It just got real

Yup, even on a Sunday, here I am, posting so I don’t fall behind on Luis and Gifts.  I took a little break from freaking out about yarn and how I somehow don’t have any of it that I need this morning (how is that possible? Can you tell me how you can have a stash like this and it can’t have what I need in it? HOW I ASK YOU. HOW?) to go with Luis and his mum and dad to welcome Santa to town.  Luis did great this year – impressive, since the queue of children before him all sobbed helplessly when plunked on the big man’s lap, but Luis told him nicely how old he was (he held up two fingers, which is slightly less effective than words when wearing mittens, but such are the trials of a Canadian toddler) and when asked what he wanted for Christmas, said “A train and a truck please.” (Noted: Luis, who swaps back and forth between Spanish and English depending on his audience, correctly pegged this Santa for an English speaker.)

luisypapanoel 2014-12-07

I’m glad I took the time to go with them. It’s easy to get bogged down in knitting (oh man am I in trouble) and wrapping (I wrapped four things, so that’s something) and cleaning (I give up)  and forget to do all the things that make the season so much fun. (My favourite thing about that picture by the way, is not Luis’ shining face, it’s the fact that one of Santa’s eyebrows has come loose of it’s moorings. Fantastic.) So, since today is officially a “get it going on” day, rather than a blogging day, let’s do this thing, shall we?

What’s Luis hanging today?

The young master decided this morning to hang the acorn.  La bellota. (If I’m learning Spanish, you can too.)

acorn 2014-12-07

I have a great picture of that one, because it charmed me so much.  A wee little thing, so organic and perfect. I used this pattern, and scraps of a pretty tweedy yarn I had.  I needed it to come out pretty tiny, so that’s a light fingering weight knit on 2mm needles.

acorn2 2014-12-07

When I asked Carlos why he thought Luis picked that one, he said that he thinks it’s because Luis likes this Spanish ham – “Jamon iberico de bellota” which I don’t know squat about, but apparently is a ham that has a distinctive flavour, because they feed the pigs acorns.  (I think that Carlos is projecting.) This vegetarian auntie can’t quite get down with that reason, but I think next year I might knit Lou a salad. (One must leverage one’s influence where one can.)

Gifts for Knitters, Day 7

Dear non-knitter who loves a knitter. This one is quick and easy, and provides you with a rule, as well as an idea.  Your knitter loves anything with knitting on it.  (It’s better if it’s not actually knitted, because they could make that themselves, you dig?)  For this theme, you just have to find regular stuff that looks like knitting.  I love this dish towel. (It’s in my kitchen right now) and these pillows work too (remember sheep = knitting.) So do these candles from Ikea, and this teapot.  Good hunting.