I’m having too much fun to possibly tell you all of it, and besides, I’ve only got about 24 more hours before I leave this lovely place, and there’s still so much to do. The beach beckons, and I’ve only seen a little of the jungle, and there’s Spanish grammar I haven’t mangled yet.   I’ve got knitting on the wharf to do,  and little anoles to watch as they blaze through the garden. I have a single ripe mango I haven’t eaten yet, and big plans to munch it as I sit on the sand, juice running down my arm in the heat before I wander into the ocean to swim myself clean. In short, I’m super busy.  Please make do with these pretty pictures until I’m home. (If you want more, by the way, I’m on Instagram as @yarnharlot.)

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68 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. There are so many nasty things I want to say to you while I am sitting here in Yonkers with yet more snow. But I won’t because when I verified my post it told me to “touch the world” and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Safe travels!

  2. Step away from the computer.

    (There’s time for that when you get home, meaning that the moment you walk in the door I expect a complete detailed travelogue complete with recipes and links.)

  3. I hope that was a long-range photo on those alligators. Yow!

    Your mum is gorgeous. And so is where you’re staying. Enjoy that mango! (And bring the seed home and plant it in a pot indoors, if you have a little space for it. Mango trees are great fun.)

      • I live in Jax, FL, which is north FL and they don’t grow here, it gets too warm. Plus a lot of Mango trees are grafted so you might not have a viable seed. And if it grows, they get to about 35 foot, if you have a warm room in your house!! (I’d love one, FYI…)

  4. Thank you for not making this beautiful blog post creepy with a picture of a snake on your shoulder. I just about dropped my phone when I saw that picture on Instagram!
    Enjoy your last 24 hours before heading back to the frozen tundra. (I’m in Iowa, where sleet and snow are predicted for tonight. Sigh.)

  5. Monkey loose, monkey loose! Was that monkey loose? That would scare me. They are much faster and wilier than alligators. The color of the water is amazing!

  6. Is it just my warped sense of humor or did you put that monkey pic next to your mum on purpose? Maybe I just have tropical-vacation-envy… Safe travels home! = )

  7. We miss you. Thanks for taking the time to post a few shots (especially since snow in March is disheartening)! Enjoy your time in the tropics.

  8. I was wondering if you ever take a break. How nice that you can spend time with your mom. How very nice that you are in Mexico. It’s a lovely place, and it is almost impossible not to relax there. Unless, there is a stingray underfoot. Have a wonderful trip.

  9. Eat mango, swim in impossibly clear and turquoise sea, knit, and don’t sleep. You can sleep on the plane on your way back to the snow. ENJOY.

  10. Thanks for the photos. Looks lovely and transports me to a tropical dream. We are having the umpteenth day of frozen sleet, snow, ice, etc., and need dreams to keep us going. Blessings from central Ohio.

  11. Your mom looks a lot like Dame Judy Dench!

    You both look relaxed and you need to enjoy your vacay…not worry about the blog.

  12. She does look like a very tan and relaxed Judy Dench. I can almost smell the sunscreen from the pics, enjoy every last second!

  13. I’m jealous! But I’m happy you are relishing in the warmth, and I’m really envious of your swim – there is nothing like swimming in the ocean.

  14. Don’t mangle the grammar, mangle the mango! Make sure that you have floss along so that when get the fuzz from the pit wedged into your teeth you can continue to enjoy life.

    I love eating messy fruit.

    Heh, I’m supposed to touch the sunglasses. How very appropriate.

  15. I wonder if you truly know the joy you give us all when you post?
    It’s comforting to know you’re having fun with your mum and enjoying all that is Mexico.

  16. Click or touch the airplane. I did, along with a wish for your safe journey home. Glad you are enjoying yourselves in sunny Mexico.

  17. So glad you two are having such a great time and I really, really love the waving monkey. Snowing like a banshee here right now, so thank you for the little tropical break!

  18. Very glad you two had time together in the warmth. I’m alway surprised when I go to warm climates – I know they are there, I’ve studied climatology, but then the plane door opens and breezy-weezy, warmth. Munch that mango.

  19. Thanks for the travelogue, I’m glad the weather warmed up for you, there is nothing worse then packing a suitcase full of summer clothes and finding you should have packed more sweaters!

  20. Where are you staying? We would love to go to Mexico, but some areas just don’t seem safe.
    Have a blast and hug your mum for us.

  21. It looks like you are having a wonderful well deserved time! Can’t wait for more blog posts as I sit, for the third time, making a swatch to make sure my gauge is right for the socks I will eventually knit(in 5 years at this rate). 🙂 Happy and safe travels!!

  22. Oh, I am jealous. My world is a frozen wasteland.
    No winter vacation for me this year.
    Safe and Happy Travels, Steph.

  23. I’m sure that this vacation is part of your plan to help the Latin American economy. It is so like you to think of everyone else. Snowing in my part of Connecticut right now.
    Enough already!

  24. I would love to see yarn in the colors of the ocean and beach as well as jungle and monkey. Can’t think of a better way for a knitter to relive the trip. Well other than the obvious way through pictures.

  25. How cool is it that Ken is going to do the AID’s Bike ride from S.F. to L.A.!!! (Link to Ken’s page:
    Thanks so much for sharing that. As a native S.F. Bay Area person LOVE the idea of his/your energy around this expanding to the California. I have participated in the AIDS Walk around the Golden Gate Park in S.F. but the bike ride is on another level of commitment. Very awesome. Happy Birthday to Ken, and welcome to California!!!

  26. Thanks for sharing your world of COLOR with us, as we accumulate yet another 4 inches of snow here today. You both look completely relaxed and at peace in that environment. Here, we just struggle on toward a hoped for day soon of temps above freezing. Safe travels.

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