Down Day

I should have seen it coming.  In retrospect, I asked for it. There’s just no way that you can walk around talking about how much you’re going to get done, and how great it’s going to be to get back to an amazing and solid schedule, and not get smacked around a little.  I don’t know why destiny can’t just have my to-do list burst into flames, or maybe make me itchy all over when I start to write it?  What, I ask you, would be wrong with just a simple swarm of termites welling up from nowhere and eating my list, leaving only tatters arranged in the shape of the words "nice try"?

My back has been a little sore for a few weeks.  I had that one terrible episode a few years ago – which was really my first experience with back pain, and I was really eager to not repeat it, so I’ve been stretching, resting…it’s been keeping it at bay, but with the wedding this week (Katie and Carlos are getting hitched tomorrow!) things have gotten a little out of hand, and maybe I overdid it or took down my guard, but day before yesterday it was really hurting, and then yesterday morning I was crippled. Completely crippled.  I thought it was the pain that woke me at 4:30am, but it turns out it was a UTI, and the day- frankly, only got worse.  By about 10am I was a treat to be around. 

By 6pm I was drugged, medicated and resting with a hot pad – and took advantage of my small attention span to knit small things.

A whole pile of tiny little cabbage roses that will go ’round the neckline of Marlowe’s birthday dress.  I’m not done the skirt part yet, but the yarn is so gorgeous that I don’t want to waste an inch, so I’m putting it on hold while I do the roses, then all that’s left will be for the skirt, and I can just go on until there’s not a bit left. 

Rather happily for me, and rather sadly for the mountain of cabbage roses- I feel much better today.  I won’t be going anywhere fast, and I will be renewing my yoga pass first thing next week- and I’m not quite sure if I’ll dance at the wedding, but at least the worst is over. 

Maybe I’ll knit roses today anyway.