Princess Prettypants

Thanks for waiting patiently to see Marlowe’s birthday dress… nicknamed Princess Prettypants by Jen and I during its inception. Marlowe’s seen here at her birthday party – sadly with a fever and a little bit of a cranky-face, she wasn’t really into the photoshoot.  I don’t believe in pressing unhappy babies to smile or play when they don’t want to… so this is a largely serious series of pictures.  I can tell she likes it anyway. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing in my life that I enjoy more than having an idea, working on that idea diligently, and then having it not only come to fruition, but arrive whole and right and exactly, precisely the way that it existed in my imagination. 

This little dress turned out exactly as I’d hoped.

Not almost,  not close –  exactly. 

It was generated out of three skeins of Luscious silk.  One in white, and two in China Rose, and I dyed a little bit of the white to give me the green I wanted.  There’s some white left, but I used just about every inch of the pink.

It fits a little big, which is terrific, frankly, because Marlowe is growing like a weed, and I after that amount of work, I wouldn’t want her to outgrow it quickly.  The armholes are deep too, and I’m hoping that means she can wear it over a long sleeved onesie in the wintertime, and that it’s super easy to put on and take off, which would be at the top of my list if I had to rely on other people to dress me.

I knit the little bodice, then picked up and knit the skirt down, increasing as I went so it would be full and pretty… I like skirts for little ones to be "spinners" so that they fly out wide when the kid in question twirls. 

(I know.  It is not lost on me that I have knit a twirly skirt for a kid that can’t twirl yet.  It’s the spirit of the thing, besides she’ll learn.)

I knit cabbage roses and tiny leaves, and sewed them on round the neck – after having worked a very trying round of single crochet around all my edges.  (Between you and I, I had to do it about nine times to get it right.) Crochet and I still have the worlds most difficult relationship.  I don’t know why it hates me.  Still, I have trouble not rising above that, and end up hating it back.  It’s still the right thing to do sometimes.)

Then I worked a little buttonband on the back, and added two wee buttons, fished out of my Grandmothers button bin.  I think they’re perfect…

Just like Marlowe.  Happy Birthday sweetness.  You know Auntie Stephie loves you.  Thanks for coming along so I can knit you stuff.

(PS. Yeah, I’m working on the pattern – just in case anyone else is crazy enough to sew together all those roses.)