Princess Prettypants

Thanks for waiting patiently to see Marlowe’s birthday dress… nicknamed Princess Prettypants by Jen and I during its inception. Marlowe’s seen here at her birthday party – sadly with a fever and a little bit of a cranky-face, she wasn’t really into the photoshoot.  I don’t believe in pressing unhappy babies to smile or play when they don’t want to… so this is a largely serious series of pictures.  I can tell she likes it anyway. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing in my life that I enjoy more than having an idea, working on that idea diligently, and then having it not only come to fruition, but arrive whole and right and exactly, precisely the way that it existed in my imagination. 

This little dress turned out exactly as I’d hoped.

Not almost,  not close –  exactly. 

It was generated out of three skeins of Luscious silk.  One in white, and two in China Rose, and I dyed a little bit of the white to give me the green I wanted.  There’s some white left, but I used just about every inch of the pink.

It fits a little big, which is terrific, frankly, because Marlowe is growing like a weed, and I after that amount of work, I wouldn’t want her to outgrow it quickly.  The armholes are deep too, and I’m hoping that means she can wear it over a long sleeved onesie in the wintertime, and that it’s super easy to put on and take off, which would be at the top of my list if I had to rely on other people to dress me.

I knit the little bodice, then picked up and knit the skirt down, increasing as I went so it would be full and pretty… I like skirts for little ones to be "spinners" so that they fly out wide when the kid in question twirls. 

(I know.  It is not lost on me that I have knit a twirly skirt for a kid that can’t twirl yet.  It’s the spirit of the thing, besides she’ll learn.)

I knit cabbage roses and tiny leaves, and sewed them on round the neck – after having worked a very trying round of single crochet around all my edges.  (Between you and I, I had to do it about nine times to get it right.) Crochet and I still have the worlds most difficult relationship.  I don’t know why it hates me.  Still, I have trouble not rising above that, and end up hating it back.  It’s still the right thing to do sometimes.)

Then I worked a little buttonband on the back, and added two wee buttons, fished out of my Grandmothers button bin.  I think they’re perfect…

Just like Marlowe.  Happy Birthday sweetness.  You know Auntie Stephie loves you.  Thanks for coming along so I can knit you stuff.

(PS. Yeah, I’m working on the pattern – just in case anyone else is crazy enough to sew together all those roses.)

230 thoughts on “Princess Prettypants

  1. SO adorable! I can’t wait to see the pattern. My sis is having a baby in March and this will DEFINITELY be at the top of the queue for her arrival!

  2. It is a wonderful finished product and, yes, people will knit it if you make a pattern. I mean, I remember the grape vine socks, and this doesn’t look any more intense.

  3. So many babies…. so little time…. so many potential dresses…. SO CUTE!!!!
    Auntie Steph knit a winner there!

  4. Even though “under the weather,” Marlowe and her very special dress are a perfect match! Great design, gorgeous finished project!

  5. Oh. My God. Steph! That is perfection. I was just thinking this morning that I was dying to see how it all turned out and this is better than even my wildest imagination. Gorgeous.
    Jen and Marlowe and Fenner are sure lucky to count you as an honourary family member.

  6. Great dress! You’ve hit it out of the ballpark again.
    Third reminder, but let’s hope three time’s the charm! The correct grammar is “nicknamed Princess Prettypants by Jen and me”, not “nicknamed Princess Prettypants by Jen and I” , and of course keeping in the same spirit of correct grammar, it’s “between you and me”, not “you and I”.

  7. Marlowe put a smile back on my face, after what has proven to be a trying week so far. Your efforts to make the perfect dress for a beloved wee one did too. Thanks for sharing the journey and the love with us.

  8. The roses are absolutely gorgeous, but really the picot edging adds the final detail that makes it perfectly balanced. You should revel in the glory of your creation for weeks on end! Thanks for letting us join in on a project successfully completed. Now, if you could convince the stranded socks I’m working on that they want to follow suit, I would really appreciate it.

  9. I have been checking the blog every half hour today hoping for this post. It turned out amazing!! Beautiful work Stephanie!! (Not to mention the gorgeous model/inspiration, of course!)

  10. It. Is. Perfect.
    There’s nothing else to say, except that maybe my uterus contracted a tiny bit at the photos of that sweet baby…
    My husband tells me that a perfect knitted dress is really not a very good reason to have a fourth baby however…

  11. Beautiful. (And rather like Dee in comment one … is it wrong that I’m dreaming of knitting one for my 20 something daughter?)

  12. Takes my breath away and makes my ovaries hurt at the same time. Oh yay and my ovaries haven’t even worked in 15 years.

  13. Awww, it looks absolutely perfect on her! (almost as if it was made for her – durrr…!)
    I’ll look forward to the pattern because I have a brand new niece to knit all the pretty things for (she’s only 5 weeks old, however).

  14. Absolutely beautiful Stephanie!
    The buttons are definitely perfect for the dress 🙂
    I suspect there are plenty of us crazy enough to want to knit this! My sister is due in March, and if it’s a little girl, I would love to make this for her!

  15. She photographs so beautifully, even when feeling under the weather! I’m glad you planned for The Twirl; at the rate she’s growing she could be twirling before October. I don’t think there’s really a rule in stone that one has to walk before one can twirl. Perfect, perfect dress.

  16. So, so beautiful! I’m glad you’re happy with it, and she’s happy with it, and the world is happy with her! I might have to make one myself. 🙂

  17. That second picture, where she’s sitting on the ground, just slays me with the cuteness. The dress is lovely! I am in awe that you can come up with an idea and just create it out of yarn (I’m still very much a “follow the pattern exactly” knitter after 9 years of doing it).

  18. I was reading this with my three-year-old next to me, and he looked over at the screen and commented, unprompted: “nice baby. nice dress.”

  19. Lovely lovely dress!
    I see Marlowe’s mama is wearing a sling! Best place to have available for a cranky fevery baby to go hide….at least all my kids thought so! Feel better Marlowe, and get to walking and twirling!

  20. Argh! I can’t wait for the pattern! I will totally knit all those little roses for my little sunshine!
    And a boy’s version would be awesome. I heartily endorse dresses and gowns for all babies still in diapers and not yet walking. Why make changing them harder than it needs to be?

  21. It’s perfect, SHE’s perfect, and how well they suit one another.
    If that’s the crankiest face she gets, Jen is indeed blessed!

  22. What an adorable baby.- and dress! And that sling she’s using – we have that same one. My mother used it for my sister, and I used it for my little one. Can’t wait for the pattern.

  23. Absolutely perfect! I hope she gets to wear it lots more times while it still fits! I’m sure this is something she will keep for her own daughters one day. 🙂 I’m jealous- I didn’t have an awesome auntie like you to make me things when I was little.

  24. OMG! I want grandchildren so I can knit for them! Love everything about this post; the pictures, the dress and especially those roses and leaves!

  25. Those eyes, those lips…..yeah, they deserve cabbage roses and wee little green leaves. Heck, they even deserve a crochet edging. (also my nemesis)

  26. Oh, so, gorgeous! (I mean the baby… in the dress). They’re both wonderful! Good job Auntie Steph!

  27. Oh yes, please! I am expecting a baby girl in October and this is gorgeous. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m sure Marlowe loves it. For all her seriousness, her photos are beyond adorable. And I see a few smiles in there, too.

  28. So…the dress’s name is Princess PrettyPants, but you did not knit a matching pair of little gathered knitted bloomers (complete with cabbage roses)? Really?? ;o)

  29. That is one of the cutest dresses and little cutie combo I have ever seen. I am now wishing I knew a little girl that age so I’d have an excuse to make one!

  30. Not only is the dress beautiful and fabulous, but the buttons are so perfect, the dress could probably be worn button-front. It’s absolutely gorgeous (from a woman who is not charmed by kidlets and who has never, ever wanted to have one – I was hit by teh cute with this one!).

  31. So beautiful.. both baby and dress! I admire your ability to get a project done in a timely manner. Meanwhile, I have a half-knitted pair of celery green pants intended for my son at age 1. He is 14 now and towers over me at 5’10″+. I’ll have to knit faster and increase so he can have his green knitted pants for Gr. 10! He hides his excitement well…

  32. Marlowe is adorable & that dress is perfect. If gazing on that combination alone doesn’t foster world peace, then there’s no hope for it ever.

  33. You know, I sometimes ask myself why I read your blog when I don’t knit or crochet, and rarely use anything that you do but roving (for felting) – and then I see this series of posts come to fruition in this completely adorable little dress and I remember why.
    (Even though I will still never knit or crochet! I like the pretty pictures.) 🙂
    Also, she looks completely adorbable in the last photo.

  34. Beautiful dress! Well done, Auntie Steph! My favourite view is actually the back. There’s just something about that button band, and the buttons and roses…and Marlowe herself, that’s all just irresistible. May she feel better soon too. It’s no fun when you don’t feel well, and you can’t even tell anyone.

  35. I squeed so loudly that my boss came up to the cubical to see me gush over the dress. He rolled his eyes and left.
    So yes, the dress is beautiful!

  36. Holy crap, that’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! And what a sweet little girl. Nice job! That’s how you do it!

  37. I just found this site and I am in love with this whole site. I find myself laughing and shaking my head yes to all that is said. My niece just had her 4th baby (a boy) and I’ve made him some screamingly cute soakers. But as someone said earlier, I’m dreaming of making him a little dress. Ha!

  38. Gorgeous. The dress is as stunning as i expected it to be and Marlowe is, as the teens say, “adorbs”!!

  39. Gorgeous. The dress is as stunning as i expected it to be and Marlowe is, as the teens say, “adorbs”!!

  40. It was worth the wait! I’m kind of glad I don’t have a little baby girl to knit for at the moment, or I’d be wanting to have it on the needles right away. Beautiful work!

  41. “…that it’s super easy to put on and take off, which would be at the top of my list if I had to rely on other people to dress me…”
    As someone who has recently has been dressed and undressed a lot by other people after a mastectomy 2 weeks ago, let me tell you that the importance of this can not be underestimated, even at 32 years old.
    The dress gives me something to shoot for, you know, for grandkid knitting someday. Yes, my kids are 5 and 7.
    Thank you. It (and Marlowe) are stunning.

  42. It’s perfect. I only wish my beautiful granddaughters hadn’t already reached 2 and 3 so I could make a pair!

  43. Obviously, Marlowe’s busy reading Vogue when no one’s looking as I think she she’s doing the perfect “model pout” in the pictures! Gorgeous dress–worth all the crocheting.

  44. 1) The dress is indeed perfection! Absolutely beautiful.
    2) Crochet does not like me either despite the fact that people keep saying, “Oh, it’s so easy! It’s much easier than knitting!” Then how come I can knit but crochet like an elephant wearing oven mitts?
    3) Marlowe is also perfect and I think her serious expression may not just be due to fever but the fact that she realizes what a lovely creation she is modeling and wants to present it with all of the respect it deserves!

  45. I love that the buttons came from your grandmother’s button box – that is the final perfect touch. You really did hit this one right straight out of the park.
    Not that Marlowe could look less than perfect in anything!
    So sad that I’m pretty sure my 41-year-old daughter wouldn’t want one. Now, my preemie great-niece…

  46. Oh, I need that pattern! My littlest (last) is 5 months old, and this would be a perfect spring birthday dress. Seven months is surely long enough for even me to manage the roses, yes? 🙂

  47. You really did hit the perfect button this time! I love the dress, the roses, the buttons..could not wait to see it as things progressed. I have been following along and loving every moment. You should be Sooooo proud!

  48. When you put this beautiful little dress on this beautiful little baby, it almost made me cry, just more loveliness than I’m used to seeing!
    Jo in MN

  49. The dress is gorgeous–the child is gorgeous–and I can tell that she loved the dress because she isn’t crying her eyes out even though she’s not feeling well.

  50. Yey for the pattern, i have two friends expecting due in spring, so this dress would be perfect. I love knittin little things and details so fire away.x

  51. Oh, how absolutely precious is that! And she looks darling in it! Great job, Steph! You should be bursting at the seams with pride!

  52. Beautiful!! Both the baby and the dress! I just want to snuggle my face in her sweet little neck….. and those toes (in the last picture)! I love baby feet…….
    Thanks for sharing.

  53. Princess Prettypants looks just precious in her pretty pink birthday frock! So sorry to hear that she wasn’t feeling her best on her birthday, but she still rocked that dress.
    Crochet and I parted ways many years ago, due to my lack of ability, with no hard feelings. Had I knit Princess Prettypants’ dress, I would have knit a narrow attached i-cord around the neck and arm openings, showing Crochet that it “ain’t the only edging in the world”!
    Congrats, Stephanie on the wonderful little dress.
    Mary G. in Texas (who will sadly miss your upcoming visit to MadTosh in Ft. Worth, because I will be teaching an ESL class at that time)

  54. That dress is sugary perfect, and Marlowe is looking cute as ever, despite being under the weather. Glad it came out exactly as you planned.
    Just don’t be hatin’ on crochet.

  55. So glad you’re working on the pattern! My little girl *needs* a twirly perfect dress covered in roses.

  56. bring the insulin, stat! cos that baby is delicious and the dress is divine and i’m overwhelmed with sweetness! i definitely want the pattern when it comes into being.. mmm, mmm, mmm!

  57. Oh my goodness, that is such an adorable dress! I am so tempted to make one for my 17-month-old! The only thing holding me back is the long list of projects I already have to take care of! And I have already added a few pop-up items to that, so there is no room for me. (maybe…maybe not…ugh)
    And it’s awesome when a project comes out EXACTLY how you plan it. I’ve had a few that I dreamed about and then they just didn’t quite hit the 100% satisfaction I was hoping for…and it’s a let-down. Glad this worked out.
    Oh, and I think we have the same relationship with crochet. I’ve only used it for the edges of baby blankets and sweaters…some sort of chain stitch…but crochet hooks and I DO NOT get along!

  58. Awww…Princess Prettypants and her spinner dress are just too cute for words.
    Hope she is feeling much better…and that her folks have recuperated from a fussy baby, too.

  59. Gorgeous!
    Dee, I feel for you. I also found lots of beautiful dresses to make for my son. Luckily, I managed to avoid actually making them. He is thirteen now and would be very grateful if only he know.

  60. Marlowe is perfect and so is the little dress. You did a wonderful job of designing and executing this little twirly princess outfit! This is also one seriously gorgeous baby girl. I rather like her serious face.

  61. Did you notice how her little ears and the little roses are a perfect match! Beautiful baby, beautiful dress

  62. It looks absolutely lovely. I know what you mean about the crochet, as a reluctant crocheter I have devised an alternative to a single crochet edge that I think is just as pretty and sturdy. I pick up and knit stitches all the way around the edge, as soon as that is done I cast (bind) off. I use this to edge garments and blankets etc and many people think it looks just like a crochet edge. I recommend it.

  63. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. That will be worn and loved by Marlow for many months–it will work over pants when she is taller as a tunic. Then her daughters will wear it when they are small!

  64. Old non-knitter here …. but if you keep showing BEAUTIFUL BREATH TAKING OUTFITS LIKE THAT – I may give it a try. That is absolutely adorable. A keeper.

  65. Thank you for showing us so many views of this sweet sweater. More patterns should come with this number of views. Then we’d all have more clues regarding what we’re doing. Sorry for the small vent……

  66. That is so dear, and i would bet real money that she will be wearing it when she is four, over jeans.

  67. Absolute perfection. I cannot wait for the pattern…I have a granddaughter turning one later this year!

  68. Absolutely, utterly, and completely adorable. Both dress and baby. I love it when a plan comes together – (I think that’s from “The A Team”, but it still fits…).

  69. I’ve been waiting for the pictures of Marlowe in her birthday dress too. Delightful dress (good to grow into also) beatiful Marlowe. But I’m really impressed with the photos. What a wonderful mini photo essay of a feverish little girl doing her level best. Mom and daughter captured love is marvelous. You have a great eye. (Also in the park with knits)

  70. My husband asked me what was wrong when he heard me make a squeaky Ohhhh and ahhh. Then when I explained, grinning like a fool, he just didn’t get it. What’s wrong with him? It’s the most perfect dress evar! (bad spelling intended)

  71. A beautiful dress for a beautiful baby. Gorgeous! Too bad she wasn’t feeling better to enjoy her special party. Love the pic of her snuggled into her mama’s arms though!

  72. Lovely dress for a beautiful baby. I remember that my daughter was sick on her first birthday too. Turns out she had roseola. Hope Marlowe recovers soon, whatever ails her.

  73. That is GORGEOUS!! I hope that when she does outgrow that dress, that her mom does something similar to what my cousin did for my goddaughter’s outgrown special outfits. They found a special doll or teddy bear that it would fit, put on the special dress and put it on a shelf so that it became part of the decor of her bedroom rather than passed down or hidden away in a box. They have a cute little collection of holiday dresses and such memorializing those special moments.

  74. That has to be the sweetest little girl I’ve ever seen, even when she’s sick. The picture of her at the lake was wonderful, too.
    Yes, the dress is perfect. It will see her through her many social occasions and, when she outgrows it, should be carefully cleaned, swathed in tissue, and put away in her hope chest for her own little girl.

  75. absolutely perfect. Twirling will be here soon (my niece-ette really found her legs at her first birthday and she’s not stopped since!!) As for a boy, can we say ‘christening gown’??? Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thanks for the post.

  76. I’m totally making this for my future grandbabies, if I need 2 (just in case they have 2 at a time, I think I will make another in a different color). You ROCKED this one out Stephanie!

  77. OMG, how did you not nibble on that baby all day long – between the cheeks and the dress? precious!

  78. Just finished siofra bootie #1 with mawata. Bonnet done. Will reward self with p.p.p. when bootie #2 is done. Imagine the timing will be perfect. And I don’t even have any wee ones to gift them to. Making them just makes me happy.

  79. Gorgeous baby, gorgeous dress! Well done!
    I have friends that crochet, and I hope one of them will bail me out if the time comes that crochet is required. I still can’t figure out which hole to stick the hook in.
    I hope Marlowe is feeling better now.

  80. Beautiful dress… I think my granddaughter needs one. Can’t wait for the pattern. I hope Marlowe is feeling better soon, gotta hate when baby feels bad, they’re so pitiful.

  81. My youngest will be one next April. I do believe that she needs a birthday dress just like Marlowe’s.

  82. Those gorgeous little feet poking out from the bottom of that gorgeous little dress….What IS it about baby toes? Too cute for words….

  83. Lovely. Perfectly lovely. Especially since it came out exactly the way you wanted! We all want to be you.

  84. Happy birthday, Marlowe! You look beautiful in that gorgeous dress your Aunt Steph made for you. I hope your mom preserves that dress so that, in years to come, your sisters, daughters, nieces, granddaughters, &/or grandnieces will be able to wear it. Also, I hope you feel better soonest!
    Steph, the dress really is gorgeous. Really, the only suggestions I could make — and they are almost like gilding a lily — would be to include a few leaves in a darker green, and to use a wide satin ribbon as a sash or belt. I would clamor for the pattern, but two of my nieces are in their teens and the third is in her early ’20’s!
    (Make the pattern available anyway. I may want it for a grandniece someday!)

  85. Hope someone I know has a baby girl one of these days; the dress is just adorable.
    BTW, I also hope that Katie K. is a friend and just enjoys teasing you about your grammar since she has a minimum of four punctuation errors in her post. “By Jen and me,” “you and me,” and the others should have the comma inside the quotation marks. Also, in keeping with the spirit of being picky, I’ll mention that “three time’s the charm” translates to “three time is the charm.” (should be “third time’s the charm) 🙂 I suspect we knitters lean toward the obsessive-compulsive side….

  86. For a dress that gorgeous, I’d sew together as many little roses as it takes! It turned out beautifully! And what a beautiful baby 🙂

  87. Pattern: YAY! Coworkers having babies, niece having babies…. so many things to knit… only two hands….. The dress is beautiful, and so are Marlowe and mom.

  88. Oh my gosh, this is so darn cute! The wait for the pics was well worth it. I hope my brother and his wife have a little girl someday so I can make it for them.

  89. Could not love this anymore than I do! I was with you every step of the way- inspiration, design, color choice, knitting and then putting it on that prescious child. Each part of the process surpasses the last. I am so pleased to know of someone who loves it as much as I do. Thanks a million!

  90. I sooooo loooove the little roses and the delicate colors of the pink and green. Steph we’re sending you cold rain and wind off lake erie today. On to the north!

  91. I cannot stop looking at these photos. I must pull away and do something more productive. Like sleep. Beautiful work to both the knitter and the mommy. Thank you for sharing.

  92. when you write up the pattern please include up to ladies size 1 so I can make a princess pretty-pants dress for myself, k thanks 🙂

  93. Very cute dress! Cute baby too. I quite like the serious pictures as well, even if she has a gorgeous smile as the last picture proves. Hope she’s well again now.

  94. Sensational dress!!! And, such a beautiful girl to wear it!!! You did it again!!! Kudos……..

  95. Nice one! It is gorgeous, I love it! Yes please for the pattern…I know of a little girl in the baking who would be a great recipient of such a beautiful dress…

  96. That is the cutest, most adorable dress ever. (The Marlowe is very cute and sweet too.) I’m glad that you’re coming out with the pattern because it’s so cute it must be shared. Now I only need to find a little girl baby to make it for. I don’t think my nephew would appreciate it very much LOL! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Marlowe and her big day in her adorable dress!!!

  97. Very cute! Maybe the neck flowers and leaves at the back will be lumpy to lie on top of but maybe the baby will never wear it lying down. Very cute!

  98. Lovely dress for a lovely little lady. Would have loved a dress like this when my girls were small.

  99. Adult sizes too, please? I need a twirly dress. With roses.
    It’s gorgeous. I’m sure it will be an heirloom!

  100. OMG cute overload! You need a disclaimer on this post, Stephanie: “unbearably adorable baby alert–prepare to be bowled over by the cuteness.”
    Congrats on the dress turning out just the way you wanted. It is awesome when that happens.

  101. I sure hope Marlowe will wear that in years to come. My daughter wore an infant-sized (fabric) sleeveless Easter dress to school when she was 10 (pre-boobs) over a pair of jeans. And the buttons are just right. I swear I have 1 or 2 of the same in my button box. Such fun to have something old, something new. So precious!

  102. A – Re the grammar question. Thanks for the input – and, actually, I think we are both correct. (Isn’t that how it has to be?!)The UK does require the writer to determine whether the phrase is part of the whole, just like we do in the U.S. regarding question marks and exclamation points. So, in this case, per British rules, the commas would not be on the inside. Almost all of the official Canadian websites, such as from the universities, state that the comma and period always go on the inside, regardless. Apparently the entire North American continent should be in line with U.S. rules, but this is a relatively recent change. Stephanie’s blog is always so interesting that I’ve never really noticed if her Canadian punctuation differs from the U.S., but then this particular situation wouldn’t pop up often.
    And why do I really care about it anyway? I could have gotten at least two inches of my baby afghan finished in the time I researched this…. Maybe you understand? 🙂

  103. It’s adorable. I rarely ever knit little kids’ stuff, but I’d probably buy this pattern cuz it’s just that sweet. Also, I think I remember a post from you about Marlowe’s birth. (Or was it another baby?) If it’s she, I can’t believe one whole year has passed. Zoom!

  104. That dress (and that baby) are -perfect-!
    You are so right – the little green leaves absolutely make the neckline. Such a sweet little dress!

  105. She is beautiful and adorable. The dress is perfect and I love it! The photos are fabulous too–I never would have known she was feeling a little off. In fact, they make me think again about having a third 🙂

  106. Perfect baby and perfect dress. I understand completely about something coming out perfectly as you dreamed it, because I am finishing up the border on an exquisite (if I do say so myself) lace shrug for my son’s fiance to wear over her strapless wedding dress. It is directly from my imagination and is turning out wonderfully. So wonderfully that the ladies at the bridal shop asked if I would think about making them for sale. It’s not currently on my radar screen, but it sure was nice to have someone think that it is as lovely as Bridget and I do. Now to get past the ultra conservative priest who thinks that it should have a lining in order to not show any skin through the holes. Does the man not realize that then I could have knitted a sweater?!

  107. I have heard this come about more than a few times to be honest, I think men and women are very best of picking a local freelancer or least just one which resides in their own country, that way they are obeyed by the same legal guidelines. No police will knock on a door of someone who lives in another country.

  108. Usually not moved by baby stuff, but that dress is the most adorable baby girl dress I’ve ever seen.
    Stunning. Congratulations!
    And, yes, I am crazy enough to sew together all of those roses, so I’m eagerly awaiting the pattern. (Did I mention I dislike sewing?)
    And I have no babies in sight in my immediate circle.
    Not gonna stop me.

  109. This dress is beyond adorable! Thank you for working on the pattern. And I totally understand the twirly skirt thing. It was the way I tested every dress that was made or bought for me as a little girl. And one of my daughters-in-law tested her wedding dress the same way. Here’s hoping I have a granddaughter some day to pass along the test of the twirl!

  110. Oh this granny wants to make this for her 3.5 year old Emma. She is a girlie girl but also loves spiderman and batgirl. Go Emma. Can’t wait for the pattern. Granny C.

  111. That is so weird! I cannot crochet! I’ve been knitting since I was nine, and I’m pretty good, but I will only crochet if someone, or some stupid pattern, holds a gun to my head. I blame my mom for teaching me incorrectly. She blames her mom for doing the same!

  112. That dress is as tender as Marlowe. Utterly delicious and perfect. Thank you for noting something took nine times. Sometimes I think I am a total nincompoop for not ‘getting it’, since I know how it ought to be. But, I’m learning, I show up and do my best, be kind to the yarn, stay focused and eventually it works. Hope Marlowe feels better soon.

  113. It’s the sweetest little party dress I have ever seen! I will totally buy the pattern, even though I have a son. Do you think he would be jaded if I made this for him anyway? How will he know? While Daddy is gone, we will play!

  114. Amazing, beautiful, breathtaking….both the dress and Miss Marlowe. One lucky little girl with an awesome Auntie!

  115. Oh my….if I wasn’t a knitter I would become one after seeing this beautiful dress. And the baby so adorable.

  116. I was so excited that this was posted–the dress looks wonderful, and I love seeing a beautiful baby wearing it. Wonderful!

  117. This is just the cutest. Reminds me of a dress I made my daughter when she around three (twenty years ago). Guess I’ll have to wait for grandchildren….

  118. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the way around. Way to go! As one who also fashions her own patterns I do understand the joy in creating something that is absolutely the same as what was in your head and heart.

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