Way too much to tell

This is a thing I hate.  When a few very full days go by while I’m doing something intense, and then because it was intense, when I do have time to tell you about it I can’t figure out how to tell you about it because so much happened that I have no idea where to start. This retreat was like that.  I’ve started and trashed this entry about four times, and have finally decided that it’s not going to come together, and instead I’m going to give up, choose some of my favourite pictures, tell you what was happening and let the whole thing just… happen.  Ready?

1. I got to spend the weekend with Cat Bordhi, and that’s just about all you need to know about that.  It was a pleasure to have her with us.

catbordhi2 2014-06-25

2. The cooking classes looked to have been so much fun, and I was intensely jealous of the retreaters.  Every day they’d make dinner for the group that night, and we had some amazing things.  Amazing. I had no idea that regular people could make food like that.

annepourse 2014-06-25 pearandpear 2014-06-25 bisontable 2014-06-25 cooking 2014-06-25 saladmade 2014-06-25 saladagain 2014-06-25 betterrisotto 2014-06-24 risotto 2014-06-24 cookieplate 2014-06-24 dancooks 2014-06-24

3. Knitters. Everywhere. The place was literally littered with them.

knitterabout4 2014-06-25 knitterabout3 2014-06-25 knitterabout2 2014-06-25 knitterabout1 2014-06-25

4. Our goodie bags were outrageously good.

knitifactsbags 2014-06-25

msgusset 2014-06-25 Stitchmaps 2014-06-25 rivercitybag 2014-06-25 woolsoap 2014-06-25 3dcookies 2014-06-24 madsenneedles 2014-06-24

splityarn 2014-06-25

Presents from Knitifacts, Ms. Gusset, Madsen Originals, Stitchmaps, Knit Companion, River City Yarns, 3D-Sweets, SplityarnHoliday yarns, Fleur de Fibers  Tuft Woolens... and much more that I’m not remembering right now while I’m rushing in the airport.  It was amazing.

5. On the last night, we had an amazing present from Theresa and Ron at the Buffalo Wool Co.

bisontable 2014-06-25

Every knitter got a yarn course before the food ones started.

bisontabledetail2 2014-06-25

A 200m skein of Heaven, right on their plate.  (While it is, indeed, laceweight bison and therefore heaven, in this case that’s the actual appropriate name of the yarn.)

5. The Marketplace was beautiful.

shoppingewe 2014-06-24 localcolour 2014-06-24

6. It was great.

bird 2014-06-25 debbionvhair 2014-06-25 fun 2014-06-25 dan 2014-06-25

I’d tell you more, but they’re boarding my flight – forgive any typos, I’m rushing a little.  Tomorrow, let’s talk about knitting.