A Yarn Story

It’s a little late in the day to post, but my very pretty yarn is finally dry, and I love it too much not to share.  A while back, I made these batts on my friend Judith’s electric drum carders.

I made a darkish-brick one, and after I’d made it I stood there a little stunned, thinking "what next?"  My friend Lisa suggested making a lighter one, to ply with the darker one, so I did. 

I spun those, over the last few days – and got beautiful singles.

Then, as Lisa suggested, I plied them together.

I love it.

I adore it.

I want to hug it and squeeze it and kiss it and call it George.  (I bet that’s not funny unless you remember Loony Toons.)

The odd thing is, that as much as I adore this yarn – I’m pretty darn sure it belongs to Lisa.  Weird, eh?