Not Finished

In an impressive and entirely predictable turn of events, the planned post about finishing isn’t finished, mostly because the finishing isn’t.  There’s a little thing I’m making for Christmas.  The thing is little, but the amount of work isn’t, and the first wave of all the pieces is done, and now there’s just the finishing.  It’s a fussy little Norwegian baby sweater, and just the sort of thing I like, although you wouldn’t have known that from the impressive wave of regret I experienced yesterday when I realized that although I’m done, I’m far, far, far from done. 

That there is the tiny little pieces.  A sweater body, and wee sleeves, and if you look you can see that not only isn’t it sewn together, but that the sleeves, body and hems look funny, and that’s because every single one of them needs for me to sit down and sew the snot out of them.  I started yesterday and just about came undone.  Sewing up one little sleeve hem took about 30 minutes. It’s all so tiny and so particular, and like I said, I’m usually all over that kind of particular. It’s less fun on a deadline – and really, I’m not ready to talk about the duplicate stitch. 

There’s a pattern on the front in the picture, and I swear that I thought it was intarsia. When I got to the place in the pattern where I was confident the colourwork should start, it didn’t. There were no instructions for it, and I sat there looking at the pattern, trying to figure out what that meant.  Skip to the end of the pattern, and there is is. The entire front design is duplicate stitched on, and that, my friends, was a plot twist I didn’t see coming. That lands the finishing on this sweater that I thought was going to be finished a long way off, and we haven’t even talked about the neckband. Or the button plackets, or oh, man – the bodice tuck. (That’s right, there’s a bodice tuck.) 
All I need is one good Christmas movie and I think I can have the bulk of it done, but it means that there’s a few more hours in this than I thought there were, and that throws off the socks and… now it really feels like Christmas. The pile of yarn I showed you two weeks ago is being slowly converted to knitting, but maybe not fast enough, and the only thing keeping me relaxed and easy going is that I refuse to face the music.   Denial is a powerful tool, and I’m using it.

Ready for a few more gifts for knitters? Go!

Needle cases: Needle storage can be a big problem for knitters, and there’s lots of good solutions your knitter might love.  If you see knitting needles strewn around your house like kindling or the occasional dpn is found wandering your home or drifting through your knitters bags, then one of these might be the ticket. Della Q has several beautiful ones, and I especially like the look of this travel wallet, but their circular organizer is pretty fly too.  This from Crafter’s Tool Butler from  Jordana Paige is awesome, but it’s hard to go wrong with anything from them.  Lantern Moon makes pretty needle rolls, and dig Namaste’s Double Wide Circular case. (Trust me, faithful non-knitter. That’s a sweet ride.)

Of course, knitters (being makers themselves) like handmade things too, so maybe something from another maker would turn their head?  How about a beautiful handmade needle case? This  DPN needle case is so beautiful (and it’s organic linen and has a vintage button) this one has glasses on it, this one zips up, this one has skulls, and this one has little birdies. Like project bags, there’s a million choices.

If you’re looking for more of a stocking stuffer, something like this Clover Knitting Needle Tube Case would come in handy if your knitter uses DPNs. (Those are the short needles with points on both ends.)  

Books for knitters: These are some of my favourites, and if your knitter doesn’t have them on his shelf, I know they would be useful.  These are the "Joy of Cooking" for knitters.  Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book,  The Principles of Knitting,  Finishing School: A Master Class for KnittersReader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Handkni
.  If your knitter likes to read this website, then may I humbly suggest  Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks?  It’s the only useful book I’ve ever written, and it’s got some handy stuff in it, I swear.  If your knitter already has those? This new book is getting rave reviews.  Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting.

Books knitters would like kids to have:
 Let me tell you what knitters would love. A world where knitting is seen as normal, and the path to that starts with the young.  These books are wonderful introductions for knitting families. Yetsa’s Sweater (a wonderful story about Cowichan sweaters)  WoolburKnitting Nell,   Extra YarnAmos’s Sweater (that one is a favourite in our family.) For something festive, consider  Shall I Knit You a Hat?: A Christmas Yarn.

115 thoughts on “Not Finished

  1. Tomorrow is the one day I have that I don’t have to leave the house–at least, not beyond possibly running to the grocery and the dry cleaners. I am going be tackling a lot of finishing of projects. I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. I have to wonder why you tackle such intricate patterns at a time when the knit gods/demons of the universe are just waiting to pounce?
    Knitting with the kind of deadline you set for yourself makes my head ache. I hope you finish all the projects on time. Yikes.

  3. I shudder at the amount of little fussy work that sweater is going to take but I know, in the end, you will have a lovely little gift. Apparently duplicate stitch is how you do it.

  4. Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is another good one for knitting kids.
    I always look forward to the gifts for knitters posts every year!

  5. That sweater somehow makes me feel better about the hat I haven’t started yet. And the other hat I haven’t found a pattern for yet.
    Fortunately, the little girl dress and matching doll dress aren’t due until mid-January.

  6. My favorite knitting storybook for children (and me) is The Mitten, written and illustrated by Jan Brett. Jan must be a knitter as the mitten drawing is so correct. Sweet story and love her other books, too.

  7. “Shall I Knit You A Hat” is a cute book and my 4 year old loves it! I saw it at our college bookstore and picked it up on a whim. I’m certainly glad I did–happy to see that ya’ll know about it now, too. 😉

  8. Shall I Knit You A Hat is one of my 3 year olds favorite Christmas reads. The only problem is that she now has highly unrealistic expectations of the speed at which her mother (a quite slow knitter, frankly) should be able to complete a knitted item.

  9. For those who prefer it to wine, I’ll bring the beer to the party.
    Steph, whoever wrote that pattern must be a sadist or an optician or both. A relatively large area of duplicate stitch at such a teensy scale? Start knitting yourself a nice, soft, warm hat because you’ll need it after you tear your hair out!
    Aren’t bodice tucks something you’d see stuntmen perform in a big-budget action movie??

  10. Everyone who knits should have a copy of Knitting Rules! I love it next only to the works of Elizabeth Zimmermann; and as Dumbledore would say, “between you and me, that IS saying something!”
    It is just chock-full of all kinds of useful information and enough Yarn Harlot anecdotes to make it readable as well as a work of reference. Get it. You’ll love it.

  11. Hey Steph, in previous “what to get a knitter” I thought you had posted a necklace with magnets on it. Then when the sewer/knitter was working they could just stick the needles to the magnet for safe keeping while working. Welllllll Christmas is coming and I want to get one for my Mom and can’t find it. Any idea where I can find it… if of course you know what I’m talking about.

  12. At a womens conference we were asked this question: what do you do first when colourwashing your hair yourself. I never do, but was the only one with the right answer:READ THE DIRECTIONS. Well, you have to if you have never done it. You are an expierenced knitter and maybe that is why you skipped the read through. Couldn’t you just have figured out how to intarsia it with lots of couloured woolbutterflies?
    I have one present (good for small purses too) I think people who finish sewing woollies on the couch would love: a pencilcase or bag with zipper to throw all the snipped off threads in, I usually end up with the couch strewn with tailends, so just before reading my emails I decided to not give a never used pencilcase to charity, but to use it for just this purpose, there are funny ones like Garfield or Shrek and those with towers or maps too. It is really an eye opener how many tailends knitted barbieclothes have, I’d swear more then babyclothes,

  13. When I first started knitting (only 2 years ago; knitting, where have you been all my life?!)I found your book “Knitting Rules!” in the library. It has been by my side ever since! Your book is the reason I am so confident in my work. I read it when I need knitting advice, or when I feel like relaxing with a good book. I can’t wait for your new one!
    Pour that glass of wine (remember the one you wanted?) and just breathe. You can do it, girl! 🙂

  14. Cold comfort now, but whenever I tackle a project with hems like these, I start with a provisional cast-on. After the last row of the hem, I pick out the cast-on and place those stitches onto a second needle. Fold the hem in two (wrong sides together and right side facing) and knit each cast-on stitch together with its corresponding live stitch. Looks just as good if not neater (depending on one’s sewing prowess) and saves lots of fiddly needlework in the end!

  15. I like to think I read each pattern all the way through before starting it. Given the number of surprises I’ve had, I apparently don’t.
    I also like to think I read the Ravelry project notes on a new pattern I’m trying out. Considering the fingerless mitt I just finished is enormous (and it’s for a person with suspiciously tiny hands) and the thumb gusset alone would fit 3 fingers (which should have caught my attention while knitting it, but did not), I apparently don’t do this either. I went and looked at the project notes and sure enough, “came out huge” and “who the hell makes a thumb gusset this large” were noted all over the place. I’m now making a second pair, modifying to make much smaller, and will find someday a woman with freakishly large hands to give the first pair to. I’d give them to Jim, but don’t really see him as a fan of the lacy look.

  16. FARMER BROWN SHEARS HIS SHEEP is a favorite of ours, too. It’s a fun book that follows the farmer shearing, carding, spinning, dyeing, then knitting the sheep sweaters from their own wool because they got cold. My kids and I love it. 🙂

  17. Extra Yarn is really a great story EXCEPT the illustrations show the knitter with the needles upside down. This is becoming a scary trend!

  18. I wanted to add to your needle case list, “Christmas gifts for knitters”
    A wonderful DPN needle/project holder that I absolutely adore called the Knitzi. Mainly they are used for sock, mitten or hat projects. I also use mine to store DPN’s when not in use..

  19. Presbytera, Austin Val, and Rams– by the afternoon I’ll have a roaster full of Chex mix for the “watch Stephanie wig out” party. I also have spare wine.
    Steph, maybe you can find a pretty iron-on for the duplicate stitch? No, probably not. Good luck, with all your fantastic Christmas knitting dreams. I’ll be casting on another first grandbaby-coming-any-day hat or blankie this afternoon. I can’t seem to stop.

  20. marion-that’s exactly how i would do a hem…i hate sewing with a passion. and since stephanie finished all the knitting and now has to sew, i’d skip the design completely if i had to do it. a beautiful handknit sweater is a lovely gift even if it doesn’t have designs on it. sometimes plain is better.

  21. It is going to be stunning!! I admire you for always completing the patterns as they are meant to be. I’m always changing things and am never thrilled in the end and would probably be if I sucked it up and learned these techniques. . . either way, you will get it all done and your family and friends will be thrilled!

  22. You are so much better than me! There is no way I’d spend the time and eyesight duplicate stitching all of that. I’d have to figure out another way to end the madness, lol.

  23. How nice to see the Readers Digest book suggested It’s one of my all time favourites I find it very clear and precise when you have a question. Good luck with the finishing, hope it goes quicker than you think.

  24. Denial is the only thing preventing my breaking out into hysterical laughter as I contemplate all that still needs to be knitted.

  25. Bless you. You make me feel less an idiot for launching into a knit lace shawl without reading all the instructions all the way to the end to be sure I understood. If you, queen of experienced knitters, does it, maybe I’m doing OK. I had to rip out miles of work to start the lace pattern over (three times), after interventions by an expert recommended by my LYS and the very kind provision by the designer of her original pattern (the publication had omitted some of the instructions, for shame. they did apologize much later.) Your baby project will be treasured and loved for many years–sew on!

  26. I am curious to see the baby outfit when done. Hope you’ll take a picture. While you may feel pressure now, you are a fast and very neat knitter. I don’t think anything is beyond your reach. You can do this.

  27. I haven’t seen what it’s supposed to look like, so I’m just seeing what it does look like, and I like how it looks just as it is. I mean, sewing up will fix the last of it and then hey. Right as it is it’s a lovely gift of perfection.

  28. If you want a really good Giftmas movie to sew to, can I recommend “Rise of the Guardians”? I was house sitting for friends who have satellite tv last week (I don’t have that where I live) and I watched it on the Sunday for the first time, then at least twice a day every day after that – it’s fab! It may be an idea to watch it once through without having to do anything complex first, though – it’s so good, I found I’d stopped knitting several times 😉

  29. I LOVE “Shall I knit you a hat” !
    When I found that book for my daughter, not only did I love knitting but I also was baking carrot cakes for a restaurant. I had a true connection with mother bunny. Although her knitting skill in taking little bunny’s designs and creating them far surpasses mine.

  30. Just read my girls “Knit Your Bit: A World War I Story” (by Deborah Hopkinson) as part of their bedtime reading last night. Best of luck with your Christmas knitting, I know just what you mean about denial…

  31. On books for knitters, I would add that _Wool: an Omnibus_ is NOT about knitting. I got excited when I saw it on my brother’s wish list. And protested by not buying it when I read the description.

  32. Got a similar problem with a bitty Aran pullover that matches a sweet baby’s Auburn hair. Just need to find buttons and the pattern. must.complete because

  33. I am wondering if anyone knows how to donate hand knit warm clothing to Syrian relief aid. I saw on the National last night that a group in Toronto is collecting warm clothing but I didn’t catch the name of the organization. |I emailed The National and have had no reply. I think if anyone would know, it would be my fellow knitters. Please PM me at Thanks.

  34. Holy moly, my DVR is filled up with excellent Christmas movies (Holiday Affair, White Christmas, Bishop’s Wife, and I think a Nutcracker is taping today), I have 2 hats to finish AND A SECRET STOCKING TO SEW, and no time no time! Why do I have to be at this stupid office when I could be at home knitting along to Cary Grant and Rosemary Clooney?

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