Don’t Start With Me

Yeah, that’s right.  I totally said I was going to knit nephew sweaters and this isn’t a nephew sweater at all.

(Pattern: Guernsey Garden Cowl. I couldn’t find it online – it was a gift in our retreat goody bags last time.) 

Wanna make something out of it?  It’s my knitting, and I can do what I want and besides it was just a tiny lace cowl and what’s your issue? It took like – two days and it’s just a little lace and you know what? I’m only human.   I know that I’ve been hanging around with yarn for a long time and you’d think that would give me some immunity – but for crying out loud, it was Eos, dyed in a Gradiance colourway. There’s nobody that can resist that. Four little skeins dyed in a row?  It was interesting, and what’s wrong with doing something interesting anyway – it’s good for your brain. Helps prevent dementia, and you don’t want me to get dementia, do you?

Yeah, that’s it.  It was the responsible thing to do – it wasn’t fun…it was an investment in my health, but you know what? What if I did accidentally have a little fun while I was investing in my well being.  What’s wrong with that? Eh? You got a problem with fun?  You some kind of buzz-kill out to make sure knitters only make nephew sweaters?  Is that your scene? Is it?  I bet you’re one of those knitters who only has one project at a time and always finishes birthday presents before the birthday, and never slips on a little lace pattern totally by accident while trying to take care of their brain and then asks me where the yarn came from (The Unique Sheep) like you’re totally not going to order it yourself and not knit any nephew sweaters at all either. 

I know your kind.