, yes – oh so effective!
    Racing to the finish line
    Put knitting down, make cup of tea!

  92. Leaves turned Fall colors,
    Now trees cast them off. F.O’s,
    in their own fashion.
    Haiku need to reference nature, yes?

  93. As I sit and knit
    I dread the cast off edging
    It takes FOREVER
    I really suck at poetry. The one time I wrote a haiku in high school, I got a failing grade. After that I…outsourced my poetry homework…

  94. Cast on: potential
    Endless endless lace; knit bound
    Complete, block, marvel
    Very good challenge. Nice one Janet.

  95. Joy! It’s done! It’s done!
    Now to just do the bind-off…
    It’s not really done.

  96. Cast on, passion builds.
    Knit and knit and knit and knit.
    Bind off, whats up next?

  97. I’m in a bind now
    No time remains to finish
    Woe, endless edging.
    Great idea for a contest!

  98. cast on hopes and dreams
    knit and tink and knit, repeat
    bind off complete with mistakes

  99. cast on hopes and dreams
    knit and tink and knit, repeat,
    bind off with mistakes
    Sure, I would like you to think that my post above had a mistake to make a point, but no, I just lost track of my syllables.

  100. Endless battleground
    Enemy soldiers standing
    Slowly Falling Down
    I wrote two cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more!
    Kelp like it flows off
    Needles dancing amidst green
    Hope, it dawns anew

  101. cast on. knit. purl. knit.
    knit more. purl more. increase, too.
    count. hope. pray. bind off.

  102. A thought, A dream dreamt
    A start with life’s disruptions
    Bind off-dream fulfilled!
    Cast on, the Starting Line
    Jogging, panting, sweating knit
    Bind off- Celebrate!
    Cast on with new hopes and dreams
    Done, gift created.

  103. Ahead of you lie
    A few hundreds of stitches
    Enjoy binding off
    I know, that’s kinda cruel. But the long bindoff is the only thing between you and the magic of beautiful finished lace. You’re so close!

  104. oh standard cast off
    you are not stretchy enough
    i will kbl
    ok — i know this was a cheat to claim “i will kbl” (i will knit through the back loops) is 5 syllables, but having just discovered that casting off by knitting, then sliding two stitches back onto the holding needle, then knitting them together through the back loop, provides a supremely stretchy cast off, i was unable to resist.
    congrats on your progress! it’s beautiful!

  105. A beautiful birth.
    My first finished creation
    Get it the f*ck off
    First it was all you
    Now its all about the others
    Your time has ended
    Click click clack click…
    Knit2 quickly purl slowly
    End with a flourish

  106. Hours with needles
    Love, knit with fingers and wool
    Completion is near
    As a knitter I think this idea is fun. As a 7th grade English teacher, I am in LOVE! Thanks for the fun, creative inspiration.

  107. To cast on, which one?
    Choices that make or break it.
    Oh no, can’t choose a bindoff…

  108. If knitting needles were cognizant and could write poetry:
    Our work is soon done
    We knit two, slip, pass over
    Repeat, repeat, sleep.

  109. Two Haiku for You:
    Start with just one loop.
    Cast on more. Knit. Knit some more.
    Cast them off. Wear. Ahhhh!
    (Here’s my personal favorite. I wrote it about 8 years ago.)
    The urge to knit hits.
    Where are my wallet and keys?
    Yarn store…I’m coming!!!!

  110. All the knitting done
    Casting off is all that’s left
    Fingers might fall off
    I love the color you are using.

  111. All stitches bound off,
    ready to put on my hat!
    Wait, now it’s too small.
    This happens to me more frequently than I care to admit.

  112. happy at the start
    when the knitting gods are smiling
    beautiful project
    agony is here
    I have finished my project
    pics on Ravelry

  113. A haiku
    Casting off begins
    and goes on until the spring
    A glass of red wine
    Stitches complete one by one
    A joy to be done

  114. Knit, knit, slip, knit, slip,
    Knit, slip, knit, slip, knit, slip, knit,
    Oooooh!? Write poem? Ooops!

  115. Time to say goodbye?
    Done the making, now the start
    of showing it off!
    Casting off into
    the push and pull of blocking,
    then relax, being.
    To finish this shawl,
    billions of casting off stitches,
    zen doesn’t help much.

  116. Just like in knitting, I can’t count!!
    Try again.
    Binding off is long
    Fingers are so numb and sore
    Knitting, never bores.

  117. The Harlot was right
    Transition, delivery,
    Now, the afterbirth.
    Sorry if that’s too much for anyone. Just running with the analogy. (almost as dangerous as doing so with scissors) πŸ™‚

  118. Binding off, the end.
    A thing of beauty finished.
    Casting on begins.
    This is a great idea! Haikus are such fun, even more when there’s a chance for such great prizes! The shawl is gorgeous too.

  119. circles have no end,
    I repeat “Cast on, Cast off.
    Don’t forget to breathe.”
    (Yeah, I can totally see Mr Miyagi knitting!)

  120. Drinking a Sleeman’s —
    Cast on…how many you say?
    Cast off…already?!?
    No really, I would never do that as a knitter!

  121. Knit two together.
    Slide back onto left needle.
    Repeat forever.
    and another just for fun (I haven’t written haiku in years; forgot how enjoyable it was):
    Blog is down, oh woe!
    No way my haiku can win.
    Franklin. sob. Franklin!

  122. Just felt compelled to comment on how many wonderful readers you have and how many took the time to compose such wonderful haikus! It’s incredible!!! It can’t be the contest – must be true knitting comrades. You are a lucky lady!

  123. The last few stitches
    Knitted albatross of wool
    Thank God it’s finished!
    (The shawl is lovely)

  124. I absolutely LOVE that color πŸ˜€
    And now:
    Almost to the end
    Eat a piece of chocolate
    Then continue on.

  125. to cast-on is bliss!
    the knitting is ecstasy!
    binding off, it sucks.
    casting on is hope
    woolly possibility
    binding off, a death
    (I think I could do this all day)

  126. “EZ haiku”
    cast on, knit on, with
    confidence and hope, through all
    crises, then bind off.
    (sorry, i couldn’t help myself.)

  127. Casting off is hard.
    Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.
    (With my apologies to the Internet.)

  128. Here are three haiku.
    They are like potato chips.
    I guess this is four.
    Two become as one.
    Ah, sweet mystery of life:
    Three-needle bind off.
    Stitches on needle …
    Knit-one, purl-one bind off done!
    Very nice for rib.
    So many stitches …
    Lace shawl is finally knit.
    Cast off neatly now!

  129. an early frost —
    binding off the first sock
    As an honest-to-goodness haiku poet (yes, there are such things), I’m going to point out that the syllable scheme really only applies if one is writing in Japanese and, since I’m not, my haiku doesn’t have to have the 5-7-5 thing going on. (Well, neither does anyone else’s, for that matter. The best English equivalent is two stressed syllables/three stressed syllables/two stressed syllables. Roughly.)
    If anyone is interested, haiku should also have a seasonal reference and, in general, should attempt to crystallise a single moment in time.

  130. How can you read them all???
    Hold up-admire!
    bound off, something is calling
    Itching to start new

  131. Cast on two stitches
    Increase here and increase there
    Cast off a billion
    I think there’s at least a good book’s worth of poetry here… More time for you to knit!

  132. Anticipation
    as I cas on my stitches
    joyous-they bind off
    Beautiful shawl, glad it didn’t take a life time.

  133. To perceive concept
    of perpetual motion then
    begin your cast off.
    It’s been fun to write even if not strictly correct.

  134. In three stanzas:
    In the beginning,
    possibilities excite.
    Newness motivates.
    Around the middle,
    fatigue sets in and boredom
    must be overcome.
    But hope is renewed
    as we reach the bind off row.
    Proud of my F.O.

  135. cast on lovely shawl,
    knit for you with joy, hope, tears.
    Cast off, warm soft love.

  136. you thought you were gonna be working on it … FOREVER. and you managed to FINISH it like a blink later?!? my forever is alot

  137. I need little elves
    With quick hands and sure needles
    To bind off my shawl
    Can’t wait to see it post-blocking!

  138. good god i’m done here
    no way will i ever win
    three needle bind off
    Posted before I read the 835 others, in order to not be influenced by all the poetic greatness out there…okay, I’ve got some reading to do now…bye!

  139. One stitch, two stitch, slip
    Many, then there’s few, now slip
    The lovely last stitch
    Okay, that’s lame but hey, it’s late! Off to read what everyone else wrote.. Your shawl looks beautiful

  140. I just read the instructions on proper haiku writing given by Jen, the honest-to-goodness haiku poet, at 10:12, and therefore, would like to change mine.
    Ruffle, I hate you!
    It rains and I must re-knit.
    Bind off eludes me.