Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

I gotta tell you.  Up until today, I thought things were going pretty well.  I mean, yeah, there’s a lot to do, but it’s all simple and straightforward and everything is going to be fine as long as I stay calm, I thought, and then, there was today. Today I could no longer ignore the waning yarn supply (I know. I can’t believe it either) and I sat down very carefully with the spreadsheet, and I figured out exactly what I needed, and made a very good list.  I even had colours on there,  I didn’t scrawl  “some green worsted” because you know how that ends up, no, no.  My list was precise. It was abbreviated, there was nothing on it that I do not hope to need in the next three weeks and  I got myself off to the store, walked in, got just what I needed (I have witnesses who will verify that I was not in there long at all) and I paid for the yarn, and they put it into a bag and handed it to me, and I brought it home, spread it out on the table, and promptly lost my mind.

yarngo 2014-12-12

It felt so reasonable until now. It felt so possible until now – yeah verily when you’re looking at it on a spreadsheet it all seems fine, but there’s a big difference between that mountain of yarn and a short list on a spreadsheet, and there’s only 13 days and I think I might have miscalculated a little bit. Just a smidge.  I’m going to knit my brains out this weekend, and reassess my situation on Monday.  There’s a few things going on there that should reassure me.

1. I do not believe that the projects will take up all that yarn. Some of each, but not all that yarn.

2. There is only 2 skeins of sport weight on there. Everything else is worsted, and three are bulky. That’s a good thing. That’s an amazing thing.

3. The spreadsheet doesn’t lie.  It might occasionally tweak the truth, and it might make things look easier than they are, but it does. Not. Lie.

I’m going to keep repeating that, and dive in.  I’m a fast knitter. It’s going to be totally fine. Fine, I tell you.

What’s Luis hanging Today?

Oso Polar. Polar bear.

tinybear 2014-12-12

Technically, it’s just a wee bear, but I thought it more Canadian (and possibly fierce) if it was a polar bear, so white it was.  I used this  Bear Christmas Tree Decoration, and two things happened.  First I knit the pattern exactly as written, and second, I barely escaped from there without knitting a million of them.  They are ridiculously stinking cute, and fast to make. You make one and then think, my stars! I could make EVERYONE a tiny bear! (Then you remember that you have other problems (see pile of yarn above) and get a grip on yourself. When Luis pulled this bear out the day he got his calendar, he squealed with laughter, which is exactly the right response.

Gifts for Knitters Day 12

Today it’s more paper things, to go with the posters from yesterday. (Did you look in the comments? So many nice ones. Your knitter would enjoy any of them.) If your knitter is the paper sort (and they very likely are. Knitters have a thing for both paper goods and bags. I’m not sure why) then this is the day you’ll find a ton for them.  How about these good moth/bad moth notecards? TillyFlop has tons of beautiful ones, like this one (trust me, all those things are good) or how about a M1 card for a new baby? Inc 1 for a birthday? Keep calm and cast on? There’s so much there, and look at this thing too – a card that turns into a paper die to help a knitter make up his mind what to make next. If none of those look right, how about alphabet postcards with sheep by species? Or wee gift tagsPeace Love Knit notecards? Or there’s lots of tags here, but I love these best.  Good hunting.