Just a step to the left

Rocky horror 2014-06-30

Just a quick one today, since Jen and I are off to ride the first day of our back to back centuries.  (The weather is ominous. We’re trying to be cheerful.) We just wanted to take a minute to tell you about something super fun. Our team is having a fundraiser this Saturday night at the Fox Theatre in Toronto.  (We’re so sorry if you live to far away, it’s going to be kind of a blast.) We’re showing The Rocky Horror Picture show at (when else?) midnight!

We’ll have beer and stuff, and a ticket is $25, and gets you in the door (where you can buy the beer) and a shot at some cool door prizes.

If you would like to come, email us at psyclopaths@gmail.com to reserve a ticket(s) and if you know someone you think would love this, let them know, will ya?