It’s Day Three

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling December slip through their fingers in a way that makes their breathing a little tight? (If you’re wondering, I haven’t nailed my 3.7 hours of knitting even one day while I’ve been in Fort Wayne.  It turns out working is as incompatible with knitting as it ever is, even when ones job is talking about knitting. Today I’m going to knock it out of the park though. I’m travelling from Fort Wayne to home – and so far, both of my flights have been delayed.  Primo knitting time. I noticed there were lots of questions in the comments, so how about a little Q&A today?

Sue G asks: Do you prefer toe up or top down socks…or does it depend on the pattern?

I prefer top down, because it gives me more choices for the heel and fit, but when I have a special yarn and I want to use every inch, or when it’s a super-stripey yarn and I want the stripes to stay the same through , I’ll do toe up.  This yarn (String Theory Continuum) is both, so toe up it is.

Lisa B asks: What pattern do you use for your toe-up socks?

I totally fake it.  I cast on 16 with my own version of JMCO, then increase to however many I need (68, in this case) then carry on until it’s time for the heel, then do a short row heel on half (I use the one Laura does) and then carry on until the yarn is almost gone, and then whack some ribbing on there.  Done.

Heather: Those are cute sock needles! What brand are they?

Signature.  They’re my total favourites. 

Labrista: What bag is that in one of the pictures? I love the yellow interior.

It’s a bag from Crumpler, and I’ve had it for years since my genius friend Ken gave it to me for Christmas.  I think it’s the "Considerable Embarrassment."  It’s fabulous for travelling. Has a laptop sleeve and holds lots of knitting. I both love and hate the way it closes with velcro. (Easy to close, even when it’s full, but hard on yarn.)

Barbara wonders: What bind-off do you prefer for toe-up socks?

I use a sewn bind off, every time.  Works a treat and is both super stretchy and neat and tidy.


Gifts for Knitters, Day 3: Paper Goods.   If your knitter seems the type (and I bet they do) pretty paper for knitters might just be their thing.  Tilly Flop (big surprise brings us our first candidate, note card versions of the Knitting Rhyme poster from yesterday.  (I admit it, I love it. I’m actually pretty bonkers for everything from this company.) There’s a collection of greeting cards for knitters here at Buffalo Girls, and I adore these beautiful print cards that are transfers of knitting textures – although you’ll have to contact her to find out how you might get some.  I’ve seen them in person, and they’re quite beautiful. These letterpress cards with cables on them are charming (to a knitter, I swear it.)

As always, Knitterella has some pretty amazing cards and tags (and they’re on sale through today, just a heads up) and KnitLove has a set of graphics you can buy your knitter so they can print at will. I think your knitter would love this design journal, if they’re the type that’s always drawing on graph paper.  If your knitter loves to make knits for others, how about these great custom tags?

Finally, depending on your particular breed of knitter, or the Christmases you’ve lived in the past, you’ll know if your knitter could use this one

(PS. Wrapping your knitters present in this paper could get you major points.)