I guess the hat is stupid too

Here I am, writing to you from Raleigh, North Carolina where it is about 26 degrees.  This came as a total surprise to me, because when I glanced at the weather for here last night I assumed it had defaulted to Fahrenheit, which apparently it didn’t, because when I stepped off the plane today my hair instantly frizzed, and the warmth swept over me, and I saw the concrete shimmer, and I thought "Oh man. Look at that.  I have finally managed to get my computer to default to Celsius" because it was obviously that  26, not the Fahrenheit 26, one of which made tons of sense for December, and one of which is actually summer.  

I adjusted quickly (and happily) but someday lets talk about how all of the things I’ve brought with me are stupid.  Hold on. I’m just going to shove my mittens in my bag. 

This morning before I left (and right before I packed three scarves that are taking up real estate in my suitcase for no damn reason) I packed up my knitting. This time of year is no season to be unprepared for knitting, so I had everything bagged and ready. 

See that? The picture of varied and prepared sneaky Christmas knitting (socks, socks, sweater, sweater) and seeing it there gave me my idea for Gifts for Knitters: Day 6. Bag it.

Now, if you’re a non-knitter, let me tell you something about your knitter that you might not know – or you might know it in your heart but not quite have owned up to it.  Your knitter doesn’t just like yarn. They like carrying it around with them.  They like shoving it into little bags and stashing it all over the place, and because most knitters are usually knitting several things at once. they like to have a lot of bags.  As a matter of fact, I think that knitters and bags go together like Thelma and Louise.  I’ve got a bunch of them pictured up there, but trust me, oh trust me – I have more, and I still don’t really feel like I’ve got enough.  If you left me to my own devices it’s possible that I would individually bag every bit of yarn in the house, and I’m not so sure that I’m unusual. 

The blue and white gingham one up there is a Della Q project bag, charming, simple, inexpensive,  but can you stand how cute this one is? (Ok. If you’re a non-knitter you might not be feeling it, but trust me.  That’s cute.)  They’ve got a little pocket inside, and they’re soft cloth that keeps everything clean and together.

The black and white one there is a classic Tom Bihn stuff sack, crazy useful, and don’t get me started about the fact that they have a clear bottom.  Super useful. As a knitter, I have multiple projects in multiple bags and being able to flip it over and see what’s in there without opening it? I love that little feature, and these are extra double plus good for knitters who have a gift for misplaced liquids.  They’re pretty much waterproof.

The brownish one with the knitting fabric is a winner from MisoCrafty. It’s a gorgeous box bag with a handle on the top and like the yellow one from Splityarn next to it, it holds nice big projects and all their stuff, plus your knitters wallet, if she or he were just stepping out for a minute. (Also, because some knitter will ask, Yes. Splityarn is also where you get those funny tee shirts. For the non-knitters, yes.  That shirt is funny.)

Other options? Slipped Stitch Studios has, as always, a killer assortment of fabric bags with pockets and spots for your mobile phone and are reversible.  Sock bags, two skein bags, great big bags.  Awesome stuff, and so many fabric choices that there just has to be one that reminds you of your knitter. (Maybe bikes? Oh, wait. That’s me again.)

As a matter of fact, no matter what your knitter is into, I’m pretty sure that you can find someone who makes a project bag that reflects that. Squirrels and RabbitsFunny little owlsDots? Not those dots, these dots?  One like a tardis?  One with a lot of Tardises? (Tardii?) This one has yarn on it.  This one is plainer. This one closes with a knot. This one too.  This one is sort of scary. This one has bunnies. 

Keep looking. Your knitters bag is out there.