On the road with a sock

Good Morning knitters. Just a little hello from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where me and a sock are drinking coffee, waiting for the sun to rise and getting ready to teach the last day at Simply Socks (I expect the sock to contribute little.) I don’t have a ton of time, so I have two things for you.
First, a (possibly) funny little time lapse of my journey,  starting in a cab in Toronto, and winding up in speaking to a crowd in Indiana.

Second,  to distract you from the fact that the funny little time lapse of a sock isn’t really a blog post of any weight, I give you the return of Gifts for Knitters.  I’ve done this many years in a row now, and the idea is that you can direct your friends and family to the list and help them get some ideas for what a knitter might enjoy getting for Christmas – or you can do what I think is actually happening every year, and buy all this stuff for yourself. 

I’ve tried to put it in order, so that your family actually has time to get this stuff if they want to, and there will be one category or idea per day until the day itself. Happy Hunting!

December 1st. Art for Knitters. Yeah, that’s right. We like knitting enough that we don’t just want to do it all day, we want to decorate our homes in a way that shows the world who we are.  No matter what breed of knitter you’ve got, one of these will work for them. As always, TillyFlop is a big winner.  Keep Calm and Cast On, a Knitting Rhyme Print, or "There’s no such thing as too much yarn" I love everything from this shop. 
Fringe Supply Co. has a charming Yarn Pyramid poster, and there’s gotta be a knitter out there who loves bright colours and whimsical prints who would adore this Working Girls one.   If your knitter things less is a little more, how about The Knitter?  How about a poster for an edgy knitter? Viva la Yarnolucion? No? Maybe your knitter has the sense of humour that means they’d love to hang up this Knitters Eye Chart? (Trust us, it’s funny.) 
If you want bonus points after you get one of these, have it framed. We’d love that.

2. December 2nd. Body Art for Knitters.
Ok, so maybe we lack the nerve to get a real knitting tattoo (although trust me, a LOT of us don’t) but the fake ones are always fun.  A cool stocking stuffer,  temporary tattoos for knitters are a winner.  These ones from Soak are tried and true (and get some Soak wash while you’re there, that’s good in a stocking too.) Tilly Flop has one I think is cool, and Kate Broughton has a great yarn one. (Her stuff is particularly great if you’re seeing a lot of sewing stuff around too, as your knitter has turned out to be bi-craftual.)

I’m sure there’s more out there, so check the comments.  Happy Shopping, and remember, knitting stuff isn’t a silly gift for a knitter. We have this much because we really like it.

PS: Because I posted pictured of me knitting on a plane, I feel compelled to link to this entry.  Yes. I knit on planes. Yes. It’s allowed.