I can’t believe I ran out of tape

So, the best laid plans. Last night was beautiful, and this morning I woke up to the mess we made (I guess I thought elves would clean up) and the house is trashed, and there’s so much to do.  All I can think today, as people frantically call me, with plans shifting and last minute things being worked out,  is that the spreadsheet is total crap, or actually, that the spreadsheet would have worked so much better if I had the total commitment of every person on earth in making it happen.  (I know. Now that I write that I can see the lunacy of it.) I’m so close to finished, and today just erupted in a mountain of little things all getting in my way.  My to-do list was thwarted at every turn. I needed 250g of citric acid (don’t ask) and Joe brought home 113g. (It was clear on the list. I have no idea what came over him.  I needed to work at my desk for three hours, the internet went down. (Sorry I’m late.) I wanted to know what Luis hung today, but a stomach bug ran through his house and somehow (despite a profound urge for efficiency) I managed to wait nicely until Carlos sent it to me, and not text the sick guy and ask him to get right on it. (What the hell, I had no internet anyway.) The delivery guy finally arrived with a mission critical package, but I was vacuuming and didn’t hear him, and now I have to go pick it up tomorrow.  Every project is 10% shy of being done, and some little thing is standing in front of all of it, and I see no way now to make it all smooth.

icelantern 2014-12-22

I hate weaving in ends on my knitting.  That last step, the one thing you have to do to make everything tidy and perfect, it makes me crazy, and right now, looking around the house, I can see that this whole Christmas needs its ends woven in. It’s going to be a sprint to the finish, getting the last little pieces in place, and I hope you’ll forgive my lack of Christmas cheer today, as I try to figure out where the hell I’m getting more frames from, how we could possibly need more wrapping paper, how I’m fitting the groceries in the fridge, and how many hours exactly remain before this train leaves the station, me on it, or not.  Today, I’m giving up, but for a good chunk of  knitting, because that’s the part I like anyway,  and tomorrow morning I’m going to give this thing another try.  Only a few things remain, and they’re all just ends to weave in.

What did Luis hang today?

littleowl 2014-12-22

El buho. The owl.  I put this one on the tree because… well.  I liked it. I knit Lou an owl hat recently, and he wears it all the time, and this just seemed right. I liked it. A simple felt ornament, stitched together.  (It’s not a unique idea. Find lots here.)

Gifts for Knitters, Day 22

Another easy, fast one. Go get a Craftsy gift certificate. Bam.  I buy these classes all the time, it’s a great gift for a knitter who doesn’t get out much, or who has limited access to teachers and classes. (If anybody’s wondering, my recent favourites are Finishing Handknits,  (I actually didn’t buy that one yet, but I’m keen, and Anne Hanson never sucks) Know Your Yarn, and Blocking Handknits.